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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Wed Jul 20 21:14:20 2016 -0400

DragonFly 4.6.0rc
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Alexander Kuleshov (6): No need to check DEBUG_FLAGS twice
      boot0cfg: check result of malloc in read_mbr()
      boot0 refactoring
      boot/libi386: use macros from <machine/psl.h> to represent eflags's bits
      boot0cfg: use getdevpath() instead of custom function
      sbin/fdisk: cleanups

Antonio Huete Jimenez (2):
      Makefile.usr - A bit of cleanup
      Makefile.usr - Fix typo

Ben Woolley (1):
      kqueue: Bring in EV_RECEIPT and EV_DISPATCH from FreeBSD

Bill Yuan (9):
      ipfw3: logging feature
      ipfw3: fix for kernel build
      ipfw3: forward args verification
      test commit
      ipfw3: fix func lookup_host
      ipfw3: new feature 'ipfwsync'
      ipfw3: update rule in func skipto
      ipfw3: lockless in-kernel NAT
      ipfw3_nat: kmalloc netmsg from M_LWKTMSG

Charlie Root (1):
      kernel - Reduce BSS size to fix loader initrd problem

David Shao (1):
      drm/uapi_drm: Update to Linux 4.6

François Tigeot (100):
      linux/ww_mutex.h: Remove a wrong assert
      drm: Stop ignoring the second argument of drm_free()
      drm: Add BUILD_BUG_ON_MSG()
      drm/i915: Remove duplicated code in i915_gem_fault (1/3)
      drm/i915: Remove duplicated code in i915_gem_fault (2/3)
      drm/i915: Remove duplicated code in i915_gem_fault (3/3)
      drm/i915/gem: Remove useless vm_object unlock/relock sequences
      drm/i915: Drop AGP driver requirement
      linux/time.h: Add NSEC_PER_MSEC
      drm: Add linux/fence.h
      drm: Add linux/vmalloc.h
      drm: Stop using a taskqueue to restore syscons content
      Revert "drm: Stop using a taskqueue to restore syscons content"
      drm: Fix ww mutex crtc locking
      agp: Remove support for Valleyview hardware
      agp: Remove support for Broadwell hardware
      drm: Make OpenGL usable by everyone
      agp: Remove support for Haswell hardware
      drm: Create device entries with the "video" group
      drm: Fix previous commit
      drm/i915: Upgrade to Linux 4.0
      agp: Remove support for Ivy Bridge hardware
      drm: Skip vblank wait for legacy cursor updates
      drm/i915: Use generic drm_plane helper functions
      agp: Remove support for Sandy Bridge hardware
      if_iwm: Make the wifi LED work with iwm(4) (2/2)
      drm: Always enable MSI interrupts
      drm: Improve Linux compatibility of pci structures
      drm: Store PCI device information in a struct pci_dev
      drm/i915: Use dev->pdev to get PCI device revisions
      kernel/linux: Add hweight8()
      drm: Add asm/cpufeature.h
      drm: Add linux/bitmap.h
      drm: Improve linux dma mapping functions
      drm/i915: Sync with Linux 4.0
      drm/linux: Add for_each_set_bit()
      drm/linux: Implement pci_iomap()
      drm/i915: Update to Linux 4.1
      kernel/linux: Add ioremap_nocache()
      libz: Add a pkg-config file
      linux/kref.h: Add kref_put_mutex()
      drm/linux: Sync linux/math64.h with FreeBSD
      drm/linux: Add two ktime_xxx functions
      drm: Use drm_legacy_xxx functions
      drm/i915: Update to Linux 4.2
      kernel/sysctl: Add SYSCTL_OUT_STR()
      dports(7): Document default WRKDIRPREFIX value
      drm/linux: Implement flush_work()
      drm/radeon: Partial sync with Linux 3.18
      drm/linux: Add asm/memory_model.h
      drm/linux: Add nth_page()
      drm: Improve linux/scatterlist.h
      drm/i915: Simplify __i915_wait_request()
      drm: Improve drm_cache.c
      drm/i915: Fix Baytrail hangs with deeper C-states
      drm/linux: Add dma_unmap_page()
      drm/i915: Switch rps.client_lock to a lockmgr lock
      drm: Import asm/unaligned.h from NetBSD
      drm/linux: Move M_DRM declaration to linux/slab.h
      drm/linux: Add set_pages_wb()
      drm/i915: Simplify i915_gem_fault() a bit
      drm/linux: Improve ioremap*/iounmap functions
      drm/i915: Use iounmap() everywhere
      drm/i915: Fix a bug in i915_gem_object_flush_gtt_write_domain()
      drm/i915: Fix a bug in i915_gem_object_flush cpu/gpu write domains
      drm/linux: Add get_num_physpages()
      drm/i915: Import two fixes from Linux 4.2.8
      drm/linux: Add dma_map_sg and dma_unmap_sg()
      drm/i915/gem: Update i915_gem_fault()
      gpt: Align partitions to 1MiB
      drm/i915: Add explicit dependency to the acpi module
      drm/radeon: Add explicit dependency to the acpi module
      kernel/linux: Move M_DRM definition to kern_slaballoc.c
      drm/i915/gem: Switch to the Linux scatterlist API
      drm/i915: Remove a duplicated assignment
      drm/linux: Add __test_and_clear_bit
      drm/linux: Define U64_MAX
      drm/linux: Add linux/gpio/consumer.h
      drm/linux: Add linux/pwm.h
      drm/i915: Update to Linux 4.3
      drm/i915: Comment out a DRM_DEBUG_KMS statement
      drm/linux: Add asm/ioctl.h
      drm/i915: Fix hangs on some broadwell machines
      drm/linux: Really implement local_irq_disable/enable
      drm/linux: Implement some spin_lock_irq* functions
      drm/i915: Use the spin_lock_irq() family of functions
      drm: Use the spin_lock_irq() family of functions
      drm/i915: Use the spin_lock_irq() family of functions (2/2)
      drm: Restore DRM_DEBUG_VBLANK() calls
      installer: Do not waste too many inodes on /boot
      drm/linux: Improve spin_unlock_irqrestore()'s implementation
      drm/linux: Avoid contention in spinlock_irq routines
      drm/linux: Rework ioremap functions
      drm/linux: Add ioremap_wt()
      drm/linux: Implement writex() functions
      drm/linux: Add div_s64()
      drm/linux: Add ktime_to_us() and ktime_us_delta()
      drm/linux: Add a few ida definitions
      drm/linux: Add bitmap_weight()
      linux/scatterlist.h: Add __sg_page_iter_next()

Imre Vadasz (23):
      kern: Support hh modifier in ksscanf (needed for drm/radeon).
      syscons: Fixup kms_draw() after change for xpad variable removal.
      drm: fb_get_options() can just use the unmodified connector-name.
      kqueue: Make EVFILT_TIMER mpsafe, by modifying kq_ncallouts with atomics.
      virtio_blk: Use contigmalloc/contigfree for vtblk_request allocations.
      syscons: Remove leftover CDEV_MAJOR #define from sysmouse.c
      drm: Mark drmfiltops mpsafe, remove unneeded locking in kqueue handlers.
      kernel - Mark sig_filtops kqueue filter as mpsafe.
      tty_pty - The tty_token isn't needed in ptckqfilter().
      moused: Omit superfluous gettimeofday calls when mouse only moves
      moused: Read more than 1 byte at a time from the mouse device.
      if_run: Uncomment code from FreeBSD to defer run_wme_update_cb
      drm/radeon: We need the physical address of the dummy page, not the virtual
      Add support for the pei-x86-64 target in binutils; Needed for UEFI support.
      kernel/pc64: Add support for efi memory map parsing. Add sys/sys/efi.h.
      libstand: Use the +Q register constraint in the __byte_swap16_var() macro.
      libstand: Fix some build warnings/errors when trying to build for 64bit.
      sys/boot/common: Add some casts to fix warnings when building for x86_64.
      sys/boot/common: Fix a pointer type mismatch when building for x86_64.
      lib/libstand: Remove special lib/libstand/machine headers.
      libstand: Fix qdivrem.c on x86_64. Don't assume sizeof(int) == sizeof(long).
      kernel/pc64: Improve EFI framebuffer mapping.
      kernel - Implement ppoll system call with precise microseconds timeout.

