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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
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DragonFly 3.3.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (1):
      Fix for password truncation when using crypt(3) with DES

Alex Hornung (40):
      devattr - add more helpful failure message
      disk - add uuid to udev dict of parts
      puffs - fix panic on hardlink
      puffs - check whether the FS has the given op
      psshfs - implement hard links
      agp - fix potential panic
      dm - Add manpages for target crypt and striped
      crypttab.5 - Mention loading dm_target_crypt
      kthread_create - fix varargs bug
      identcpu - add bits about RdRand (RDRND)
      rdrand - An RNG driver for the RdRand insn
      LINT{,64} - add rdrand
      rdrand.4 - add man page
      rdrand.4 - add warning about being untested
      puffs - fix possible null pointer dereference
      disklabel - add new freedisklabel op
      subr_disk - clear out old labels
      vnconfig - use correct device if using autoclone
      disk - add flag to use underlying psize
      vn - use DSO_RAWPSIZE flag
      boot/loader - test if CPU supports long mode
      scsi_cd - don't lock tray on cdcheckmedia()
      vfsops - add two new ops, ncpgen_set, ncpgen_test
      dump_conf - delay extra 2s before looking for dumpdev
      vfs_conf - remove old debug message tryroot()
      puffs - don't lock dvp on nresolve
      puffs - don't lock dvp on nresolve
      top - Display threads when asked to
      x86_64 mptable - maximum lapic id is 64
      acpidump - be a bit more lenient and don't assert
      mptable - use the table's cpu_flags
      open - implement O_DIRECTORY
      open.2 - document O_DIRECTORY
      implement linkat
      linkat(2) man page
      opendir(3) - use O_DIRECTORY
      ktr.4 - add note about KTR_USCHED_BSD4
      usched_bsd4 - fix incorrect use of PINTERLOCKED tsleep
      usched_bsd4 - use wakeup_mycpu as appropriate
      usched_bsd4 - topology sched: go for safe defaults

Antonio Huete Jimenez (61):
      kern - Skip rlimit check when caller is a kernel thread.
      rconfig - LVM stripe script
      rconfig - Fix getopt options
      kern - Merge two functions to avoid duplicated code.
      kern - Do not expose _kthread_create()
      ntfs - Fix build with NTFS_DEBUG
      ntfs - Add NTFS_DEBUG kernel option.
      ntfs - Set CNP_PDIRUNLOCK flag if we unlock the parent dir.
      rc.d - Add a message to initrandom
      mdoc.local: Add FreeBSD 10.0.
      libkern - Add memcchr(9).
      tuxload - Minor modifications.
      hammer - Add tunable vfs.hammer.skip_redo
      tuxload - Enhace tuxload a bit.
      dhclient - Fix OpenBSD CVS ids to match current version.
      dhclient - Fix spurious 'got link'
      dhclient - Clarify discussion of option modifiers.
      dhclient - Fix typo.
      dhclient - Term consistency about the config script.
      dhclient - Improve comment about resolv.conf creation.
      dhclient - Add 6-byte MAC address to the log entries for DHCP ACK/NAK/OFFER.
      dhclient - Error out if _dhcp user is missing.
      dhclient - Fix old bug that could cause lease mangling.
      dhclient - Remove unneeded ARGSUSED
      dhclient - Print out debug messages only when DEBUG is defined.
      dhclient - Lets state_panic() check the rest of valid leases.
      dhclient - Use addr_eq() when possible.
      dhclient - Make room for trailing \0 on prepend/append for dhcp options.
      dhclient - Silence dhclient by immediately exiting if the interface doesn't exist.
      dhclient - Be more strict in check_option().
      dhclient - Use strdup() instead of malloc/strlcpy.
      dhclient - Remove unused function.
      dhclient - Add 'egress' command-line option.
      dhclient(8) - Remove NOTES section.
      dhclient - Add and ignore DHCP option 66/0x42 TFTP server name.
      dhclient - Make sure an interface is registered before we start using it.
      dhclient.conf(5) - Few fixes. Reword a sentence.
      dhclient.conf(5) - New sentence, new line.
      dhclient - Fix interval handling.
      dhclient - Drop medium/alias useless utilization.
      dhclient - Stray '$medium' missed in last commit.
      dhclient-script(8) - Align man page with current reality.
      dhclient - Remove wrong processing of option 33 (static routes).
      dhclient - Properly handle zero-length option hints.
      dhclient - Only warn on unknown options when appropiate.
      dhclient - Sequential options processing more friendly.
      dhclient - Tweak leases file handling.
      dhclient - Tweak parsing.
      dhclient - Try harder to re-initialize parsing state.
      dhclient - Cancel all timeouts in state_reboot().
      dhclient - Set state to S_REBOOTING when calling state_reboot().
      dhclient - Change return code test logic.
      dhclient - Nuke interface_link_status().
      dhclient - Delete trailing NUL's when parsing NVT ASCII options.
      dhclient - Add some more paranoia and make code clearer.
      dhclient - Have only one timeout at once.
      dhclient - Assume link is up when IFM_AVALID isn't set.
      doc - Add some more porting notes regarding CVS ids.
      doc - Fix previous commit.
      Makefile.usr - Switch to pkgsrc-2012Q2.
      vkernel - Properly initialize pool tokens.

