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Mon May 27 19:20:24 PDT 2013

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  replaces  v3.4.1
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Mon May 27 22:20:07 2013 -0400

DragonFly 3.4.2
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (1):
      kernel -- x86_64: Do not set reserved bits in CR3.

John Marino (2):
      top(1): Support wider terminals (Bug 2448)
      bmake: Fix wildcard srcs for phony targets

Markus Pfeiffer (1):
      fix MXCSR default value

Matthew Dillon (2):
      kernel - Wakeup p->p_step on procfs close.
      kernel - Fix devfs deadlock

Sascha Wildner (5):
      kernel/hptiop: Add missing braces.
      kernel/ng_iface: Add missing braces.
      mrouted(8): Fix a wrong check that was always false.
      phantasia(6): Fix two operator precedence mistakes.
      libc/citrus: Fix an assertion (& becomes &&).

Sepherosa Ziehau (6):
      msk: Disable MSI by default.
      syncache: Avoid NULL accessing to tcpcb of the to-be-dropped syncache
      ixgbe: On transmit path, prepend the unconsumed mbuf to the if_snd
      pf: Ask caller to recalculate packet hash, if nat/binat/rdr happens
      udp: Fix IP source address setting for multicast address bound socket (2)
      ip/udp: Make input source address and source port saving MPSAFE

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