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Thu Jul 30 22:38:35 PDT 2015

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  replaces  v4.3.0
 tagged by  Matthew Dillon
        on  Thu Jul 30 22:38:20 2015 -0700

DragonFly 4.3.1
Version: GnuPG v1


Antonio Huete Jimenez (8):
      testcases: Attempt to integrate POSIX IPC tests to dfregress(8)
      dirfs - Restore old behavior for 0-refs vnodes
      dirfs - Change debug levels
      top.1 - Fix manpage
      testcases - Remove posixipc test
      dirfs - Remove no longer needed comment
      dirfs - Do not acquire dirfs' mount token
      dirfs - Add kqueue(2) support

Bill Yuan (7):
      ipfw3: stop deleting in-use NAT conf
      ipfw3: filter 'established' in layer4 module
      ipfw3: misc - fix MACRO name
      ipfw3: support bpf filter in layer4 module
      ipfw3: show NAT records
      ipfw3: filter from/to supports me/any/subnet
      ipfw3: join same filters with or operator

François Tigeot (8):
      rc.subr: Add common functions for run_rc_command
      drm/i915: Sync with Linux 3.14 a tiny bit
      drm/linux: Fix WARN_ONCE()
      drm/linux: Implement GENMASK()
      drm: Add linux/irqflags.h
      drm: Implement set_memory_wc() and set_memory_wb()
      kernel/linux: Fix a bug in idr_alloc()
      kernel/linux: Implement idr_preload() and idr_preload_end()

Imre Vadasz (1):
      lm(4): Remove unneeded kernel configuration entries

Imre Vadász (3):
      drm/radeon: Use fb->pitches[0] for the correctly aligned stride
      vgapci: Allow children of vgapci to use MSI interrupts and query VPD strings
      sysctl.3: Fix struct types for the KERN_BOOTTIME and KERN_PROC nodes.

John Marino (73):
      Restore ability for master to build release 4.2
      iconv sync 1/x: FreeBSD SVN 262441
      iconv sync 2/x: FreeBSD SVN 263986
      iconv sync 3/x: FreeBSD SVN 267437
      iconv sync 4/x: FreeBSD SVN 267438
      iconv sync 5/x: FreeBSD SVN 269529 + 269530 + 275805
      iconv sync 6/x: FreeBSD SVN 279404
      iconv sync 7/x: FreeBSD SVN 281798
      iconv sync 8/x: FreeBSD SVN 281550
      iconv sync 9/x: FreeBSD SVN 260003
      iconv sync 10/x: FreeBSD SVN 258316 + 283406 + 283418
      iconv sync 11/11: Use macro like FreeBSD (1 file) to eliminate diff Add kernel install complete message
      gcc50 c++: Restore C99 after change to __LONG_LONG_SUPPORTED
      xlocale: Fix potential segfault
      Import OpenBSD's libm (trunk, 4 July 2015) to a new vendor branch
      OpenLIBM: local modification - elf notes on assembly
      OpenLIBM: remaining local modifications
      OpenLIBM: Add DRAGONFLY.README to contrib
      xlocale: remove const qualifier from __xlocale_C_ctype
      OpenLIBM local mod: change another __fpclassify => __fpclassifyd
      OpenLIBM math.h: change __XPG_VISIBLE => __XSI_VISIBLE
      Replace hybrid libm with OpenBSD libm on vendor branch
      Bump __DragonFly_version after replacement of libm
      WPA Supplicant: Add warning about its use
      OpenLIBM: Add 3 new symbols to map
      OpenLIBM: Add missing symbol fegetexcept (DF404.0)
      OpenLIBM: Fix initializing FP environment
      OpenLIBM: Try to fix nextafterl
      OpenLIBM: Replace nextafterl function with FreeBSD's version
      OpenLIBM: Replace complex ACOSH functions
      Fix installation of libm man page(s)
      OpenLIBM: local mod -- add back C99 macros
      Disconnect hostapd from building in base
      Remove now-unused hostapd source files from contrib
      Update gcc-50 to SVN version 225979 (gcc-5-branch)
      GCC50: Upgrade base compiler to GCC release 5.2
      Create short name locales
      OpenLIBM: Undefine two C99 macros
      default/compilers.conf: Fix include path
      gcc50: Change c++ locale handling Support symlinks to directories
      make upgrade: Remove 122 dangling locale symlinks
      locales: Add 66 "@euro" symlinks, and UTF8 alias
      locales LC_NUMERIC: Overhaul completely wrong definitions
      Remove no_NO (only use nb_NO and nn_NO)
      Move some locales before upcoming overhauls
      locales: Import unused FreeBSD tool to generate locales
      locales: Rename zh_han* to zh_Han* (capitalize)
      locales/nls: Rename last three zh_han* files
      cldr2def tool: Implement c_format generation
      Import generated locales (time, money, msg, numeric)
      cldr2def tool: Fix alternative month generation
      LC_TIME locales: Regenerate to fix 23 locales' alt-months
      wcscoll.3: Fix copy/paste error (due to wcsxfrm)
      Add localedef(1), a locale definition generator tool
      cldr2def: Update to generate colldef replacement directory
      sort(1): Replace NetBSD version with Free/Open version
      libc.a: Add __isnan and __isnanf
      cldr2def: Fix colldef makefile for full buildworld
      collate 1/4: Add support for LC_COLLATE format "DragonFly 4.4" in libc
      collate 2/4: Hook localedef to build, unhook colldef
      collate 3/4: Bring in input files for new LC_COLLATE format
      collate 4/4: Remove colldef(1) tool from base (swap bootstrap)
      localedef(1): Better bootstrap fix
      localedef(1): Update license of 12 source files (CDDL => BSD2)
      locales: Change defaults for territory-only locales
      Add README to localedef directory (credits, licensing)
      Create 3 new locales by softlink
      make upgrade: Stop removing hi_IN.UTF-8 and la_LN.UTF-8
      gcc50: Add proper locale support to libstdc++ (local mod)
      gcc50: Remove generic versions of added files
      gcc50: Adjust makefiles for new file locations

