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Tue Nov 19 21:21:57 PST 2013

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   tagging  ac04afc3258dcdbfc2072a1df56803905e8bbbad (commit)
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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Wed Nov 20 00:21:33 2013 -0500

DragonFly 3.6.0
Version: GnuPG v2.0.21 (DragonFly)


Alexandre Perrin (1):
      fix the INT64_C and INTMAX_C family macro for x86_64.

Franco Fichtner (2):
      groff: properly display $Mdocdate magic
      mdocml: bump DragonFly version for release

Johannes Hofmann (1):
      iwn: fix compilation without INVARIANTS

Justin C. Sherrill (2):
      Add note about reboot before 'make upgrade' step.
      Note on ABI change requiring rebuild of third-party software.

Matthew Dillon (12):
      kernel - Fix vn_syncer_add panic with UFS
      kernel - Fix memory leak, clean up kernel slab fragmentation
      openssh - Fix an openssh issue.
      kernel - slotimer is MPSAFE, fix degenerate mplock case in callout threads
      kernel - Improve SMP collision statistics
      systat - Sync with kernel changes for SMP collision statistics
      ps - Remove display of the 'M'P state
      kernel - Fix lockmgr LK_UPGRADE bug
      pkill - Optimize pgrep -F
      hammer - Remove cache_inval_vp() call
      kernel - Fix lock/delete race in the namecache
      cpdup - Add another way to prevent host:path misintepretation

Sascha Wildner (2):
      kernel: Mark two variables as being used by KKASSERT() only.
      ed(1): Plug some memory leaks in error paths (taken from FreeBSD).

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