Imre Vadász (181):
      acpi_pvpanic: Notify Qemu VM host if we panic.
      syscons: Get rid of xpad variable by adjusting loop in sckmsrndr.c
      drm/i915: Use fb->pitches[0] for stride. Remove duplicate kmalloc call.
      psm: Remove leftover PSM_HOOKAPM #if defined check
      psm: Remove unused struct sigio *async
      BUS_SETUP_INTR.9: Mention INTR_NOPOLL flag.
      drm/i915: Convert hw level to user level when reading backlight value.
      bus_dma.9: Fix bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_segment documentation of maxsegs arg.
      if_iwm: Apply some changes from OpenBSD, if_iwm.c rev 1.39 -> 1.42
      if_iwm: Just store the struct firmware pointer, like if_iwn does.
      if_iwm: Remove comments referring to Linux iwlwifi source filenames.
      if_iwm: Make the wifi LED work with iwm(4).
      if_iwm: Always stop LED blinking when scanning is finished
      if_iwm: Fix IEEE80211_ADDR_COPY() usage.
      if_run: Sync with FreeBSD up to r270643 (from August 26 2014)
      drm/i915: Add tunable for force-disabling usage of the AUX IRQ.
      wlan - Cleanup compat shims for FreeBSD version that predate 10.0-RELEASE.
      wlan - Migrate the 802.11s locks out into ieee80211_dragonflybsd.h.
      i915kms.4: Document the new drm.i915.disable_aux_irq tunable.
      if_iwm: Fix up the rate control setup code.
      bus_dma.9: Document the BUS_DMA_NOCACHE flag for bus_dmamem_alloc(9).
      drm/i915: Add and document the drm.i915.enable_execlists tunable.
      drm/radeon: Add radeon_ucode.c. Support new firmware format.
      Remove FreeBSD OS/ABI from raid driver blobs.
      Import missing sources needed for UEFI application support.
      libstand: Spin the twiddle in dosfs to give visual feedback for disk I/O.
      libstand: Add dos_readdir() function, to make ls work on Fat Filesystems.
      kernel/acpi: Use hint.acpi.0.rsdp to get the RSDP table physical address.
      libstand: Fix readdir for the root directory on a FAT32 file system.
      libstand: Clean up dos_readdir() a bit.
      sys/boot/common: Make stat output in "ls -l" (without path argument) work
      kernel/syscons: Implement vr_draw_border_t function in sckmsrndr.c
      kernel/syscons: Factor out font-scaling calculation to sc_font_scale().
      kernel/syscons: Fixup previous commit, readd scp->fbi = sc->fbi in init_scp
      kernel/syscons: Disable a bit more VGA console code, when scp->fbi != NULL.
      kernel/syscons: More accurate IOCTL behaviour when KMS fb is used.
      kernel/syscons: Make the sc_update_render() function a bit more readable.
      syscons: Check if vaddr == 0 in sckmsrndr.c. Improve IOCTLs with KMS.
      kernel/syscons: Add NULL checks for struct fb_info's restore callback.
      pc64: Introduce machine/framebuffer.h header. Probe EFI fb.
      sys/boot/common: Simpler fix for "ls -l", which also works on cd9660 fs.
      kernel/pc64: Make have_efi_framebuffer static in pc64/x86_64/machdep.c.
      kernel/syscons: Add EFI Framebuffer support.
      sys/boot/pc32: Update smbios code a bit, needed for the UEFI bootloader.
      sys/boot: Push down Makeflags setting into dloader and pc32 subdirectories.
      libstand: Use new LIBSTAND_SRC and LIBSTAND_ARCH variables in makefiles.
      libstand: Build libstand for x86_64, and libstand32 for the bios loader.
      dloader: Build i386 version for the bios bootloader as libdloader32.a.
      lib/libstand: Remove exit declaration from stand.h.
      lib/libstand: Add #ifndef _STAND_H include guard to the stand.h header.
      boot/common: Fix compilation of load_elf.c and reloc_elf.c for x86_64.
      sys/bus/mmc: Update to FreeBSD r285678.
      sys/dev/disk/sdhci: Update to FreeBSD r296135.
      mmcsd(4): Fix typo in disk_create() args. Allows accessing >1 SD-/MMC-card.
      sys/dev/disk/sdhci: Add sdhci_acpi for attaching via acpi resources.
      sys/sys/linker.h: Add MODINFOMD_FW_HANDLE constant, for EFI system table.
      sys/boot/pc32: Move howto_names definition to sys/boot.h.
      sys/boot/common: Add "struct stat" forward-declaration in bootstrap.h.
      libstand: Abort nfs_/tftp_open when called for non-network devices.
      sys/boot/common: Don't include libi386.h in module.c for the UEFI loader.
      sys/boot/efi: Import subset of FreeBSD's sys/boot/efi needed for x86_64.
      sys/boot/efi: Import self_reloc.c from FreeBSD's sys/boot/common.
      sys/boot/efi: Adapt x86_64/efibind.h header for DragonFly.
      sys/boot/efi: Adapt Makefiles for DragonFly.
      sys/boot/efi: Use a struct efi_devdesc instead of devdesc for now.
      sys/boot/efi: Include <stdarg.h> in efinet.c, to fix a build error.
      sys/boot/efi: Fix EFI_RESERVED_SERVICE declaration in efiapi.h
      sys/boot/efi: Remove ZFS and FDT support code.
      sys/boot/efi: Remove __arm__ and __i386__, s/amd64/x86_64/.
      sys/boot/efi: dloader's interact() doesn't take an argument.
      sys/boot/efi: No strtoul in DragonFly's libstand, just use strtol.
      sys/boot/efi: Define SPECNAMELEN in loader/devicename.c.
      sys/boot/efi: RB_MULTIPLE doesn't exist in DragonFly.
      sys/boot/Makefile: Build the UEFI bootloader. Add INTERNALPROG, for programs which are not installed.
      gpio_intel: Support integrated GPIO controllers of the Cherry Trail SoC.
      kernel/acpi: Add acpi_MatchUid function for matching against _UID.
      gpio_intel: Move Cherryview SoC specific code into gpio_cherryview.c
      gpio_intel: Allow switching edge-trigger mode between falling/rising/both.
      gpio_intel: Fix CHV_GPIO_CTL1_INVRX constant, we need the RX Data bit.
      gpio_intel: Change GPIOcfg bits when needed to enable RX for interrupt pins.
      gpio_intel: Handle level triggered interrupts more correctly.
      gpio_intel: Add workaround for concurrent GPIO register access erratum.
      sys/boot/efi: Import subset of FreeBSD's sys/boot/efi/boot1.
      sys/boot/common: Make ufsread.c build and work with efi boot1 from FreeBSD.
      sys/boot/efi/boot1: Port Makefile, comment out fatfs template stuff.
      sys/boot/efi/boot1: Port efi boot1 loader from FreeBSD to DragonFly.
      sys/boot/efi: Add boot1 to the build.
      sys/boot/efi/boot1: Use NELEM.
      efi/loader: Increase default staging area to 96MB. Retry with half of that.
      sys/boot/efi/loader: Make module autoloading work as in pc32/loader.
      ahci: Clean up SET_FEATURES definitions. Add some power-mgmt definitions.
      ahci: Add some DevSleep defintions. Recognize DevSleep link state.
      ahci: Add and use AHCI_PREG_SCTL_IPM_NODEVSLP definition from ahci-1.3.1.
      boot/common: Clean up, ansify some functions, remove unneeded statements.
      gpio_acpi: Introduce separate setup_intr and teardown_intr functions.
      gpio_intel: Use a cookie object for gpio interrupt allocation as well.
      gpio_intel: Slightly simplify interface to chipset-specific code.
      80211 - Migrate the scan iterator lock typedefs into ieee80211_dragonfly.h
      80211 - Update up to FreeBSD's r287029 (only skipping a few minor changes)
      80211 - Check if_clone_destroy return value.
      80211 - Update README.DRAGONFLY, we use "if_inc_counter -> IFNET_STAT_INC".
      80211 - Add missing ic_softc initializations in sys/bus/u4b/wlan drivers.
      if_iwm: Utilize updated net80211 stuff, improves scanning behaviour.
      u4b/wlan - Mechanically convert to IFNET_STAT_INC.
      u4b/wlan - Convert ifp->if_softc -> ic->ic_softc.
      80211 - Further ifp->if_softc -> ic_softc conversions in wlan drivers.
      kernel - Add struct mbufq stuff from FreeBSD to sys/mbuf.h.
      wlan - Sync bus/u4b/wlan/rum from FreeBSD
      build - Add if_rum to the build again
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/iwm from FreeBSD
      build - Add if_iwm to the build again
      if_iwm - GC some dead code, left by a partially applied OpenBSD change.
      if_iwm - Use IWM_MAX_CMD_PAYLOAD_SIZE to improve command length checks.
      wlan - Sync bus/u4b/wlan/run from FreeBSD
      if_iwm - Clean up iwm(4) scanning logic a bit.
      wlan - Use taskqueue_thread[0] for the ic->ic_restart_task.
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/bwn/bwn from FreeBSD
      if_bwn - Add forgotten M_ZERO flag to contigmalloc call.
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/bwn/siba from FreeBSD
      if_bwn - Reapply local change from b7a8b6abd2cf for RX overflow handling.
      if_bwn - Always use maximum size txhdr entries.
      if_bwn - Fix DMA handling for txhdr_cache.
      if_bwn - correctly calculate RSSI level.
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/wi from FreeBSD
      wlan - Adjust Makefile and use opt_urtwn.h and opt_wlan.h in if_urtwn.c.
      wlan - Add wi back to the build.
      if_iwm - Add bit-polling in Rx-DMA init code path.
      wlan - Drop 'an' driver from kernel configs and drop its manpage.
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/iwi from FreeBSD
      wlan - Also drop ancontrol(8), which has no use anymore without an(4).
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/ndis from FreeBSD
      wlan - Move wlan_serialize_enter()/exit() wrapper to ieee80211_ifdetach().
      wlan - Attempt to fix obytes/omcast counting for now.
      wlan - Fix lockinit example in README.DRAGONFLY.
      if_iwm - Fix a few typos.
      if_iwm - Fix several nitpicks in iwm(4).
      if_iwm - valid_{tx,rx}_ant from radio_cfg is only needed for 8000 family.
      virtio_blk: Add support for indirect buffers.
      gpio_acpi: Factor out gpio_acpi_check_gpioint().
      gpio_acpi: Add allocate/release functions for GpioIo pins.
      gpio_acpi: Turn this into a child device of gpio_intel.
      ig4: Add ig4_acpi.c for attaching on ACPI (needed for Bay-/Cherry- Trail).
      smbacpi: Implement I2cSerialBus ACPI support module. For use by ig4(4).
      smbacpi.4: Add a manpage for smbacpi(4).
      iwmfw - Update to version 16 firmware.
      if_iwm - Update to support version 16 firmware.
      if_iwm - Add 3165 chipset ids.
      if_iwm - Workaround, which fixes beacon and statistic notification issue.
      if_run - Add missing RUN_LOCK/RUN_UNLOCK around a run_get_tsf() call.
      if_iwm - Make some functions static in if_iwm_led.c, no functional change.
      if_iwm - Fix iwm_mvm_lmac_scan_fill_channels(), only add 11b and 11a chans.
      if_iwm - When transitioning to INIT, vap->iv_newstate will just ignore arg.
      if_iwm - Avoid leaking memory, and fix error handling in iwm_rx_addbuf().
      if_iwm - Add and use iwm_is_valid_ether_addr() function.
      if_iwm - Fix m_defrag() usage. Copy-pasto when copying code from OpenBSD.
      iwmfw - Add 8000C firmware for Intel AC 8260 support.
      if_iwm - Add support for Intel AC 8260 chipset.
      if_iwm - Use vap->iv_myaddr instead of ic->ic_macaddr when vap != NULL.
      if_iwm - Avoid bus_dmamap_create()/_destroy() calls in iwm_rx_addbuf().
      if_iwm - Free rx ring on detach. Free nvm_sections data after parsing.
      if_iwm - Fix iwm_dma_contig_free(). dma->map is always NULL here.
      if_iwm - Compare paylen to datasz instead of sizeof(cmd->data).
      if_iwm - Use DragonFly specific convenience functions for bus_dma stuff.
      if_iwm - Use mbuf for large firmware commands, like OpenBSD does.
      if_iwm - GC unused struct iwm_rx_buf. Two small nitpicks.
      if_iwm - Add and use iwm_phy_db_free(), to plug phy_db memory leak.
      if_iwm - Fix channel list iteration in iwm_mvm_config_umac_scan().
      sleep.9: Make tsleep_interlock(9) example a bit more correct.
      kernel - Fix typo in ppoll entry in sys/kern/syscalls.master.
      kern: Also detect KVM via the Hypervisor vendor ID signature.
      kernel - Change cpu_idle_hlt default for modern amd cpus.
      kernel/pc64: Make metadata.h more compatible with FreeBSD again.
      if_iwm - Remove iwmsleep, it's no longer needed. Use just lksleep instead.
      if_iwm - Set different pm_timeout for action frames.
      iwm: Send PHY DB commands as async commands.
      if_iwm - When stopping TX DMA, wait for all channels at once.
      wlan - restore interface state check for IEEE80211_IOC_SCAN_REQ ioctl.
      wlan - send RTM_IEEE80211_SCAN event when scan was cancelled.
      vga - Remove unused vga_sub_configure variable.
      vga - Check for UEFI framebuffer in vga_configure() and vga_probe().

