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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Mon Apr 1 22:21:26 2013 -0400

DragonFly 3.4.0rc
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (DragonFly)


Adam Sakareassen (1):
      Fix INVARIANT build issue

Alex Hornung (6):
      hammer2 - AES GCM support
      hammer2 - error out on enc/dec errors
      hammer2 - make gcm IV counter endian-agnostic
      hammer2 - further crypto cleanup
      boot - some VIA processors also have long mode!
      x86_64 - support for AVX instructions

Antonio Huete Jimenez (34):
      debug - Add a basic Makefile
      systat - Do not use ccpu for %cpu calculation in pigs view.
      share/misc/gdbinit - New function lstdtok
      ext2fs - Clear CNP_PDIRUNLOCK flag after a lookup.
      hpfs - Fix a couple panics and a little cleanup.
      vkernel - Add machdep.wall_cmos_clock sysctl.
      Revert "if_vke"
      libstand - Make ether_sprintf() public.
      boot - Use ether_sprintf() where appropriate.
      kern - Add kether_ntoa, kether_aton functions.
      kern - Utilize new way of printing MAC addresses.
      libkern - Add new function hexncpy.
      kern - More work replacing %D
      Replace few more cases where %D format string is used.
      Add manual pages for kether_ntoa and kether_aton functions.
      Add a manpage for hexncpy function.
      doc - Add a note about %D removal in porting_drivers.txt document.
      vkernel - Allow setting MAC addresses from within the command line.
      vkernel - Settable serial numbers for virtual disks.
      vkernel(7) - Minor manpage adjustments.
      vke(4) - Show backing tap only if one was used.
      vkd(4) - Announce virtual disks upon initialization.
      kqueue.2 - Mention tmpfs(5) as a kqueue-enabled filesystem.
      vkernel64 - Remove some dead code (JGV).
      vke(4) - Dynamic mbuf cluster allocation.
      varsym(1) - Fix return codes.
      ufs.5 - Add missing MLINKS
      vke(4) - Add a tunable to set the max number of mbuf clusters per device.
      mkinitrd(8) - Exit upon vnconfig failure.
      vke(4) - Use M_ZERO for tx/rx ring allocation.
      kernel/ddb - Add 'show tokens' function.
      ddb.4 - Mention recently added 'show tokens' command.
      bpf - Remove crit_enter/exit calls.

Eitan Adler (1):
      Bring in recent mktemp(1) changes from FreeBSD

François Tigeot (22):
      kernel: add device_delete_children()
      Change pkgsrc make targets to use pkgsrc -head
      Unignore some files already present in repository
      vquota(8): size information is expressed in bytes
      Porting: Document a callout_drain() replacement
      Documentation: unrhdr to idr conversion
      VFS quota: hpfs is now read-only, remove support
      agp: Sync with FreeBSD
      agp: Fix a kernel panic on boot issue
      kernel: Import sglist subsystem from FreeBSD
      kernel: Move MPASS and MPASS4 definitions around
      Documentation: MPASS conversion
      kernel: add VM_OBJECT_LOCK/UNLOCK macros
      kernel: Add cpu_wbinvd_on_all_cpus()
      agp: A rewrite of the i810 bits of the driver
      agp: Add PCI ID for Ivy Bridge GT2 server variant
      agp: Do not limit attachment to primary devices
      Unbreak world with NO_GCC44
      kernel: Properly lock dounmount()
      libc: Add strchrnul(), a glibc extension
      libc: Add a few missing xdr functions

Gwenio (1):
      shlock(1) - Fix a possible overflow.

Javier Alcázar (1):
      TOP wasn't reporting correctly CPU states without -M

Johannes Hofmann (6):
      wlan - use wlan_global_serializer as if serializer
      iwn - don't acquire wlan_global_serializer in iwn_start()
      wlan - wlan_assert_serialized in ieee80211_init/_start/_ioctl
      ath - wlan_assert_serialized in ath_init/_start/_ioctl
      iwn - wlan_assert_serialized in iwn_init/_start/_ioctl
      ral: release wlan serializer while loading firmware

John Marino (82):
      libstdc++47: Rework to prevent regeneration during install
      Add libssp source files to gcc 4.7 vendor branch
      gcc47: Add __stack_chk_fail_local hack from gcc44
      gcc47: Add libssp and libssp_noshared
      Add libgomp source files to gcc 4.7 vendor branch
      gcc47: Add libgomp
      libgomp47: link pthread library
      gcc4X man pages: Introduce generic MLINK handling
      Import bmake-20121010 to new vendor branch
      bmake: Add DragonFly READMEs
      bmake: Add world Makefile but don't tie in it yet
      libgomp47: Install libgomp.spec and omp.h
      libssp47, libobjc47: install headers
      gcc41 removal: Part 1 of 2: makefiles
      gcc41 removal: Part 2 of 2: contrib files
      bmake: Update mk directory search path
      Tweak some makefiles to prepare for bmake
      gcc41 removal: Part 3 of 2: library makefiles Remove AINC knob
      gcc4X: rework some makefiles
      bmake: rethink default mk search path again
      Restore build parallelism
      Random makefile cleanup prior to bmake import
      Replace legacy make with bmake
      usr.bin/make: Remove legacy make files
      Fix cross-build
      bug #2442: Fix bmake regression of kernel build
      Implement eaccess
      libfetch: Fix PROXY_HOST bug, socket leak, cache-crash
      libfetch: Fix hang due to SSL server closing before read completes
      libfetch: Mark all socket and file descriptors close-on-exec
      libfetch: Fix failure to return to caller on error
      libfetch: Support percent-encoded user and password
      libfetch: Change maximum redirect from 5 to 20
      fetch: Fix infinite loop on display progress
      Implement SO_NOSIGPIPE
      libfetch: Avoid SIGPIPE on network connections
      libfetch: what happened to ftp-cached commit?
      libfetch: Change FTP default to passive mode
      libfetch: Use select(2) as a consequence of switching to non-blocking
      libfetch: Implement HTTP digest authentication, HTTP 305, and HTTP 308
      libutil: Implement group file utilities
      libutil: Implement hexdump(3)
      elf_common.h: Add EM_AMD64 as alias to EM_X86_64
      getline(3): Fix segfault caused by NULL pointer Establish compatibility with FreeBSD makefiles
      bug 2443: bin/cp: sync with FreeBSD (bug fixes + new options)
      libc/fts: Use O_CLOEXEC for internal file descriptors
      /bin/rm: fix removing symlinks with uchg/uappnd set
      /bin/mv: Sync with FreeBSD
      /usr/Makefile: Add pkgsrc-create-shallow option
      Add native dports support
      /usr/Makefile: Support dports and add error checking
      sys/param.h: Bump __DragonFly_version due to fpsave area changes
      share/mk/ Remove X11BASE definition
      gcc4x: Update README to remove format.c from patched list
      .gitignore: Remove build products from list
      am-utils: Patch for recent flex
      Import flex-2.5.37 to new vendor branch
      flex: Add local modifications and DragonFly READMEs
      flex: Add world makefiles, but don't tie it into build yet.
      flex/lex: Activate flex 2.5.37, deactivate lex 2.5.4
      flex cleanup, silence errors
      Relocate Flexlexer.h to /usr/include
      atc game: lex cleanup
      m4: define yylex based on __DragonFly_version
      libstdc++47: Fix iostream bug 2478
      Remove legacy lex source files
      gcc47: Fix plugin mechanism
      Unbreak world (gcc47 plugin)
      Promote GCC 4.7 to be the default compiler
      libcsu: Assign environment when environ is NULL Set gcc47 as default
      libdialog: Increase MAX_LEN to 4096 (bug 2480) Add default cpu extensions
      build: add "make backupworld" and "make restoreworld" functionality
      build: Remove installworld backup check
      build: implement automatic world backups
      csu: Fix .eh_frame_hdr errors seen on i386
      build: Only auto-save once per build
      kernel - remove kprintf info about magazine capacity
      libc/sl_find: sync prototype with NetBSD

Justin C. Sherrill (5):
      Remove duplicate word.
      git gc --aggressive only cleaned up 4 mb of disk and took 7 minutes to run.
      Reinforce that make dports-replace does not update, but _replaces_ ./dports.
      Updated the tip URL for the mailing list archives.
      Updating for DragonFly 3.4 branch.

