git: if_iwm - Move iwm_read_firmware() call into iwm_attach().

Imre Vadasz ivadasz at
Sat Nov 12 05:13:34 PST 2016

commit 0104ee1f4cb6a2313c00c2526c6ae98d42e5041d
Author: Imre Vadász <imre at>
Date:   Sat Nov 12 13:41:49 2016 +0100

    if_iwm - Move iwm_read_firmware() call into iwm_attach().
    * We should load the firmware exactly once before the driver really
      initializes the hardware the first time, and unload it at detach time.
      There is no need to retrieve the firmware during execution of
      iwm_mvm_load_ucode_wait_alive(), we should make sure we already have the
      firmware data at hand before that.
    * The existing sc_preinit_hook code fails to deal with the case where
      if_iwm is loaded by the loader (or is statically linked) and the
      firmware needs to be loaded from disk. So we can just call
      iwm_read_firmware() from iwm_attach() directly.
    * A separate solution will have to be added to properly defer the firmware
      loading during bootup, until the necessary filesystem is mounted.

Summary of changes:
 sys/dev/netif/iwm/if_iwm.c    | 115 ++++++++++++++++--------------------------
 sys/dev/netif/iwm/if_iwmvar.h |  10 ----
 2 files changed, 44 insertions(+), 81 deletions(-)

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