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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
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DragonFly 4.2.0rc
Version: GnuPG v2


Antonio Huete Jimenez (64):
      pkill - Fix a problem identifying system threads.
      kernel - Rename unused flag.
      kernel/ndis - Fix flag usage in a macro.
      manpages: VFS Compat API manpage update.
      manpages: Add an updated version of vn_lock.9
      manpages: Forgot to hook vn_lock.9 into the build.
      hammer - Better trailing '/' handling on PFS paths
      tools - A bunch of bugfixes for
      installer: Add an initial testing tool.
      mountd - IPv6 fixes for parsing and error checking
      mountd - Look up addresses before using getnetbyname()
      nfs - Remove unused kerberos code [Userland]
      mountd - Module load handling
      mountd - Use fgetln() to read /etc/exports
      mountd - Remove old pre-TIRPC code
      mountd - Try shorter replies for RPC failures
      mountd - Use the standard IPV6_V6ONLY
      mountd - Use the standardized CHAR_BIT constant
      rpc - Convert some daemons to TI-RPC
      rpc - Implement non-blocking connections
      mountd - Fix an error message
      mountd - Rename do_log -> dolog
      mountd - Add new option -p <port>
      mountd - Pass in an array of gid_t
      mountd - Zero-out structure before calling mount()
      mountd - Remove NI_WITHSCOPEID usage
      mountd - Don't delete exports from network filesystems
      mountd - Correctly loop over the mounted filesystems
      mountd - Ignore SIGPIPE instead of terminating the process.
      Testing teh bot 1 2 3
      mountd - Add support for multiple exports files.
      mountd - Only exit when no valid export files.
      mountd - Add the -h <bindip> option
      mountd - Check the correct variable after malloc()
      installer - Several improvements
      installer - Fix a segfault
      installer - Use bit 'flags' for additional options
      hammer - Fix 'history' directive
      devfs - Fix a vkernel panic on shutdown
      libc - Initialise ret before use
      libc/db - Fix a resource leak
      libc/regex - Fix a memory leak
      svc - Fix a couple memory leaks
      savecore - Fix a resource leak
      vkernel - Forward SIGTERM to the child vkernel process.
      hammer - Fix timeout for 'dedup' directive
      debug - Fix wildcardinfo
      debug - Update zallocinfo
      debug - Build evfilt_user as well
      debug - Add bufqueues program
      libkvm - Remove unused file
      rconfig - A couple additions to
      libhammer - Change the way PFS mounts are detected
      procfs - Properly return error codes for ioctl calls
      libhammer - Fix a fd leak on the previous commit
      Revert "hammer - Fix 'history' directive"
      libhammer - Preparation for snapshot handling & fixes
      libhammer - Add an overlooked function that releases snaps
      libhammer - Add missing manual pages
      libhammer - Fix typos in man pages
      sbin/hammer - Properly indent config text on 'show' output
      sbin/hammer - Hex data dump for misc & data records
      sbin/hammer - Change verbose level for showing data records.
      mailer.conf - Add missing send-mail for dma.

Antonio Nikishaev (2):
      -h (human-readable counters) for netstat
      top(1): ability to display individual threads

Bill Yuan (24):
      New ipfw2 for DragonflyBSD which is able to run parallelly with the original ipfw.
      Refactor the source for ipfw2.
      Version 'alpha 1' of ipfw2 firewall module for DragonflyBSD.
      rename the header files.
      fix header file include.
      filter functionality of keyword 'mac dst src' in layer2 module.
      reformat for textwidth=80
      add round-robin and sticky to forward action
      enhanced forward action in kernel space
      fix for 'multi-dest forwarding'
      Lock release in ipfw2_nat module.
      M_DONTWAIT -> M_NOWAIT in ipfw2_basic
      adjust lock in ipfw2_nat.
      remove the sysctl handler.
      allow layer2 filtering on ipfw2 when
      if_clone_detach twice when unload the if_lagg module.
      'forward action' section of ipfw2 man page.
      forward action description.
      ipfw2 man page
      ipfw2 man page, keep-state
      New IPFW2 for DragonflyBSD which is:
      License: Preserve previous licensor information
      Fix: buf size issue in do_get/set_x

Charlie Root (1):
      kernel - Fix VM deadlock in optimized file read path

Dimitris Papastamos (1):
      Add missing prototype for futimens(2) in <sys/stat.h>

Eitan Adler (1):
      share/skel/dot.cshrc: update

Franco Fichtner (2):
      Import mdocml-1.13.1
      mdocml: compile and reapply some local changes

François Tigeot (195):
      kernel/x86: Add Advanced Power Management Information constants
      drm/i915: Clean up various non-critical files
      drm/i915: Make the GEM code more Linux-like
      kernel: Allow pf to build without INET6
      drm/i915: Remove a premature i915_gem_valid_gtt_space() check
      kernel: Move dev2unit() to a common place
      kernel: Document pci_find_extcap(9)
      drm: Remove some useless macros
      drm: linux/io.h is really asm/io.h, rename it
      drm: Rename drm_os_freebsd.h to drm_os_linux.h
      drm: Change sruct drm_local_map
      sysctl: Give each device its own context and subtree
      drm/ttm: Fix ttm_bo_wait_unreserved()
      drm/radeon: Replace some custom code by Linux wait queues
      drm: Add linux/mm.h
      drm: Use the ERESTARTSYS error code
      drm: Use lockmgr locks with Linux wait queues
      drm/ttm: glob->lru_lock locking from Linux 3.9.11
      OpenSSH: Correctly set xauth's path
      drm: Move intel-gtt.h to include/drm
      OpenSSH: Correctly set xauth's path (2/2)
      World: Remove the X11BASE variable
      drm/i915: revert part of "Make the GEM code more Linux-like"
      drm: Add linux/module.h and linux/moduleparam.h
      drm/i915: Rename mm.gtt_list to bound_list
      drm/i915: Extract general object init routine
      drm/i915: i915_wire_page is shmem_read_mapping_page()
      drm: Add linux/shmem_fs.h
      drm/i915: i915_gem_do_init() is i915_gem_init_global_gtt()
      namecache: Remove a diagnostic message
      devfs: Fix namecache invalidation for alias nodes
      ichwd: Add support for Ivy-Bridge EP and Haswell chipsets
      drm: Sync drm_pci_alloc() with Linux 3.8.13
      devfs: Remove alias nodes first
      devfs: Improve devfs_alias_getvp()
      drm/i915: Make struct intel_gtt more compatible with Linux 3.8.13
      drm/i915: use i915_ggtt_clear_range()
      drm/i915: Reduce GEM code differences with Linux 3.8.13
      drm: Add linux/device.h
      drm: Add linux/io.h
      drm: Improve linux/pci.h
      drm/i915: Use struct pci_dev and Linux pci functions
      drm: Only define struct drm_sysctl_info once
      drm: Add linux/pm_qos.h
      drm/linux: Implement waitqueue_active()
      drm: Add linux/bug.h
      drm: Add linux/log2.h
      drm: Add the mutex_lock and _unlock() Linux functions
      drm: Add the atomic_set_mask() Linux function
      drm: Add linux/scatterlist.h
      drm: Improve linux/jiffies.h
      drm: Add linux/math64.h
      drm: Add linux/sched.h
      drm: Improve linux/wait.h
      drm: Add BUILD_BUG_ON_NOT_POWER_OF_2()
      drm: Add DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST()
      drm: Add hweight16()
      idr: Remove a wrong assertion in idr_get_new_above()
      drm/i915: Update to Linux 3.9.11
      drm/i915: Fix a porting bug
      hammer: Hide a warning message behind a debug flag
      arcmsr: Make callout locking more robust
      sound: Import latest code from FreeBSD
      sound: Drop midi support
      sound: Port to DragonFly
      sound: Port to DragonFly - bus_dma_tag_create() calls
      sound: Port to DragonFly - cdevsw to dev_ops semantics
      sound: Port to DragonFly - kqueue filters
      sound: Port to DragonFly - CTLFLAG_RWTUN
      sound: Port to DragonFly - mixer_ioctl_cmd() parameters
      sound: Change dsp_clone() to the dragonfly way
      sound: Create the first /dev/dsp* links
      sound: Implement hw.snd.default_unit sysctl
      sound: Create default devfs entries for the best device
      sound: Device cloning tentative
      sound: Make uaudio compile
      sound: Remove debugging messages
      sound: Bump __DragonFly_version, add notes to UPDATING
      sound: Remove Acer C720 support
      make.conf: WITH_NEW_XORG and WITH_KMS are no longer required
      drm: Add wake_up_interruptible_all()
      drm: drm_detach() is drm_release()
      drm: Handle drm masters and minors like Linux
      Revert "drm: Handle drm masters and minors like Linux"
      drm: Move vbl_lock initialization to the right place
      drm: Sync drm_edid.c and drm_modes.c with Linux 3.9.11
      drm: Add linux/backlight.h
      drm: Improve linux/pci.h
      drm: Improve linux/jiffies.h
      drm: Implement and use the Linux version of kfree()
      drm/i915: Update to Linux 3.10
      drm: Implement kzalloc()
      drm/i915: Use kzalloc()
      drm: Sync drm_crtc.c and drm_crtc_helper.c with Linux 3.10
      drm: Sync drm_buffer.c with Linux 3.10
      drm/i915: Remove intel_encoder_noop and intel_crtc_noop()
      Sync intel_sdvo.c with Linux 3.10
      idr: Implement idr_alloc()
      drm: Sync drm_context.c with Linux 3.10
      drm: Start using idr_alloc()
      drm: Reintroduce drm_kms_free()
      idr: Remove a debugging message
      installer: Don't create a separate /usr pfs
      drm: Update various Linux headers
      drm: Update linux/workqueue.h
      drm: Add linux/spinlock.h
      drm: Add linux/printk.h
      drm: Add linux/string.h
      drm: Add get_seconds()
      drm: Update linux/kernel.h
      drm: Add DMI_MATCH and DMI_EXACT_MATCH
      drm: Add linux/ctype.h
      drm: Sync headers with Linux 3.11
      drm: Sync drm_crtc.c with Linux 3.11
      drm: Add drm_rect.c from Linux 3.11
      drm: Add a new implementation of drm_sysfs.c
      drm/i915: Update to Linux 3.11
      drm/i915: Restore gcc 5.0 fixes
      drm: linux/mm.h: Add offset_in_page()
      drm: Add drm_clflush_virt_range()
      drm: Import drm_memory.h from Linux 3.11
      drm: Add asm/uaccess.h functions
      drm/i915: Sync i915_gem.c with Linux 3.11
      drm: Implement linux/io-mapping.h
      drm/i915: i915_gem_pager_fault() is i915_gem_fault()
      drm/i915: Sync i915_gem_pwrite_ioctl() with Linux 3.11
      Revert "drm/i915: Sync i915_gem_pwrite_ioctl() with Linux 3.11"
      drm: Add barrier()
      drm: Add asm/barrier.h
      drm: Reduce diffs with Linux 3.11 in drm_gem.c
      drm_gem.c: Start using some drm_mm functions
      drm/i915: Replace kmem_alloc_nofault() by kmap()
      drm: Sync drm_mm.c with Linux 3.11
      drm/i915: add trace functions
      drm/i915: Reorder some function definitions
      drm: Add linux/swap.h
      drm/i915: Sync i915_gem_shmem_pread() with Linux 3.11
      drm: Implement set_page_dirty()
      drm/i915: Sync i915_gem_object_put_pages_gtt() with Linux 3.11
      drm/i915: Sync i915_gem_phys_pwrite() with Linux 3.11
      drm: linux/spin.h: Implement assert_spin_locked()
      drm: linux/delay.h: Add ndelay and usleep_range()
      drm: linux/kernel.h: Add mult_frac()
      drm: Add linux/pagemap.h
      drm: Import linux/rbtree.h
      drm: Fix linux/export.h and linux/module.h
      drm: linux/mm.h: Add vma_pages()
      drm: Really implement fault_in_multipages_readable()
      drm: Really implement fault_in_multipages_writeable()
      drm: Add linux/uaccess.h
      drm: Add pci_map_page and pci_unmap_page()
      drm: Add asm/page.h
      drm: Add definitions of ECHRNG and ENOTSUPP
      drm: Add __copy_from_user_inatomic()
      drm: Add a definition of mmiowb()
      drm: Add a few PCI power management definitions
      drm: Add mutex_trylock() and mutex_lock_interruptible()
      drm: Fix linux/seq_file.h
      drm: Add asm/pgtable.h and asm/pgtable_types.h
      drm: Add IS_ENABLED()
      drm: Add sg_page_iter_dma_address()
      drm: Add __free_page()
      drm: Add io_mapping_create_wc()
      drm: Add a pci id field in struct pci_dev
      drm: Add pci_resource_start and pci_resource_len()
      drm: Add alloc_page()
      agp: Remove support for pre-amd64 Intel chipsets
      agp: Fix install_gtt_pte functions
      drm/i915: Update to Linux 3.14
      agp: Remove support for pre-amd64 ALI, AMD, ATI and Nvidia chipsets
      drm: Implement kcalloc()
      drm: Start using kcalloc()
      drm: Update linux/list.h
      drm/linux: Add list_for_each_entry_continue()
      drm/linux: Add uapi/linux/fb.h
      drm/linux: Add seq_puts()
      drm/linux: Add get_page()
      drm/linux: Improve the implementation of mutex_lock_interruptible()
      drm: Improve mutex_lock_interruptible() again
      drm/linux: Add set_pages_uc()
      drm/linux: Implement DEFINE_MUTEX()
      drm/linux: define ETIME
      drm/linux: define destroy_timer_on_stack()
      drm/linux: Add mod_timer_pinned()
      drm/linux: Add TASK_COMM_LEN
      linux/i2c.h: Properly define struct device
      drm/linux: Add a few smp_mb_xxx_atomic_inc() functions
      drm: Put abs64 definition in the right place
      drm/i915: Fix a __raw_i915_read32() definition
      drm: Add linux/ktime.h
      drm: Sync vblank handling code with Linux 3.14
      Sync drm_context.c with Linux 3.14
      drm: Sync drm_gem_close_ioctl() with Linux 3.14
      drm: Synchronize ioctl definitions with Linux 3.14
      drm: Partially sync drm_ioctl() with Linux 3.14