Markus Pfeiffer (6):
      Bring in USB4BSD userspace libraries and utilities.
      usb4bsd: Fix attach/detach for ukbd.
      usb: Fix a typo in ukbd.
      condvar(9): adjust manpage to reflect reality
      libc/libthread_xu - Fix segfault caused by libpthread used before initialised
      libthread_xu: Remove unnecessary calls to _thr_check_init()

Matthew Dillon (264):
      hammer2 - create new branch, sync working trees from dillon & vsrinivas
      hammer2 - More media format spec work, add DESIGN document
      hammer2 - add titling to DESIGN document
      hammer2 - Adjust media fields
      hammer2 - Initial newfs_hammer2 implementation
      hammer2 - code cleanup, fix kldload issue
      hammer2 - complain if the hammer2 kld module isn't loaded
      hammer2 - cleanup, kldload, mount, iget/ifree and other stuff.
      hammer2 - followup cleanup
      Merge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh:// into hammer2
      hammer2 - wire in statfs/statvfs, add the chain structure, etc
      hammer2 - correct icrc generation for sector 0
      hammer2 - hammer2_install_volume_header() cleanup
      hammer2 - Add copyright headers
      hammer2 - flesh out inode and blockref chaining
      hammer2 - Implement most of the hammer2_chain_*() function set
      Merge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh:// into hammer2
      hammer2 - fix umount panic, misc fixes
      hammer2 - Implement more of the hammer2_chain infrastructure
      hammer2 - rename hammer2_*() to hammer2_vfs_*() for the VFS op functions
      hammer2 - cleanup inode locking paths
      hammer2 - Adjust chain lookup/iteration API, add readdir
      hammer2 - flesh out getattr
      hammer2 - initial mkdir skeleton
      hammer2 - Initial media flush implementation
      hammer2 - correct saveoff in hammer2_vop_readdir()
      hammer2 - clean-up the chain code, first cut at the read/write/strategy code
      hammer2 - core file read and write paths
      hammer2 - Add indirect block creation
      hammer2 - More indirect block work & test script work
      hammer2 - more indirect block work, add advlock
      hammer2 - file truncate and extend
      hammer2 - Implement nsymlink, readlink, remove, and rmdir
      hammer2 - Implement rename
      hammer2 - Correct memory leak, skeleton for vop_nlink
      hammer2 - Rework the flusher
      newfs_hammer2 - cleanup, rename redo area to aux area, add default label
      hammer2 - Implelment variable-sized physical storage allocations
      hammer2 - Implement variable-sized indirect blocks, clustered reads
      hammer2 - Flush sequencing
      hammer2 - Reformulate strategy code and direct I/O
      hammer2 - Avoid unnecessary IO
      hammer2 - cleanup, stabilization pass
      hammer2 - small-embedded-data fixes, syncer fixes
      hammer2 - Major hammer2_chain_*() API cleanup
      hammer2 - Bug fixes in allocator and chain_next, rename
      hammer2 - Implement depth limit for stack recursion, embedded data fixes
      hammer2 - Start adding ioctl infrastructure, start writing hammer2 utility
      hammer2 - helper thread skeleton listener
      hammer2 - Add pfs_list, pfs_create, pfs_delete
      hammer2 - Support multiple PFS mounts from the same device
      hammer2 - Early messaging infrastructure
      hammer2 - Early messaging infrastructure (2)
      hammer2 - Crypto handshake work for message stream
      hammer2 - Implement aes_256_cbc session encryption
      hammer2 - Implement modify_tid and mirror_tid
      hammer2 - last_tid renamed to mirror_tid in volume header
      hammer2 - Add media dump command, improve help output
      hammer2 - hookup getattr, setattr
      hammer2 - Flesh out hardlink infrastructure
      hammer2 - Complete core hardlink support work
      hammer2 - hardlink stabilization pass
      hammer2 - hardlink stabilization pass
      hammer2 - hardlink stabilization (3), data and inode count propagation.
      hammer2 - general stabilization, flusher, mmap, etc
      hammer2 - Flush ordering fixes
      hammer2 - Get data-usage aggregation working, add INODE_GET
      hammer2 - Add 'hammer2 stat'
      hammer2 - Fix lost flush
      hammer2 - Move CCMS code from kernel to hammer2
      hammer2 - Initial CCMS adaptation and code-up
      hammer2 - Initial CCMS locking tie-in
      hammer2 - Change from splay -> red-black tree
      hammer2 - Integrate CCMS thread lock into hammer2 chain structure
      hammer2 - Wire-up the kernel<->userland messaging pipe
      hammer2 - wire up msg transaction state machine
      hammer2 - Implement and test first SPAN message transaction.
      hammer2 - minor network adjustments
      hammer2 - Bring in the transaction state code from the hammer2 vfs
      hammer2 - Fill in lnk_span message
      hammer2 - More work on userland hammer2 msg infrastructure
      hammer2 - Flesh out span code, API cleanups
      hammer2 - add HAMMER2IOC_PFS_LOOKUP
      hammer2 - Adjust LNK_SPAN/LNK_CONN
      hammer2 - spanning tree and messaging work
      hammer2 - Add pfs-fsid, pfs-clid directive
      hammer2 - Correct state recording bugs in vfs
      hammer2 - more userland msg API work
      hammer2 - SPAN protocol work
      hammer2 - userland API / span work
      hammer2 - SPAN protocol work
      hammer2 - SPAN protocol work, router work
      hammer2 - Major crypto API cleanup
      hammer2 - Fix nact assertion
      Merge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh:// into hammer2
      hammer2 - Message routing work
      hammer2 - Message routing work
      hammer2 - Message span tree work
      hammer2 - Config notifications, cleanup HAMMER2 VFS API
      hammer2: More hammer2 msg cleanup, get reconnect ioctl working
      hammer2 - Implement automatic reconnect
      hammer2 - Add peer_type field to LNK_CONN and LNK_SPAN
      kernel - Adjust cache_fullpath() API
      kernel - Fix missing LWKT token init in linprocfs
      kernel - Probable fix to vm_fault: PG_BUSY panic on i386
      kernel - Add MODULE_VERSION for if_ale
      kernel - Remove debugging from i386 pmap
      kernel - Use atomic op for usched_global_cpumask
      top - Use RES by default instead of PRES
      kernel - Make pcb_onfault more robust.
      kernel - Fix i386 pmap bug
      kernel - Fix i386 pmap bug
      HAMMER VFS - Use full-block undos for B-Tree nodes
      kernel - Fix sysclock_t comparison in usched code
      kernel - set machdep.pmap_mmu_optimize to 1 by default in master
      vkernel - Adjust parameters for vkernel test build
      kernel - Detect edge cases in ELF note handling
      kernel - Fix UP build for usched_dfly
      test - Adjust vnodeinfo
      devattr - Add monitoring mode (-M).
      kernel - Allow multiple opens on /dev/udev
      kernel - Auto-initiate message stream for udev on read()
      kernel - Implement UDEVWAIT ioctl for /dev/udev
      kernel - header file includes adjustment
      hammer2 - Messaging layer separation work part 1
      hammer2 - Messaging layer separation work part 2
      hammer2 - Messaging layer separation work part 3
      hammer2 - Messaging layer separation work part 4
      hammer2 - Messaging layer separation work part 5
      kernel - cleanup subr_disk.c
      hammer2 - Add server-side disk advertisements
      hammer2 - dmsg blockdev work
      hammer2 - dmsg blockdev work (cleanup)
      build - Use _KERNEL_STRUCTURES for struct disk
      build - Fix handling of MACHINE_PLATFORM
      usb4bsd - Change M_NOWAIT to M_WAITOK
      kernel - Force word-writes in syscons code (Intel hw character mode emulation)
      kernel - Fix off-by-1 error in semexit
      kernel - Fix NFS panic when competing clients collide on hardlink
      installer: Clarity language when asking the user for time-date info.
      kernel - Fix proc_reparent() race/assertion panic
      kernel - Fix races in disk iteration and diskctx handling
      kernel - Move dsched_disk_destroy_callback() call
      hammer2 - kernel cluster messaging support API work
      kernel - Preliminary xdisk remote block driver for cluster
      hammer2 - reformualte cluster messaging interface
      hammer2 - cluster / libdmsg circuit work
      hammer2 - cluster / hammer2 service daemon work
      cluster - remote block device work
      kernel - Turn off machdep.pmap_mmu_optimize by default
      cluster - circuit tracking, bug fixes
      cluster - Major kernel component work (diskiocom, xdisk, kdmsg)
      kernel - Reorder dsched teardown to fix race
      cluster - more libdmsg work
      cluster - Add 'circ <msgid>' command to cluster debug shell
      cluster - Kernel cluster code work
      cluster - Improve hammer2 connect directive, add /etc/hammer2/autoconn
      cluster - misc work
      cluster - misc cleanup
      cluster - xdisk automatic BIO restart
      cluster - Stabilization
      kernel - Fix memory starvation issue w/tmpfs
      kernel - Fix issues where tmpfs loses file data
      kernel - Fix filesystem lookup error due to parent directory recyclement race
      kernel - Change allocvnode() to not recursively block freeing vnodes
      kernel - Adjust NFS server for new allocvnode() code
      kernel - Fix improper assertion panic in vinvalbuf()
      kernel - Fix debug output label
      kernel - Fix bug (not reached in normal operation) in vm_map_set_wired_quick()
      kernel - Make UFS ihash table per-mount
      kernel - Remove unnecessary mplock from ata I/O path
      kernel - Fix softupdates panic with UFS
      kernel - Reduce the size of the callout wheel
      kernel - Fix missing B_ORDERED inheritance
      kernel - Fix sync() system call
      hammer2 - Cleanup various races, better flush
      hammer2 - redo the flush collision handling
      hammer2 - small stabilization & performance pass
      hammer2 - bigger stabilization & performance pass
      kernel - ufs softdep fix under heavy load
      kernel - Fix buffer cache mismatch assertion (hammer)
      hammer2 - Split flush code out into its own source file
      libc - Revert to nmalloc for now
      libc - Add poor man's cache coloring optimization to nmalloc module.
      hammer - Change depth limit warning kprintf to krateprintf
      kernel - Fix signal FP save/restore issues when AVX is enabled
      kernel - Fix improper tmpfs resource limit check
      buildworld - Attempt to fix m4 bootstrapping issue
      kernel - Do not allow (devfs) devices to be force-unmounted
      buildworld - Attempt to fix m4 bootstrapping issue (2)
      kernel - Fix tty cool-aid
      kernel - Attempt to fix NULL pointer dereference during console switch
      kernel - Fix deadlock when umount races an access on the underlying filesystem
      hammer2 - Start working on the freemap (note: freemap not yet operational)
      hammer2 - serialized flush work part 1
      hammer2 - serialized flush work part 2
      hammer2 - serialized flush work part 3
      hammer2 - serialized flush work part 4
      kernel - Fix memory leak on iocom terminaion
      kernel - cycle vnode in cache_unlink()
      kernel - Fix kernel panic caused by rename race
      kernel - Do not auto-destroy tap interfaces which are manually created
      libssl - Fix bug in libssl
      kernel - Fix rare race in namecache
      kernel - Fix a race and enable the VM read shortcut feature by default
      vkernel - Fix if_vke
      kernel - Properly account system time for contending tokens
      kernel - Fix cpu/token starvation, vfs_busy deadlocks. incls sysctl
      kernel - Remove remaining mplock use cases from tmpfs
      kernel - cleanup
      kernel - add yields in the swap pager freeing path
      kernel - Implement vm.read_shortcut support in tmpfs
      kernel - Fix excessive kprintf()s during refcount_wait()
      kernel - Fix cpu/token starvation, vfs_busy deadlocks. incls sysctl (2)
      kernel - Add critical section in lwkt_yield_quick()
      kernel - Fix issue with ARP packets stalling out entire network
      kernel - Fix network lockup due to msgport bug
      kernel - Add frontend cache for cache_findmount()
      kernel - Fix performance issue due to buffer fragmentation
      kernel - Increase NCMOUNT_NUMCACHE, add enable & statistics
      kernel - Add negative caching to cache_findmount()
      kernel - Remove getnewvnode() bottlenecks
      kernel - Fix deadlock in tmpfs
      kernel - Fix cross-mount handling in tmpfs hardlink code
      kernel - cpu_pause() needs to be memory-modifying
      kernel - Implement shared namecache locks
      kernel - Implementat much deeper use of shared VM object locks
      kernel - Separate page activity heuristic for anonymous memory vs files
      kernel - Track slabs allocated and freed
      kernel - Clean up if_bridge bif_state tests
      debug - vmpageinfo changes
      kernel - Fix incorrect assertion in nlookup()
      kernel - Remove symbol space corruption from ncp_conn.h
      kernel - Remove symbol space corruption from ncp_conn.h (2)
      kernel - Beef up lwkt_dropmsg() API and fix deadlock in so_async_rcvd*()
      kernel - Fix panic on ptrace termination
      kernel - Fix vm.shared_fault for vkernels and 32-bit
      kernel - Fix shared/excl livelock with vm.shared_fault
      kernel - Try harder to unmount a filesystem
      kernel - Fix mount bug caught by assertion
      systat - Fix overflowing path lookup fields
      kernel - Remove improper EBUSY error on mount
      kernel - Remove improper EBUSY error on mount (2)
      world - Fix world build
      kernel - Fix incorrectly ordered lwkt_reltoken() call in pageout daemon
      kernel - Do not clean VM pages on fsync() for tmpfs
      kernel - remove PAGE RACE kprintf
      kernel - Change namecache negative caching algorithm
      kernel - Fix tmpfs hogging of the VM system
      kernel - Abort pageout operations when free memory recovers
      kernel - Add swap block allocation iterator
      kernel - Make VM fault waits in low memory the same as other low memory waits
      kernel - Refactor swapoff scan code
      kernel - Improve vm.vmmeter sysctl performance
      kernel - Increase size of savefpu area in pcb for vkernel64
      kernel - Attempt to fix SMP races with ^T
      kernel - Fix at least one 64-bit ddb backtrace issue
      kernel - Fix namecache hash list corruption
      kernel - Fix bug in uiomove() error handling, fix deadlock in read_shortcut
      kernel - mps driver - Adjust M_NOWAIT -> M_INTWAIT.
      kernel - Fix bug in uiomove() error handling (2)
      vkernel - Fix copyin/copyout to return the correct error code
      vkernel - Add debugging
      kernel - Cleanup SWB_NPAGES