Aycan iRiCAN (1):
      Merged thread-specific cleanup patch from FreeBSD.

Chris Turner (10):
      Add 'one' behavior to rc.subr, update rc.subr.8 .
      Update 'rcrun' with a 'onestart' action to use the rc.subr 'one' functionality
      kernel: add missing holds/drops to vm_fault_copy_entry
      kernel: reorganize new holds in vm_fault_copy_entry
      kernel: fixup accidental whitespace shift in vm_fault_copy_entry commit
      pkill(1): add '-j jid' flag to restrict matches to jailed processes.
      pstat.8: add reference to the fstat(8) command.
      periodic/daily: add option to specify list of pfs's to daily/160.clean-hammer
      periodic.conf(5): document new 'daily_clean_hammer_pfslist' variable.
      hammer(8): add HAMMER_RSH environment variable support.

Francois Tigeot (26):
      kernel - properly initialize vnode->v_pfsmp
      VFS accounting: check if nullfs mp* really exist
      VFS accounting: handle file truncation on open(2)
      vquota(8): Only count files with more than 2 hard links once
      VFS accounting: fix an issue with unlink operations
      VFS accounting: do not set vp->v_pfsmp for non-nullfs mounts
      VFS accounting: use an explicit TAILQ_FIRST/TAILQ_NEXT loop in mountlist_exists()
      mountlist_exists(): use a TAILQ_FOREACH macro again
      VFS accounting: use vq_vptomp() in kern_ftruncate()
      VFS accounting: small speed optimization
      VFS accounting: do not count write operations for removed files
      VFS quota: add per mount-point global, uid and gid limit fields.
      VFS accounting: fix vfs_register()
      VFS accounting: do not call initialization functions directly
      VFS quota: report per mount-point space limits
      VFS accounting: have syscalls fail if not enabled
      VFS quota: add a function to set a per mount-point global space limit
      VFS quota: start enforcing limits
      VFS quota: add a command to set a user's quota
      VFS quota: add a command to set a group quota
      VFS quota: enforce user and group limits
      Document the vquotactl() syscall
      Update to per-CPU hardware resources format.
      Import ichwd(4) from FreeBSD
      Import amdsbwd(4) from FreeBSD
      kernel: tcp_fasttimo() is dead