Imre Vadasz (28):
      dev/drm: Implement kqueue support; Wake up blocking reads
      drm: Make wait_event_interruptible interruptible and fix its return value.
      virtio_pci: Use device_probe_and_attach(), instead of DEVICE_ATTACH().
      kernel/acpi: Add missing ACPI_SERIAL_INIT calls for lock initialization.
      link_elf: Work around a GCC optimization bug. Fixes ddb stack traces.
      virtio_blk: Enable dump support. Partial sync with FreeBSD up to r252707.
      usb4bsd/if_rum: Add missing locking around rum_start_locked().
      kernel/acpi: Add missing ACPI_LOCK_INIT in acpi_thermal.
      kernel: Remove stray SYSCTL_XUNLOCK from sysctl_sysctl_debug_dump_node().
      kernel: Hide the intrmask_t typedef from userspace with #ifdef _KERNEL.
      truss(1): Retry opening /proc/%d/mem when errno == EAGAIN.
      sysctl.3: Document the KERN_PROC_CWD sysctl name. Explain KERN_PROC_ARGS.
      sysctl.3: Use .Dv where appropriate, use nicer syntax in tables.
      sysctl.3: Fix a typo. Document the HW_MACHINE_PLATFORM identifier.
      ptrace.2: Document the PT_IO request.
      sysctl.3: Remove KERN_UPDATEINTERVAL identifier. Fix a copy-paste error.
      sysctl.3: Fix documentation of KERN_FILE.
      sysctl.3: Use .Vt instead of .Va for types.
      kernel/sound: Always create the devfs aliases when loading a sound driver.
      kernel/snd_hda: Enable uncacheable DMA attribute as default again.
      libc -- dmalloc: Fix uninitialized variable in memrealloc().
      if_rum - Reapply ratectl fix from 12ae2d804aa2cd27a8e9884f125d484784e76e75.
      drm/radeon: Correct PAGE_MASK usage in radeon_vm_map_gart().
      acpi_hp(4): Fix detaching, by adding the missing sysctl_ctx_free call.
      acpi_video(4): Fix detach panic.
      if_de: Sync with current FreeBSD version (r271849). Now works with >4G ram.
      rtld: Fix a memory leak on thread termination
      sysctl_add_oid.9: Document the "IK" sysctl oid format.

Imre Vadász (5):
      kernel/acpi_thermal: Improve hw.acpi.thermal.polling_rate sysctl behaviour
      drm/radeon: Add temperature sensor support
      drm: hack together an implementation of fb_get_options
      drm/radeon: Add backlight sysctls for cards with atombios.
      drm.4: Update the drm.4 manpage and start i915kms.4 and radeonkms.4

Johannes Hofmann (6):
      libthread_xu: replace mktemp(3) with mkstemp(3) call
      kernel/wpi - Report wpi from FreeBSD
      kernel/wpi - Update wpi firmware to iwlwifi-3945-
      kernel/wpi - Use IFNET_STAT_INC macros
      kernel/wpi - Add back ASSERT_ALTQ_SQ_DEFAULT
      kernel/iwn - Fix MAC address printing in verbose mode