Peter Avalos (24):
      Import OpenSSH-6.1p1.
      Update files for OpenSSH-6.1p1 import.
      m4: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Add regression tests for m4.
      Import byacc-20121003.
      Update build for byacc import.
      Fix warnings from byacc import.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.1d.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.1d import.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.1e.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.1e import. Add LIBNCURSESW.
      Import dialog-1.2-20121230.
      dialog: Add README.DELETED.
      Add a README.DRAGONFLY for contrib/dialog.
      Drag libdialog into the 21st century.
      tzsetup: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Import libarchive-3.1.2.
      Adjust files for libarchive-3.1.2 import.
      kbdmap: Sync with FreeBSD.
      spkrtest: use new dialog auto-sizing syntax.
      tzsetup: Fix VERBOSE reporting when removing _PATH_LOCALTIME for UTC.
      rc.d/ldconfig:  Add a mechanism to include files added by dports.
      sh: Sync with FreeBSD:

Samuel J. Greear (1):
      build - Do not use cp -a

Sascha Wildner (469):
      usb4bsd: Bring in FreeBSD's libusbhid, usbhidctl and USB kernel code.
      usb4bsd: Adjust header paths in libusbhid, usbhidctl, and public headers.
      usb4bsd: Hook the userland part into the build.
      <bus/pci/pcireg.h>: Add a definition for XHCI programming interface.
      usb4bsd: Generate usbdevs.h and usbdevs_data.h.
      usb4bsd: Perform the usual porting on the controller, storage and core code.
      usb4bsd: Hook usb, ehci, ohci, uhci, xhci, umass, and usfs into the build.
      usb4bsd: Cleanup pass.
      usb4bsd: Separate building of the old USB modules.
      usb4bsd: Bring in FreeBSD's uaudio driver.
      usb4bsd: Implement umass scsi probing on attach.
      usb4bsd: Fixes, fixes, fixes.
      usb4bsd: Port input devices (uep, uhid, ukbd, ums) and hook into build.
      usb4bsd: Port network devices (uether, udav, axe) and hook into build.
      kernel/mii_layer: Little indentation fix.
      usb4bsd: Allow some parts to be built into the kernel.
      usb4bsd: Fix some compilation warnings.
      usb4bsd: Fix the compilation of the remaining drivers into the kernel.
      usb4bsd: Add uether dependency for compiling udav into the kernel. Adjust modules path.
      Remove old USB stuff when the new stack is requested.
      usb4bsd/audio: 'static' has to be at the beginning of the declaration.
      usb4bsd/if_udav: Comment out a variable (usage is not yet enabled).
      usb4bsd/uether: Missing argument in usb_ether_method's ue_ioctl() member.
      kernel: Add KOBJMETHOD_END and use it.
      compilers.conf.5: We only describe non-base compilers here.
      UPDATING: Some words about GCC 4.7.
      kernel: Some adjustments for the GCC 4.1 removal in Makefiles.
      customcc/compilers.conf: Some adjustments and simplifications.
      kernel: Comment out the new uaudio_pcm.c for now, it doesn't build yet.
      kernel/sound: Add PCMTRIG_COMMON (from FreeBSD).
      usb4bsd/audio: Some porting work in uaudio_pcm.c.
      Fix 'make upgrade', it was broken.
      usb4bsd: Remove unused ARM related files.
      usb4bsd: Remove more unused files.
      usb4bsd/controller: Remove some unused module declarations.
      usb4bsd: Use NULL for pointers.
      usb4bsd/ehci: Ouch, fix a bug in the Makefile.
      usb4bsd/ehci: Fix EHCI resetting (and thus, intialization & attach).
      sleep.9: Really write PINTERLOCKED in the example.
      compilers.conf.5: Remove docs about *_VERSION, it no longer exists.
      mxge(4): Fix "always_inline function might not be inlinable" warning.
      compilers.conf.5: Some more cleanup.
      usb4bsd: Pull up libusb and usbcontrol to FreeBSD current's.
      make upgrade: Remove more new USB stuff if it is not requested.
      usb4bsd/controller: Use device_delete_children().
      usb4bsd: Sort files a bit better in 'files' (from FreeBSD).
      usb4bsd: Makefile cleanup.
      usb4bsd: Add usb_quirk module.
      usb4bsd: Sync usbdevs with FreeBSD.
      usb4bsd: Regenerate usbdevs.h and usbdevs_data.h.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Add dragonfly.vim, for changing vim indentation rules to match style(9).
      brandelf(1): Make -v a no-op.
      dfregress(8): Check prop_dictionary_get_uint32()'s return value.
      monitor(1): Check kevent().
      rcorder(8): Whitespace fix.
      reboot(8): Remove an unused variable.
      tcplay(3): The 'ok' variable is only needed in #ifdef DEBUG.
      usched(8): #if 0 out some (yet) unused code.
      usched(8): Add a minimal manual page.
      usched_set.2: Mention usched(8).
      camcontrol(8): Remove some unused variables.
      ccdconfig(8): Remove some unused variables.
      cryptdisks(8): The 'ok' variable is only needed in #ifdef DEBUG.
      ffsinfo(8): Remove an unused variable.
      ldconfig(8): Make -s a no-op.
      fsirand(8): Remove an unused variable.
      usb4bsd/ukbd: Adjust comment style a bit.
      loader(8): Remove an unused variable.
      rcs(1): Remove an unused variable.
      growfs(8): Remove an unused variable.
      vinum(8): Remove some unused variables.
      Remove more unused variables in userland.
      compilers.conf: Add -Wno-unknown-warning-option for clang.
      usb4bsd/libusb: Remove an unused variable and mark a dummy variable unused.
      ndiscvt(8): Unbreak build.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012g from
      usb4bsd: Add a commented out line to our configs for enabling usb4bsd.
      make(1): Use an inline function instead of a macro for Lst_Valid().
      ldconfig(8): Remove -s from usage(), too.
      yppoll(8): Comment out -h option.
      ypxfr(8): Use the correct enum member for checking yp_errno.
      IPXrouted(8): Remove dead code, DragonFly has RTM_ADD.
      fwcontrol(8): f_cycle is only used in #if 0'd code, so #if 0 it too.
      inetd(8): Fix initialization of se_rpc_{low,high}vers.
      mptable(8): Remove an unused variable.
      kernel/x86_64: In pmap_enter(), entry is, in fact, used.
      watchdogd(8): Silence a warning differently.
      <>: Rename -W to -Wextra.
      IPXrouted(8): Oops removed too much in the last commit.
      ndis_events(8): Check a read().
      Move gcc47's -Wunused-but-set-{parameter,variable} to WARNS >= 4.
      crypto: Revert some changes in contributed code.
      Revert some no longer needed local CFLAGS modifications.
      Revert a few additions of __unused that need some more thought.
      rshd(8): Add an error check for getnameinfo().
      mount{,_ufs}(8): Check for mountctl() error before printing buf.
      newfs(8): Remove an unused variable.
      udevd(8): Reduce the scope of a yet unused variable.
      UPDATING: Add some words about usb4bsd.
      UPDATING: Fix a typo and mention that for usb4bsd, w&k need rebuilding.
      vkernel64: Add a missing 'break'.
      kernel/kinfo: Don't use 'SMP' alone to check for userland compilation.
      condvar.9: Remove trailing whitespace.
      Remove CAPS.
      LINT64: Remove comment. fe(4) is i386 specific.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (adds NetBSD 6.0).
      idr.9: Clean up a bit.
      kernel: Make SMP support default (and non-optional).
      ixgbe/netrate: Remove -DSMP from the Makefiles (no longer needed).
      kernel: Add back 'options SMP' as a no-op.
      UPDATING: Mention SMP is a no-op for now.
      Adjust some manual pages for the recent SMP changes.
      vkernel.7: Add back some info I accidentally removed.
      vkernel.7: Remove SMP related info.
      mptable.1: Small SMP related adjustment.
      <sys/dmsg.h>: Fix buildworld, ccdconfig(8) needs this (via <sys/disk.h>).
      ps.1: Adjust info regarding SMP systems.
      mdoc: Add DragonFly 3.3.
      mdoc: Fix .Os version.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012h from
      natd(8): Add exit_delay (daemon exit delay after signal), from FreeBSD.
      btconfig(8): Move some unused code into the #if 0.
      installer: Remove some unused variables.
      sort(1): Remove an unused variable.
      ndiscvt(8): Check an fread()
      kernel/linprocfs: Add dependency on the linux module.
      kernel: Fix some wrong cam_simq_release() calls.
      kernel: Simplify simq releasing in some RAID drivers.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012i from
      colldef.1: Do the last commit a bit better.
      Remove word duplicates in some manual pages.
      kgdb.1: Fix macro ordering.
      Fix some typos in the manpages.
      kernel: Remove unneeded #include <sys/devicestat.h> in disk/RAID drivers.
      sysctl.9: Fix another typo. frequence -> frequency
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (adds DragonFly 3.2 and OpenBSD 5.2).
      hexdump.3: Add missing .Sh LIBRARY and bump .Dd to when it was imported.
      Fix some typos in user visible messages, etc.
      hpt27xx(4): Add missing bootverbose and intrhook description.
      hptrr(4): Add missing intrhook description.
      ndiscvt(8): Add a missing space.