François Tigeot (58):
      VFS accounting: optimize vop_write() performance
      VFS accounting: isolate the code to find the real mp
      Kernel - Completely remove DFLTPHYS
      VFS accounting: avoid VOP_GETATTR() calls
      Kernel - Restore the 64KB max. IO size limit
      Kernel: Set max io size limit for all disk devices
      vkernel: cap vdisk max. io size to MAXPHYS
      Kernel - properly handle max. io size when dumping
      VFS accounting: remove unneeded code
      vquota(8): document a limit of 0 means no check
      Rename vfs_accounting_enabled to vfs_quota_enabled
      Kernel: do not manipulate watchdog list if empty
      kernel: in_cksum2.s is needed by inet6 code
      kernel: increase watchdog default period to 30s
      drm: Stow drivers for various chip families
      ixgbe: Import Intel PRO/10GbE driver from FreeBSD
      rc.d: rename vfs_accounting to vfs_quota
      VFS quota: replace MNT_ACCOUNTING by MNT_QUOTA
      ixgbe(4): Use MSI by default
      aic7xxx: fix a pointer sign warning
      kernel: remove O_ROOTCRED
      kernel: remove O_FRNONBLOCKING
      kernel: Implement O_CLOEXEC
      opendir(3): use O_CLOEXEC
      ixgbe: remove some FreeBSD version checks
      kernel: add a LOCK_SYSINIT helper macro
      kernel: add a flags argument to LOCK_SYSINIT
      ixgbe: compilation fix for debug routines
      ixgbe(4): Sync with FreeBSD
      ixgbe(4): remove a lockinit() call
      ixgbe: replace direct lockmgr calls by macros
      ixgbe: Remove a useless assertion
      ixgbe: Remove the multicast spinlock
      ixgbe: Use callout_init_mp()
      ixgbe: remove unneeded lockuninit call
      kernel: Set kern.ipc.shm_use_phys to 1 by default
      ixgbe: Rework ixgbe_xmit()
      ixgbe: enable VLAN code
      kernel: IFCAP_TSO is really IPv4-specific
      ixgbe: enable existing FreeBSD IPv4 TSO code
      ixgbe: add tso_pullup function
      ixgbe: Explicitely enable PCIe bus mastering
      Document bus_setup_intr_descr(9)
      Rename notes/ directory to doc/
      ixgbe: Enable existing MSI-X code
      ixgbe: Move sysctl creation to a separate function
      ixgbe: Remove the Adaptative Interrupt Moderation code
      ixgbe: Do all RX/TX processing in ithreads
      ixgbe: Replace the TX lockmgr lock by a serializer
      ixgbe: Document a performance tuning sysctl
      ixgbe: Remove the link handler tasklet
      tuning(7): shm_use_phys is now enabled by default
      ixgbe: Remove link handler tasklet remnants
      ixgbe: Remove useless locking directives
      ixgbe: Purge queue on inactive interfaces
      ixgbe: Use MB_DONTWAIT with mbuf operations
      ixgbe: Do not use mbuf jumbo clusters
      ixgbe: Define missing DEBUGOUT# macros.

