git: fortune(6): Pre-emptive CENSORSHIP.

Rimvydas Jasinskas zrj at
Wed Nov 29 08:03:34 PST 2017

commit ee7ffe43204ec4c1bb38538bb5672c9574ea174f
Author: zrj <rimvydas.jasinskas at>
Date:   Wed Nov 29 17:36:41 2017 +0200

    fortune(6): Pre-emptive CENSORSHIP.
    First let's get it straight. It is censorship and let's not sugar coat it.
    The FO has fallen, N is falling and naturally we are next.
    I'm only doing this to prevent certain discussions taking place on the mailing
    lists or irc over the holidays and to explictly show irony of all this ${thing}.
    It is SAD to see that various projects went from technical to being PC infested.
    So much for being the flagmans of OSS developments & examples to other projects.
                       (slow ironic clapping insert here)
    Such slabnij individuals with "hurt feelings" always are causing developers to
    get distracted from their hacking on source or making hardware work properly.
    Also, these actions opens up the door wider for "other" topics into discussions.
    I'm not going to mention the name of certain evil* person so that this would not
    get "flagged". Absurdity is already way beyond any reasonable levels. Clearly
    there are some perpetually offended snoflakes, who have nothing better to do
    other than look for ways to get offended or to trigger other people in real life
    and over the internet. Why not just choose one? If someone wants to let some
    accumulated steam off, there are places over the internet where one can have a
    constructive conversation about certain topics. If you can not handle the raw,
    unredacted, straight opinions, you must be new there, please kindly go back to
    reddit safe spaces. Just do *not* bring those talks over into the projects!
    It is very likely that not everybody feels the same or even cares.
    This is literally "Look what you made me do!", so here we go.
    I'm going to consider cookies removal *only* and *only* if some things are
    declared illegal by the country/state law with a reference to look it up where
    it clearly states what is illegal to quote (including if that applies to the
    translated text variants). No "probably" stuff. Either it's illegal or it's not.
    If you are not sure, you should consult with your country/state lawyers first.
    By going trough MSM and lists it is clear that some find offensive *not* the
    quotes by itself but the mere mention of certain letter combinations. Since I do
    not share identical ideology as most westerners (I was born in 19 88, USSR, and
    with collapse of Soviet union and 19 91 events my fundation is a different myth)
    I'm expanding "grep ${pattern} datfiles/fortune" to include Stalin for lulz too.
    Many Lithuanians and Ukrainians find "admirating" that historic figure offensive
    too, mainly because of "free" trips to Siberia, brothers and sisters separated
    from parents, etc. Still it is not for me to judge the history nor rewrite it.
    For now I'm keeping all Communism/Capitalism cookies just as a satire. But I'm
    moving the qoute by Adolfo Guzman too, cause "sorry it matched the patternTM".
    Doing this solves the following issues:
      * does not single out any specific individual (just a pattern right?);
      * clearly expresses irony and shows how some are so biased and have no
        understanding that their actions have consequences.
    If for some reason you still find something offensive, check out "man 6 fortune"
    for "-o" flag. Of course, if (for some reason) you do not want the potentially
    "offensive" aphorisms on your disk, you can opt out:
      * echo 'INSTALL_OFFENSIVE_FORTUNES=NO\!\!\!\!' >> /etc/make.conf
      * standard buildworld/installworld
      * make upgrade
    and problem solved.
    If still find things like fortune(6), hangman(6), pig(6) or maybe even tetris(6)
    "offensive", set NO_GAMES=YES and get rid of all games distrib (I don't judge).
    Since we are source based distribution (and no, BSD does *not* stand for Binary
    Software Distribution) we provide installation images just for convenience. We
    do not support binary base upgrades, only the standard source tree build ones.
    To be clear, I had some of these fortune cookies added over a year ago in:
     6c5aea60b8d9d163c6caa536036e82e7472b84bc and nobody so far complained about it.
    It is still very strange that previously those were OK. So what has changed now?
    What if I'm offended by software bugs? Should I remove that sofware or try to
    fix it? What if someone is offended by the license say GPL, CDDL or even Apache?
    So far censorship applies only to games/fortune/.
    All of this is just something to think about & no further talks will take place.
    Respect others and respect yourself. Also, don't get offended to get offended.
    I can only hope that infinity will forgive me, but this needs to be done.

Summary of changes:                  |   6 ++
 games/fortune/datfiles/fortunes       | 123 ----------------------------------
 games/fortune/datfiles/fortunes-o     | 123 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 games/fortune/datfiles/fortunes.sp.ok |   2 -
 4 files changed, 129 insertions(+), 125 deletions(-)

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