      mfi(4): Don't assert lock holding when dumping or during a panic.
      mpt(4): Mark two functions __printflike.
      kernel: Mark two more functions __printflike.
      ndis_events(8): Remove a bogus argument.
      Mark some functions in userland __printflike.
      rpc.statd(8): Remove a duplicate function.
      hammer.8: Add back an .El that was removed by mistake.
      loader: Detect SMBIOS and export its information into the environment.
      Remove an ancient file that is no longer used.
      Really fix systat(1).
      ipcs(8): Raise WARNS to 6.
      ipcs(1): Fix the "ipcs: kvm_nlist: No such file or directory" error.
      tzfile.5: Little wording fix (from tzcode2012j).
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012j from
      mount{,_ufs}: Fix wrong mountctl(2) error check.
      <sys/proc.h>: Adjust the names of two unused bits to use bit numbering.
      top(1): Remove some code that is unused after the UP removal.
      libk{core,info}: The kern.ccpu sysctl is gone, so remove *get_sched_ccpu().
      init(8): Resurrect kern.shutdown_timeout as kern.init_shutdown_timeout.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Fix buildworld.
      cp(1)/mv(1): Bring back a number of cleanups we did previously.
      nrelease/Makefile.usr: Relocate the git gc for pkgsrc to nrelease.
      vfork.2: Document that vfork(2) returns pid_t.
      Clean up references to some obsolete functions in manual pages.
      Remove an unused header.
      mtree: Do no longer create /usr/include/objc.
      dehumanize_number(3): Add T, P and E suffix support.
      mpt(4): Fix a panic in RAID operation.
      kernel: Remove unused KTR_POLLING option.
      kernel: Move DEVICE_POLLING to the bottom of 'options'.
      make distribution: Remove some symlinks before (re-)creating them.
      Unbreak buildworld.
      iir(4): Clean up some unused code.
      aac(4): Add a missing unlock.
      hptiop(4): Add support for RocketRAID 4520 and 4522.
      Remove some duplicated semicolons (mostly in the kernel).
      ah[cd](4): Clean up some #ifdefs so it's clearer what we are doing.
      kernel: Use M_ZERO instead of bzero()ing.
      kernel: Remove some NULL checks after kmalloc(..., M_WAITOK).
      vkernel: Make "options IPX" compilable into the vkernel.
      wpa_supplicant.conf.5: Fix section order.
      wpa_supplicant.8: Document all options.
      usb4bsd: Fix buildkernel with device usb4bsd.
      ndis(4): Make NDIS compile with usb4bsd too.
      ndis(4): Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
      usb4bsd: Initial round of build fixes for serial drivers.
      Fix some typos (unknow -> unknown).
      kernel: Remove some code that does nothing.
      installer: Fix handling of CMOS set to UTC vs. CMOS set to wall time.
      <sys/errno.h>: Try to fix errno's declaration a bit better for C++.
      bt(4): Remove support for ISA adapters.
      bt(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      int64_t is long on x86_64, and not always equivalent to long long.
      kernel: Fix typo (inavlid -> invalid).
      UPDATING: Use release version numbers.
      UPDATING: Mention that bt(4) is PCI only now.
      Remove stli(4). Also remove ISA support from stl(4).
      Move stlstats(8) to usr.sbin/
      kernel: Remove an #include I forgot previously.
      cy(4): Remove ISA support.
      UPDATING: Note that aic(4) was deISAized (forgot to mention at the time).
      kernel/i386: With stl(4) and cy(4) made PCI only, remove COMPAT_OLDISA.
      make upgrade: Remove /usr/include/bus/isa/isa_compat.h
      ifconfig.8: Fix month
      kernel/ntfs: Add ntfs_statvfs.
      kernel/ntfs: Remove two unused variables.
      mount_ntfs.8: Fix synopsis and add another example (from FreeBSD).
      kernel: Remove NULL checks after kmalloc(..., M_INTWAIT).
      twe(4): Remove non-existing flag from the Makefile.
      Fix LINT building.
      Remove some unneeded semicolons across the tree.
      twe(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      agp(4): Fix some minor issues. Move comments to the start of the line.
      Remove MFILES from kernel module Makefiles. It should not be needed.
      iso639: Sync with Library of Congress list.
      rc.conf.5: Document rc.conf.d/
      etc/Makefile: Some cleanup.
      kernel: Remove MPASS{,4} entirely and use KKASSERT instead.
      Fix buildkernel with 'options KTR' in the config.
      kernel/ Output a friendlier comment about how to regenerate.
      kernel/ Improve comment and regenerate all affected files.
      kernel/ Fix copy/paste error.
      Remove upc_{control,register} syscalls and everything that has to do with it.
      kernel: Remove USERFS.
      wlandebug.8: Don't reference manual pages which we don't have.
      libkiconv: Remove unneeded SHLIBDIR in the Makefile.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      VFS_MOUNT.9: Adjust to the current state in /usr/src.
      Remove VFS_INIT.9 manual page, there is no such macro.
      sglist.9: Add a missing include to the SYNOPSIS.
      Remove VFS_INIT(9) manpage via 'make upgrade'.
      kernel/atm: Fix wrong rt_tables[] access.
      installer: Always take the root directory's /dev.
      mdoc: Add definition for XSH, Issue 4, Version 2.
      standards.7: Add URLs for a couple of standards.
      mknod(2): Restrict functionality to creating FIFOs.
      Remove the mknod(8) utility.
      Revert "mknod(2): Restrict functionality to creating FIFOs."
      installer: Use the LiveDVD's pfi.conf generally (works for LiveCD too).
      share/Makefile: Break at initial letter boundary and sort terminfo.
      installer: Remove CAPS remains.
      arcmsr(4): Remove some dead code and an unused variable.
      kernel/mmc: Remove an unused variable.
      arcmsr(4): Add missing D_MPSAFE (forgot when porting).
      kernel/procfs: Silence gcc47's whining.
      kernel/iscsi: Do not conditionalize on undefined names.
      mlx(4): Remove unused defines.
      kernel/acpi: Fix #include, <sys/mutex.h> is not needed.
      kernel/ndis: We want the ctx_list and oid for now.
      fwcontrol(8): Remove dead code.
      mount_ntfs(8): Remove old __FreeBSD_version checks.
      iscontrol(8): Remove some unneeded includes.
      librt/aio_cancel(): Set errno to EBADF if the fd is not valid.
      Move AIO manual pages to librt.
      aio*.3: Some cleanup, wording improvement, etc.
      kernel/clock: Remove some pointless #include/#ifdef.
      aio_write.3: Bring back a bit that should not have been deleted.
      libpthread: Add sem_timedwait().
      kernel/powernow: Remove two unused variables.
      ng_fec: Fix a typo and include <net/ifq_var.h> for ifq_set_maxlen().
      kernel/atm: Include <net/ifq_var.h> for ifq_set_max().
      Make ng_fec compilable into the kernel and add it to the LINTs.
      Fix aio_* manual pages section in references to them.
      Bump copyright years.
      msgport.9: Adjust some comments to be <80 chars.
      Remove some emacs variable settings.
      kernel: The COMPAT_DF12 kernel option is pc32 specific.
      kernel: The NPX_DEBUG kernel option is pc32 specific, too.
      kprintf(9): Implement optional 'precision' for numbers.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables in network drivers.
      kernel: Move sys/dev/acpica5 to sys/dev/acpica.
      kernel: Remove unused variables in ACPI code (and add a __debugvar).
      kernel: Remove some unused variables in bktr(4) and cxm(4).
      Stop removing bsd.port.*.mk via 'make upgrade'.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables in netgraph/netgraph7.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables in gpio/spic/cardbus/ndis.
      kernel: COMPAT_DF12 is valid for vkernel (32 bit) too.
      kernel/posix scheduling: Style, indentation, etc.
      kernel/dm: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/disk: Remove some unused variables and add __debugvar.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables in kern/, opencrypto/ and platform/.
      kernel/netinet6: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/virtio: Some cleanup (Makefiles and gcc47 warnings).
      kernel/virtio: Make it compilable into the kernel.
      Add manual pages for virtio (taken from FreeBSD with modifications).
      kernel/hammer: Remove unused variables and add __debugvar.
      kernel: Replace the remaining __amd64__ with __x86_64__ for consistency.
      kernel/aac: sge64 is only used on x86_64.
      kernel/linprocs: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/tcp_{input,output}: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/802_11: Remove unused variables.
      kernel/netproto: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/nfs: Add a 'break' for readability and remove unneeded semicolon.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables in RAID and disk drivers.
      kernel/bus: Remove some unused variables and put others in #ifdef...