Johannes Hofmann (1):
      use rb-tree for directory lookups

John Marino (150):
      rtld: Remove unused xrealloc function
      rtld: Compress FreeBSD CVSIDs
      rtld: Set foundation to use aux vectors to get osreldate
      rtld: Make thread-safe by replacing libc printf functions
      rtld: Remove useless arch Makefiles
      rtld: Implement ELF filters (DT_FILTER and DT_AUXILIARY)
      rtld: Add stubs to support PT_GNU_STACK
      rtld: Use DAGS for symbol lookup; adjust weak symbol logic
      rtld: Add STT_GNU_IFUNC and R_MACHINE_IRELATIVE_GNU support
      man rtld: add -fPIC flag to _rtld_functrace example
      elf: Add translation function between vm_prot_t and p_flags
      csu: Add .note.ABI-tag and .note.GNU-stack
      ldscript.*: sync with FreeBSD
      compilers.conf: Update default CXX path for gcc46
      custom cc script: add c++ support for gcc46 compiler
      custom cc script: Fix "Unterminated quoted string" error
      custom cc script: Use gcc46's c++ library instead of base
      CCVER=gcc46: Minor tweaks for buildworld
      CCVER=gcc46: Adjust Makefile so boot2 remains < 7.5kb
      CCVER=gcc46: Separate LDFLAGS meant for gcc and ld
      librefuse: Remove from Makefile; it breaks world
      CCVER=gcc46: Now builds world and kernel cleanly
      boot2: slim it down about 300 bytes
      cdefs: Rework and augment visibility attributes
      Support exception handling on statically-linked binaries
      rtld: Add support for preinit, init, and fini arrays
      gold linker v2.22: Return to constructors in DT_INIT_ARRAY
      static dl_iterate_phdr: remove unused phent variable
      objformat: Add LINKERVER environment variable recognition
      objformat: Avoid unnecessary getenv calls
      binutils: Make manpage handling generic to ease maintenance
      remove unused /usr/libexec/binutils2*/elf/ld
      binutils: Revert unwanted change to
      binutils: Fix typo in Makefile
      rtld: add carriage return to die()
      x86_64 getmemsize: Recover 0x100000 bytes
      kern build: Update ldscripts
      loaded: Remove obsolete -elf cflags
      kern build: Tweak ldscripts for gold linker
      loader: use _end symbol instead of end
      loader: Add linker scripts for gold v2.22
      boot2: Add linker scripts for gold v2.22
      objformat: Recognize LDVER instead of LINKERVER
      build: Add WORLD_LDVER (similar to WORLD_CCVER)
      rtld: fix debug statement
      rtld: Support DT_GNU_HASH (startup performance increase)
      gcc44: Instruct linkers to create GNU hash tables
      Upgrade GCC from 4.4.7 snapshot 2011-10-25 to 4.4.7-RELEASE
      gcc44: Update version to gcc-4.4.7 RELEASE
      rtld: Shrink by eliminating stdio
      crtstuff: Remove unused crtbegin/crtend support files
      rtld: Don't use toupper function in rtld_printf.c
      crtstuff: Move 6 identical sed patterns to variable
      crtstuff: Move ELF note definitions to dedicated header
      crtstuff: refactor
      rtld: Add main object initialization and finalization
      crtstuff: Stop calling _init/_fini methods on dyn binaries
      rtld: fixing bad patch
      ELF: Update header, sync with binutils 2.22
      rtld: Implement DT_RUNPATH and -z nodefaultlib
      gcc44: remove /usr/lib from rpath
      gcc41: remove /usr/lib from rpath
      defaults: remove /usr/lib/gcc* from ldconfig search path
      rtld: Fix ELF filter implementation
      rtld: Sync memory allocation with FreeBSD
      rtld: allocate obj->vertab only once
      rtld: Implement fdlopen(3)
      rtld: Fix rtld_functrace
      dlfcn: How weak!
      rtld: Add write-lock to case of filter loading
      rtld: Sync with FreeBSD after gnu_hash import
      rtld: Add two special directives to libmap.conf
      realpath(3): Upgrade to POSIX IEEE Std 1003.1-2008
      rtld: Utilize malloc capability of recently updated realpath
      rtld(1): Add shared object search order to the man page
      rtld: Fix gethints()
      Upgrade grep version 2.9 to 2.12 on the vendor branch
      grep: remove local option --only-files permanently
      grep: Upgrade from version 2.9 to 2.12
      grep: Restore modification for HAMMER FS