John Marino (33):
      make(1): Create two more custom variables to speed up dports
      libc: Define a new version, DF406.0, for the 4.5 branch
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 231263 (gcc-5-branch)
      gcc50: Upgrade version 5.2.1 => 5.3.1
      gcc50: Very minor updates to three man pages
      w(1): Limit affect of locale change
      ls(1): Fix sort-by-size bug
      privatize ldns library (only used for drill(1))
      privatize libssh (used by several secure applications)
      privatize libedit (used by numerous base programs)
      Move private ldns library to /usr/lib/priv
      move private ssh library to /usr/lib/priv
      move private edit library to /lib/priv
      privatize libncurses (touches many, many programs)
      games/snack: fix after ncurses privatization
      bump __DragonFly_version for library privatizaton
      uname(3): Add env override capability
      Rewrite (new cpus types; i386 removed)
      ncurses solidation: Remove all references to libtermcap
      bsd.cpu.gcc(47|50).mk: Return support for CPUTYPE i386
      Update ncurses from version 5.9 to 6.0 (5 MARCH 2016)
      Temporarily revert contrib/ncurses local mods for upgrade
      contrib/ncurses: Reapply local mods and revise READMEs
      ncurses: Upgrade version 5.9 (20110402) => 6.0 (20160305)
      Document new local mods on contrib/ncurses
      Import framework to build base clang (version 3.8.0)
      Add -march support for CCVER=clang* (new
      fix typo in llvm generator tool README
      Add unzip(1). If you can't beat 'em, join 'em
      mbsnrtowcs/wcsnrtombs: Fix EILSEQ handling
      libc/_collate_lookup: Fix segfault seen on ISO-8859-5 locales
      libc/collate.c: Revert previous, use F11 fix for ISO 8859-5

Justin C. Sherrill (3):
      Fix filename and also misspelled word.
      Remove random download note as it no longer happens that way, and clean up.
      Correct release number to 4.6.

Markus Pfeiffer (3):
      gcc50: add some missing files
      kernel/usb4bsd: Fix device generation in usb_serial
      etc/rc.d: Update rtsold

Matthew Dillon (166):
      bmake - Disable use of PWD env
      installer - use a more modern mount setup for UFS and HAMMER.
      installer - use a more modern mount setup for UFS and HAMMER (2)
      kernel - Change where dump context is saved
      kernel - Improve kernel trap message
      nrelease - Change target from /usr/release to /usr/obj/release
      i915 - Add delay after attach to avoid console/X races
      kernel - Reduce lwp_signotify() latency
      Makefile.usr - Allow /usr/src to pre-exist
      libc - Fix bugs in getcontext(), setcontext(), and swapcontext()
      libc - Add quick version for the context management functions.
      libc - fix makecontext build issues
      libc - fix getcontext bug from last commit
      drm - Fix panic on DRM_IOCTL_WAIT_VBLANK
      devfs - Fix panic on extra devfs mounts when rules are present
      test - cleanup build
      test - Add testvblank program
      test - refactor Makefile
      hammer - remove debugging kprintf
      kernel - Remove kernel debugging message related to user seg-faults
      kernel - Fix degenerate condition in dfly_setrunqueue_locked()
      kernel - Report AHCI rev programmatically
      crunchgen - Fix Makefile dependency
      ssh - Remove undocumented roaming support CVE-2016-0777 CVE-2016-0778
      kernel - Report AHCI rev programmatically (2)
      pstat - Add -h option
      kernel - Add quirks for xhci (usb)
      libc - Add c11 and glibc features to fopen()
      libc - Improve realloc() performance.
      etc/rc.d - diskless adjustments
      kernel - Add kqueue support to NFS (fix firefox issues w/nfs)
      hammer - Fix coredump bug which can stall processes
      nrelease - Update to dhcp43-server
      kernel - Fix ig4 operation for certain machines
      kernel - Reduce BSS size (2)
      kernel - Enhance the examine (x) command.
      kernel - Reduce BSS size (3)
      upgrade - Make sure /var/run/sem exists
      80211 - Fixup missing ic_name, ic_softc
      sysctl - Add -i and -q from FreeBSD
      rc - Add unconfigured wifi interfaces to the netif list
      wlan - Sync netproto/802_11 from FreeBSD part 1/N
      wlan - Sync contrib/dev/ath from FreeBSD part 2/N
      wlan - Sync contrib/dev/ath from FreeBSD part 3/N
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/ath from FreeBSD part 4/N
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/ath from FreeBSD part 5/N
      wlan - Sync netproto/802_11 from FreeBSD part 6/N
      build - Temporarily remove wifi drivers from build
      wlan - Remove most wlan_serializer calls from if_iwm
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/iwn from FreeBSD
      wlan - Sync bus/u4b/wlan/if_urtwn* from FreeBSD
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/ral from FreeBSD
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/ral from FreeBSD (2)
      wlan - Drop 'an' driver
      wlan - Sync dev/netif/wpi from FreeBSD
      wifi - Restore kernel build
      iwn - Use pci_alloc_1intr()
      wlan - Add missing options conf
      wlan - Fix lockstatus debugging
      wlan - Add missing kernel config files for ath.
      ral - Add missing BUS_DMA_NOWAIT to bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_segment() calls
      kernel - Augment pte assertion with additional info
      virtio - Fix a few porting issues and bugs
      virtio - vtblk_finish_bio() called with serializer held
      virtio - fix contigmalloc muff last commit
      kernel - Align virtual_start, workaround possible HW VM bugs
      kernel - Initial native DragonFly NVME driver commit
      kernel - Flesh out nvme interrupts (non-msi for now)
      nvme - Flesh out the driver more
      kernel - Add PCIS_STORAGE_NVM
      kernel - Add bus_space_read_8() and bus_space_write_8()
      kernel - Add nvme driver to the kernel build as a module.
      debug - fix randread
      nvme - Fix b_resid prior to biodone()
      nvme - Iterate disk units for multiple devices
      nvme - Add manual page
      ahci - update manual page
      ahci/misc - Add manual links
      nvme - Implement MSIX and reverse comq mapping
      nvme - Fix minor cpu mapping issues
      nvme - Cleanups, limit nirqs
      nvme - Check admin_cap
      nvme - Adjust queue mapping
      nvme - Add interrupt coalescing support
      kernel - Fix some clustering issues
      hammer - Make vfs.hammer.cluster_enable an integer
      hammer2 - Add xxhash to H2 and throw in debug stuff for performance testing.
      hammer2 - Revamp worker thread signaling
      hammer2 - multi-thread read-ahead XOPs
      world - Fix sysctlbyname() errno handling cases
      kernel - Scan more pages in vm_pageout to fix OOM killer
      test - Pull in Mark Adler's hw iscsi crc32 bundle
      hammer2 - Allow chains to be cached
      hammer2 - Rename hammer2_thread.c to hammer2_admin.c
      hammer2 - Cache chain->data and chain->dio until last release.
      nvme - Add kernel dump support
      kernel - Try to improve 'Warning: vfsync skipped dirty bufs'... messages
      hammer2 - Add truncation lock, change dio persistence
      test - Cleanup some test/debug code
      hammer2 - Fix upgrade deadlock
      kernel - Instrument vnode pager error
      hammer2 - Fix *errorp, instrument strategy errors
      test - prt() double va_arg use
      hammer2 - Fix infinite flush recursion, reduce bulkfree console spam
      kernel - B_IODEBUG -> B_IOISSUED
      hammer2 - Use B_IOISSUED
      docs - Update tuning.7
      nvme - Work w/qemu
      nvme - Fail gracefully if chip cannot be enabled
      nvme - Implement ioctl support to retrieve log pages
      nvme - Add nvmectl userland utility
      nvme - Fix composite temperature in nvmectl
      nvme - Remove debugging
      hammer2 - Start work on inode indexing - MAJOR CHANGE
      hammer2 - Change XOP feed/collect locking
      hammer2 - Implement hammer2_inode_meta.iparent
      hammer2 - Implement NFS export support
      kernel - Implement PIE (place independent executables)
      procfs - Try to workaround issue to fix truss
      mountd - Turn on SO_REUSEADDR
      kernel - Enhance debug.ncvp_debug debugging
      hammer2 - Stabilization pass
      hammer2 - Update directory mtime
      hammer2 - stabilization pass
      hammer2 - Stabilization, optimization
      kernel - Misc bug fixes and enhancements
      kernel - Enhance swap allocation failure message
      nvme - Handle full submission queue
      hammer2 - Enhance freemap output
      hammer2 - Update error message in hammer2_mount
      hammer2 - Stabilization (data corruption)
      kernel - Fix panic in error path of nvextendbuf()
      hammer2 - Stabilization, fix bulkfree bugs, change 'df' output
      hammer2 - Remove the hidden directory, rework deletions
      hammer2 - Stabilization pass
      hammer2 - Optimize indirect block algorithm
      kernel - Enhance buffer flush and cluster_write linearity
      hammer2 - Fix inode destroy panic
      kernel - Enhance buffer flush and cluster_write linearity (2)
      kernel - New threads should not inherit the sigaltstack
      hammer2 - Add feature to allow sector overwrite, fix meta-data check code
      hammer2 - Add feature to allow sector overwrite, fix meta-data check code (2)
      kernel - Fix stalls during major token contention
      kernel - Yield during VM teardown, fix zfree() contention
      test - Fix build warnings
      kernel - Reduce stalls, refactor lwkt_switch() core.
      kernel - Improve vm.prefault_pages + misc
      kernel - Do not spam all cpus for ipfrag_slowtimo()
      kernel - cleanup sys/thread.h
      kernel - Adjust arp code to not spam all cpus
      nvme - Fix comq mappings when too many cpus.
      kernel - Distribute queues in rw-sep map.
      kernel - Rename 'cpu' global
      kernel - Enhance CPUMASK and atomic ops
      kernel - Remove unnecessary cpu_enable_intr()
      kernel - Refactor Xinvltlb and the pmap page & global tlb invalidation code
      kernel - Refactor Xinvltlb (2)
      kernel - Refactor Xinvltlb (3)
      kernel - Improve physio performance
      kernel - Improve physio performance (2)
      kernel - Fix realtime inconsistency
      hammer2: Add required check to hammer2_vop_nlink()
      kernel - Fix Xinvltlb issue, fix ipiq issue, add Xsniff
      kernel - Fix excessive ipiq recursion
      test - burst vmpageinfo pages
      kernel - Fix excessive ipiq recursion (2)