John Marino (164):
      crt1.o: Fix compilation failure with -DGCRT on clang
      sed(1): Sync with FreeBSD (adds -u switch)
      csu: isolate gcc-specific flags
      sed(1): Fix implicit definition of getline error
      libc/setjump: Align stack at 16-bytes before function call
      OpenSSH: default XAUTH_PATH as a make.conf variable
      dloader: First step in improving looks of boot menu
      dloader: Add a new option for color loader, "fred_is_blue"
      libm: Sync with FreeBSD (gains 6 long double functions)
      rtld: Fix LD_LIBMAP under libmap override
      rtld: Allows return pathname in dl_iterate_phdr dlpi_name
      rtld: Add support for LD_LIBRARY_PATH_FDS env variable
      rtld: Handle IFUNC symbols at non-PLT relocations
      rtld: Add a postinit debugger hook
      libm: bring in 16 complex functions from NetBSD
      gcc47 libstdc++: Enable c++11 support
      library versioning: Don't bump major version
      library versioning: Activate versioning on 7 libraries
      libc version maps: Update inactive symbol maps
      sysvipc: Add missing symbols to map
      libc versioning: Add missing symbols, put rest in DFprivate_1_0
      bsd.*.mk: Fix bug when SRCS is explicitly defined empty Fix case where SRCS is defined but empty
      libc: Silence a bunch of set-but-not-used errors found by gcc 5.0
      ncurses: Apply patch from upstream to allow building by gcc 5.0
      libevtr: Remove loop with undefined optimized behavior
      libstand: Fix loop with undefined optimized behavior
      ed(1): Fix [-Werror=logical-not-parentheses]
      sh (1): Remove -Werror conditionally due to seven clobber candidates
      libevtr: Fix loop properly
      gcc50: Bring in makefiles but leave them unhooked
      Import pre-release gcc-5.0 to new vendor branch
      Add README's to new vendor/GCC50 branch and one local mod
      Hook gcc 5.0 (pre-release) in build, unhook gcc 4.4
      Remove two generic configure files for libstdc++
      Add two more files to contrib/gcc-5.0/README.DELETED Allow for possibility to override static lib target
      Fix static archive libstdc++.a for gcc 5.0 support -Wunused-local-typedef
      devd(8): Lower WARNS from 5 to 2 (has unused local typedefs)
      natacontrol(8): Fix [-Werror=logical-not-parentheses] error
      newfs_hammer(8): fix [-Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess]
      rtsol(8): Fix loop bug (aggressive-loop-optimizations)
      sysctl(8): fix [-Werror=logical-not-parentheses] error
      opiekey (contrib): Fix serious (?) [-Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess]
      truss(1): remove inline directive to fix [-Werror=inline]
      keyserv(8): Fix size argument on debugging output Teach it about -Wunused-value (new with gcc4.9)
      pflogd(8): lower WARNS and fix logic errors
      rwhod(8): Lower WARNS to 2 (masks -Wmaybe-uninitialized)
      kern: Address set-but-unused warnings (mostly)
      kern: Make sure gcc47 - gcc50 don't check for set-not-used
      gcc50: local mod to support kernel printf formats
      kern: Fix [-Werror=logical-not-parenthesis]
      kernel: Fix -Wmaybe-unitialized
      kern: Fix [-Werror=aggressive-loop-optimizations]
      kern ath drivers: Fix loops bounds (real bug x2) + source
      games: Fix real bugs on three games (found by gcc 5.0)
      Bump __DragonFly_version to mark introduction of gcc50
      UPDATING: Initial entry discussing gcc 4.4 & 5.0
      gcc50: Build with no-avx like gcc47
      gcc50/csu: Skip depends step to avoid possible race
      Removal of unused gcc 4.4 sources and makefiles
      gcc50/stddef.h: Remove __FreeBSD only conditions
      gcc50: Look for on the root slice always
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 220677
      gcc50: Switch to SVN over weekly snapshots for latest
      gcc50: use DF stddef.h by adding max_align_t
      gcc50/libstdc++: Use generated symbol map instead
      make(1): Create custom variable .MAKE.BUILT.BY Add _GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 definition in some cases
      unbreak world
      unbreak world, take 2
      crunchide(1): fix offset for x86_64, restores WORLD_LDVER
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 220871
      gcc50: Update to 20 Feb 2015 snapshot (SVN 220871)
      gcc50: Install stdatomic.h and stdfix.h to /usr/libdata/gcc50
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 221044
      gcc50: Update to 27 Feb 2015 snapshot (SVN 221044)
      libedit: Add bapt patches to improve unicode
      dma(8): Sync with upstream (22 SEP 2014)
      dma(8): remove unused virtusetable
      dma(8): install default conf files with installworld
      make.conf(5): Remove NO_MAILWRAPPER build option
      Switch default MTA from sendmail to dma
      periodic.conf(5): Adjust for dma as MTA in default conf
      /etc/mail: Install 4 sample mailer.conf files
      Effectively remove sendmail from base
      Remove three empty directories from BSD.usr.dist
      Add entry about Sendmail removal in UPDATING from 4.0
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 221261
      gcc50: Update to 08 Mar 2015 snapshot (SVN 221261)
      Fix lack of buildworld and quickworld messages Remove /usr/share/libg++
      installworld: Fix auto-backup of world
      Remove /etc/mail/helpfile
      update /etc/mail/README
      Change /etc/mail/README to update with each make upgrade
      Fix modes and ownership of /etc/mail reinstallable files
      mail(1): call sendmail, not send-mail
      Give better "Quick" fix for passing Sendmail upgrade check
      Remove NO_SENDMAIL and all it masks, except one
      make.conf(5): Remove SENDMAIL_SET_USER_ID functionality
      More sendmail transition work
      sendmail transition: Do not pre-generate
      Remove contrib/sendmail-8.14
      make upgrade: Clear out installer files conditionally
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 221423
      gcc50: Update to 13 Mar 2015 snapshot (SVN 221423)
      Update less from version 458 to 471
      less(1): Upgrade from version 458 to 471
      Update MPC library from version 1.0.1 to 1.0.3
      Update MPC library from version 1.0.1 to 1.0.3
      gcc50: Fix parallel build issue with libstdc++
      Update to bmake-20141111 on the vendor branch
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 221572
      make(1): Remove local mods to parse.c and job.c
      bmake(1): complete update to version 20141111
      gcc50: Update to 22 Mar 2015 snapshot (SVN 221572)
      gcc50: Switch final specs to set DT_RUNPATH tag
      gdb(1), kgdb(1): Rework makefile to prevent repeated rebuilding
      libstand: Rework makefile to avoid repeated building
      bmake(1): lower WARNS from 4 to 2
      bmake: Fix clobber error, raise WARNS back to 4
      loader: set color option (blue) by default
      Initial import of Binutils 2.25 on vendor branch
      binutils 2.25: Add DF READMEs and local modifications
      Replace binutils 2.22 with latest binutils 2.25
      Remove unused Binutils 2.22 source files
      ld-225: fix ldscripts (allows binutils 2.25 to build world)
      Set binutils 2.25 as primary version
      cross-tools stage: Don't build unused linker (i.e. gold)
      UPDATING: Add entry about binutils 2.25
      Fix gold linker 2.25
      Remove empty directories in /usr/share
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 221845
      gcc50: Update to 02 APR 2015 snapshot (SVN 221845)
      cvs: Remove info pages (one converted to man page)
      cvs: remove ~3.5Mb of doc files from contrib (texi/pdf)
      binutils 2.24: Remove info pages
      gcc47: Remove info pages
      grep: remove "redundant" info page
      diffutils: Remove redundant info page
      gdb: Remove 4 info pages (2 converted to man pages)
      gdb: Remove ~2Mb of doc files from contrib (texi)
      com_err: convert info page to com_err.7
      am-utils: Convert info page to "man 7 am-utils"
      groff: Remove info page
      Remove texinfo from base
      Remove unused texinfo source files from contrib directory
      Remove unused
      make upgrade: Clean out cat1 directory from texinfo pages
      make distribution: Remove references to deleted nls dirs
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 222168 (gcc-5-branch)
      gcc50: Upgrade to GCC 5.1 release candidate plus
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 222321 (gcc-5-branch)
      gcc50: Update to release version 5.1.0 => 5.1.1
      Set gcc50 as the primary compiler, gcc47 as secondary
      default/compilers.conf: Add two new entries
      HAMMER: Add "hammer abort-cleanup" command
      WORLD_CCVER: Fix buildworld with clangXX
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 223641 (gcc-5-branch)
      gcc50: bump version date to 25 May 2015
      buildworld: Specify cpp for rpcgen to use rather than fallback

Joris Giovannangeli (11):
      powerd: add an option to disable turbo mode
      powerd: add tunables to control the load thresold
      kern/dsched: Fix a panic at proc exit
      sysv_shm: allow attaching to REMOVED shm segments
      Revert "kern/dsched: Fix a panic at proc exit"
      Import cpuctl pseudo device from FreeBSD
      top: fix per status process count reporting
      dc(1): init array field in the proper place.
      sound: Run KNOTE() from a taskqueue callback
      add chflagsat system call
      chflagsat: fix typo in prototype

Justin C. Sherrill (3):
      Add commented-out rule allowing ICMP.
      Fix the man page: make sure all list items are bolded and a grammar tweak.
      Version number changes for 4.2-RELEASE.

Markus Pfeiffer (45):
      usb4bsd: Fix usb_etherther and cleanup if_axe
      usb4bsd: Cleanup usb_ethernet after the recent changes
      usb4bsd: Make usb_pf work
      usb4bsd: Add FreeBSD revisions to files
      truephy: Clean up some leftover debug kprintf
      net/if_clone: Panic if the same cloner is attached twice
      dhclient: Fix a busy loop
      sys/dev/misc/ipmi: Implement watchdog functionality
      Allow reading with small uio->uio_resid or uio->uio_offset > 0 from /proc/X/map
      usb4bsd: Fixup some ucom issues.
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Remove some porting gunk
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791
      usb4bsd: Sync with FreeBSD r276791 - revert broken 64bit DMA
      kernel: rename MAP_ANON to MAP_ANONYMOUS, add alias
      kernel: Exchange MAP_ANON and MAP_ANONYMOUS
      mmap.2: Update manpage to reflect the introduction of MAP_ANONYMOUS
      usb4bsd: Re-port the if_rum driver
      usb4bsd - ucom work
      kernel/usb4bsd: Make sure ucom removes dev files
      kernel/usb4bsd: Update xhci to r278477
      kernel/usb4bsd: Add file ID to ehci.c
      kernel/usb4bsd: Update uhci and ohci drivers
      kernel/usb4bsd: Update pci drivers for HCIs
      kernel/usb4bsd: Update revision tag on if_axge.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Cleanup usb_ethernet
      kernel/usb4bsd: Apply FreeBSD r277417
      kernel/usb4bsd: Apply FreeBSD r278503
      kernel/usb4bsd, kernel/sound: Fix detach panic
      netif/if_lagg: Fix panic on MOD_UNLOAD
      net/if_lagg: Fix double-free issue
      usb4bsd: Do not start when output is active
      usb4bsd: Use ifq_set_oactive, update stat counters
      usb4bsd: Fix if_run
      usb4bsd: Add Wildcat Point-LP controller
      usb4bsd: Make the serial driver create all devices
      etc/remote: add ucom1 to ucom4

