git: hammer2 - Revise newfs_hammer2

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Apr 19 18:02:52 PDT 2014

commit 89d864a27b7feb3ea0543379c7902f1ff5394f71
Author: Matthew Dillon <dillon at>
Date:   Sat Apr 19 17:56:57 2014 -0700

    hammer2 - Revise newfs_hammer2
    * Bring newfs_hammer2 up-to-date with the cluster mechanics I intend to use
      for the filesytem.
      Generally change the default label from "ROOT" to "LOCAL", the intention
      being that all formatted volumes will at least mount device at LOCAL in order
      to make a HAMMER2 volume available to the cluster protocol.  Once the
      volume is made available, the intension is to then allow other PFSs can
      be created/deleted/managed via the cluster protocol.
      newfs_hammer2 will also create a BOOT and ROOT PFS by default, intended for
      simple non-clustered configurations, and the -L label option works
      differently now.
    * Generally speaking, all block devices to be used in the cluster must be
      formatted with newfs_hammer2.  A formatted HAMMER2 volume can be used to
      host any number of PFSs (Pseudo-FileSystems).  Each PFS is independent
      and can be part of different clusters.

Summary of changes:
 sbin/newfs_hammer2/newfs_hammer2.8 | 122 ++++++++++++++---------
 sbin/newfs_hammer2/newfs_hammer2.c | 194 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 2 files changed, 202 insertions(+), 114 deletions(-)

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