git: iconv sync 10/x: FreeBSD SVN 258316 + 283406 + 283418

John Marino marino at
Sat Jul 4 01:20:06 PDT 2015

commit f756c9bf9fc218c5b90d1edc08813d313e4ab237
Author: John Marino <draco at>
Date:   Sat Jul 4 09:15:01 2015 +0200

    iconv sync 10/x: FreeBSD SVN 258316 + 283406 + 283418
    SVN 258316: Bug fixes in iconv(3) UTF-7 support.
    - Add ' to the list of directly encoded characters and * to the list of
      optionally directly encoded characters as per RFC 2152.
    - In _citrus_UTF7_mbtoutf16 on end of input when the next output character
      has only been partially decoded, save a copy of the buffer of input
      characters (not just its length).  On the next call with more input
      characters this buffer is reprocessed together with the new input to
      form a fully decoded output character.
    - At the end of a base64 encoded sequence fully discard '-' (BASE64_OUT)
      by decrementing psenc->chlen and i.  This is needed to make room in
      psenc->ch (input buffer) in case the next input character starts a new
      base64 encoded sequence.  And also, if this is the end of input and no
      output character can be returned, this brings the encoder in the initial
      state as indicated by _citrus_UTF7_stdenc_get_state_desc_generic which
      is used by the caller to distinguish between no output and partial
    - In _citrus_UTF7_mbrtowc_priv pass the s parameter (input pointer)
      directly to _citrus_UTF7_mbtoutf16 instead of a copy (s0).  This way s
      is updated correctly in case of errors.
    - In _citrus_UTF7_mbrtowc_priv when called with psenc->surrogate set
      (previous call did not have enough input), retrieve the previously
      decoded UTF-16 character fr
    SVN 283406: Fix decoding of UTF-7 when a base64 encoded chunk appears at
                the end of the input buffer.
    _citrus_UTF7_mbtoutf16 stored the decoder state at the beginning so it
    could restore this state on an incomplete character such that the next
    call would restart the decoding.  The problem was that "-" (end of base64
    mode) at the end of a string was also treated as an incomplete character
    but was also removed from the state buffer.  So the initial state would be
    restored (with base64 mode) and the next call would no longer see the "-"
    so it continued in base64 mode.
    This state saving/restoring isn't needed here.  It's already handled
    elsewhere (citrus_iconv_std.c:_citrus_iconv_std_iconv_convert) so just
    remove it.
    Also initialise *nresult.
    SVN 283418: (continued)
    When only 2 bytes can be read from a 4 byte UTF-16 character in a base64
    encoded chunk of a UTF-7 string, treat that as an incomplete character and
    return an error instead of a shift sequence and no error.
    Also check that the low 2 bytes have a valid value.

Summary of changes:
 lib/i18n_module/UTF7/citrus_utf7.c | 62 +++++++++++++++++---------------------
 1 file changed, 27 insertions(+), 35 deletions(-)

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