Michael Neumann (1):
      Sync man page stat.2 with the definitions in sys/stat.h

Peeter Must (2):
      atrun(8): Fix fscanf() format to read uid and gid from the job file.
      Include alias "args" in /bin/ps.

Peter Avalos (8):
      chmod(1): Bring in some changes from FreeBSD.
      chflags(1): symlink handling similar to chmod(1)
      chown(8)/chgrp(1): Sync with FreeBSD
      Import libarchive-3.2.0.
      Adjust files for libarchive-3.2.0 import.
      bsdcat(1): Bump WARNS down for contrib code.
      Reject cpio symlinks that exceed 1MB.

Robin Hahling (1):
      nrelease: fix dragonfly digest http link

Sascha Wildner (313):
      installer: Bump minimum disk size to 4GB.
      installer: Bump /boot size to 1G and various other small improvements.
      <string.h>: Fix vkernel build.
      make upgrade: Fix typo (dsched_fw -> dsched_fq).
      lwp_setname.2: Add missing .El
      iasl(8): Add some files as dependencies which are m4_include()'d only.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20151124.
      drm.4: Fix two .Xr
      i386 removal, part 46/x: Remove sys/cpu/i386.
      kernel/drm: Move the CONFIG_* options to header files.
      kernel/drm: Make i915 and radeon compilable into the kernel.
      kernel: Clean up the "deprecated" spinlock stuff a bit.
      kernel: Better separate the "deprecated" spinlocks from DRM.
      backtrace.3: Fix prototype of backtrace_symbols_fd_fmt().
      kqueue.2: Fix manpage.
      Import OpenSSL 1.0.1q.
      Local adjustments for OpenSSL-1.0.1q.
      gcc50: Remove bits/mutex.h from the libstdcxx headers Makefile again.
      kernel: Silence two unused variables warnings without INET{,6}.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (for DragonFly 4.4.1).
      btxld(8): Fix some warnings and raise WARNS to 6.
      libcompat: Clean up a bit, fix warnings and raise WARNS to 2.
      libc/stdtime: Fix two cases where a NULL pointer could have been free()'d.
      kernel/iwm: Add intr_config_hook description.
      kernel/sound: Add back intr_config_hook descriptions.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      mtree: Use spaces for indenting.
      mountd/crunchgen: Remove some unused variables.
      crunch: Raise WARNS to 3.
      kernel/drm: Clean up include search path situation in Makefiles.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20151218.
      kernel/acpica: In notify handlers, always report on unknown notifies.
      Revert "Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20151218."
      kernel/pci: Remove old compatibility shims.
      kernel: Remove the old unionfs that was unhooked from the build since 2004.
      kernel: Adjust some comments to the unionfs removal.
      kernel: Remove VT_UNION.
      <sys/param.h>: Bump __DragonFly_version for the unionfs removal.
      kernel/igb: Fix build with either IGB_RSS_DEBUG or IGB_TSS_DEBUG.
      kernel/hpt27xx: Move two files to better names (like hptrr).
      kernel/acpi: Save a newline.
      boot0: Fix some typos (driver -> drive).
      Raise WARNS to 3 for most ACPICA tools.
      kernel/vga: Remove wrong lwkt_reltoken(). It's not taken at this point.
      kernel/acpi_cpu: Fix argument name.
      libc/nls: Sync str{error,signal}() messages with <sys/{errno,signal}.h>.
      newfs_hammer.8: Remove two unneeded .Pp macros.
      Bump our copyrights to 2016. Happy new year! :)
      Split EXIT STATUS and DIAGNOSTICS sections in manual pages.
      dump.8: Remove overlooked .Pp
      kernel/tmpfs: Sort pathconf cases.
      kernel: Add flsll(). Identical to flsl().
      kernel/tmpfs: Implement _PC_FILESIZEBITS.
      <strings.h>: Fix VKERNEL64 build.
      comm(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      nl(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      <unistd.h>: Comment some POSIX options.
      <unistd.h>: Add _POSIX_THREAD_ROBUST_PRIO_{INHERIT,PROTECT} definitions.
      getconf(1): Sort variable/name pairs.
      kernel/tmpfs: Add _PC_2_SYMLINKS support. getconf(1) adjustments.
      kernel/tmpfs: Use the more common 'ap' name for vops arguments.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160108.
      i386 removal, part 47/x: Remove the i386 specific spic(4) device.
      i386 removal, part 48/x: Remove ancient bootdev parsing in sysctl(8).
      rpc.lockd(8): Remove an obsolete file from an older version of lockd.
      rpc.lockd(8): Clean up the Makefile a little.
      tzsetup(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix a warning.
      sliplogin(8): Fix a number of style(9) issues / warnings, raise WARNS to 3.
      mrouted(8): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix some warnings.
      rtadvd(8)/rtadvctl(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix two warnings.
      vis(1): Fix some warnings and raise WARNS to 6.
      kernel/kate: CurTmp starts at -28C on Socket AM2 Revision G processors.
      w(1): inet_addr() returns INADDR_NONE upon failure.
      w(1): Use NELEM(), raise WARNS to 3.
      ee(1): Fix an uninitialized variable.
      ee(1): Raise WARNS to 2.
      ncal(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      kernel/kate: Bad idea to put temporary values in the sensor value directly.
      wc(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      makecontext_quick.3: Adjust swapcontext_quick() prototype to <ucontext.h>.
      libc/gen: Cleanup a bit.
      printf(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      expand(1)/unexpand(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      look(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      column(1): Small fix from FreeBSD.
      Remove two casts of NULL.
      fmt(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      fold(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      cut(1): Small sync with FreeBSD (is_delim() arg type and indent).
      join(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      basename.1: Small update from FreeBSD.
      tr(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync sed(1) with FreeBSD (various fixes).
      sliplogin(8): Fix a mistake i made in 0fe90ae88cbf.
      libc/xdr: Remove VAX specific code.
      rbootd(8): Remove vax/m68k/tahoe code.
      Add a small kstrdup.9 manpage.
      share/man/man9/Makefile: Fix indent.
      <sys/wait.h>: Whitespace cleanup (no functional change).
      <sys/wait.h>: Clean up a bit.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel: Fix the kern.dumpdev sysctl.
      tip(1): Remove some dead code that was never built.
      tip(1): Minor cleanup
      drm/include: Add missing parentheses in a macro.
      i386 removal, part 49/x: Remove the i386 & a.out specific -v flag in ld(1).
      <net/if.h>: Whitespace adjustment (no functional change).
      <net/if.h>: Cleanup the namespace a bit.
      bus_dma.9: Adjust column width a bit in a list.
      Fix SEE ALSO sorting in a number of manual pages.
      i915kms.4: Add missing space.
      i386 removal, part 50/x: Remove the i386 specific kgzldr.
      sys/boot: Unbreak build. btx must come before boot2.
      sys/boot: Add missing '+'.
      <limits.h>: Add a CHARCLASS_NAME_MAX definition.
      i386 removal, part 51/x: Remove gatea20.c in sys/boot.
      kernel/vm_machdep: Fix a typo in a comment.
      libedit: Fix CLEANFILES.
      gcc50/libconv_1998: Fix GENCC and, by extension, CLEANFILES.
      <machine/exec.h> Fix include guard.
      <limits.h>: Several changes related to Issue 7 of the standard.
      <sys/unistd.h>: Comment some POSIX options.
      Add a missing file to make upgrade's list.
      Import OpenSSL 1.0.1r.
      Local adjustments for OpenSSL 1.0.1r.
      gcc50/libconv_supc: cp-demangle.c needs HAVE_CONFIG_H.
      boot/acpi: Implement hint.acpi.0.rsdp kenv.
      boot/acpi: Use an ACPICA constant instead of a magic number.
      Revert "boot/acpi: Implement hint.acpi.0.rsdp kenv."
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2016a from
      make upgrade: Add an obsolete time zone.
      <time.h>: C11 actually specifies that TIME_UTC be "greater than 0".
      <time.h>: struct timespec's definition has to be visible for C11.
      <time.h>: CLOCKS_PER_SEC must be of type clock_t.
      kernel: Use POSIX constants for pathconf defaults (no functional change).
      <unistd.h>: Use #if 0 for _POSIX_SAVED_IDS. Update some comments. Add many missing '.gz'. Sort lib privatization entries per commit. Expand all wildcards from the lib privatization. Add missing files from the lib privatization. Don't remove manpages which we have to keep.
      <libgen.h>: Clean up whitespace and some #if 0'd code.
      {msg,sem,shm}*.2: Some mdoc improvements (mainly adding .Dv).
      <grp.h>: Minor whitespace fixes.
      <grp.h>: Include <machine/stdint.h> instead of the whole of <sys/types.h>.
      <cpu/limits.h>: Minor whitespace fixes.
      <cpu/limits.h>: Adjust visibility of various *_{MIN,MAX} constants.
      libstand: Change sbrk() in libstand to take an intptr_t like libc's.
