git: autofs: Add "noatime" to auto_master

Tomohiro Kusumi tkusumi at
Sat Nov 25 10:51:37 PST 2017

commit e8c57cb96b28c8152aa2d0beda7d547b1d8bb39e
Author: Tomohiro Kusumi <kusumi.tomohiro at>
Date:   Sat Nov 25 20:02:47 2017 +0200

    autofs: Add "noatime" to auto_master
    FreeBSD at GitHub 708d95a2d6 e5253222e9
    Note that in DragonFly "noatime" was never added to -media map.
    ("noatime" in -media map existed only for 1 day in FreeBSD)

Summary of changes:
 etc/auto_master | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

DragonFly BSD source repository

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