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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
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DragonFly 4.6.0
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François Tigeot (1):
      drm/linux: Clean-up pci_resource_start()

Imre Vadász (2):
      if_iwm - Fix inverted logic in iwm_tx().
      if_iwm - Fix iwm_poll_bit() usage in iwm_stop_device().

Matthew Dillon (29):
      drm - Fix subtle plane masking bug.
      kernel - cli interlock with critcount in interrupt assembly
      kernel - Add some more options for pmap_qremove*()
      kernel - Cut buffer cache related pmap invalidations in half
      kernel - Close a few SMP holes
      mountd, mount - Change how mount signals mountd, reduce mountd spam
      kernel - Fix mountctl() / unmount race
      systat - Refactor memory displays for systat -vm
      kernel - Fix VM bug introduced earlier this month
      kernel - Reduce atomic ops in switch code
      kernel - Fix namecache race & panic
      kernel - Minor cleanup swtch.s
      kernel - Disable lwp->lwp optimization in thread switcher
      kernel - refactor CPUMASK_ADDR()
      libc - Fix numerous fork/exec*() leaks, also add mkostemp() and mkostemps().
      test - Add umtx1 code
      systat - Restrict %rip sampling to root
      kernel - Fix getpid() issue in vfork() when threaded
      libc - Fix more popen() issues
      kernel - Be nicer to pthreads in vfork()
      libthread_xu - Don't override vfork()
      kernel - Fix rare tsleep/callout race
      kernel - Cleanup namecache stall messages on console
      kernel - Reduce memory testing and early-boot zeroing.
      systat - Adjust extended vmstats display
      kernel - Refactor cpu localization for VM page allocations
      kernel - cleanup vfs_cache debugging
      kernel - Refactor cpu localization for VM page allocations (2)
      kernel - Refactor cpu localization for VM page allocations (3)

Sascha Wildner (6):
      sysconf.3: Document _SC_PAGE_SIZE and _SC_PHYS_PAGES.
      libc/strptime: Return NULL, not 0, since the function returns char *.
      sysconf.3: Fix typo.
      mktemp.3: Fix a typo and bump .Dd
      ed(1): Remove handling of non-POSIX environment.
      ed(1): Sync with FreeBSD.

Sepherosa Ziehau (1):
      hyperv/vmbus: Passthrough interrupt resource allocation to nexus

zrj (3):
      sys: Extract CPUMASK macros to new <machine/cpumask.h>
      cpumask.h: Turn CPUMASK_ELEMENTS as implementation defined.
      cpumask.9: Add short manpage.

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