      kernel/vfs: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/netinet: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/sound: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/net: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel: Remove some more unused variables in the network drivers.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables in the serial drivers.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables in the rest of the kernel tree.
      kernel: Silence gcc47's -Wcast-qual warnings.
      virtio.4: virtio_pci has no own manpage. Also use .Nm for self-reference.
      tws(4): Add MSI support.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Fix sizeof().
      Remove %D conversion from kprintf(9) and the GCCs.
      kernel: Fix the build of the SOEKRIS kernel config.
      kernel/netgraph7: Remove <sys/ktr.h>. There's no DragonFly KTR here.
      kernel/netgraph7: Add a missing header to the Makefile.
      kernel/netgraph7: Fix cluster_limit argument to objcache_create_mbacked().
      kernel/netgraph7: Use kether_ntoa().
      kernel/wlan_acl: Put two more ethstr[] under IEEE80211_DEBUG.
      Revert "gcc4x: Update README to remove format.c from patched list"
      Fix buildkernel for lex/yacc upgrades, too.
      hotplugd(8): Remove some compat defines and add comments about it.
      m4/ngctl/ppp: Silence gcc47 -Wcast-qual warnings.
      libdmsg: last{dist,rnss} are used with REQUIRE_SYMMETRICAL only.
      bmake: Mark a return value unused.
      libfetch: Remove an unused variable.
      libdmsg: Mark some return values unused.
      kernel/802_11: Put a couple more ethstr[] under IEEE80211_DEBUG.
      kernel/nexus: Remove some unneeded includes.
      kernel/amr: Extend the visibility of AMR_DEBUG.
      Remove some more %D remains here and there.
      m4.1: Remove some unneeded arguments to .Nm
      kernel/mfi: Sort commands by opcode.
      kernel/agp: No need to include opt_bus.h here.
      usb4bsd: Add missing parameter to ue_start().
      UPDATING: Adjust heading.
      Fix some more things related to the switch to gcc47.
      libm: Exclude -Woverflow from -Werror in s_csqrtl.c for gcc47/i386.
      Remove xlint. It's outdated and there are much better checkers around.
      Enable -Werror for world building with gcc47.
      hexncpy.9: Some little cleanup.
      kether_ntoa.9: Mention %D.
      games/atc: Fix a logic bug.
      kether_ntoa.9: Fix prototypes.
      tip(1): Fix some -Wmissing-parameter-type warnings.
      Revert "Revert "i386/files: isa/clock.c is clean enough to compile w/ -Werror""
      kernel/virtio: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/virtio: Remove some unneeded inclusions of <sys/cdefs.h>.
      kernel/virtio: Constify some struct members to silence warnings.
      kernel/firewire: Remove #ifdef __DragonFly__ jungle.
      kernel: Nuke ISA sound card support.
      acpi.4: Document that HPET is enabled by default.
      Fix our tree for -Wmissing-include-dirs.
      make upgrade: Remove another manpage (an MLINK) which has changed name.
      kernel/callout: Remove some unused old code.
      tip(1): Remove the clearing of the schg flag of cu(1) during installation.
      Update locale and i18n files.
      mtree: Add back a directory which I removed by mistake.
      ccd.4: Add a conventional synopsis and remove config info in the text.
      ccd.4: Break line after sentence.
      mtree: Remove /usr/libdata/lint. Must've overlooked it.
      tws(4): Fix a typo in a debug message.
      kernel: Handle some variables only used in debug output.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/drm: Put two variables under #if 0 for future use (see comment).
      kernel/nmdm: Comment variables which are only used in commented code.
      kernel/sound: Use pci_{get,set}_powerstate(). Fixes -Wundef.
      kernel: Fix various -Wundef warnings.
      mfi(4): Add D_MPSAFE to the disk flags.
      ccdconfig(8): When ccd can't be kldloaded, explain a possible reason.
      kernel: A few small fixes to make a minimal kernel config compile.
      kernel: Move some externs under INET too.
      kernel/vinum: Fix userland fallout from my -Wundef kernel fixes.
      rc.d/addswap: Load the vn(4) module if not already present.
      patch(1): When -C is specified, do not claim to have saved rejects.
      patch(1): Fix typo.
      <sys/bus.h>: Add DEVMETHOD_END.
      kernel: Use DEVMETHOD_END in the drivers.
      <sys/bus.h>: Fix wording.
      vkernel/vke: Comment out 'ifp', just like the code that uses it.
      asr(4): Remove a case that is not a member of the enum being tested.
      iso639: Add Standard Moroccan Tamazight.
      hier.7: Document that /boot/kernel is a directory and has the modules too.
      libdmsg: Fix pointer dereference.
      Use NULL for pointers in a couple of places.
      kernel/isa: Remove empty isa_init() (formerly used for COMPAT_OLDISA).
      kernel/x86_64: Remove some bogus #ifndefs.
      libkern: Stop compiling in (u)cmpdi2.c, because they are not used.
      <malloc.h>: Restrict support for <malloc.h> to !defined(__STDC__).
      kernel/vm_object: Add debugvm_object_hold_maybe_shared() prototype.
      ath(4): s/long long unsigned/unsigned long long/
      ccd(4): Fix operator precedence.
      kernel/i386: Use offsetof() here.
      Revert "<malloc.h>: Restrict support for <malloc.h> to !defined(__STDC__)."
      isp(4): Remove a duplicate xpt_alloc_ccb() that was causing leakage.
      kernel: Fix -Wundef in a number of places.
      kernel: Remove <machine/apm_segments.h>.
      kernel/u4b: sc is NULL here, so don't dereference it.
      Small correction in man5 MLINKS.
      varsym.1: Use EXIT STATUS.
      mfi(4): Fix a wrong assignment.
      ndis(4): Fix a wrong assignment.
      kernel/ic: Fix allocation of the output buffer.
      libc/regex: Fix setting the maximum of the range.
      amd(4): Remove duplicate assignment.
      kernel/arpresolve: Initialize 'rt' with NULL.
      kernel/tmpfs: Add missing include for vm_wait_nominal() prototype.
      kernel: Use our offsetof() from <sys/types.h> instead of a local one.
      kernel/ufs: Use __offsetof() instead of offsetof() (unbreaks buildworld).
      strchr.3: Small wording fixes.
      kernel/pf: Fix a bunch of gcc47 -Waddress warnings.
      vkernel.7: Use .Pa and break line on new sentence.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2013a from
      kernel/hptmv: Use __offsetof().
      kernel: Use __offsetof() in a few more places.
      make upgrade: Remove some reappeared files from the list.
      <sys/proc.h>: Make ONLY_LWP_IN_PROC() an inline function.
      kernel/netgraph7: Fix -Wcast-qual.
      <sys/proc.h>: Fix buildworld.
      kernel/asr: Fix -Waddress on gcc47.
      kernel: Disable -Winline and -Wunused-but-set-variable for buildkernel.
      kernel: Turn on -Werror for the gcc47 buildkernel.
      msk.4: Document hw.mskc.msi.enable.
      Don't install manpage for spic(4), which is i386 only, on x86_64.
      kernel/pci: Don't perform the maximum register number check.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2013b from
      kernel: Remove 'nowerror' from two files that don't need it.
      kernel: Remove 'nowerror' from two more files that don't need it. Remove some old commented out code. Put three more (minor) files under -Werror.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (adds FreeBSD 9.1).
      pciconf(8): Adjust some whitespace.
      <bus/pci/pcireg.h>: Add some more definitions.
      pciconf(8): Add support for displaying extended capabilities with -c.
      <paths.h>: Add /usr/local/{bin,sbin} to _PATH_DEFPATH.
      kernel/acpi: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/wlan: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/virtio: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/mfi: Move the dereference of 'sc' below the NULL check.
      kernel/ed: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/em/emx: Fix -Wundef. -Wno-unused-but-set-variable is gcc47 specific.
      natacontrol(8): s/atacontrol/natacontrol/
      natacontrol(8): Add commands to tweak power/acoustic management features.
      kernel/cpu_topology: They are just bits, not BITS.
      nrelease: Use variables.
      lock(1): Do not require 'options COMPAT_43' in the kernel config.
      kernel: Unbreak building kernels that have 'options BNX_TSO_DEBUG'.
      kernel: Remove 'options COMPAT_SUNOS'.
      libc/libc_r: Remove some obsolete comments.
      libc: Bring back warnings to libc.
      libc: Fix -Wold-style-definition.
      libc: Fix -Wunused-variable.
      libc: Fix -Wformat.
      libc: Fix -Wunused-label.
      libc: Fix -Wreturn-type.
      libc: Fix -Wempty-body.
      libc: Fix -Wmissing-field-initializers.
      libc: Fix -Wpointer-arith.
      libc: Fix -Wunused-parameter.
      lock(1): Use %jd for printing intmax_t.
      ciss(4): Fix build with CISS_DEBUG.
      libc: Fix -Wmissing-include-dirs. Add -Wmissing-include-dirs to WARNS >= 1.
      kernel: Make tty_compat.c optional in 'files' instead of in the source.
      kernel/mfi: Add a tunable/sysctl to modify the command timeout.
      mfi(4)/mfiutil(8): Add support for foreign configurations and drives.
      kernel: Fix buildkernel without INVARIANTS.