Matthew Dillon (224):
      ftp - bring 1.205 from netbsd
      hammer2 - update documentation, begin working on callback I/O
      camcontrol - Add idle, standby, and sleep directives
      kernel - Fix exec optimization race
      kernel - Improve m->hold_count assertions, fix page-zeroing code bug
      rtld-elf - save/restore args fp regs as well (clang)
      kernel - Add reapctl() system call for managing sub-processes
      kernel - Add reapctl() system call for managing sub-processes (2)
      kernel - Add reapctl() system call for managing sub-processes (3) -> procctl()
      svc - Initial commit, preliminary service manager
      svc - misc improvements
      kernel - Add reapctl() system call for managing sub-processes (4) -> procctl
      svc - bug fixes
      kernel - Add reapctl() system call for managing sub-processes (5) -> procctl
      svc - Implement more features
      jls - Fix seg-fault and formatting
      svc - Implement -g, -G -u, -j, -c, -m
      kernel - Improve slab cleanup performance
      sound/pcm - Attempt to fix 'play interrupt timeout, channel dead' error
      kernel - Increase default MAXTSIZ from 128M to 256M
      kernel - Add lock canceling features
      kernel - Implement new callout*() core
      kernel - Fix callout deadlock in u4b
      kernel - Fix panic on upmap/kpmap read via procfs.
      kernel - Show ukmap in /proc/*/map output
      kernel - Fix boot-time panic in NATA revealed by new callout mechanics
      drm - Fix improper M_NOWAIT usage
      kernel - Fix race in recent callout work
      kernel - Add debugging to try to catch callout panics
      vkernel64 - Fix pmap panic
      buildworld - bootstrap compatibility with older dragonfly's
      pkg - Adjust pkg-bootstrap-force
      build - add installworld-force target and better checks
      kernel - Add backlight sysctls to i915
      kernel - Fix incorrect assertion in ffs_reallocblks()
      kernel - Fix old UFS optimization that should no longer be used
      hammer2 - Add debugging
      drm - Add safety to ttm_eu_reserve_buffers()
      kernel - Remove vm_wait_nominal() from VM object cleaning path
      vkernel - Add 'fsck' target to build
      kernel - Register CAM swi as MPSAFE
      debug - Add -v option to vmobjinfo and memory/swap dump
      u4b - implement usb_filter_write(), fix issues w/apcupsd
      kernel - Fix a major (pageable) memory leak
      swapcache - Allow cleaning to proceed if disabled
      sshlockout - Add sshlockout utility
      devfs - Allow clone code to reuse an existing device
      devfs - Allow clone code to reuse an existing device (2)
      sound: M_NOWAIT -> M_WAITOK, add missing M_ZERO
      sound: Fix compile issues when INVARIANTs is not specified
      sound: Fix pcm unit translation
      sound - Add haswell / ALC283 support (prelim)
      sound - haswell / ALC283 - Acer C720 support
      sound: Make device cloning work
      sound: Re-add Acer C720 support with some adjustments
      drm - Fix deadlock in ttm pager
      kernel - remove O_FBUFFERED and O_FUNBUFFERED
      kernel - Flag cdevpriv use
      kernel - Flag cdevpriv use (2)
      drm - Fix a second X lockup w/radeon ttm
      powerd - Add options to set poll_rate and sample_time, adjust idle algorithm
      powerd - Add an EXAMPLES section to the manual
      kernel - Augment resource_string_value() to check kenv.
      hammer - bring-in cleanup from PR 2771 and 2772
      hammer - cleanup arg names in procedural prototypes - PR 2770
      hammer - Attempt to fix improper call to vsetisdirty() in hammer flush
      ipfw2 - Fix buffer overflow with large tables
      kernel - limit DMA for older ALI chips to 256KB
      kernel - Add more definitions to pcireg.h
      kernel - audio Makefile needs opt_snd.h
      drm - Add another Haswell graphics chipid
      kernel - Update if_alc
      libstand - Don't allow the port# to underflow.
      pxeboot - Workaround BIOS breakage
      pxeboot - Add option to improve NFS performance
      kernel - limit backtrace-on-panic to 6 call levels
      kernel - Add swap-backed kernel memory allocator API
      hammer2 - Stabilize new I/O infrastructure and work on bulkfree
      hammer2 - bulkfree work 2/many
      hammer2 - Add bulkfree directive.
      hammer2 - Adjust TODO
      hammer2 - work on bmap->avail tracking, fix DIO issue w/block reuse
      hammer2 - fix I/O race, flesh out bulkfree
      kernel - Add sysctl to loosen ND packet restrictions
      kernel - Remove if_re debugging message
      if_bridge - Fix issue where source MAC is not recorded.
      if_bridge - Increase MAC cache maximum to 4096
      if_bridge - Fix man page
      wlan - Update wlan from Adrian / FreeBSD
      wlan - Finish ieee80211_realign()
      kernel/ath - Synchronize with FreeBSD
      kernel/iwn - Report iwn from FreeBSD
      wlan - export ieee80211_add_ssid()
      kernel/ath - export athdev_printf()
      wlan - update README.DRAGONFLY for driver porting
      kernel - Fix documentation for time_second
      libc - Disallow an excessively large pattern space
      systat - Improve pftop output
      systat - Fix initial pftop state
      libdmsg - Fix buffer overrun
      libdmsg - add safeties
      xdisk - disk_setdiskinfo() must be assynchronous
      libdmsg - Fix buffer indexing bug in crypted path
      hammer2 / kern_dmsg - Fix bugs
      libdmsg - Fix memory leak
      hammer2 - Add extra debugging
      libdmsg - Fix incomplete write bug
      libdevstat - add "xa"
      kernel - work on dmsg disk exports
      xdisk - Flesh out support
      hammer2 - Fix DIO_INPROG race.
      dmesg - Add -n dumpnr option
      kernel - Refactor the kernel message buffer code
      kernel - Refactor the kernel message buffer code (2)
      dmesg - Fix <> console parsing for first line
      dmsg - Stabilization work
      hammer2 - Fix a few assertion panics and other bugs
      dmsg - Stabilization work
      xdisk - Reprobe when new SPAN state is available
      xdisk - Fix improper EIO
      hammer - Fix a vsetisdirty() race
      dmsg - Formalize most of the debugging output, cleanup, fix uninit bug
      gpt - Bump size of the boot partition from 768MB to 1GB
      usb - Update bus/u4b
      ipfw2 - Final whitespace cleanup
      ipfw2 - Rename FreeBSD ipfw port to ipfw3
      ipfw2 - Rename FreeBSD ipfw port to ipfw3 (2)
      ipfw/ipfw3 - Add pre-load sysctl to default filter to accept
      ipfw/ipfw3 - Document new sysctl, clean-up manual pages
      hammer2 - Misc cluster protocol work
      hammer2 - Optimize out read I/O on new allocations
      hammer2 - Optimize out read I/O on new allocations (2)
      kernel - Refactor kern_mutex (mtx* functions)
      kernel - Major mtx lock cleanup
      hammer2 - locking revamp
      hammer2 - locking revamp (2)
      hammer2 - structuralize the cluster's chain array
      hammer2 - Cluster API cleanup
      kernel - Fix panic in broken chroot case
      dmsg - refactor cluster and pfs identifiers
      hammer2 - cleanup, add manual page
      hammer2 - Starting refactoring PFS management in mount
      kernel - Adjustments for CERT VU#711516
      kernel - Bring in dff23c692 from FreeBSD
      hammer2 - Initial synchronization thread
      hammer2 - Cleanup hammer2_cluster API
      hammer2 - Start work on quorum validation.
      hammer2 - Cleanup error paths
      hammer2 - update documentation, cleanup
      hammer2 - Sync thread work
      hammer2 - Retool flushing and use of mirror_tid, more cluster work.
      hammer2 - slave sync adjustments, doc update
      sound - Fix default & unit specs for /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer
      sysperf - Adjust syscall tests
      sound - Fix default & unit specs for /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer (2)
      sshlockout - minor cleanup
      wpa_supplicant - CVE-2015-1863 (dead code in DFly so not an issue)
      sound - Get sound working on alternative Acer C720p
      hammer - Allow NFS exports of slaves
      dntpd - Fix va_list handling bug crash
      kernel - Fix swap-full process killer
      drm: Add pci_dma_mapping_error()
      drm: Add alloc_pages and __free_pages()
      drm: Add scatterlist functions
      agp: Add Broadwell support
      hammer - Avoid panic in particular corruption situations
      kernel - Improve cpu topology text output
      swapon - Implement encrypted swap
      drm - Add chip=161E8086
      hammer2 - slave sync work
      kernel - Fix cpu lockup on resume after entering the debugger
      kernel, libc - add pipe2()
      kernel - fix O_CLOEXEC race in open() and fhopen()
      pipe2 - Adjust manual page
      hammer - limit certain diagnostics to 1/sec.
      hammer2 - per-node sync threads
      hammer2 - Per-PFS transaction management
      kernel - Change bundirty() location in I/O sequence
      hammer2 - Fix hammer2_cluster_load_async() issue
      kernel - Change cpu_idle_hlt default
      kernel - Add utimensat() support
      hammer2 - Refactor cluster locks, syncthr fixes, cleanups
      dirfs - only expose inlines to the kernel
      hammer2 - stabilization
      net80211 - Add dofbsddiff script
      kernel - Change bundirty() location in I/O sequence (2)
      hammer2 - cleanup data load, unlink optimization
      kernel - Consolidate kern_utimes() into kern_utimensat()
      kernel - Add futimens()
      kernel - Sanity-check getutimes().
      kernel - Return EINVAL on negative timeout to poll()
      ttys - Add 'ifconsole' option to ttys entries
      hammer2 - cleanup
      kernel - Fix issue w/recent utimes commit
      hammer2 - Increase size of blockref, refactor freemap.
      hammer2 - hook up aggregate stats
      hammer2 - Stabilization pass
      hammer2 - Stabilization
      kernel - Replace iscsi CRC algo with a better one
      hammer2 - Use faster iscsi crc algorithm
      hammer2 - Set default compression for PFS
      boot - Fix build
      hammer - Fix build for crc changes
      kernel - Fix improper OOM process kill when no swap configured
      vmpageinfo - Add PG_NEED_COMMIT flag
      kernel - Fix SMP race against fp seek position lock
      net80211 - Fix mis-merge
      drm - Fix deadlock
      kernel - Fix altq fairq panic
      libarchive - Ensure futimens() operation is consistent with utimes()
      sysctl - SMP performance work
      sh - Sync to FreeBSD d038ee76 part 1/2
      sh - Sync to FreeBSD d038ee76 part 2/2 (a)
      sh - Sync to FreeBSD d038ee76 part 2/2 (b)
      sh - Sync to FreeBSD d038ee76 part 2/2 (c)
      sh - Sync to FreeBSD d038ee76 part 2/2 (d)
      sh - Sync to FreeBSD d038ee76 part 2/2 (e)
      sh - Sync to FreeBSD d038ee76 part 2/2 (f)
      stdc - add __returns_twice
      libc - Attribute setcontext() and getcontext()
      tail - Add -q option
      build - Parallelize kernel module build
      kernel - Increase DMA reserve from 16M to 128M by default
      drm - Fix valid NULL address returned from i915 mmap ioctl

Michael Neumann (23):
      Make pthread_*_destroy() more standards compliant
      sshlockout - use a PF table instead of IPFW
      sshlockout - refactor
      sshlockout - Prevent DoS attacks
      sshlockout - Handle invalid user login attempts
      sshlockout - fix typo
      sshlockout - Handle IPv6 and don't block localhost
      e1000 (em, emx, ig_hal): Sync w/ intel em-7.4.2
      ecc/memtemp/e5 - Correct E5 v3 PCI slot numbers
      ecc/memtemp/e5: Correct E5 v3 DID <-> SLOT
      Add option to override dports git host
      nrelease - Revive the gui build
      drm: Bring in HDMI code from Linux
      drm: Add drm_hdmi_avi_infoframe_from_display_mode()
      drm: Add Linux compatibility macros
      drm/radeon: Update to Linux 3.9
      drm/radeon: Bring in new firmware
      sshlockout - Add back blocking out IPs via ipfw(8)
      drm: Basic implementation of wound/wait mutexes used by ttm
      drm: Add Linux seq_file equivalent
      drm: Add firmware.h Linux compatiblity layer
      radeon: sync to radeon 3.10
      drm/radeon: Sync to Linux 3.11

Nuno Antunes (1):
      virtio: Bring in SVN r251769 from FreeBSD.

Peter Avalos (9):
      rc.subr: Add required_modules processing.
      Import OpenSSH-6.7p1.
      Update files for OpenSSH-6.7p1 import.
      Remove blacklisted keys support from OpenSSH.
      inttypes.h: Add typedef for wchar_t.
      Import file-5.22.
      Update files for file-5.22 import.
      rc.d/sshd: Simplify key generation.
      openssh: Fix version stuff.

Robin Hahling (15):
      build.7: document rescue target
      date(1): Add "-R" flag to use RFC 2822 date and time output format
      newsyslog(8): use the size of the file instead of the blocks...
      patch(1): Add dry-run alias for compatibility with other implementations
      camcontrol(8): Add '-b' flag to 'camcontrol devlist'
      camcontrol(8): update usage() for the new 'devlist -b' flag
      rcrun(8): Add rcstatus command to show the status of a rc script
      rc.subr: Add function to find scripts in local_startup directories
      service(8): Fix error message being displayed when invoking service
      service(8): Sync with FreeBSD.
      build.7: Document installworld-force target.
      libssh: remove some unused files
      openssh: Adjust DragonFly version to actual openssh p1 release date.
      libcrypto: Raise WARNS to 2 and remove HAVE_CRYPTODEV definition.
      clock_gettime.2: Update and document various clock_ids.