      <unistd.h>: Use types which we actually have.
      <netinet/in.h>: Whitespace adjustments (no functional change).
      <netinet/in.h>: Use standard types.
      libssh: Restore installation of the moduli(5) manual page.
      libedit: Restore installation of the editrc(5) manual page.
      <sys/un.h>: Whitespace adjustments (no functional change).
      <sys/un.h>: Use a standard type for sockaddr_un's sun_len.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160212.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      vkernel.7: Improve formatting (also of usage(), while here).
      stat(1): Sync with FreeBSD, bump WARNS to 6.
      ldd(1): Fix some warnings, raise WARNS to 6, further cleanup.
      ping6(8): Fix a -Wcast-qual warning with a cast and raise WARNS to 6.
      svc(8): Clean up the Makefile a bit.
      make(1): Raise WARNS to 6.
      vi(1): Raise WARNS to 1.
      rtadv{d,ctl}(8): Resolve some __FreeBSD__/__FreeBSD_version checks.
      uname(3): Make uname() honor varsym variables too.
      uname(1): The maximum length for a varsym value is MAXVARSYM_DATA.
      Import OpenSSL 1.0.1s.
      Local adjustments for OpenSSL 1.0.1s.
      Clean up some manual pages (mainly .Dv related).
      Un-__P() <opie.h>, which is a public header.
      Adjust markup of defined values to .Dv in various manual pages.
      Add a manual page for exec_sys_{,un}register() system calls.
      Rework the CPU Makefile for GCC 4.7, too.
      Hack-fix buildworld after the ncurses upgrade.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      tic.1: Various mdoc fixes/improvements.
      pppd(8): Fix an apparent bug that caused GCC whining and raise WARNS to 2.
      Mark up defined values with .Dv in various manual pages.
      Add a kenv(2) system call for better handling of the kernel environment.
      Sync the kenv(1) utility with FreeBSD.
      boot/acpi: Implement hint.acpi.0.rsdp for the legacy bootloader too.
      acpidump(8): Use the hint.acpi.0.rsdp kenv to get at the RSDP.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160318.
      mtree: Use spaces to indent.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2016b from
      zic(8)/zdump(8): Don't warn about abbreviations like '-05'.
      zic(8): Remove a 'register' that crept in in the last commit.
      kernel: Remove an unused variable in acpi.ko's Makefile.
      kernel/powermng: Add 'static' to some function definitions.
      kernel/802_11: Add 'static' to some function definitions.
      fcntl.2: Fix typo in a .Dv
      getrlimit.2: Fix typos in .Dv's
      kernel/acpi_timer: Add a missing cpu_enable_intr() after the timer test.
      Revert "Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160318."
      BUS_SETUP_INTR.9: Adjust for the removal of INTR_FAST (f8a09be1e61a).
      VFS_SET.9: Adjust list width (we don't have VFCF_DELEGADMIN).
      bus_generic_print_child.9: Remove wrong whitespace.
      crypto.9: Fix .Dv typo.
      sysctl.3: Remove KERN_QUANTUM info. We don't have it.
      kvm_getprocs.3: Use .Dv and start sentences on new lines.
      setuid.2: Use .Dv
      gettimeofday.2: Clarify better what we mean.
      msync.2: Use .Dv
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160318.
      kernel/acpi: Work around a "shift count exceeding the type width" issue.
      crypto.4: Fix .Dv name.
      Remove loader.sym (internal program) via 'make upgrade'.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2016c from
      libc: Cleanup some manual pages (mainly .Dv usage).
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (OpenBSD 5.9, FreeBSD 10.3).
      gethostbyname.3: mdoc improvements.
      em.4: Mention i219 support.
      libc: mdoc cleanup in some system call manual pages.
      libc/libutil: Some mdoc cleanup in various manual pages.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160422.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2016d from
      sys/boot: Ansify the remaining cases found by -Wold-style-definition.
      sys/boot: Fix a prototype (pointed out by zrj).
      libstand: Fix -Wstrict-prototypes warning.
      Import OpenSSL 1.0.1t.
      Local adjustments for OpenSSL 1.0.1t.
      <stdio.h>/<wchar.h>: Reduce namespace pollution in <wchar.h>.
      <sys/msg.h>: Define msglen_t and msgqnum_t, use them in struct msqid_ds.
      ctags(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      ifconfig(8): Adjust for cec7392796354.
      Remove some duplicated #include's in thread.h and queue.h.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel/drm: Add dma_{alloc,free}_coherent() from FreeBSD.
      Revert "<stdio.h>/<wchar.h>: Reduce namespace pollution in <wchar.h>."
      kernel/ath: Fix building with AH_DEBUG.
      kernel/ath: Fix building with ATH_DIAGAPI.
      kernel/ath: Fix a misplaced #endif
      kernel/urtwn: Fix building with USB_DEBUG.
      kernel/bwn/siba: Fix a struct member name.
      kernel/bwn: Remove an unnecessary #define and add siba_debug.
      kernel/iwn: Fix building with IWN_DEBUG.
      kernel/ieee80211: Remove an unused malloc type.
      Mention that an(4) has been removed in UPDATING.
      make upgrade: Remove the if_an.ko module too (while here, sort a bit).
      kernel/acpi: Merge some fixes from ACPICA current to fix dfly bug #2916.
      kernel/ath_hal: Add missing __printflike().
      kernel: Remove two unused options, AH_REGOPS_FUNC, IEEE80211_AMPDU_AGE.
      kernel/wpi: Fix build with WPI_DEBUG.
      Add missing LINT64 options ({IWN,WPI}_DEBUG, URTWN_WITHOUT_UCODE).
      Remove an(4)/ancontrol(8) references from several manual pages.
      Sync our ieee80211* manpages with FreeBSD (plus some adjustments by me).
      Regenerate devd's usb.conf for accumulated usb driver updates.
      Sync wlan driver manual pages with FreeBSD.
      ieee80211*.9: Fix some prototypes in the manual pages.
      Various tiny updates in wlan*.4 manual pages and other related areas.
      wlan.4: Comment out reference to bwi(4) which we do not have.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160527.
      Various typo and wording fixes.
      ieee80211_vap.9: Fix date.
      Some more cleanup in comments etc. after the an(4) removal.
      Remove an unused manual page.
      ieee80211.9: Fix .Nm
      /etc/defaults/rc.conf: Add a powerd_flags definition.
      installer: Use ioctl(DIOCGPART) for getting a disk's size.
      kernel/inet6: Fix two wrong comparisons.
      rc.conf.5: Document powerd_flags.
      rescue image: Add undo(1).
      rescue image: Strip lvm(8).
      kernel/autofs: Add some missing files to the Makefile.
      Create the /etc/autofs directory via mtree.
      kstrdup.9: Mention kstrndup().
      Add autofs to LINT64.
      Add some assignments to etc/defaults/rc.conf for autofs.
      Adjust share/examples/etc/README.examples for autofs.
      automountd(8) et al.: Clean up the Makefile a little bit.
      kernel/iwm: Fix building without IWM_DEBUG.
      auto_master.5: Fix .Sx markup.
      README.examples: Remove autofs/. It's not installed at the moment.
      nvme.4: Remove an unneeded .Pp and use .Dx.
      kqueue.2: Add some info about EVFILT_FS.
      Remove am-utils, the Berkeley automounter suite (amd, amq, etc.)
      kernel/modnext: Improve the flow a bit regarding setting 'error'.
      kernel: Save some indent here and there and some small cleanup.
      kqueue.2: Improve markup.
      kernel: Add vmbus module to the build.
      Add a vmbus(4) manual page (based on FreeBSD's).
      vmbus.4: Fix stupid typo (and installworld).
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      ps(1): Add -A option, as specified by POSIX.
      kernel/virtio: Some small stylistic cleanup.
      pathchk(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2016e from
      <sys/poll.h>: Some namespace cleanup.
      poll.2: Adjust NAME section for ppoll().
      Fix a couple of logic issues in contributed code (gcc, mpfr, tre).
      Stop building/installing groff's soelim(1).
      <pthread.h>: Include <machine/limits.h> instead of <limits.h> for ULONG_MAX.
      getconf(1): Fix confstr variable names.
      getconf(1): Add some missing variables.
      getconf(1): Fix typo (_POSIX2_EXPR_NEXT_MAX -> _POSIX2_EXPR_NEST_MAX).
      getconf(1): Add some variables for backward compatibility.
      sysconf(3): Add _SC_THREAD_SPORADIC_SERVER.
      <unistd.h>: Add more comments to options.
      sysconf(3): Fix _SC_GET{GR,PW}_R_SIZE_MAX.
      libc/confstr: Fix comment indentation.
      <sys/systm.h>: Remove a leftover prototype.
      kernel: Don't use userland's <stdarg.h> from kernel files.
      <rpc/svc.h>: Add back comment.
      efi/loader: Use acdragonfly.h.
      kqueue.2: Fix a typo in a function name (sigpromask -> sigprocmask).
      sigaction.2: Comment out reference to sigset().
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Fix vkernel build after pmap changes.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2016f from
      Add the sigwaitinfo.2 manual page from FreeBSD.