Sepherosa Ziehau (354):
      jme: Move uncommonly accessed fields to the end of the struct
      jme: Put TX related stuffs into struct jme_txdata
      kmalloc: Make allocation zone's chunk size align
      kmalloc: Add comment about alignment property
      kmalloc_cachealign: Utilize kmalloc() chunk size aligned property
      kmalloc: No need to call fls if the size is already power-of-2 aligned
      kmalloc: Use powerof2() to detect power-of-2 size
      kmalloc: Fix comment
      kmalloc: Streamline the code a little bit
      aesni: Utilize kmalloc M_POWEROF2
      ktr: Use __cachealign to align ktr_cpu
      cachealign: Fix __VM_CACHELINE_ALIGN
      jme: Cache align software TX/RX descriptor data
      acpi/pstate: Be lenient about wrong # of processors in the power domain
      jme: Let callout run on CPU0, this is where main serializer is held
      ifpoll: Don't pass pollhz to status poll handler
      ifpoll: Don't bark, if status poll handler does not exist
      emx: Remove unused statistics
      emx: Add comment and add assertion about serializer initialization
      emx: Pass emx_rxdata to RX related functions
      emx: Group TX related fields into emx_txdata; use it in TX related functions
      emx: Cache align software TX/RX descriptors
      igb: Move uncommonly accessed fields to the end of the struct
      igb: Cache align software TX/RX descriptors
      igb: Per-device TX/RX descriptor count tunables
      ifpoll: Adjust default parameters for 1000Mbps network
      bnx: Switch from DEVICE_POLLING to ifpoll
      snd/hda: Restore the magic register setting to enable cache snooping
      mbuf: Remove unused MALLOC_DEFINEs
      mbuf: Jumbo clusters are rarely used; keep the amount small.
      mbuf: Factor out m_getcl_cache; optimize m_getcl a little bit
      mbuf: Make cacheable fraction of mbuf clusters tunable
      ifpoll: Make status fraction and TX fraction easier to read
      config: Enable ifpoll (IFPOLL_ENABLE) by default
      netif: Enable ifpoll in module building
      objcache: Cache align magazinedepot and percpu_objcache
      objcache: objcache_create on longer changes cluster_limit
      objcache: Make sure that percpu_objcache and depot are cache line aligned
      objcache: Make sure magazines are cache line aligned
      em: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      em: Clear status polling count during interrupt disable handling
      ifpoll: Factor out code for devices which does not support multiple queues
      ioapic/x86_64: Allow GSI > 191
      ioapic/i386: Allow GSI > 191
      Revert "bge: Always configure MII mode register"
      bge: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      ifpoll: Also check sysctl_tree in compat code setup
      bce: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      re: Swicth from device_polling to ifpoll
      nfe: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      stge: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      xl: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      sis: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      ifpoll: Closely follow the old status polling fraction in the compat code
      rl: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      fxp: Switch device_polling to ifpoll
      vr: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      igb: Configure TX head write back before turn enable bit in TXDCTL
      dc: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      dc: Add missing ifpoll_compat_setup
      nge: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      vge: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      fwe: Switch from device_polling to ifpoll
      ifconfig: Deprecate "pollcpu" and make "polling" same as "polling"
      iwn: This driver never supported polling
      wpi: This driver never supported polling
      polling: Update manpage for device_polling to ifpoll switching
      config: Remove device_polling from stock configures
      firewire: Mention IFPOLL_ENABLE instead of DEVICE_POLLING
      polling: Remove device_polling support
      polling: Remove device_polling remainder
      mchian: Sync w/ FreeBSD a little bit
      netstat: Make netstat -rn more resilient to having the routing table changing
      igb: Dispatch callout to the CPU that is checking status
      pktgen: Rework to improve performance using low CPU frequency
      igb: Don't update TDT upon very packets transmitted
      emx: Don't update TDT upon very packets transmitted
      bnx: Commit coalesce parameters changes in polling code
      bnx: Improve tiny packets transmission performance on low frequency CPU
      emx: Use SYSCTL_ADD_INT for hw.emxX.wreg_tx_nsegs
      igb: Use SYSCTL_ADD_INT for hw.igbX.tx_wreg_nsegs
      bce: Reformat comment in bce_npoll_compat a little bit
      bce: Don't mess w/ MQ_COMMAND on TX path; it seems useless
      bce: Improve tiny packets transmission performance on low frequency CPU
      bce: Commit coalesce parameters changes in polling code
      polling: Increase default status polling fraction to 80
      max_linkhdr: Increase from 16 to 20; mainly to cooperate SW VLAN tagging
      sosendudp: Try to optimize out the additional mbuf alloc on output path
      bpf: Use bpf global token instead mplock to protect bpf stuffs
      bge: Commit coalesce parameters change in polling code
      bge: Improve tiny packets transmission performance on low frequency CPU
      jme: Improve tiny packets transmission performance on low frequency CPU
      igb: Improve tiny packets reception performance on low frequency CPU
      pktgen: Fix csum_data setting for in_delayed_csum()
      bnx: Remove redundant TX/RX index reading from polling code
      igb: The RDT writing thresh should be tested w/ ">=" instead of ">"
      bnx: Obey the RX polling count
      bnx: Avoid unnecessary local scope stack variable resetting
      polling: Add tunable for net.ifpoll.X.rx.user_frac
      bge: Avoid unnecessary local scope stack variable resetting
      bge: Obey the RX polling count
      bce: Disable RX max BDs based interrupt moderation
      thread: Add td_type field; this avoids blowout td_flags w/ type flags
      pktgen: Clear ip.ip_sum before calling in_cksum_hdr()
      ipfw: Don't spam the log if dynamic rules allocation failed
      polling: Diverge each CPU's polling frequency a little bit (within 50Hz)
      polling: Increase default rx.each_burst to 50
      if_start: Fix a race that could delay the packets transmission
      if_start: Fix indentation
      polling: Increase default polling rate to 6000Hz
      netisr: Add priority for netisr "rollup" functions
      netisr: Remove unused macros
      pktgen: This module is MPSAFE
      pktgen: Create 4 device nodes by default
      pktgenctl: Allow pktgen device to be specified
      tools/toeplitz: Force 0 padding in result printing
      ip_output: Don't drop packet based on if_snd queue length
      ip_forward: Optimize out the mbuf allocation for ICMP messages
      ifq_dispatch: If mbuf can't be enqueued and ifq has data; kick if_start
      ifq_dispatch: Avoid accessing the mbuf after it has been queued to if_snd
      ifq/staging: Initial implementation of IFQ packet staging mechanism
      polling: Perform RX polling before TX polling
      if_start: Use if_start_schedule in if_start_dispatch
      ifq/staging: Perform IFQ packet staging for if_start scheduling
      ifq/staging: Increase ifq_maxlen a little bit for packets get staged
      ifq/staging: Clean up IFQ packet staging resources
      ifq/staging: Remove debug code
      ifq/staging: Add comment about IFQ packet staging mechanism
      ifq: Use ifq_set_maxlen for ifnet.if_snd
      sctp: Don't test ifq_len against ifq_maxlen; let IFQ make the decision
      ip6: Don't test ifq_len against ifq_maxlen; let IFQ make the decision
      ifq: Move ifq_set_maxlen declaration to the declaration code block
      ifq: Add ifq_purge_all(); currently it's same as ifq_purge()
      atm: Use ifq_dispatch() instead of ifq_handoff()
      vlan: Use ifq_dispatch() instead of ifq_handoff()
      netgraph7/iface: Use ifq_dispatch() instead of ifq_handoff()
      emx: Fix comment
      igb: Fix comment
      pktgen: Pregenerate 3/4 of the ifq_maxlen should be enough
      em: Don't update TDT upon very packets transmitted
      if: Move IFF_OACTIVE bit into ifaltq; prepare multiple TX queues support
      if: Remove IFF_POLLING from kernel space.
      netgraph7/fec: Don't use IF_ macros on ifnet.if_snd
      ppp: Don't use IF_HANDOFF, use IF_ENQUEUE instead.
      if: Remove deprecated if_handoff and related macros
      x86_64/options: Indentation
      npx: Always embed saveymm in savefpu and remove dependency on opt_cpu.h
      tun: Don't use IF_DROP on ifnet.if_snd
      ef: Don't use IF_ queue macros on ifnet.if_snd
      net: Don't use IF_DROP on ifnet.if_snd
      iwi: Dont' use IF_ macros on ifnet.if_snd
      ral: Don't use IF_ macros on ifnet.if_snd
      de: Don't use IF_ macros on ifnet.if_snd
      wi: Don't use IF_ macros on ifnet.if_snd
      net: Don't use IF_{EN,DE}QUEUE on ifnet.if_snd
      if: Update IF_ macros comment
      ifq: Update comment in net/ifq_var.h
      ifq: Add ifq_{is,set,clr}_started to access/modify altq_started
      ifq: Add ifq_get_stage to loacte proper altq_stage data
      if: if_start_schedule -> ifq_ifstart_schedule
      if: Add if_devstart_sched to schedule ifnet.if_start call
      if: if_start_need_schedule -> ifq_ifstart_need_schedule
      jme: Always save TX interrupt CPUID
      igb: Save TX interrupt CPUID into tx_ring struct
      if: Move if_cpuid into ifaltq; prepare multiple TX queues support
      pktgen: Allow pktgenctl to specify # of packets to be queued onto TX queue
      if: Move if_start_nmsg into ifaltq; prepare multiple TX queue support
      if: Multiple TX queue support step 1 of many; introduce ifaltq subqueue
      if: Free subqueue memory upon if_detach
