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John Marino marino at
Fri May 10 18:34:15 PDT 2013

commit 441874dbae788741793b27103c60211313e40a5e
Author: John Marino <draco at>
Date:   Sat May 11 00:19:15 2013 +0200

    tcsh: Update from version 6.17.00 to 6.18.01
    There were 8 releases since the last tcsh update.
    The changes of each are listed below.
    When the output of "csh --version" is compared to the previous version,
    two differences are noticed.  The first is dpsm is not showing.  This is
    correct because it cannot be set simultaneously with widestar as it was.
    The second difference is the system malloc is no longer used.  The
    sources inside say system malloc can be significantly slower and that
    memory statistics will not be available if used.  It also went to pains
    to remove the option even if hard-coded in config_p.h.
    The identifier for --version was fixed for x86_64 platform by
    updating host.defs file.
    V6.18.01 - 20120214
      5. fix interruptible wait again
      4. ignore bogus compiler overflow message
      3. cleanup ifdefs in utmp code, and provide default array entries
      2. Ignore #machine entries in host.defs
      1. Detect missing ) in gethost.c (Corinna Vinschen)
    V6.18.00 - 20120114
    103. remove unused variables.
    102. Make gethost use definitions for x __x__ and __x automatically.
    101. More utmp fixes
    100. V6.17.10 - 20120105
     99. Add more FreeBSD/NetBSD machines
     98. Add portability wrapper for gencat
     97. Fix warning for write in SYSMALLOC systems.
     96. V6.17.09 - 20120102
     95. revert gencat handling to pre-cygwin fixes (without env settings)
     94. remove stray endutent()
     93. V6.17.08 - 20111230
     92. Remove - from gencat
     91. Provide support for malloc_usable_size() so that linux works again
         without SYSMALLOC
     90. Add support for FreeBSD's utmpx.
    V6.17.07 - 20111227
     88. Fix debian bug #645238: tcsh segfaults when prompt includes %j and
         there are more than 10 jobs.
     87. PR/155: Default $anyerror to set for backward compatibility
     86. PR/149: Don't print -1 in %j (Vojtech Vitek)
     85. handle -- on chdir commands as the end of options processing so that
         they can process a directory like -x without resorting to ./-x
         (Andrew Stevenson)
     84. Handle write(2) returning ENOENT from SoFS, thanks ++HAL (R. Byrnes)
     83. PR/38: Null check for jobs (Kurt Miller)
     82. Fix spelling correction correcting ./foo -> ../foo2 (jean-luc leger)
     81. PR/120: string0 in filetest does not have enough space.
     80. V6.17.06 - 20110415
     79. PR/110: Add $anyerror to select behavior. Default to the new one.
     78. Don't try to spell commands that are correct (Rouben Rostamian)
         [./tcsh -f; set path=($path 2); mkdir foo2; cd foo2; touch foo;
          chmod +x foo; set correct=cmd; ./foo -> ../foo]
     77. Don't push syntax struct on the cleanup stack, because on foo;bar
         if foo fails, we will free bar prematurely (Ben Miller)
     76. Avoid infinite loop while trying to print pid of a dying process
         to a closed file (Bob Arendt)
     75. Handle completion of ${ variables (Anthony Mallet)
     74. Add --disable-nls-catalogs (Corinna Vinschen)
     73. convert message catalogs to UTF-8 (Werner Fink)
     72. check that the NLS path works before setting $NLSPATH.
     71. use SYSMALLOC for GLIBC (Werner Fink)
     70. use mallinfo for SYSMALLOC (Corinna Vinschen)
    V6.17.05 - 20110201
     68. Use mkstemp() if there for here docs (Werner Fink)
     67. Fix handling of errors and exit values in builtins (Werner Fink)
     66. Better pty name detection (Werner Fink)
     65. Enable NLS catalogs on Cygwin (Corinna Vinschen)
     64. NLSPATH handling fixes (Corinna Vinschen)
     63. Avoid infrequent exit when tcsh cd's into a non-existent directory (Werner Fink)
     62. Don't try to spell check full path binaries that are correct because
         they can cause hangs when other nfs partitions are hung. (W. Fink)
     61. Avoid nested interrupts when exiting causing history writing to fail (Werner Fink)
     60. Instead of giving an error or ignoring lines with missing eol at eof,
         process them.
     59. Avoid leaking fd's in mail check (Werner Fink)
     58. Add cygwin_xcrypt() (Corinna Vinschen)