Markus Pfeiffer (3):
      drm: Change MSI handling
      btx: Fixup comment indent
      usb4bsd/pci: Correct typo in bootverbose message

Matthew Dillon (60):
      kernel - Reduce interrupt latency during large framebuffer updates
      i915_gem_mmap_ioctl - Align the mmap to 256KB
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 1/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 2/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 3/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 4/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 5/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 6/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 7/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 8/many
      hammer2 - Fix buildworld
      kernel - Sync ehci controller with FreeBSD
      kernel - Sync uaudio to fix clicking issue
      kernel/syscons - Fix excessive cpu latency during scrolling
      kernel - Add zero-on-instantiate objcache ctor
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 9/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 10/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 11/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 12/many
      kernel - Fix syscons deadlock during panic
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 13/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 14/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 15/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 16/many
      hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 17
      hammer2 - xop stabilization - part 1/many
      kernel - Add atomic_fetchadd_64()
      hammer2 - xop stabilization - part 2/many
      drm - Used fixed start address instead of vm_map_hint() in i915_gem_mmap_ioctl()
      syscons - reenable cursor
      kernel - Improve basic entropy collector
      tmpfs - Fix write-append/mmap-read race
      kernel - Fix syscons cursor movement
      kernel - Fix panic during coredump
      kernel - Fix mlock() related panic and memory leak
      ipiq: Add simple IPI latency measure sysctls (2)
      kernel - Fix live lock in vfs_conf.c mountroot>
      syscons - improve debugger entry
      wmake - Improve use case for incremental world build/installs
      kernel - Fix mountroot / usb diskkey race.
      kernel - Reduce mountroot intr_config_hook wait to 30 seconds
      kernel - MFC 160de052b2 from FreeBSD (persist timer)
      kernel - Reduce ACPI dmesg spam a little
      kernel - Add PCI functionality
      kernel - Add valleyview PCI ids and support to agp.
      drm - Add valleyview support
      kernel - Quick Baytrail to disable MSI
      kernel - Fix general MSI/interrupt issue with HDAA
      kernel - Fix pmap_change_attr() use cases.
      kernel - Hack pcm audio for firefox issue
      nmalloc - Improve incremental reallocs()
      kernel - wbsio: support NCT6776F (0xc3); supported by lm(4) as W83627DHG (0xc1)
      kernel - Add objcache_set_cluster_limit()
      kernel - Allow nmbufs, nmbclusters, and nmbjclusters to be adjusted live
      patch - Remove RCS and SCCS auto-checkout support
      boot - Put loader heap in high memory
      boot - Fix minor memory leak, statistics
      buildworld - Fix stage-1 build breakage
      manpages - Remove obsolete info
      localedef - Fix buildworld bootstrapping issue

Nuno Antunes (3):
      kernel: Use lwkt_domsg() instead of lwkt_sendmsg() + lwkt_waitmsg().
      devfs: Use lwkt_domsg() instead of lwkt_sendmsg() + lwkt_waitport().
      kernel/route: Use the netisr threads to initialize the route tables.