      if: Multiple TX queue support step 2 of many
      if: Remove unused if_start_nmsg from ifnet
      if: Multiple TX queue support step 3 of 3; map CPUID to subqueue
      if: Remove unused IFNET serializer enum, macros and functions.
      if: Optimize ifnet_serialize_array_ function a little bit
      tcp/tso: Add per-device TSO aggregation size limit
      tcp: Improve sender-sender and sender-receiver fairness on the same netisr
      udp6: Remove pcb from wildcard table before calling in_pcbconnect
      if: Update comment about polling cpuid ioctl variables, which is deprecated
      sockio: Sort SIOC into numerical order
      ifconfig: IFF_OACTIVE and IFF_POLLING are gone
      tcp: Add comment about "fairsend"
      tcp: Limit new segements burst to 4 during extended limited transmit
      igb: Properly set RX ring in use upon enter/exit polling mode
      if: Add subqueue watchdog helper functions for driver use
      igb: Utilize subqueue watchdog functions
      igb: Setup subqueue CPUID before possible calling of igb_init
      igb: Use ifsq_devstart_sched in watchdog and resume methods
      igb: Don't assume only one TX queue will be enabled.
      igb: Merge per-RX queue rx_wregs into single rx_wreg_nsegs node
      igb: Make tx_intr_nsegs and tx_wreg_nsegs nodes aware of multiple TX queues
      wlan: Remove unused ieee80211_drain_ifq
      wlan: ifaltq is no longer ifqueue
      igb: Define macros for wreg_nsegs, instead of using magic number
      igb: Move IGB_FLAG_TSO_IPLEN0 into TX rings
      igb: Add per-TX ring enable flag.
      igb: Add IGB_TSS_DEBUG kernel option
      igb: Add per-TX ring tx_pkt sysctl node, if IGB_TSS_DEBUG is enabled
      if: Add function to set subqueue count
      igb: Setup subqueue count properly
      if: Add power of 2 mask based CPUID to subqueue mapping
      igb: Utilize power of 2 mask based CPUID to subqueue mapping
      if: Fix wrong assertion condition in ifq_set_subq_mask
      igb: Fix up TX rings' MSI-X setup
      igb: Setup TX rings' intr CPUID properly if MSI/legacy intr is used
      igb: Rework serializer array setup
      igb: Implement aggregated RX/TX MSI-X support
      igb: Enable multiple hardware TX queues
      socket: Mark the asynchronous rcvd netmsg dead, when it is dropped
      pktgen: Unbreak compile
      pktgen: Use atomic for pktgen and module reference count
      pktgen: Move buflist and stop callout into per-cpu data struct
      pktgen: Factor out pktgen_ref
      pktgen: Support multiple TX queues
      ig_hal: Merge intel em-7.3.4 and igb-2.3.7 hardware abstraction layer
      emx: Sync w/ intel em-7.3.4
      em: Sync w/ intel em-7.3.4
      igb: Sync w/ intel igb-2.3.7
      em/emx: Clear bit 28 of TARC1 for 82571/82572/es2lan
      emx: Implement multiple hardware TX queue support; disabled by default
      ppp: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      de: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      bridge: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      bnx: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      kue: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      tl: Fix set-bu-unused gcc47 warning
      bge: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      bfe: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      bce: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      tools/fw: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning in generated C file
      mxge: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      sln: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      ral: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      iwn: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      ath: Partly fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      acpica: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      wlan: Partly fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      ip6/mroute: Partly fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      pf: Fix set-but-unused gcc47 warning
      ifaddr: Cache align ifaddr_container
      bridge: Disable TSO on member interface
      tap: Define TAP_MANUALMAKE; unbreak building
      if: Per-cpu ifnet/ifaddr statistics, step 1/3
      if: Per-cpu ifnet/ifaddr statistics, step 2/3
      if: Per-cpu ifnet/ifaddr statistics, step 3/3
      netstat: Make "netstat -w" aware of new ifnet stats location
      igb: Remove unused macros
      igb: Fix comment
      em/emx: Avoid using magic number for TX register writing aggregation
      kernel: Use __debugvar for stack variables used only by assertion
      bge: Avoid using magic number for TX register writing aggregation
      bnx: Avoid using magic number for TX register writing aggregation
      bce: Make TX register writing aggregation tunable
      jme: Avoid using magic number for TX register writing aggregation
      bce: Remove debug stuffs
      pcidevs: Add PCi device ID for Broadcom 5717C
      pcidevs: regen
      bnx: Support 5717 C0, which is almost same as 5720 A0
      if: Add compat mode for ifnet stats so that 3rd party apps can work
      icmp: Disable icmplim_output by default
      bce: Factor out bce_xmit()
      bce: Put TX related fields into bce_tx_ring
      bce: Put RX related fields into bce_rx_ring
      bce: Fix supported devices list in comment
      bce: Regroup function declaration
      bce: Defer interrupt allocation until the TX/RX rings are allocated
      bce: Split TX/RX serializer
      bce: Reimplement polling in non-compat mode
      bce: Switch to IFQ subqueue functions and use per-TX queue watchdog
      bce: RX and TX ring counts are not required to be same
      icmp: ICMP is MPSAFE
      igb: Fix timer cpuid settings when entering/exiting polling mode
      bce: Fix tick/pulse callout target CPU setting
      altq/hfsc: Fix wrong malloc size
      bce: Free serializer array in detach path
      bce: Move RX serializers before TX serializers
      bce: Save CID into related TX/RX ring struct
      bce: Cache TX/RX consumer indices' location
      netisr: Dedicated network thread is not netisr
      netmsg: Update comment
      arp: Embed netmsg_inarp in mbuf for asynchronized ARP input processing
      gcc47/x86_64: Add more -mno flags
      bce: Move status index's location and cached status index into RX ring
      bce: Put interrupt reenabling into each interrupt handlers
      gcc47/i386: Add more -mno flags
      altq: Don't use poll cache
      bce: Implement multiple TX/RX rings and MSI-X support for 5709/5716
      bce: Put per RX ring received packets debug stats under BCE_RSS_DEBUG
      bce: White space cleanup
      bce: Strip extra blank lines
      bce: Pack RX/TX mbuf related fields into struct
      ethernet: Make hash check possible even if RSS_DEBUG is not defined
      bce: Utilize hardware supplied RSS hash
      jme: Correct RSS key registers configuration order
      bce: Setup TX queues before hooking up interrupt vectors
      async_rcvd: Fix possible deadlock
      jme: Set TX queue's CPUID before enable/disable interrupt
      jme: Setup TX ring CPUID before hooking up interrupt vectors
      igb: Setup TX queues before hooking up interrupt vectors
      igb: Disable interrupts before setting up the interrupt vectors
      emx: Setup TX queues before hooking up interrupt vectors
      pcidevs: Add device id for DLink 520TX C1
      pcidevs: regen
      rl: Take DLink DFE520TX C1
      netif: Setup TX ring CPUID before hooking up interrupt vectors
      msk: Enable MSI
      igb: Fix comment; 82575 expects TX context index instead of ring index
      emx: Update comment about multiple TX queues on 82574
      re: Enable MSI on PCIe chips by default
      re: Use memory mapped IO for PCIe chips
      re: Don't loop in the interrupt handler; it does no good
      et: Enable MSI
      ifsq: Let ifaltq_subque know its related hardware TX queue's serializer
      ifnet: Simplify ifnet_serialize_array function interface
      route(8): Fix a possible infinite loop in "route flush"
      pcidevs: Sort Broadcom chips device IDs in numeric order
      pcidevs: regen
      pcidevs: Add device IDs for Broadcom 5762/5725/5727
      pcidevs: regen
      miidevs: Add PHY IDs for Broadcom 5762
      miidevs: regen
      miidevs: Flip BCM5720C and BCM5718C IDs
      miidevs: regen
      async_rcvd: Remove the dead async rcvd message debug logging
      async_rcvd: Move MSGF_DONE test under async rcvd spinlock
      async_rcvd: Don't add/drop socket reference on hot path
      bnx: Add support for BCM5762 chips
      bnx: Fix transmit hangs for 57766 and 57765 non-Ax chips
      bnx: Improve 57766 performance by forcing 2K DMA size
      pcidevs: Add device ID for Sundance ST201
      ste: Add another PCI device ID for Sundance ST201
      vr: Remove extra VR_ISR_RX_NOBUF test
      tcp: Cache align tcp_stats
      ip: Cache align ip_stats
      lnc: Call ether_ifattach() before lance_stop()
      udp: Make stats per-cpu
      ipiq: Make stats per-cpu
      bce: Try enabling MSI-X on 5716 too
      bce: Don't use MSI-X, if the effective RX ring count is 1
      ipiq: Use cached mycpu to access per-cpu ipiq stats
      jme: Fix comment
      jme: Enable PHY calibration to fix compat issue w/ certain switches
      bnx: Remove remainder of BCM5906
      bnx: Defer interrupt allocation until chip reset is done
      bnx: It does not make sense to have ret-ring size larger than prod-ring
      bnx: Regroup TX related fields into TX ring struct
      bnx: NIC based TX rings are only applicable to chips before 5705
      re: Disable IP header checksum offloading on 8168C/8168CP
      bnx: Turn softc SHORTDMA flag into per TX ring flag
      bnx: Make "force defrag" as TX ring flag
      bnx: Make sure that all of the TX rings receive tx_wreg update
      bge: Limit STD RX ring prod index increment to 8 for 5750, 5752 and 5755
      bnx: Properly setup TX ring prod index position
      bnx: Pack TX mbuf and dmamap together; improve cache utilization