Sepherosa Ziehau (129):
      ifmedia: Define flow control related description properly
      ifmedia: Add IFM_ETH_MANUFLOW.
      ifmedia: Set ifm->ifm_media properly upon ifmedia_set()
      ifmedia: Fix SIOCGIFMEDIA ifmr_current value
      ifmedia: Initialize ifm->ifm_media to IFM_NONE
      ifmedia/ifconfig: Take flowcontrol as an alias for rxpause|txpause
      ifmedia: Macro naming and add function to convert str to FC settings
      igb: Integrate ifmedia flow control support.
      em/emx: Integrate ifmedia flow control support.
      ig: Factor out e1000_force_flowctrl
      igb: Fix ifmedia leakage on detach path.
      ix: Fix optics and ifmedia settings
      ifmedia: Reset ifm_media and ifm_cur in ifmedia_removeall()
      ix: Set up ifm_active properly when link is not up.
      ix.4: ixX -> ixY and dev.ix.X -> dev.ix.Y
      em.4/igb.4: Set date properly
      ix: Integrate ifmedia flow control support.
      mxge: Fix ifmedia related bits
      mxge: Integrate ifmedia flow control support.
      mxge: Always send the current media (optics) back to callers.
      em/emx/igb: Properly set status for manually configured media/mediaopt
      socket: Remove fo_ioctl(FIONBIO) for sockets.
      socket: Make sure so_refs will not go from 0 to 1
      socket: Make sure that accept queues are empty before socket destruction
      kevent: Fix comment
      kevent: Mark file_filtops and kqread_filtops MPSAFE
      hammer: Always set noatime for hammerfs
      kevent: Fix comment and remove extra blank line
      kevent: Reduce kqueue token contention
      ifmedia: Add two helper functions for ifmedia_add and ifmedia_set
      ix: Update to Intel ix-2.8.2
      socket: so_ref 0->1 transition is valid for an aborted socket on so_comp
      atomic: Add atomic_cmpset_short
      atomic: Fix atomic_cmpset_long prototype
      inpcb: Push porthash token down a bit and use atomic op to update lastport
      igb: Fix DMACR settings
      inpcb: Split portinfo token into tokens for porthash head
      if: Bandaid ifa_ifwithnet() for ifaddrs w/ same netmask
      inet/mcast: Don't free inp_moptions in ip_setmoptions()
      kqueue: Fix description for kern.kq_checkloop
      kqueue: knote_alloc will never fail
      kqueue: Avoid duplicate KN_PROCESSING clearing
      kqueue: Minor style changes
      kqueue: Remove unapplied comment
      kqueue: Hint is not used by socket filters
      socket: Don't use NOTE_OOB as hint for KNOTE upon OOB
      kqueue/ufs: Remove unnecessary klist cast
      igb: Partly rework MSI-X support to bypass one serializer
      igb: Optimize the aggregated TX/RX MSI-X handler a bit
      ig_hal/igb: Merge Intel igb-2.4.3
      igb.4: Update according to the recent TX/RX MSI-X handling work
      acpi/pstate: Factor out acpi_pst_eval_{ppc,pdl}()
      acpi/pstate: Support type 0x80 notify
      acpi/pstate: Allow user to ignore type 0x80 notify
      ig_hal: Allow enabling debug at runtime
      bridge: Mark callouts MPSAFE
      socket: Use {get,rel}pooltoken in netmsg_so_notify()
      kqueue: Remove unapplied comment
      kqueue: Mark user filter MPSAFE
      kqueue: Don't check list against NULL; list is never NULL.
      kqueue: Reduce file/hash list token coverage
      kqueue: Use wakeup_one() to wake up kqueue scanner
      kqueue: Move notifymsglist out of kqinfo
      re: Update Realtek PHY power management related bits
      re: Disable ASPM
      re: Change CFG1 and CFG5 after flip EECMD
      re: Reduce GMII PHY read/write timeout
      re: Only probe fixed PHY location
      ig_hal/em/emx: Add I219 (Skylake) support
      tools/tcp_stream: Compile on Linux and add option for sockbuf size
      tools/tcp_stream: Move sockbuf string to the main stack
      tools/tcp_stream: Set message size on both send and receive sides
      tools/tcp_stream: Allow performing test to multiple hosts
      tools/tcp_stream: Add dual side test support
      tools/tcp_stream: Kill netperf children proactively upon SIGINT
      ifconfig: Fix inet6 address deletion
      kqueue: Remove unused global kqueue token
      kqueue: Rework timer expiration
      kqueue/signal: Send kevent even if the signal is masked
      tools/tcp_stream: Fix building on linux
      tools/tcp_stream: Fix test name
      kqueue: Knote should not be accessed once the KN_PROCESSING is cleared
      kqueue: Avoid reprocessing processed knotes in KNOTE.
      kqueue: Return value of knote_release is no longer useful.
      kqueue: Nuke unused code
      kqueue: Move fp holding out of kqueue token
      kqueue: Use lwkt_{get,rel}pooltoken in kqueue_register
      kqueue: Avoid code duplication for knote searching in kqueue_register
      kqueue: Use wakeup_one based on # of threads sleep on kqueue
      kqueue: Only allow one thread to register event to a kqueue
      kqueue: Add simple per-cpu cache for the knote
      kqueue: Make sure that kqueue sleep counter will not wrap around
      kqueue: Clear sleep counter before wakeup
      bnx: Don't use thread template
      tcp: Implement per-cpu lport cache for listen sockets.
      tcp: We never use preallocation on receiving buffer
      socket/kqueue: Fix space calculation for PREALLOC sending buffer
      tools/kq_sendrecv: Implement kqueue(2) based TCP traffic generator
      kqueue: Use lwkt_{get,rel}pooltoken
      kqueue: Use critical section for knote cache
      igb: Fix MSI-X allocation when # of rings is less than # of cpus
      dhclient: Log a warning instead of bailing upon "illegal" options
      tcp: Remove redundant tcpcb state setting
      tcp: No need to return tcpcb from tcp_newtcpcb()
      tcp: Count connections by TCP state
      Revert "kqueue: Return value of knote_release is no longer useful."
      Revert "kqueue: Avoid reprocessing processed knotes in KNOTE."
      tcp: Make setsockopt(2) TCP_{NODELAY,NOPUSH,NOOPT,FASTKEEP} asynchronous
      tcp: Don't prematurely drop receiving-only connections.
      kern: Use objcache for file
      kern: Remove debug print
      de: Install if_init.
      kern: Update virtual machine detection a bit
      tsc: Log the final TSC frequency
      x86_64/timer: Xtimer is generic enough for per-cpu timer.
      hyperv: Initial import.  It only contains non-intr cputimer.
      cputimer: Add per-cpu handler and private data for interrupt cputimer.
      hyperv/vmbus: Complete vmbus initialization; interrupt cputimer is enabled
      mptable: Reduce log verbosity
      acpica: Interrupt resource lookup failure is fine.  Add comment about it.
      hyperv/vmbus: Make sure that interrupt cputimer can be enabled.
      hyperv/vmbus: Factor out vmbus_msg_reset()
      intr: Avoid implicit padding
      intr: Force unshareble interrupt setting
      intr: Allow drivers to register high frequency interrupt.
      nvme: Use high frequency interrupt for CQ processing
      ifnet: Add oqdrops statistics
      cat: Align output from cat(1) between when invoked with -be & -ne flags
      virtio: Fix MSI support; thus unbreak booting on bhyve

Tomasz Konojacki (1):
      libc - implement C11 function timespec_get()

