git: hammer2 - Stabilization, optimization

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Jun 25 10:52:10 PDT 2016

commit 7767d389a9d16876a2fcf4faba411aa322917991
Author: Matthew Dillon <dillon at>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 10:05:24 2016 -0700

    hammer2 - Stabilization, optimization
    * Increase the hammer2_io.refs field to 64 bits so we can add a few more
      control bits.
    * Track whether invalidation is ok at the DIO level for full-sized (64KB)
      data blocks.  We continue to use the slightly less-capable CHAIN_DEDUP
      flag for smaller data blocks (this flag gets set on frontend->backend
      flush whereas the DIO level flag is only cleared when a block is actually
      reused for deduplication).
    * Separate vfs.hammer2.cluster_enable into cluster_read and cluster_write.
      Leave cluster_read enabled with a read-ahead of 4 blocks.  Disable
      cluster_write for now, but still set B_CLUSTEROK in the bdwrite().
      This allows the frontend to 'flush' data to the backend without
      initiating disk I/O on the block device, giving us a chance to discard
      the data later if it winds up being temporary.
    * Remove an improper BUF_KERNPROC(dio->bp) in the case where a different
      thread owns the in-progress DIO.
    * Defer setting of B_INVAL | B_RELBUF to when the DIO is in lastdrop.
    * Add missing brelse() in the hammer2_read_file() error path.  Add missing
      B_CLUSTEROK in hammer2_write_file().
    * The bulkfree code now ensures that the INVALOK bit in any related DIO
      for a freed block is cleared, preventing accidental invalidations on

Summary of changes:
 sys/vfs/hammer2/hammer2.h          |  23 ++++---
 sys/vfs/hammer2/hammer2_bulkfree.c |  27 ++++++--
 sys/vfs/hammer2/hammer2_chain.c    |  87 ++++++++++++++++--------
 sys/vfs/hammer2/hammer2_flush.c    |  25 ++++---
 sys/vfs/hammer2/hammer2_io.c       | 133 +++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 sys/vfs/hammer2/hammer2_strategy.c |  10 +++
 sys/vfs/hammer2/hammer2_vfsops.c   |   9 ++-
 sys/vfs/hammer2/hammer2_vnops.c    |   5 +-
 8 files changed, 225 insertions(+), 94 deletions(-)

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