Sascha Wildner (88):
      kernel/syscons: Temporarily disable a6aa39351756c.
      kernel/syscons: Allow to turn off scaling by setting kern.kms_columns <0.
      Import OpenSSL 1.0.1n.
      openssl: Adjust manual pages for 1.0.1n.
      Stop removing i915drm.4.gz via 'make upgrade'.
      libusb: Use the right include file.
      usb4bsd: Remove FreeBSD's config file. We use usb_dragonfly.h.
      Import OpenSSL 1.0.1o.
      openssl: Adjust manual pages for 1.0.1o.
      <sys/cdefs.h>: Fix a typo introduced (in 2005) with 3d28a5332f9b5.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel/ext2fs: Fix building ext2fs into the kernel.
      restore(8): Remove unused macro.
      Use <sys/param.h>'s roundup() in a few places.
      syslogd(8): Get rid of an unnecessary goto and label, add braces too.
      <sys/cdefs.h>: Define __LONG_LONG_SUPPORTED for C++11.
      i386 removal, part 1/x: Remove 'real' APM and associated stuff.
      i386 removal, part 2/x: Remove i386 specific kernel config files.
      i386 removal, part 3/x: Remove more apm related files via 'make upgrade'.
      Add IPFIREWALL3 to LINT64.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20150619.
      i386 removal, part 4/x: Remove i386 specific code from libc.
      i386 removal, part 5/x: Remove i386 parts of the HighPoint RAID drivers.
      kernel: Include generic headers which will take care of platforms.
      i386 removal, part 6/x: Remove i386 parts of the ISA and PCI buses.
      i386 removal, part 7/x: Remove the old i386 DragonFly 1.2 compat libraries.
      i386 removal, part 8/x: Remove i386 DragonFly 1.2 compat kernel code.
      i386 removal, part 9/x: Remove the 32 bit vkernel platform code.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2015e from
      dump(8): Remove some old code.
      kernel/acpica: Change button type to int.
      kernel: Use 'normal' types (i.e., uint8_t instead of __uint8_t).
      rtld(1): Use standard boolean type from <stdbool.h>.
      acpiexec(8): Fix a crash with the '!!' command.
      dloader: Bump the max. line length in includes (e.g. loader.conf) to 1024.
      kernel/acpica: Simplify machine dependent initialization a bit.
      Fix some typos in variable names.
      Convert acpi_timer to using ACPICA functions.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (for DragonFly 4.2.0).
      kernel/acpi_thermal: Fix comment typo.
      <sys/lock.h>: Fix comment typo.
      i386 removal, part 10/x: Fixes in sys/boot to compile without platform/pc32.
      i386 removal, part 11/x: Remove wrong machine/ setup in the boot Makefiles.
      i386 removal, part 12/x: Remove sys/platform/pc32.
      i386 removal, part 13/x: Some cleanup after pc32 platform removal.
      Use roundup2() from <sys/param.h> in a number of places.
      Remove duplicate includes in <iconv.h> and <sys/socket.h>.
      <sys/socket.h>: Whitespace cleanup.
      kernel/uaudio: Fix weird indent.
      <net/bpf.h>: Include <sys/param.h> for roundup2().
      Sync ACPICA code with the Intel licensed 20150619 distribution.
      iasl(8): Remove whitespace I overlooked in 44db1c69b6.
      kernel/hda: Add missing != NULL check around kfree().
      Remove non-existant .PATH components from a number of Makefiles.
      i386 removal, part 14/x: Remove i386 specific code from ext2fs.
      i386 removal, part 15/x: Remove i386 specific network drivers.
      i386 removal, part 16/x: Remove forgotten file via 'make upgrade'.
      Import OpenSSL 1.0.1p.
      Local adjustments for OpenSSL-1.0.1p.
      i386 removal, part 17/x: Remove i386 code from various parts of the tree.
      gcc5: Fix quickworld.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Add wpi(4) to our default config.
      i386 removal, part 18/x: Remove an i386 specific option.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20150717.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Add device enumeration and port power disabling support.
      kernel/kprintf: Implement the space flag, as in '% 7ld'.
      ddb: Add a command to call the ACPICA debugger if ACPI_DEBUG is specified.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Fix buildkernel.
      Stop removing /usr/include/machine/ieee.h via 'make upgrade' again.
      kernel/acpi: Prefer _BIX to _BIF for battery info if it is present.
      kernel/syscons: Enable kern.kms_console by default (if *kms.ko are loaded).
      kernel/acpi_toshiba: Use NULL for pointers.
      kernel/kbdmux: Fix a panic upon 'shutdown -h now'.
      i386 removal, part 19/x: Remove bogus message in acpi's APM compat code.
      i386 removal, part 20/x: Rename boot_pc32.8 -> boot_pc64.8
      i386 removal, part 21/x: Remove obsolete i386 specific USERCONFIG bits.
      i386 removal, part 22/x: Remove some i386 specific assembly language files.
      i386 removal, part 23/x: Remove i386 specific DEBUG_INTERRUPTS and remains.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Remove bogus header file.
      systat(1): Remove an unused extern.
      i386 removal, part 24/x: Remove i386 specific parts from NDIS.
      <sys/systm.h>: Small indent fix.
      mmap.2: Remove (now) useless BUGS section.
      i386 removal, part 25/x: Remove i386 parts from kgdb, libkvm, crunchide.
      i386 removal, part 26/x: Remove i386 specific lib/libc/quad.
      libc/calloc: Remove calloc.c, which has been unbuilt since 82949828d.
      libc/xdr: Sync xdr_sizeof.c with FreeBSD and add it to the build.

