git: Revert "<stdio.h>/<wchar.h>: Reduce namespace pollution in <wchar.h>."

Sascha Wildner swildner at
Sun May 22 16:15:00 PDT 2016

commit 46d47fba1c31740272e786dfa3260254c63b193e
Author: Sascha Wildner <saw at>
Date:   Mon May 23 01:06:10 2016 +0200

    Revert "<stdio.h>/<wchar.h>: Reduce namespace pollution in <wchar.h>."
    This reverts commit 69e6516956c27905b4070759b0c597e6ab8b1ba5.
    It looks like something in our C++ headers causes breakage in some
    dports when <wchar.h> doesn't also include <stdio.h>, specifically,
    including <iostream> does not seem to bring in <stdio.h>
    automatically, as it is on FreeBSD and Linux.
    Since it is legal (per standard) for <wchar.h> to also provide the
    symbols of <stdio.h>, revert this change for now.

Summary of changes:
 include/stdio.h | 3 ---
 include/wchar.h | 6 +-----
 2 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 8 deletions(-)

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