Tomohiro Kusumi (233):
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unused bitfield of struct hammer_io
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove const from volume names
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove signature from ondisk node
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove forward declaration of struct hammer_cmirror
      hammer: Change u_int{8,16,32,64}_t to uint{8,16,32,64}_t
      sys/vfs/hammer: #if0 HAMMER_BIGBLOCK_OVERFILL
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove HAMMER_HEAD_TYPE_42|45 macros
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove HAMMER_HEAD_FLAG_FREE macro
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove HAMMER_VOLF_VALID|OPEN macros
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove DEBUG_TRUNCATE flag
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove #if0'd debug kprintfs
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove #if0'd obsolete symlink format
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove #if0'd hammer_mirror_write()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove time/freq fields of ondisk PFS
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove integrity_crc field of ondisk inode
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove HAMMER_ITIMES_XXX macros
      sys/vfs/hammer: Use hammer_modify_buffer_noundo()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add/fix comments on ondisk formats
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup hammer_alloc_data()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add/fix comments on zones
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove HAMMER_BLOCKMAP_RADIX1|2_PERBUFFER macros
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cast HAMMER_BLOCKMAP_RADIX1|2 macros to int
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cast HAMMER_BLOCKMAP_LAYER1|2_INDEX macros to int
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add/fix comments on volume header
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup unnecessary cast
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add/fix comments on B-Tree node
      sbin/hammer: Use correct printf format for crc
      sbin/hammer: Make blockmap print fill percentage on -v
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_is_zone2|direct_mapped_index()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Use bitwise OR to generate ondisk localization
      sys/vfs/hammer: Define HAMMER_MAX_PFS in hammer_disk.h
      sys/vfs/hammer: Use hammer_vfs_root()
      sbin/hammer: Change assertion on invalid cleanup path to printf
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unused global variables and sysctls
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add lo_to_pfs()/pfs_to_lo() macros
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove union hammer_io_structure
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add comments on struct worklist
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_buf_peek_io()/hammer_buf_attach_io()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make bio ops static
      sys/vfs/hammer: Move hammer_buf_xxx_io() to _KERNEL
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix wrong comment on zone2 offset
      sys/vfs/hammer: Use HAMMER_ENCODE() for hammer_mod_rb_compare()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make hammer_io_flush_mark() inline
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make offset kprintf message explicit
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unused lock free_lock
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make struct hammer_sync_info file local
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unused waitfor field from vsyncscan data
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make hammer_bnew*() call _hammer_bread()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup assertion for zone
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_xlate_to_phys()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup
      sys/vfs/hammer: Use hammer_find_inode()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix wrong parent localization for PFS root
      sbin/hammer: Make show print symlink[24] if inode is symlink
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unused count field from hammer_flusher_info
      sbin/hammer: Rename sbin/hammer/cmd_pseudofs.c to cmd_pfs.c
      sys/vfs/hammer: Don't let ioctl(HAMMERIOC_SET_PSEUDOFS) create PFS in PFS
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unnecessary casts
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename resv->flush_group to flg_no
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add HAMMER_ROOT_PFSID macro
      sbin/hammer: Check existence of PFS#0 when creating PFS
      sys/vfs/hammer: Use HAMMER_DEF_LOCALIZATION
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Remove double initialization of ext2 inode flag
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add sanity check to volume-del
      sbin/hammer: Remove global variable NumVolumes
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Remove total size arg from format_volume()
      sbin/hammer: Remove vol_alloc from volume_info
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Fix newfs_hammer(8) manpage
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Fix newfs_hammer(8) manpage
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Fix newfs_hammer(8) manpage
      sbin/mount_hammer: Fix mount_hammer(8) manpage
      sbin/hammer: Fix hammer(8) manpage
      Revert 283f6970e848724e9bd2c20d5311e412dea5e67c
      sys/vfs/hammer: Redo commit 283f6970
      sbin/hammer: Printf "PFS" instead of "pfs"
      lib/libhammer: Add CFLAGS+= -I${.CURDIR}/../../sys
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_is_pfs_{master|slave|deleted}()
      sbin/hammer: Use HAMMER_OBJID_ROOT for root inode
      sbin/hammer: Reword "llid" to "pfs_id"
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comment
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename struct hammer_entry_data to hammer_direntry_data
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename hammer_ip_add_directory() to hammer_ip_add_direntry()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename hammer_ip_del_directory() to hammer_ip_del_direntry()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename hammer_directory_namekey() to hammer_direntry_namekey()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_btree_extract_leaf()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_btree_extract_data() [1/2]
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_btree_extract_data() [2/2]
      sys/vfs/hammer: Don't use HAMMER_CURSOR_GET_LEAF
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add missing hammer_crc_set_btree()
      sbin/hammer: Use HAMMER_OFF_BAD
      sbin/hammer: Use sizeof(*elm)
      sbin/hammer: Add obfuscate option to hammer show
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup and squash elm format of hammer show
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer show print record type in text
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup and squash inode record format of hammer show
      sbin/hammer: Don't modify buffer_info for config data for no reason
      sbin/hammer: Fix wrong config data field name
      sbin/hammer: Fix trailing blank line in config data output
      sbin/hammer: Fix indentation of config data output
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup error string formats for records' crc error
      sbin/hammer: Add num_bad_rec counter to hammer show
      sbin/hammer: Minor fix for hammer(8) manpage
      sbin/hammer: Don't access beyond 16KB of HAMMER userspace buffer
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup long lines with >80 chars
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup beginning part of hammer show
      sys/kern: Change "bufcache" to "buffer cache" in warning message
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Cleanup
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add HAMMER_ROOT_VOLNO
      sbin/hammer: Update blockmap lookup error#
      sbin/hammer: Add get_root_volume()
      sbin/hammer: Add __alloc_volume()
      sbin/hammer: Add __add_volume()
      sbin/hammer: Separate setup_volume() into init/load_volume()
      sbin/hammer: Initialize Hammer_FSType before any subcommand
      sbin/hammer: Minor fix for format_blockmap()
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Rename format_root() to format_root_directory()
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Define Boot|MemAreaSize in newfs_hammer
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Define UndoBufferSize in newfs_hammer
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Fix wrong comment
      sbin/hammer: Remove =0; for some global variables
      sbin/hammer: Remove unnecessary if(AssertOnFailure) conditionals
      sbin/hammer: Fix conditional for Hammer_FSId initialization
      sbin/hammer: Fix writeback against readonly fd
      sbin/hammer: Remove unnecessary conditional on freemap initialization
      sys/vfs/hammer: Separate total/free big-block counting from formatting
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove hammer_test_free_freemap()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove struct bigblock_stat
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix/rewrite hammer_format_freemap()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix/rewrite hammer_free_freemap()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove hammer_iterate_l1l2_entries()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unused HAMMER_TRANSF_DIDIO
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename clist to node_list
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add HAMMER_ZONE()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_is_zone_xxx()
      sbin/hammer: Declare char* at the top of block scope
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix bug on erasing volume header
      sys/vfs/hammer: Temporary fix for kernel panic on volume-del
      sys/vfs/hammer: Erase layer2 entries on removing volume
      sbin/hammer: Change format of hammer blockmap on -v
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer blockmap ignore zone=15 unless -vv
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup
      sys/vfs/hammer: Use "%016jx",intmax_t
      sbin/hammer: Use correct type
      sbin/hammer: Minor cleanups
      sbin/hammer: Remove unused buffer 'type' in cache
      sbin/hammer: Remove cache from volume_info
      sbin/hammer: Remove unused buffer use_count
      sbin/hammer: Add assertion to ensure not to clear modified buffer
      sbin/hammer: Refactor get_buffer()
      sbin/hammer: Add readhammervol()/writehammervol()
      sbin/hammer: Refactor hammer show [1/4]
      sbin/hammer: Refactor hammer show [2/4]
      sbin/hammer: Refactor hammer show [3/4]
      sbin/hammer: Refactor hammer show [4/4]
      sbin/hammer: Remove tabs in B-Tree indentation
      sbin/hammer: Add depth indentation option to hammer show
      sys/vfs/hammer: Change ondisk vol0_stat_records to reserved
      sys/vfs/hammer: Change ondisk vol_nblocks/blocksize to reserved
      sbin/hammer: Fix/refactor check_data_crc()
      sbin/hammer: Remove unused buffer flag
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Add missing buffer refcount--
      sbin/hammer: Don't always print BC error on nodes with 0 count
      sys/vfs/hammer: Change ondisk vol_locked to reserved
      sys/vfs/hammer: Change ondisk vol0_stat_bytes to reserved
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix/add comments on volume header
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer info print rootvol
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer info print \n between filesystems
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add vol_no field to struct hammer_ioc_volume
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer commands print root volume path
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove extra filesystem syncing on volume-del
      sbin/hammer: Make getyn() non static
      sys/vfs/hammer: Ask before reblocking on volume-del
      sbin/hammer: Print volume list after volume-add|del
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup hammer_format_volume_header() prototype
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename ondisk vol_name to vol_label
      sbin/newfs_msdos: Fix error message
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer info print volumes
      sbin/hammer: Fix hammer(8) manpage
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unused local variable
      sbin/hammer: Minor cleanup
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Check upper limit of volume size
      sys/vfs/hammer: Get volume lock first
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add missing unlock in the previous commit
      sbin/mount_hammer: Remove duplicated MOPT_UPDATE macro definition
      sbin/hammer: Add no hammer found message if not mounted
      sbin/hammer: Use printf() instead of fprintf(stdout)
      sys/kern: Fix mountctl options list
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Remove unused mount variables
      sys/kern: Add comment on unmounting
      sys/dev/disk/dm: Remove read/write support for /dev/mapper/control
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add missing \n in debug kprintf
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Use vop_write_dirent()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove vfs.hammer.count_extra_space_used
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add warning messages on ENOSPC
      sys/vfs/hammer: Don't store negative free/avail for statfs/statvfs
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unnecessary =NULL;
      sys/kern: Add kstrndup()
      sys/kern: Add kqueue EVFILT_FS
      sbin/mount_nfs: Add -o retrycnt= option
      usr.bin/showmount: Add -E option
      sys/sys: Extend IOCPARM_MAX
      sys/sys: Fix IOCPARM_MAX
      sys/kern: Retry nlookup if nresolve returned ESTALE
      usr.sbin/fstyp: Port fstyp from FreeBSD
      autofs: Port autofs from FreeBSD
      sys/kern: Don't implement .vfs_sync unless sync is supported
      usr.sbin/autofs: Workaround namecache bug after unmount
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup zone statistics functions
      sbin/hammer: Remove debug printfs
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer blockmap check offset/space
      sbin/hammer: Fix used bytes for zone15
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup on aac2051d
      sys/vfs/autofs: Remove .vfs_sync = vfs_stdsync,
      autofs: Add "Donated to DragonFlyBSD by ..." to manpages
      sbin/hammer: err() on readhammerbuf() failure
      sys/kern: Make nlookup() keep ESTALE on retry
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add HAMMER_VOL_ALLOC for reserved space after volume header
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove sys/vfs/hammer/hammer_freemap.c
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Change u_int{8,16,32,64}_t to uint{8,16,32,64}_t
      sbin/hammer2: Use volatile sig_atomic_t
      sbin/hammer2: Add #include guard
      sbin/newfs_hammer2: Fix ascii-art of initial image
      sbin/newfs_hammer2: Change error messages to "hammer2"
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove DEDUP_CACHE_SIZE and wrong comment
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove validate_zone()
      sbin/hammer: Make global PFS/accounting variables static
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Don't assume blkdev is /dev/da...
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Refactor TRIM support
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Don't exit if -f when a blkdev doesn't support TRIM
      sys/cpu/x86_64: Expose CPUMASK macros to userspace without _KERNEL_STRUCTURES
      sys/kern: Add USCHED_GET_CPUMASK for usched_set(2)
      sbin/usched: Add cpumask limitation to usched(8) BUGS section
      sys/kern: Mention pid 0 in usched_set(2) BUGS section