Sascha Wildner (378):
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2014i from
      Remove various pkgsrc remains.
      powerd.8: Fix a typo and elaborate a bit on what -t means.
      Remove pkg_radd from the Makefile too.
      powerd.8: Fix incomplete -p / -u commit.
      rc.8: Mention 'reload', which is enabled frequently to kill -HUP daemons.
      Remove obsolete ieee80211_amrr.9 manual page.
      usb4bsd/if_mos: Make mos(4) compile.
      usb4bsd/if_mos: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Update devd(8)'s usb.conf for mos(4).
      usb4bsd/if_mos: Add a missing line to 'files' and fix some USB_DEBUG errors.
      usb4bsd: Fix if_urndis/umodem probing conflict.
      urndis.4: No ifmedia support in this driver.
      usb4bsd/if_urndis: Add a missing KKASSERT().
      usb4bsd: Port aue(4), cue(4), ipheth(4) and kue(4) USB ethernet drivers.
      usb4bsd/net: Adjust comment, we also miss axge(4) and smsc(4).
      ipheth.4: Remove empty line.
      compilers.conf: Remove EOL whitespace and start sentences on new lines.
      iasl(8): Add some missing CLEANFILES.
      Import byacc-20141006.
      pci.9: Some more cleanup.
      byacc-20141006: Adjust some forgotten things on the vendor branch.
      yacc(1): Some local adjustments for byacc-20141006.
      usb4bsd: Add usb_pf.c to the module Makefile too.
      usb4bsd: Fix SRCS sorting.
      Remove the old USB stack and related userland, etc.
      kernel: Remove two more oldusb remains.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Remove an unused malloc type.
      miibus.4: Sync the list of miibus users with what we have.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2014j from
      nrelease/rconfig: Remove some usbd(8) remains.
      boot/loader: Autoload XHCI support (xhci.ko).
      kernel/acpica: Restrict 'options ACPI_DEBUG' to printing debug output.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20141107.
      procctl: Remove a header file that was renamed with 'make upgrade'.
      procctl.2: Some cleanup.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel: Refer to it as "ACPICA", not "ACPI CA" or "ACPI-CA".
      kernel: Add snd_uaudio(4) to LINT.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Bring in the axge(4) ethernet driver.
      kernel/netgraph7: Port the kernel part of the netgraph7 bluetooth stack.
      man9: Fix Makefile sorting.
      vn_lock.9: Some small cleanup.
      VOP_OPENCLOSE.9: Fix a reference.
      cpuctl: Fix path in 'files'.
      vn_lock.9: Capitalize .Dt
      cpuctl.4: Some small fixes.
      usbdi.9: Some small fixes.
      svc.8: Fix a number of references to other manual pages.
      FWIW, bring in FreeBSD's rgephy(4) manual page.
      msk.4: Document that MSI is turned off by default.
      kernel/acpi: Provide a local AcpiOsAllocateZeroed().
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Fix a number of typos in manual pages and user-visible messages.
      make.conf.5: Fix date.
      cpucontrol.8: Use Mt for email addresses.
      kernel: Use the new auto-created sysctl ctx/tree in various drivers.
      kernel: Remove the no longer used KTR_USB_MEMORY option.
      kernel/acpi: Add two debug tunables, debug.acpi.{ignore_xsdt,fadt_addr32}.
      kernel/bge: Fix a wrong conversion to the automatic sysctx ctx/tree setup.
      kernel/bwi: Fix a wrong conversion to the automatic sysctx ctx/tree setup.
      libnetgraph7/netgraph.3: Correct a prototype.
      kernel/if_media: Add descriptions for MCS.
      <sys/callout.h>: Remove obsolete struct callout_handle.
      callout.9: Adjust for recent callout code changes.
      rpc.statd(8): Add missing include to fix the build.
      Add a number of missing MLINKS.
      procctl.2: Add missing include.
      libm: Add some .Lb sections to manual pages missing it.
      lgamma.3: Fix some whitespace issues and remove refs to non-existing funcs. Remove formatted manual pages, too.
      kernel/lockf: Make a function as printf-like and fix warnings.
      kernel/ndis: Remove an oldusb specific file.
      devd(8): Fix asus.conf installation.
      kprintf.9: tprintf()'s prototype is in <sys/tprintf.h>.
      kobj.9: Remove information about non-public functions.
      Add missing includes for prototypes in various manual pages.
      FWIW, port and hook in the urio(4) storage driver.
      Remove some obsolete manpages (from oldusb).
      kernel/usb4bsd: Remove no longer needed dependencies on 'usb' in 'files'.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Change a pointer back to NULL.
      libusb{,20}.3: Add libusb to mdoc.local and adjust LIBRARY section. Comment out libdmsg until it is hooked back in.
      pstat.8: Fix list of flags that are valid for swapinfo.
      mdoc.local: We dropped libskey in 2009.
      Mention the disk device file names in a few disk/RAID driver manpages.
      Fix the default path where modules reside in various manual pages.
      kernel/x86_64: Add a bios.c with only bios_sigsearch().
      trek(6): Fix bounds checking.
      installer: Fix IMG detection.
      kernel: Import the IPMI driver from FreeBSD.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      twa(4): Fix a crash with TWA_DEBUG >= 3.
      kernel/acpica: Separate kernel and userland code in headers better.
      Adjust for the removal of the net.inet6.ip6.v6only sysctl.
      <sys/file2.h>: Correct include guard check.
      Add quotes to ${MACHINE_ARCH} checks in Makefiles.
      ip6.4: Mention that IPV6_V6ONLY cannot be set to 0.
      kernel: Don't confuse kmalloc() and mbuf flags.
      <sys/sysctl.h>: Add missing declaration for dev.*
      kernel/netmap: Switch sysctls over to dev.netmap like in FreeBSD.
      hammer(8): Fix closing brace indent in 'show' output.
      kernel/acpi: Some fixes from FreeBSD.
      Remove <netinet6/in6_prefix.h> via make upgrade.
      Check __BSD_VISIBLE's actual value, not just if it is defined.
      usbconfig(8): Sync with FreeBSD (decodes bDeviceClass/bInterfaceClass).
      Mark some legacy XSI functions as no longer present in _XOPEN_SOURCE=700.
      Bump our copyrights to 2015. Happy new year!
      <sys/time.h>: Revert my last change, which was wrong.
      mfi.4: Remove description of no longer existing tunable.
      <signal.h>: Sanitize the feature tests.
      libc: Add the psiginfo() function.
      <signal.h>: Add a change I forgot in d3240feb.
      libc: Update for psiginfo().
      <stddef.h>: Check __BSD_VISIBLE instead of !_ANSI_SOURCE && !_POSIX_SOURCE.
      Remove redundant __BSD_VISIBLE checks in various header files.
      libc/sysvipc: Constify msgsnd()'s message pointer argument (per POSIX).
      Use the dirfd() macro instead of accessing struct _dirdesc directly.
      newsyslog(8): Rename a variable (dirfd() is a macro too).
      tgmath.3: Fix a typo in a function name.
      kernel/adv: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/ipmi: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/syscons: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/mrsas: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/if_ethersubr.c: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/pc64: Change all the remaining #if JG's to #if 0 (fixing -Wundef).
      sys/conf/files: Remove obsolete file (was part of ATM).
      <sys/signal.h>: Use __POSIX_VISIBLE, __XSI_VISIBLE and __BSD_VISIBLE.
      kernel: Remove our ancient SCTP support.
      sigaltstack.2: Add missing .Pp
      <sys/signal.h>: Expose stack_t and sigset_t more widely for now.
      <signal.h>: Remove no longer needed include.
      standards.7: Fix typo.
      Fix some typos in messages/manpages.
      Fix up a bit.
      kernel/sound: Remove unused Makefile.
      kernel/sound: Shorten the .PATH's in module Makefiles a bit.
      Quick sound manpage upgrade (syncs with FreeBSD).
      LINT: Move snd_uaudio out of the list of PCI devices.
      dloader: Adjust some bits for the sound upgrade.
      kernel/hda: Add missing file to 'files' to be able to compile it in.
      Stop removing the snd_emu10kx(4) manual page via 'make upgrade'.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Sync usb_quirk(4) with FreeBSD.
      mixer(8): Sync up with FreeBSD.
      Sync mixer rc script with FreeBSD and enable mixer state save/restore.
      kernel/cam: Remove unneeded dev_ops assignments.
      kernel/dev_ops: Make default dev_ops (noopen(), etc.) static.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      libedit: Install and use the correct <histedit.h>.
      umtx.2/quick_exit.3: Fix some prototypes.
      kernel/sound: Fix typos in user visible messages etc.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.1l.
      openssl: Adjust manual pages for 1.0.1l.
      editline.3: Ansify two prototypes.
      pfil.9: pfil_{add,remove}_hook() return int.
      uio.9: uiomove() takes size_t, not int.
      kernel: Define HAVE_KERNEL_OPTION_HEADERS when building kernel/modules.
      LINT64: Document the kernel options of the sound stack.
      libusb20.3: Add missing function type.
      ypclnt.3: Add missing parameter type.
      kernel/ath: Add missing braces (FreeBSD's r277290).
      mmap.2: A little markup..
      Add a manual page for libkinfo (one for libkcore is still missing).
      alc.4: Update the manual page for today's upgrade.
      kinfo.3: Fix prototype.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Remove unused malloc type declaration.
      <dirent.h>: Adjust whitespace better (no functional change).
      libc: Change dirfd() into a function (needed per POSIX).
      <dirent.h>: Don't check _POSIX_SOURCE.
      liblvm: Request _XOPEN_SOURCE=700 for alphasort() prototype.
      ssh: Add a missing include for bindresvport_sa().
      ssh: Raise WARNS back to 2.
      file(1): Unbreak buildworld.
      libssh: Silence some redefinition warnings.
      libssh: Fix a remaining warning and raise WARNS to 2.
      pxeboot.8: Small adjustments.
      libusb: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Clarify message about 'make rescue' after installworld.
      kernel/snd_hda: Re-apply 6d233c5d040778c2655923f2a20676e7e519ceca.
      kernel/snd_hda: Fix module unloading.
      libc/sigaltstack: Return EPERM upon disabling the active stack, not EINVAL.
      <sys/mman.h>: Whitespace cleanup (no functional change).
      <sys/mman.h>: Some cleanup.
      kernel/mib: Remove <sys/_posix.h> dependency.
      <sys/sysctl.h>: Remove <sys/_posix.h> include. It is not needed here.
      <sys/semaphore.h>: Remove dead p1003_1b code.
      kernel: Retire the P1003_1B and _KPOSIX_VERSION kernel options.
      Remove <sys/_posix.h>. It serves no purpose anymore.
      UPDATING: Mention recently removed kernel options.
      <sys/resource.h>: Adjust whitespace (no functional change).
