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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Tue Aug 1 22:51:01 2017 -0400

DragonFly 4.8.1


Antonio Huete Jimenez (1):
      libc/gmon: Replace sbrk() with mmap()

François Tigeot (3):
      drm: bring in Linux compability changes from master
      drm/linux: make flush_work() more robust
      drm/i915: Update to Linux 4.7.10

Imre Vadász (4):
      drm - Fix hrtimer, don't reset timer->function to NULL in timeout handler.
      sound - Delete devfs clone handler for /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer on unload.
      if_vtnet - Allocate struct vtnet_tx_header entries from a queue.
      Make sure that cam(4)'s dashutdown handler runs before DEVICE_SHUTDOWN().

Matthew Dillon (24):
      kernel - MFC b48dd28447fc (sigtramp workaround)
      kernel - Fix deadlock in sound system
      kernel - Fix broken wakeup in crypto code
      kernel - Add KERN_PROC_SIGTRAMP
      gcc - Adjust the unwind code to use the new sigtramp probe sysctl
      kernel - Implement NX
      kernel - Implement NX (2)
      kernel - Implement machdep.pmap_nx_enable TUNABLE
      kernel - Implement NX (3) - cleanup
      kernel - Temporarily set the default machdep.pmap_nx_enable to 0
      param - Change __DragonFly_version to 400801
      kernel - Fix i915 deadlock
      pthreads - Change PTHREAD_STACK_MIN
      libc - Fix bug in rcmdsh()
      ppp - Fix minor overflow in protocol search
      libtelnet - Fix improper statement construction (not a bug in the binary)
      libdevstat - Limit sscanf field, fix redundant condition
      openssh - Fix a broken assignment
      window - Fix Graphics capability enable test
      kernel - Fix event preset
      mfiutil - Fix static buffer overflow
      mixer - Fix sscanf() overflow
      gcore - fix overflow in sscanf
      kernel - Fix improper parens

Sascha Wildner (17):
      libkvm: Fix char pointer dereference.
      Fix some cases where an index was used before its limits check.
      Really ensure that our world/kernel are built under POSIX locale ("C").
      zoneinfo: Create a /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC link.
      kernel/cam: Add CAM_SCSI_IT_NEXUS_LOST (in preparation for virtio_scsi(4)).
      kernel: Add FreeBSD's virtio_scsi(4) driver.
      ccdconfig(8): Add missing free().
      libpuffs: Fix two asserts.
      kernel/acpi: Untangle the wakecode generation during buildkernel.
      kernel/acpica: Better check AcpiOsPredefinedOverride()'s InitVal argument.
      kernel/acpica: ACPI_THREAD_ID is unsigned.
      kernel/acpica: Return curthread as thread id from AcpiOsGetThreadId().
      kernel/acpica: Remove no longer needed #include.
      kernel/acpi: Call AcpiInitializeSubsystem() before AcpiInitializeTables().
      kernel/urtwn: Add missing braces.
      kernel/ieee80211: Add missing braces.
      libthread_xu: Fix checking of pthread_barrier_init()'s count argument.

Sepherosa Ziehau (7):
      sound/hda: Sync device ID table with FreeBSD
      inet6: Restore mbuf hash after defragmentation.
      pf: Normalized, i.e. defragged, packets requiring rehash.
      em: Enable MSI by default on devices has PCI advanced features capability.
      sched: Change CPU_SETSIZE to signed int, same as FreeBSD/Linux.
      usched: Allow process to change self cpu affinity
      ix: Fixup TX/RX ring settings for X550, which supports 64/64 TX/RX rings.

zrj (1):
      Revert "Always use unix line endings"

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