git: sbin/hammer: Make hammer show support zone statistics

Tomohiro Kusumi tkusumi at
Fri Jul 24 14:52:31 PDT 2015

commit e9976f43cdc0359bfbbecf8170aeaf345fe76235
Author: Tomohiro Kusumi <kusumi.tomohiro at>
Date:   Fri Jul 24 05:35:50 2015 +0900

    sbin/hammer: Make hammer show support zone statistics
    - Update zone statistics while iterating btree and
      print them after btree-walk is done.
    - The zone statistics is enabled when -v is specified just
      like hammer checkmap.
    - hammer show's statistics use elm->leaf.data_len for used
      bytes, so it could have different number from blockmap/
      checkmap statistics (blockmap/checkmap statistics will
      have the same or higher used bytes as well as percentage).
    - Newly added item count is always 0 on blockmap/checkmap
      statistics while it has >0 for zone 8,9,10,11 for show.
      Both hammer blockmap/checkmap are not aware of items in
      each big-block so they can't count items. The idea of
      item is countable only when iterating btree.

Summary of changes:
 sbin/hammer/cmd_show.c    | 37 ++++++++++++++-----
 sbin/hammer/hammer_util.h |  3 ++
 sbin/hammer/misc.c        | 91 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
 3 files changed, 112 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)

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