Sepherosa Ziehau (66):
      acpi/cpu/coretemp: Move sensor device from coretemp to acpi/cpu
      powerd: Linger a little bit if battery life is low
      x86_64/mwait: Sysctl write is protected; no need to protect it again here.
      acpi/cstate: Allow forcing busmastering status and arbitration for C3
      powerd: Fix # of supported cpus
      powerd: Make sure that cpu0 is in the usched global cpumask.
      usched: Fix kern.usched_global_cpumask sysctl type.
      powerd: Avoid magic number and nuke set-only CpuToDom
      powerd: Use linked list for CPU power domain
      powerd: Fix usched cpumask setting
      acpi/pstate: Add binary form for available CPU power domain frequencies
      powerd: Utilize new acpi/pstate sysctl node for available frequencies
      powerd: Make sure that all CPUs are found before we move on
      acpi/pstate: Fix _PPC support
      acpi/pstate: Support _PDL, which limits number of usable P-States
      acpi/pstate: Evaluate _OST after successful _PPC processing
      powerd: Move TurboOpt test to the beginning of the condition list
      acpi/pstate: Rename sysctl node available_bin to avail
      acpi/pstate: Allow users to set _PDL
      cpumask: Add XORMASK
      powerd: Save usched mask for later use, e.g. by perf-energy bias
      powerd: Support Intel Performance and Energy Bias Hint
      x86_64: Add per-cpu mwait CX setting
      powerd: Remove unused global variable CpuCount[]
      powerd.8: List only related kernel modules
      powerd: Merge TotalCpus and NCpus
      powerd: Staticize global variables
      powerd: Rework cpu and cpu power domain selection
      powerd: Allow disable CPU power domain frequency adjustment
      powerd: Implement mwait C-state hint adjustment
      acpi/pstate: Increase max supported P-states
      acpi/pstate: Expose frequency power consumption table
      sensors: Fix value type
      sensors: Add frequency sensor type
      aperf: Sensor for effective CPU frequency using APERF/MPERF MSRs.
      acpi/pstate: Since AMD 11h, 8 P-states are supported.
      acpi/pstate: Fix and cleanup 465a6ec
      cam: Initialize counted_to_config properly in xpt_bus_register
      bus: Clear device description when we set driver.
      ipiq: Add simple IPI latency measure sysctls
      powerd: Reverse the meaning of -e option
      acpi/pstate: Force CPU package power domain for Intel CPUs
      x86_64/mwait: Expose preamble mask for C3+ transition
      sysperf/ipitest: Run latency tests on all available CPUs
      ipiq: Add description for ipi latency measurement sysctls
      powerd.8: Fix comment about P-state effect on Intel CPUs
      powerd: Add options to limit CPU power domains' frequency
      mbuf: Hold mbuf update lock, only if the thresholds are to be changed.
      mbuf: Don't allow mbuf thresholds be configured too low.
      mbuf: Staticize mbupdatelimits
      mbuf: Add helper functions to inc/dec mbuf limits
      ifnet: Allow drivers to adjust mbuf cluster/jcluster limits
      netif: Configure mbuf clusters/jclusters limits
      tcpdrop: Drop a specific tcp connection or all tcp connections
      route: Enhance panic message
      inet6: Use M_WAITOK on SIOCAIFADDR_IN6 path.
      inet6: No need to explicitly avoid calling ioctl(SIOCSADDR)
      ifaddr: Use M_INTWAIT for ifaddr allocation
      inet6: Use M_INTWAIT for prefix and prefix's router allocation
      mcast: Use M_INTWAIT for multicast addresses allocation
      inet6: Use static initializer to initialize DAD queue
      inet6: Use M_INTWAIT for DAD record
      socket: Remove unused soabort()
      socket: Nuke unused so_pru_abort()
      socket: Group accept queue operations together
      socket: Close the soreference() race against socket owner netisr sofree()

