git: Remove duplicate XAUTH_PATH handling

John Marino marino at
Wed Sep 7 20:03:42 PDT 2016

commit f09ee2ead8fdeec3135cbdf0dc7c22af3cda10d7
Author: John Marino <draco at>
Date:   Wed Sep 7 22:01:46 2016 -0500

    Remove duplicate XAUTH_PATH handling
    The XAUTH_PATH definition and CFLAG are defined in Makefile.ssh.common
    which in included by these two makefiles, so eliminate the redundant
    Reported by:	studbolt

Summary of changes:
 secure/usr.bin/ssh/Makefile   | 3 ---
 secure/usr.sbin/sshd/Makefile | 3 ---
 2 files changed, 6 deletions(-)

DragonFly BSD source repository

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