      <sys/resource.h>: Add RLIM_SAVED_{CUR,MAX} and separate BSD specific stuff.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2015a from
      libc/getifaddrs: Remove dead code.
      libc/db: Fix build with HASH_STATISTICS defined.
      iwn/wpi: Fix building firmwares into the kernel.
      kernel/ath: Fix building with AH_DEBUG.
      kernel/ath: Disallow overriding ATH_RXBUF and ATH_TXBUF.
      kernel/wlan: Re-fix printf issues in debug messages.
      kernel/iwn: Comment out IWN_DEBUG in the Makefile.
      kernel/wlan: Remove an unused malloc type.
      kernel/clock: Also document that time_second is since booting.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20150204.
      kern_clock.c: Clarify that my last commit msg meant to say 'time_uptime'.
      Remove no longer used posix4(9) manual page.
      kernel/x86_64: Add SDBG to Features2.
      kernel/sound: Add missing unlock (we panic on lockuninit() on a held lock).
      pflogd(8): Fix the warning and raise WARNS back up to 5.
      pppd(8): Include libpcap's config.h for HAVE_* in pcap-int.h.
      rwhod(8): Fix the warning and raise WARNS back up to 6.
      make upgrade: Expand the list a bit for gcc44 removal.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      keyserv(8): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix warnings.
      keyserv(8): Fix sizeof() of a pointer.
      contrib/opie: Sync with FreeBSD, but not much to see here.
      Add cryptodev to our default configuration file.
      natacontrol(8): Break line better and reduce parentheses.
      vinum(8): Remove unused macro.
      sys/kern: Adjust some function declaration vs. definition mismatches.
      kernel: Move us to using M_NOWAIT and M_WAITOK for mbuf functions.
      kernel/wlan: Fix up the MAC address printing and add back __printflike()s.
      Remove the old libsys code which was never hooked in in 10 years.
      twe(4): Add two missing error checks.
      devd(8): Remove automatic loading of uaudio.ko until we've fixed it.
      kernel/drm: Fix spelling in comments.
      Remove parallel port support from our default config.
      libhammer.3: Fix unknown reference.
      kernel/lwkt_serialize: Take serializer bookkeeping out of INVARIANTS.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Update uaudio driver to FreeBSD r276701
      ieee80211_vap.9: Fix manual page prototype.
      gcc50: Fix include path.
      kernel/drm: Fix building with 'device drm' in the config.
      devd(8): Sync with FreeBSD.
      gcc50: Exclude -Wunused-local-typedefs from C++ flags for now.
      devd(8): Raise WARNS back to 5.
      coretemp(4): Add MODULE_VERSION.
      Fix 'make upgrade'.
      bmake.1: Add missing newline.
      devd(8): Add -Wno-unused-local-typedefs to CFLAGS for now.
      Nuke /usr/share/examples/cvsup.
      kernel: Remove unused hogticks global from kern_synch.c.
      kernel: Remove unused xwait headers.
      kernel/scsi: Fix sense information printing in bootverbose.
      kernel/netinet6: Remove some bogus checks for KERNEL (use just _KERNEL).
      kernel: Mark sigexit() and cpu_halt() as not returning.
      kernel/radeon: Remove an unused GPLv2 only file.
      nrelease: Remove an unneeded comma.
      Revert "installer: Create an initial initrd unconditionally."
      mkinitrd(8): Add a -c option to override the contents directory.
      nrelease: Solve the initial initrd creation better.
      installer: Remove some more initrd creation code.
      nrelease: Revert a small part of 255a0279ad1443d3bf326878835b3ea5721b2f33
      rwho(1): Let the width of the username column depend on the file format.
      kernel/vfs: Move prtactive variable to vfs_subr.c
      kernel: Remove (unhooked) acx(4), bwi(4), iwl(4) and rtw(4).
      make upgrade: Remove more installer stuff if WANT_INSTALLER isn't set.
      kernel/acpi: Reduce code duplication with ACPICA.
      <sys/unistd.h>: Rename struct lwp_params member names.
      lvm2: Stop requiring _XOPEN_SOURCE=700 and use our default environment.
      <sys/fcntl.h>: Whitespace cleanup. No functional change.
      <sys/fcntl.h>: Clean up usage of _POSIX_SOURCE.
      <sys/fcntl.h>: Fix comment that I forgot to change.
      Remove more lvm2 related _XOPEN_SOURCE definitions.
      lvm2: More cleanup (include <unistd.h>, use default CSTD, WARNS = 1).
      kernel: Use BSD types, not System V types (ulong -> u_long).
      kernel/acpi: Use semicolons in macro invocations.
      kernel/acpi: Avoid double semicolons.
      kernel: Move semicolon from the definition of SYSINIT() to its invocations.
      kernel: Followup commit to f3f3eadbf9de7a55ef1ff8cb23a68641403906ea.
      <sys/malloc.h>: Remove an unneeded semicolon.
      kernel/crypto: Remove some unneeded semicolons.
      bmake(1): Move -w info to the right place (it's not a debug flag).
      kernel/sound: Add missing braces.
      kernel/netgraph7: Add missing braces.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Unbreak building with USB_DEBUG in the config.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Unbreak 'template' module (new file missing in Makefile).
      Revert "if_clone_detach twice when unload the if_lagg module."
      rpc.rusersd(8): Cleanup indentation.
      acpi_thinkpad.4: Add missing space.
      make upgrade: Remove some more files for the sendmail removal.
      Remove more sendmail remains.
      kernel/ipfw3: Fix LINT64 building.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel: Remove fdescfs. devfs handles this.
      kernel/acpi: Adjust the definition of some statically declared functions.
      libc: Use NELEM().
      libc/inet: Clean up a bit and add a missing errno on failure.
      ipfw3(8): Fix indent.
      pam_passwdqc: Raise WARNS to 3 and fix a number of warnings.
      kernel/acpi_thermal: If the _TMP can't be evaluated, increase the interval.
      Revert "kernel/acpi: Reduce code duplication with ACPICA."
      <utmpx.h>: Mark RUN_LVL as being non POSIX.
      kernel/acpi: Reduce code duplication with ACPICA (second attempt).
      libc/realpath: Better POSIX conformance regarding ENOENT and ENOTDIR.
      mutex.9: Adjust a bit to current source.
      libposix1e: Use MAXLOGNAME instead of UT_NAMESIZE.
      atrun(8): Use MAXLOGNAME instead of UT_NAMESIZE.
      repquota(8): Use MAXLOGNAME instead of UT_NAMESIZE.
      <stdio.h>: Adjust comment about UT_NAMESIZE.
      Import OpenSSL 1.0.1m.
      openssl: Adjust manual pages for 1.0.1m.
      openssl: In the README.DRAGONFLY, note that the date needs updating too.
      <sys/unistd.h>: Use __BSD_VISIBLE instead of !_POSIX_SOURCE.
      etc/sendmail: Fix installation of the /etc/mail/Makefile.
      kernel/acpi: Use ACPI_FULL_INITIALIZATION (no functional change).
      Add sa_family_t definitions to <netinet/in.h> and <sys/un.h> too.
      kernel/iwn: Properly build 3 missing firmwares (100, 105, 135).
      kernel/acpi: Only check against ACPI 1.0's FADT size as a minimum.
      ln(1): Sync up with FreeBSD.
      mount_psshfs.8: Fix typo.
      make upgrade: Adjust the files to be removed without WANT_INSTALLER.
      kernel: Adjust netgraph7 for the mtx_init() change.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2015b from
      mailer.conf: Fix some issues.
      make upgrade: Remove formatted manual pages automatically.
      Remove some more old files via 'make upgrade'.
      Clean up no longer used NOINFO and NOINFOCOMPRESS make.conf variables.
      Actually remove all share/info traces.
      mtree: Stop creating /usr/share/info.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20150408.
      ACPICA: Remove no longer needed file.
      sensor_attach.9: sensor_task_register() no longer can return failure.
      mutex.9: Adjust for latest changes (ident was moved to mtx_init()).
      kernel: Fix two typos.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20150410.
      boot/acpi: Use ACPICA constants instead of magic addresses.
      acpidump(8): Fix /dev/mem access.
      Sync the de(4) manual page with FreeBSD.
      kernel: APM was only supported on i386, remove unused x86_64 files.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2015d from
      Remove old timezone file via 'make upgrade'.
      nrelease: Fix comment typo.
      kernel/acpica: Fix building the debugger/disassembler for the kernel.
      kernel/acpi: Fix buildkernel.
      kernel/acpi: Expose the AcpiUtConvertStringToUuid() func for the module.
      kernel/ddb: Use NULL for pointers.
      kernel/ddb: Add a DB_COMMAND_FLAG() macro to set the flag, too.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      kernel/acpi: Remove some local changes from a no-longer used file.
      installer: Add missing dir to install.
      nrelease: Fix for empty DPORTS_PACKAGES.
      Stop using 'union wait' for the status of wait*() in a few places.
      sail(6): Clean up some signal handlers.
      Clean up some more signal handlers in various places.
      Fix LINT64 build.
      ipfw3(8): Small indent adjustment.
      cryptsetup(8): Remove -std=gcc89 and make getline()'s prototype visible.
      ipfw3: Indent two switch()es better and add braces to while().
      Ansify a few functions.
      libc: Make generation of nslexer.c more robust.
      libm: Add a missing closing comment (fixes -Wcomment).
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20150515.
      kernel/acpi_fadt: Allow FADT revision 6.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      ipfw3.8: Some cleanup.
      vi(1): Remove a no longer used file.
      kernel/acpi_wmi: Move wmi_info_list into sc.
      Remove unused file.
      <sys/stat.h>: Whitespace cleanup.
      <sys/param.h>: Bump __DragonFly_version for futimens() and utimensat().
      Update libarchive's and liblzma's configuration for recently added stuff.
      systat.1: Improve a bit.
      rc.conf.5: Fix description of sysvipcd_enable.
      Update files for recent drm/i915/radeon changes.
      Fix kernel options in files for i915/radeon (kmsdrm -> kms).
      kernel/syscons: First hacky steps to make syscons work with {i915,radeon}kms.
      kernel/syscons: Hack around some issues between console cut/paste and Xorg.
      make.conf: Remove a no longer used variable.
      kernel/hpt27xx: Stop using __DATE__ and __TIME__.
      <sys/sysctl.h>: Include <sys/lock.h> only for the kernel (unbreaks world).
      colldef/mklocale: Remove some workarounds from "locale megapatch" times.
      kernel/radeonfw: Update two firmwares.
      kernel/drm: Sync radeonkms' PCI ID list with Linux 3.11's.
      Add some tools to update various DRM related files, firmwares, etc.
      kernel/radeon: Regen register check tables (only removes FreeBSD SVN ID).
      Remove ext2mount.h via 'make upgrade'.
      kernel/syscons: Add simple font scaling when using KMS drivers.
      kernel/syscons: Fix a comment.

