git: DragonFly_RELEASE_3_6 idr: Fix an infinite loop issue

Francois Tigeot ftigeot at
Thu Dec 5 07:16:01 PST 2013

commit adeb26dc7533ec231d3af71c3aa551c8d3d94390
Author: Matthew Dillon <dillon at>
Date:   Thu Dec 5 10:25:23 2013 +0100

    idr: Fix an infinite loop issue
    * idr routines were doing an infinite loop when the array was full but element
      #0 was still free
    * Because allocations start at 1, the low bound was not being taken account of
      in idr_find_free(), causing an infinite loop
    * idr_get_new_above() couldn't allocate an id >= 1 and idr_pre_get() thought it
      didn't have to expand because id #0 was available

Summary of changes:
 sys/libkern/linux_idr.c | 308 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 sys/sys/idr.h           |   3 +-
 2 files changed, 201 insertions(+), 110 deletions(-)

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