Tomohiro Kusumi (75):
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Fix "less than 10GB" error message on newfs
      sbin/hammer: Cleanups
      sbin/hammer: Abort if a device is used for more than one volumes
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Isolate Linux kernel code (just like other files do)
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Fail with "less than 10GB" without formatting half way through
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Cleanup zone index
      sys/vfs/hammer: Define HAMMER_ZONE2_MAPPED_INDEX for zone# assertions
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comments on zones
      sbin/hammer: Add hammer volume-blkdevs command
      sys/vfs/hammer: Revert one line from ccdea23
      sys/vfs/hammer: Change "big block" to "big-block"
      sys/vfs/hammer: Change "bigblock" to "big-block"
      sys/vfs/hammer: Change "xxx-map" to "xxxmap"
      sbin/hammer: Use const char* for string literal args
      sbin/hammer: Remove test_volume()
      sbin/hammer: Remove panic()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Define and use HAMMER_ENCODE() on blockmap formatting
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup HAMMER_ENCODE_XXX() macros
      sbin/hammer: Use HAMMER_ENCODE_XXX() to encode zone address
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanups
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename macros for consistency
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove obsolete macros
      sys/*: Fix typos
      hammer: Remove trailing tabs
      hammer: Remove trailing whitespaces
      sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs: Update COPYRIGHT.INFO
      sbin/hammer: Remove init_fifo_head()
      sbin/hammer: Enable readhammerbuf()
      sbin/mount_hammer: Fix indentation
      sys/vfs/hammer: Use HAMMER_BUFFERS_PER_BIGBLOCK
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add hammer_node_max_elements()
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup blockmap initialization
      sbin/hammer: Make function prototype explicit
      sbin/hammer: Remove unnecessary blockmap argument
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup blockmap pointer dereference
      sbin/hammer: Fix comments
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add comment on multi-master clustering
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup whitespace(0x20) before tab
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comments
      sbin/hammer: Remove unnecessary zone encoding
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add zoneX version of hammer_xlate_to_zone2()
      sys/vfs/hammer: Make HAMMER_ENCODE() take zone index instead of base
      sbin/hammer: Fix boundary check
      sbin/hammer: Properly set modified flag for blockmap
      sbin/hammer: Optimize layer1 crc update
      sbin/hammer: Fix wrong free big-blocks counter
      sbin/hammer: Assert simplified blockmap allocator
      sbin/hammer: Remove modified1 flag
      sbin/newfs_hammer: Minor fixes
      sbin/hammer: Align zone# in hammer blockmap output
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add HAMMER_BLOCKMAP_LAYER[12]_INDEX()
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer blockmap show verbose info on -v
      sbin/hammer: Minor cleanups
      sbin/hammer: Fix fill info of hammer show
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup AssertOnFailure assertions on blockmap lookup
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer_parsedevs() initialize NumVolumes
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer blockmap print all blockmap offsets
      sbin/hammer: Fix hammer checkmap big-block offset
      sys/vfs/hammer: Remove unused typedef
      sys/vfs/hammer: Fix comments
      sbin/hammer: Add struct zone_stat for generic zone statistics
      sbin/hammer: Add functions for zone statistics
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer blockmap support zone statistics
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer show support zone statistics
      sbin/hammer: Use bitmaps for zone statistics
      sbin/hammer: Make hammer checkmap support zone4
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup hammer checkmap
      sbin/hammer: Enable AssertOnFailure on -d for hammer show/checkmap
      sbin/hammer: Fix memory allocation for zone statistics
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup zone statistics
      sbin/hammer: Cleanup headers
      sbin/hammer: Fix hammer show output format
      sys/vfs/hammer: Keep root node signature on root split
      sys/vfs/hammer: Add HAMMER_BTREE_TYPE_NONE
      sbin/hammer: Use HAMMER_BUFSIZE

sinetek (1):
      Fix hangup on VirtualBox.

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