Sepherosa Ziehau (190):
      uipc: Remove never used last pr entry of localdomain
      incsum: Const-fy mbuf parameter
      icmp: Utilize in_cksum_skip()
      libkern: Add inet_ntop()
      build: Add ICMPPRINTFS as global option
      icmp: Use inet_ntop() instead of inet_ntoa()
      proto: ctlinput is a pr method; not a pru method
      icmp: Use inet_ntop() to log ip addresses
      icmp: Fix wrong icmp header cast
      icmp: Don't convert saved ip header's length into host byte order
      tcp: Discard non-error cmd after PRC_IS_REDIRECT(cmd) test
      tcp: Minor tcp_ctlinput cleanup
      udp: Minor udp_ctlinput cleanup
      carp: ctlinput method only processes PRC_IFDOWN and PRC_IFUP
      inpcb: Define inp_notify_t
      udp: Unify ctlinput and ctlport cmd/faddr/icmp_ip processing
      udp: Fix parameter order of udp_addrcpu()
      tcp: Unitfy ctlinput and ctlport cmd/faddr/icmp_ip processing
      udp: udp_cport() has already been nuked
      udp: Don't mess w/ hardware RSS for IP fragments
      ipdemux: Remove 'direction' parameter
      igmp: IGMP processing mpsafe
      netmsg: ctlinput is proto message not a proto-user message
      route/inet: Set the mtu if it is _not_ configured, i.e. is 0
      icmp: Asynchonize ctlinput/mtudisc/redirect processing
      tcp: Increase default IW to 4.
      inet6: Don't allow setting net.inet6.ip6.v6only to 0
      inet6: Only allow setting IPV6_V6ONLY sockopt to 1.
      inet/inet6: Remove the v4-mapped address support
      tools/kq_accept_server: Allow binding to a specific IPv4 address
      tools/accept_server: Add option to bind processes to CPUs
      socket: Add KTR_SOWAKEUP
      inet/inet6: Don't allow different users to bind to the same port
      tcp: Enable path mtu discovery by default
      inet: Merge in_control() and in_control_redispatch()
      inet6: Remove in6_prefix.[ch]
      in6_control: Filter unsupported commands in earlier place.
      in6_control: Serialize some SIOCs using netisr0
      in6_control: Cosmetic cleanup
      inet6: Simplify in6ifa_ifpwithaddr()
      in6_mask2len: Constfy parameters
      in6_control: Fix comment
      in_control: Merge two switch blocks and fix comment a little bit
      inet6: Simplify in6ifa_ functions
      rtsock: Factor out sysctl_rttable()
      rtsock: Const-fy rt_msgsize parameter
      route: Print protocol-cloned routes if -A is specified
      wlan: We already have the ifp; no need to go through several functions
      inet6: ifp == ifindex2ifnet[ifp->if_index]
      inet6: Dispatch in6_ifdetach to netisr0 to run
      inet6: Remove redundant inet6 addresses deletion
      inet/inet6: Merge SIOC[ADG]LIFADDR into {in,in6}_control_internal
      inet6: Dispatch in6_if_up() to netisr0 to run
      if: Dispatch if_slowtimo() to netisr0 to run
      sound/hda: fix PCIe cache snooping
      netmap: Remove unnecessary ifunit call
      inet6: Dispatch nigroup attach/detach to netisr0 to run
      inet6: Dispatch nd6_setmtu0 to netisr0 to run
      inet6: Dispatch in6_tmpaddrtimer to netisr0 to run
      inet6: Dispatch nd6_slowtimo to netisr0 to run
      inet6: Defer in6_tmpaddrtimer
      altq: Dispatch tbr_timeout to netisr0 to run
      acpi/pstate: Allow missing _PCT and _PSS, as long as _PSD exists
      cam: Disable verbose "Unretryable error" log for probe pseudo device.
      bnx/bge: Add miibus module dependency
      inet: Link ifa after ifa_{addr,dstaddr,netmask} are setup
      ecc: Implement detach and shutdown methods
      ecc: Use identify to add ecc device for E3-1200 memory controllers
      acpi: Don't set non-exist EXT IRQ
      alc: Fix up MSI configuration
      ecc: No need to go through parent device explicitly
      inet6: Remove detecting of aggregatable unicast address (RFC2374).
      inet6: Dispatch nd6_timer to netisr0 to run
      x86_64: Disable mwait extention if there is no sub-states for C1
      build: Unbreak GENERIC building; LINT seems fine.
      ecc: Support Intel E5 v2 memory controller
      wlan: Make sure that WLAN serializer is not held for if_{detach,attach}()
      ecc.4: Adjust according to the recent changes
      em/emx: Apply the same TSO workaround as 82571/82572 for i217/i218
      wlan: Destroy main ifp until all vaps are destroyed
      acpica: Unbreak iasl compile
      acpica: Fix 3abee989bb021ca7a77508792e45828ce9d53b28
      memtemp: Add Intel E5 v2 memory thermal sensor support
      ecc/e5: No need to check rank disabled bits
      ecc/e5: Declare dimmmtr near its usage
      ecc/e5: Strip comma from device description
      iwn: Release WLAN serializer before ieee80211_ifattach()
      ifnet: Make ifnet and ifindex2ifnet MPSAFE
      memtemp.4: Add manpage for memtemp
      wlan: Let driver holds WLAN serializer for ieee80211_ifattach
      ecc/memtemp/e5: Prepare for E5 v3 support
      ix: Fix and simplify link state bit testing logic
      emx: Allow 2 TX rings for i217 and i218
      ecc/e3: Split it into two drivers, coremctl(4) and ecc(4)
      memtemp: Add support for Intel Core Haswell and E3 v3 cpus
      ecc/memtemp: Add support for Intel E5 v3
      ecc/e5: Reorganize bootverbose prints a little bit
      memtemp/e5: Send devctl notify, if DIMM is too hot, and set sensor status
      memtemp/e5: Setup hiwat and lowat before sensor task register.
      memtemp/e5: Don't attach if CLTT is not set by BIOS in chn_temp_cfg
      acpi/cstate: Fix comment
      udp: Disable direct detach, if multicast options are set.
      udp: Disable direct detach only if multicast options are to be set.
      acpi/pstate: Allow user to force package level P-state domain
      ifnet: Make blocking operation in if_addrheads iteration MPSAFE
      acpi/pstate: Ignore inconsistent PSS table
      ifnet: Make rest of ifnet accessing MPSAFE
      rtsock: Make sysctl NET_RT_DUMP MPSAFE.
      acpi/cstate: Detect and fix duplicated C-states
      acpi/cstate: Clear saved C-state softc, if attach failed
      if: Remove unused if_ioctl_mtx
      ip: Don't generate IP ID for DF IP datagrams (part of RFC6864)
      acpi/cstate: Match C-states of the hyperthreads on the same core
      Revert "acpi/cstate: Detect and fix duplicated C-states"
      x86_64: Take advantage of ACPI/CPU specific C-state mapping
      sensor: Minor white space and style cleanup
      lock: Add LOCK_INITIALIZER
      sensor: Utilize LOCK_INITIALIZER
      sensors: Staticize internal functions
      sensor: volatile is unnecessary for running
      sensor: Staticize internal global variables
      sensor: Remove the NOSYSCTL8HACK ifndef test
      sensor: Function renaming and remove unnecessary comment.
      sensor: Create task thread through SYSINIT
      sensor: Allocate task w/ M_WAITOK
      sysctl: Expose sysctl lock
      sensor: sensor_task_schedule() should always be locked
      sensor: Use sysctl lock
      sensor: Save OID of sensordev sysctl tree.
      sensor: Fix sysctl tree creation
      sensor: Fix sensor device numbering
      sensor: Expose max id of sensor device through hw.sensors.dev_idmax
      rtsock: Fix NET_RT_FLAGS support
      dimm: Implement pseudo device driver for DIMM related drivers
      coretemp: Use IPI to get temperature on other CPUs
      coretemp: Use lwkt_send_ipiq_passive()
      coretemp: Keep the previous sensor value, if the IPI does not complete yet
      clock: Piggyback passive IPIQ processing
      coretemp: Add description for the sensor
      sensor: Stick sensors thread to the last CPU.
      coretemp: Set sensor status properly
      coretemp: Set Tj max to 110; 105 is quite common on Ivy Bridge CPUs.
      coretemp: Clean up identify method
      coretemp: Register sensor task for each core instead each HT
      coretemp: Avoid magic number
      coretemp: Indentation
      coretemp: CORE_LEVEL node contains 0 children, if hyperthread is not enabled
      coretemp: Add package level thermal sensor support
      emx: Add errata workaround for multiple TX queues
      em/emx/igb/ix: Increase opackets stats in if_start method
      ktr/x86_64: Fix caller chain support
      ktrdump: Fix caller chain support
      usched/bsd4: Avoid ktr confliction on chooseproc
      ktr: Reduce number of early boot KTR entries to 256
      ig_hal: Fix improper multicast setup
      memtemp: Mention devctl notify event
      coretemp: Enhance data of devctl notify event.
      ecc/e5: Hook up error correction counting into sensors framework.
      arp: Add sysctl to avoid creation failure log
      memtemp: Add 'temp' to the sensor description
      sensor: Factor out helper functions.
      coretemp: Add 'temp' to sensor description.
      sensor: Add ECC sensor type
      systat/sensors: Filter sensors based on sensor type
      systat/sensors: Filter sensors based on sensor device name
      dimm/ecc: Send devctl notify if there are too many ECC errors
      dimm: Allow ECC error threshold to be configured
      ecc/e5: Fix error processing on attach path
      dimm: Allow increasing internal ECC error counter, instead of setting
      ecc/e5: Remove unused fields
      ecc/e5: Log error for critical ECC errors
      ecc/e3: Hook up error correction counting into sensors framework.
      coretemp.4: Update for the recent sensor description change
      memtemp.4: Update for the recent sensor description change
      ecc.4: Update for the recent ecc(4) changes
      systat.1: Update sensors display specific commands
      lwkt: Initialize LWKT objcache initialization to earlier place
      clock/tsc: Run TSC MP synchronization test on APs too.
      tsc: Factor out rdtsc_ordered()
      cputimer/tsc: Prevent rdtsc reordering
      sensors: Create per-cpu sensor task threads
      coretemp: Utilize per-cpu sensor threads
      sensors: Accept -1 as sensor thread cpuid
      cpu_topo: Add get_cpu_node_by_chipid()
      memtemp/e5: Register sensor tasks to the proper cpu package
      ecc/e5: Register sensor tasks to the proper cpu package
      sensors: By default, stick sensor tasks to the first cpu package
      x86_64: Fix gd_acpi_id setting
      x86_64/madt: Enhance bootverbose logging
      powerd: Add emergency poweroff support if laptop battery life is low.