Zach Crownover (1):
      route: various small fixes

adrian (1):
      if_bwn - Update siba_bwn to fix a serious issue with SPROM offsets.

zrj (138):
      drm: sync drm_edid.c to linux 3.18
      drm: Implement simple broken EDID override by loading firmware (v16)
      intro.2: Document errnos 89-93.
      usr.bin/uniq: Sync with FreeBSD
      test: ,,,^..^,,,~~~~
      mdoc.local: Add NetBSD 7.0 for future reference.
      games: Import colorbars and hals_end from NetBSD.
      piano(6): Retire. R.I.P.
      hals_end: Fix manlint.
      hangman(6): Update to augmented version from OpenBSD.
      usb4bsd: Cleanup pass0.
      usb4bsd: Cleanup pass1.
      Remove advertising header from usr.bin/
      Remove advertising header from usr.sbin/
      Remove advertising header from bin/ & sbin/
      Remove advertising header from share/
      Remove advertising header from include/
      Remove advertising header from lib/ and libexec/
      Remove advertising header from sys/
      Remove advertising header from src
      Correct BSD License clause numbering from 1-2-4 to 1-2-3. Allow to override hostname
      install(1): Add missing static keywords.
      install(1): Move out iflags setup from switch()
      install(1): Add -U option from FreeBSD
      install(1): Add an override DONTSTRIP
      kernel/isofs: style(9) fixes.
      kernel/msdosfs: Remove UNALIGNED_ACCESS
      kernel/isofs: Remove UNALIGNED_ACCESS
      kernel/isofs: Add all iso9660 number conversion routines.
      docs: Move config(8) SMM papers into share/doc
      docs: Move fsck(8) SMM papers into share/doc
      docs: Move lpd(8) SMM papers into share/doc
      docs: Move timed(8) SMM papers into share/doc
      docs: Move csh(1) USD papers into share/doc
      docs: Move dc(1) USD papers into share/doc
      docs: Move bc(1) USD papers into share/doc
      docs: Move mail(1) USD papers into share/doc
      docs: Move rpc(3) PSD papers into share/doc
      docs: Trim trailing whitespaces in PSD/SMM.
      docs: Prune stale 28.cvs
      docs: Recover 12.make PSD paper
      docs: Recover 18.groff PSD paper
      docs: Recover 10.exref 11.vitut 13.viref USD papers
      docs: Recover 19.memmacros 20.mereg USD papers
      docs: Fix builds
      docs: Prune VAX 11.780 Berkeley pascall implementation papers.
      docs: Prune stale nqnfs papers.
      docs/IPv6: Sync paper with FreeBSD
      docs/papers: Sync with FreeBSD
      docs: Sync SMM/PSD/USD papers with FreeBSD
      docs: Partially sync with FreeBSD
      docs: Use -Thtml to generate papers.
      docs: Move rsc(1) PSD papers into share/doc
      docs: Move rogue(6) USD papers into share/doc
      docs: Move trek(6) USD papers into share/doc
      gpt.h: Add few more GPT GUIDs
      sys/boot: Simplify MAKEBOOTDEV macro
      Unbreak VKERNEL64 build.
      <sys/select.h>: Provide timespec structure.
      nrelease: Allow to build snapshots on tmpfs.
      drm: Allow early kms with monitor EDID override.
      cpuctl(4): Sync with FreeBSD
      cpucontrol(8): Sync with FreeBSD
      nls.7: Use Ta for tabs to fix mdoc warnings.
      lib/libutil: Terminate quoted strings (mdoc).
      libc: Fix mdoc warnings on escaped characters.
      libc: Do not set errno when mmap(MAP_TRYFIXED) fails.
      efi/boot1: Fix best text mode detection.
      mtree: Move pam.d to correct dirname order.
      hier.7: Add missing /etc/devd entry.
      mtree: Create /boot/modules.local
      boot/loader: Handle the /boot/modules.local
      examples: Add binary firmware wrapping reference script.
      Use size_t to remove casts.
      drm/radeon: Retire old UMS driver.
      drm/radeon: Add missing new bonaire pci id
      drm/radeon: Clean up DPCD debug hex output print.
      drm/radeon/dp: Sync Display Port code with drm v3.18
      drm/radeon/dp: Fix long-standing bug in Display Port handling.
      drm/radeon: Revert "drm/radeon: Partial sync with Linux 3.18"
      drm/radeon: Expand atomic_cmpxchg() use in UVD/VCE
      drm/radeon: Release firmware on CIK at driver fini.
      drm/radeon: Nuke some orphaned externs.
      drm/radeon: Fix some leaks on module unload.
      drm/radeon: Add ACPI function stubs.
      bwn.4: Update firmware dport reference.
      drm: Destroy events consistently.
      kernel/drm: Resort radeon sources alphabetically.
      drm/radeon: Preparations for AGP cleanup.
      drm: Sync drm_agpsupport.h with Linux 4.3
      drm cleanup 01/x: Move legacy buffer structs to drm_leagcy.h
      drm cleanup 02/x: Fix drm_legacy_sg_cleanup() prototype.
      drm cleanup 03/x: Move all includes in drmP.h to the top.
      drm cleanup 04/x: Remove some unused radeon compat defines.
      drm cleanup 05/x: Move IS_ALIGNED macro to linux/kernel.h
      drm cleanup 06/x: Remove KIB_NOTYET macro.
      drm cleanup 07/x: Move byte order functions to linux layer.
      drm cleanup 08/x: Move memset_XXX helpers to linux asm/io.h
      drm cleanup 09/x: Move EREMOTEIO to linux/errno.h
      drm cleanup 10/x: Move DRM_WAIT_ON and DRM_CURRENTPID macros.
      drm cleanup 11/x: Remove some unused callbacks from drm_driver.
      drm cleanup 12/x: Layout fixes to match upstream in drmP.h
      drm/radeon: Disable some unused functions.
      drm/radeon: Backport two bugfixes from drm v3.19
      drm/i915: Fix DPCD debug print.
      drm cleanup 13/x: Gather scattered debug macros to common places.
      drm cleanup 14/x: Slightly rewrite drm debug subsystem.
      drm cleanup 15/x: Separate vblank DRM_DEBUG spam.
      drm cleanup 16/x: Add names to internal ioctl debug traces.
      drm.4: Document drm.debug tunable.
      drm cleanup 17/x: Cleanup drmP.h header.
      drm cleanup 18/x: Gently remove drm_core_has_AGP, DRIVER_REQUIRE_AGP
      drm cleanup 19/x: Switch more calls to kzalloc/kfree helpers.
      drm/i915: Lost changes after update to v4.3
      drm/i915: Avoid dead-locking the userland.
      drm/radeon: Print device description after it gets set.
      drm: Block struct fence in drm_plane_state struct
      drm: Fix missing revision init.
      drm/i915: Remove empty header.
      sys/cpu: Unbreak world.
      usr.sbin/autofs: Unbreak make depend.
      usr.bin/dirname: Accept multiple arguments as basename(1)
      rpc: Make few headers more compatible with gcc.
      rpc: Whitespace cleanup.
      sys/sys: Protect len and inout parameters in _IOC definition.
      <wchar.h>: Reduce namespace pollution in <wchar.h>.
      Move __va_size() into freestanding block.
      <stdio.h>: Hide macros that break global :: ns in cxx.
      Fix <machine/varargs.h> use cases.
      Remove <varargs.h> from the system.
      <signal.h>: Don't advertise sigqueue(2) availability.
      <signal.h>: Bring back SI_QUEUE.
      atomic.9: Align cpumask.
      Prune _NO_NAMESPACE_POLLUTION cases.
      Remove pcibus.h header.
      sys: Various include guard fixes.
      ifnet.9: Fix if_start() prototype in manpage.

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