Stathis Kamperis (1):
      objcache.9: cluster_limit is no longer changed

Thomas Nikolajsen (3):
      usched(8): Add cpumask
      loader(8): Add documentation on kern.user_scheduler
      usched_set.2: Add BUGS section and improve formatting

Tim (1):
      make device_probe_child() public

Venkatesh Srinivas (22):
      hammer2 -- Compile fixes.
      hammer2 -- Compile fixes #2.
      hammer2 -- Cleanup volume header readout a bit.
      hammer2 -- Remove tmpfs scaffold.
      hammer2 -- Flesh out _mount vfsops, add mountctl.
      Correct assertion in hammer2_freei.
      Read volume header.
      hammer2 -- Read multiple volume headers and validate CRC for sect0.
      hammer2 -- Add missing error set in valid path.
      Use copyinstr for volume field.
      kernel: mfs -- Fix unmount panic for MFS filesystems.
      hammer2 -- Check root blockset CRC during mount attempts.
      hammer2 -- Fix failure to release buffer in hammer2 mount path error route.
      kernel -- ffs: ufs_ihash may not match for vnode recycling reasons.
      kernel -- ccd: Concatenated disk MPLOCK rework.
      kernel -- Import virtio & virtio-block drivers.
      Rename vtblk_intr_task to vtblk_complete.
      kernel -- Tie virtio, virtio-blk into build.
      Build fixes.
      kernel -- virtio: Implement virtio-layer lwkt_serializer for devices
      kernel -- ffs: Softdep lock fix (lk unheld in process_worklist_item)
      kernel -- syscons: Resolve unmatched PHOLD() for MOUSE_MODE ioctl.

Vishesh Yadav (1):
      idr: Integer ID management library

YONETANI Tomokazu (1):
      re: RealTek8111F found in ASUS C60M1-I

rnoland (1):
      agp: Fix a handful of issues with via agp support

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