Thomas Nikolajsen (2):
      loader: Fix typos in help.common
      loader: Fix XHCI description in help.common

Tomohiro Kusumi (189):
      sys/vfs/hammer: fix comments
      sbin/hammer: fix output of hammer blockmap command
      sbin/hammer: fix counter-intuitive output of hammer show command
      sys/vfs/hammer: cleanup using existing macro
      sys/vfs/hammer: fix off-by-one error in hammer volume-add ioctl
      sbin/hammer: remove obsolete "spike" code from hammer show command
      sys/vfs/hammer: fix comments regarding obsolete "spike" code
      sbin/hammer: fix potential memory leak
      sys/vfs/hammer: make btree_search() climb up btree slightly faster
      sys/vfs/hammer: make description on low level storage layout up-to-date with code
      hammer: some trivial fixes
      lib/libhammer: fix minor memory leaks
      lib/libhammer: cleanups
      lib/libhammer: cleanups
      hammer: fix terminology of "large block"
      lib/libhammer: don't hide sysctlbyname(3) results
      test commit
      sbin/hammer: add get_ondisk()
      sbin/hammer: cleanups
      sys/vfs/hammer2: fix typos
      sys/vfs/hammer: minor zone cleanup
      sbin/hammer: trivial coding style fix
      sbin/hammer: close file descriptor on history iteration
      sbin/hammer: trivial cleanup
      sbin/hammer: check strtol()/strtoll() results to avoid irrelevant history
      sbin/hammer: ignore negative length for history dump
      sys/vfs/hammer: fix comment regarding unknown object type
      sbin/hammer: remove obsolete comments
      sys/vfs/hammer: remove obsolete comments on btree, etc
      sys/vfs/hammer: remove comment on atime
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comment on PFS
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add missing header include
      sbin/hammer: Call free(3) after uuid_to_string(3)
      sbin/hammer: Add printf for remaining btree records
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add comments on PFS ioctls
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comments on btree record data
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comments on record initialization
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove duplicate calculation of localization
      sys/vfs/hammer: conform to style(9)
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix and add comments on root inode
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Properly set ondisk localization value
      sbin/hammer: Rename static function print_elm_flags() to get_elm_flags()
      sbin/hammer: Don't show FLAG_BADMIRRORTID for root node in certain corner case situation
      sbin/hammer: Don't show irrelevant "BM" and "d" after root split
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix and add comments on btree boundaries
      sbin/hammer: Fix workaround made in 2f8c6a59
      sbin/hammer: Print '>' or '<' if the element is a copy of root_btree_(beg|end)
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix hammer_debug_btree print format
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix hammer_debug_btree print format
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix and add comments on btree
      sys/vfs/hammer: Properly set mirror_tid on root node split
      sbin/hammer: Remove unnecessary workarond after f0b930f3
      sbin/hammer: Add additional info to "BO"
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanups on undo
      sbin/hammer: Don't use the same buffer for blockmap layer1 and layer2
      sbin/hammer: Add debug printf on cache flushing
      sbin/hammer: Properly break from cache flush loop
      sbin/hammer: Use existing function hammer_cache_used()
      sbin/hammer: Properly set counter in cache flushing loop
      sbin/hammer: Fix and add debug printf on buffer access
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer checkmap command support btree zone
      sbin/hammer: Add zone-bigblock statistics to hammer checkmap command
      sbin/hammer: Disable AssertOnFailure when running hammer checkmap
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer checkmap show number of errors if any
      sbin/hammer: Fix printf format for bad node
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer checkmap command use tailq
      sbin/hammer: Move COLLECT_XXX macros to cmd_blockmap.c
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer checkmap command support undo zone
      sbin/hammer: Make some checkmap functions inline
      sbin/hammer: Add assertions
      sbin/hammer: Add some comments
      sbin/hammer: Implement checkmap collects using rbtree
      sbin/hammer: Fix assertion to accept undo zone
      sbin/hammer: Add missing free(3)
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer show properly print '*' for elements that match directive
      sbin/hammer: Add filter mode when lo:objid directive is used
      sbin/hammer: Expand hammer show directive to lo:objid:rectype:key:tid
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make use of btree_max_elements()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comment on leaf node elements
      sbin/hammer: Fix width of hammer stats output
      lib/libhammer: Remove duplicated and unnecessary macro definitions
      sbin/hammer: Remove duplicated header include
      sbin/hammer: Make rel_buffer() and rel_volume() check if arg is NULL
      sbin/hammer: Fix comments on supported checkmap zones
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer checkmap check zone
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Properly allocate root inode and pfs from meta zone
      sbin/hammer: Make alloc_btree_element() take address of buffer pointer
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup pfs commands by adding getdir()
      sbin/hammer: Fix error message on pfs open/ioctl failure
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer pfs-status print after possible error case
      sbin/hammer: Avoid pfs via pfs on creation, not on status|destroy|upgrade|downgrade|update
      sbin/hammer: Add missing relpfs()
      sbin/hammer: Remove unnecessary bzero(3)
      sbin/hammer: Detect possible relinking of pfs by user
      sbin/hammer: Print error message if already up|downgraded
      sbin/hammer: Don't downgrade when failed to destroy pfs
      sbin/hammer: Fix wrong hash value
      sbin/hammer: Don't readahead the base buffer itself
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer show-undo indicate positions of tail-chasing fifo
      sbin/hammer: Remove redundant printf for slave pfs info
      sbin/hammer: Make strtrl() api right [1/3]
      sbin/hammer: Make strtrl() api right [2/3]
      sbin/hammer: Make strtrl() api right [3/3]
      sbin/hammer: Remove strtrl()
      sbin/hammer: Allow pfs commands directly handle pfs
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add comments on ip localization of @@PFS symlink
      sbin/hammer: Remove unnecessary strndup(3)
      sbin/hammer: Add missing free(3)
      sbin/hammer: Add missing free(3) and relpfs()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Try to fix hammer_ioc_pfs_iterate() [1/2]
      sys/vfs/hammer: Try to fix hammer_ioc_pfs_iterate() [2/2]
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer mirror-dump print localization
      sbin/hammer: Remove redundant exit(3)
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix off-by-one for snapshot index
      sbin/hammer: Add missing snapshots related free(3)
      sbin/hammer: Remove irrelevant if(S_ISLNK()) case
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup sanity checks
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comment
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make hammer_blockmap_getfree() clear *curp on error case
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup cursor initialization code on reblock
      sbin/hammer: Print big block size on reblock
      sbin/hammer: Print key_end.lo instead of key_beg.lo on reblock
      Revert "sbin/hammer: Print key_end.lo instead of key_beg.lo on reblock"
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make comments up-to-date
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make hammer_delete_at_cursor() properly set *stat_bytes
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unnecessary if test
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup cursor initialization code on rebalance
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup cursor initialization code on prune
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add -A option to reblock|rebalance all pfs
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup ifdef/else in hammer.h [1/2]
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup ifdef/else in hammer.h [2/2]
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup hammer.h
      sbin/hammer: Use existing macro to encode zone2 address
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add inline functions hammer_modify_buffer|volume_noundo()
      sbin/hammer: Cleanups
      sbin/hammer: Conform to style(9)
      sbin/hammer: Add a function find_buffer()
      sbin/hammer: Remove unused READAHEAD flag
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add ascii art on pip/ip/rec relation
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Fix comments
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Remove trailing whitespace
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Change tm_ino type from 'int' to 'ino_t'
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Lock tmpfs member on ino allocation
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Remove #include <sys/spinlock2.h>
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Add comment
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Lock tmpfs_mount member
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Fix assertion
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Fix typo
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Fix lock ordering
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Cleanups
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Make flag handling consistent [1/2]
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Make flag handling consistent [2/2]
      sys/sys: Remove VFS_MPLOCK2 macro
      sys/sys: Rename VFS_MPLOCK1 to VFS_MPLOCK
      sys/kern: Fix comments
      sys/kern: Remove trailing ; from DO_OPS()
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Bring in a macro from UFS
      Reverting series of commits (1/2 and 2/2) since they introduce
      Reverting series of commits (1/2 and 2/2) since they introduce
      It only exceeds the limit by small number, so it's ok to do this without a lock.
      Revert this commit to avoid a possible complaint by compiler when
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Rename ROOTINO to TMPFS_ROOTINO
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Remove nested #ifdef _KERNEL
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Add comment
      sys/vfs/tmpfs: Remove duplicated cross-device check on nlink vop
      usched: Add comments
      usched: Fix man usched_set(2)
      sbin/usched: Use uint64_t for cpu#
      sbin/usched: Make perror show pid/cpu#/scheduler
      sbin/usched: Fix man usched(8)
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Sync with Linux kernel's ext2 definitions
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Rename ROOTINO to EXT2_ROOTINO
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Remove unused typedef
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Don't define buffer_head
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Remove bsd_malloc/free macros
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Remove unused typedef
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Remove FS/I_FS macros
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Fix coding style
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Sync with Linux kernel's ext2 definitions
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Cleanups
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Cleanup __KERNEL__ related macros
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Remove|avoid duplicated macro definitions
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Fix terminology of "cylinder group"
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Add missing ifndef/define/endif
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Remove|fix duplicated macro definitions
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Rename ext2mount.h -> ext2_mount.h
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Rename struct ext2mount -> struct ext2_mount
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Fix comments
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Fix indentation

zrj (6):
      drm: less verbose prints with DRM_DEBUG option
      drm/ttm: revert again to use tree(3)
      drm/radeon: Expose radeon driver knobs to /boot/loader.conf
      drm/radeon: Use release_firmware()/request_firmware()
      drm/radeon: Move some prototype declarations
      drm/radeon: Sync gpu driver code with Linux 3.11

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