git: build: Remove installworld backup check

John Marino marino at
Sun Feb 17 11:23:14 PST 2013

commit 827dd259f7cb033a5b5a0b986a270f5fe455b531
Author: John Marino <draco at>
Date:   Sun Feb 17 20:16:53 2013 +0100

    build: Remove installworld backup check
    Dillon wants to rework backup functionality.
    1. Remove any check that can halt installworld
    2. Backup world automatically and store it in /usr/obj/world_binaries
    3. Keep manual backup commands, they still it WORLD_BACKUP as before
    4. Get rid of days check
    This commit accomplished step 1.

Summary of changes:
 Makefile.inc1 | 10 ----------
 1 file changed, 10 deletions(-)

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