     57. Recognize i686 (Corinna Vinschen)
     56. Rename cygwin32 to cygwin and bring it up-to-date with modern cygwin
         settings (Corinna Vinschen)
     55. Avoid double slashes in cdpath (Corinna Vinschen)
    V6.17.04 - 20110118
     53. Revert PR/110, breaks the test suite.
    V6.17.03 - 20110117
     51. PR/102: Complain on input files with missing trailing \n
     50. PR/104: If atime == mtime we don't have new mail.
     49. PR/113: Don't allow illegal variable names to be set.
     48. PR/112: don't set $REMOTEHOST on the local machine.
     47. PR/110: exit status of the pipeline should be status of last command.
     46. Android support (Corinna Vinschen)
     45. Add AUTOSET_KANJI which works around the Shift-JIS encoding that
         translates unshifted 7 bit ASCII (Werner Fink)
     44. Handle mb{r,}towc() returning 0 by setting the return value to NUL
         (Jean-Luc Leger)
     43. PR/109: make wait interruptible (Vojtech Vitek)
     42. resource limit fixes: signed vs. unsigned, megabyte issue, doc issues
         (Robert Byrnes)
     41. remove .bat and .cmd handling for executables on cygwin (C. Vinschen)
     40. Don't echo history while history -L or history -M
     39. Check for EOS before ** from Greg Dionne
     38. Don't fork in backeval from Bryan Mason
     37. Better globstar support from Greg Dionne
     36. Error out when processing the last incomplete line instead of
         silently ignoring it (Anders Kaseorg)
     35. Fix SEGV from echo ``
     34. Better fixes for histchars and promptchars (nargs)
     33. Fix win32 issue calling fmalloc/ffree from non-thread-safe context.
         (Fabio Fabbri)
    V6.17.02 - 20100512
     31. PR/79: nargs: Better handling for promptchars.
     30. PR/97: Add parseoctal to retain compatibility with previous versions
         (Jim Zajkowski)
     29. PR/84: Performance fixes for large history merges (add
         hashtable (Ted Anderson)
     28. Revert previous #23; people should use $histlit if they want this
     27. Don't kill "hup" background jobs when a child of the shell exits.
         From Debian.
     26. Ignore \r\n in the command line options for OS's that don't strip
         these from #!; from Debian
     25. Fix enhanced missing patch (Greg Dionne)
     24. Callers of rt_mbtowc don't grok -2 as a return. Return -1 for now.
         (Corinna Vinschen)
     23. Turn HistLit on while recording history to avoid \!\! losing its \.
         From Debian
     22. set autoexpand; set histchars="";\n<tab> crash. From Debian
    V6.17.01 - 20100506
     20. unset verbose while we are reading the history file to avoid echoing
         to the terminal. (Jeffrey Bastian)
     19. globstar addition, Enhance addition, euid, euser, gid variables
         (Greg Dionne)
     18. Make 'e' in vi mode work like 'b' - use wordchars (Alistair Crooks)
     17. Handle UTF-16 surrogates (Corinna Vinschen)
     16. Make tcsh work on systems where sizeof(wchar_t) == 2 (C. Vinschen)
     15. Better support for Solaris >= 2.9 (Thomas Uhle)
     14. Change internal expression calculations to long long so that we can
         deal with > 32 bit time, inodes, uids, file sizes etc.
     13. Add new linux resource limits.
     12. Don't print 'Exit X' when printexitvalue is set in `` expressions
         (Jeff Bastian)
     11. Add more LS_COLORS vars (M.H. Anderson)
     10. Reduce whitespace in Makefile (Don Estabrook)
      9. Manual page fixes (Alan R. S. Bueno)
      8. Remove history in loops bug from the documentation (Holger Weiss)
      7. Add autorehash (Holger Weiss)
      6. Add (Ted Anderson)
      5. Better NLSPATH handling (Norm Jacobs)
      4. Fix hostname building from utmp (Cyrus Rahman)
      3. Handle pending signals before flush so that the the history file
         does not get truncated.  (Ted Anderson)
      2. Fix AsciiOnly setting that broke 8 bit input. (Juergen Keil)
      1. remember to closedir in mailchk (from Werner Fink, reported by
         David Binderman)

Summary of changes:
 bin/csh/config.h                |  79 +++--
 bin/csh/config_p.h              |  69 +----
 bin/csh/host.defs               | 645 ++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 contrib/tcsh-6/README.DELETED   |  78 +----
 contrib/tcsh-6/README.DRAGONFLY |  28 +-
 5 files changed, 479 insertions(+), 420 deletions(-)

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