      Import NetBSD's LibEdit version 2012-03-11 on vendor branch
      new libedit: Local modifications to enable build
      new libedit: Silence -Wold-style-definition
      new libedit: Fix mismatch between 0 and pointers
      new libedit: add rl_completion_word_break_hook functionality
      new libedit: Add DragonFly README files to contrib
      libedit: Upgrade NetBSD version 2011-03-11
      Upgrade GDB from 7.3 to 7.4.1 on the vendor branch
      gdb: Temporarily revert modifications for branch merge
      gdb: Reapply modifications post-vendor branch merge
      gdb: Adjust tui to use libedit rather than readline
      gdb: Update DragonFly README files
      gdb: Update makefile framework for version 7.4.1 upgrade
      Update zlib from version 1.2.5 to 1.2.7 on vendor branch
      zlib: Remove zconf.h
      zlib: Add DragonFly README files
      zlib: Upgrade from version 1.2.5 to version 1.2.7
      Update ncurses from version 5.7 to 5.9 on vendor branch
      ncurses: Restore DragonFly README files
      libncurses: Upgrade from version 5.7 to 5.9
      elf_common.h: Define EM_ALPHA
      Upgrade GMP from 5.0.2 to 5.0.5 on the vendor branch
      gmplib: Update README files after vendor branch merge
      libgmp: Update from version 5.0.2 to 5.0.5
      termcap: Sync with FreeBSD
      ncurses: Fix bad paths, convert 3X to 3 on man pages
      ncurses: Fix ncurses-caused segfault
      ncurses: Block warning about "older tic versions"
      termcap: Adjust for new ncurses
      ncurses: Add wide-character support
      ncurses vendor branch: Bring in additional source files
      ncurses: move USE_GETCAP, update README files
      Add /usr.bin/tic: terminfo entry-description compiler
      Add share/terminfo: This constructs terminfo database
      terminfo: Add terminfo database creation to world build
      tic(1): Add man page for new tic utility
      Unbreak world (tic)
      gdb vendor branch: Bring in additional source files
      gdb: Fix gdb -tui mode
      kgdb: Add TUI mode as an option
      ld/gold: Add link-time optimization plugin support
      Libc: Remove i386 gcc hack concerning popcountsi2
      CCVER: Add /usr/pkgsrc/lang/gcc-aux as 'gcc47'
      x86_64 FPU: Set 64-bit precision for fadd/fsub/fsqrt etc.
      ncurses: Fix pkgsrc check and use of ncurses
      cut: Sync with FreeBSD
      xterm: Remove ability to restore console after man, less, etc.
      rtld: Parse notes later (bug# 2376)
      rtld: Delay DF_1_NODELETE process until object DAG loaded
      rtld: Perform reloc before filtree dependency object init
      rtld: Don't call process_nodelete with NULL object pointer Prevent "profiling impossible" warning
      Import mpc-1.0.1 to new vendor branch
      mpc: Add DragonFly READMEs and world makefiles
      Relocate libgmp and libmpfr world makefiles
      gmp/mpfr relocation: Forgot to commit one file
      gcc47 build fixes: Unused-but-set-variable + more warnings
      Import gcc-4.7.2 to new vendor branch
      GCC47: Add local modifications
      gcc47: Add DragonFly READMEs and world makefiles
      Switch on gcc47 and switch off gcc41
      libstdc++47: Fix c++config.h race
      gcc47 warnings: A few more fixes Remove -Werror flag from gcc47 builds
      libstdc++47: fix wrong vec.o inclusion
      Makefile.inc1: Unbreak buildworld
      gcc47: Restore cross-build capability Avoid redefining $PROG target
      Use GCC's builtin offset_of as the first option
      libgcc.a47: build with -fpic

Justin C. Sherrill (3):
      Switch to pkgsrc-2011Q4.
      Revert "Makefile.usr - Switch to pkgsrc-2012Q2."
      Branching 3.2/3.3

Magliano Andrea (6):
      First import (compiles, seems to run correctly)
      Revert previous commit (wrong tentative)
      Some files overlooked on first commit...
      Fix iasl compilation
      acpidb: add missing evglock.c to Makefile
      acpidb: regenerate osunixxf.c.patch

Markus Pfeiffer (17):
      libc: add getcontext, setcontext, makecontext and swapcontext on x86_64
      libc: correct copyright notice in makecontext.c
      test/test/README: add a few lines
      kernel: Change wmesg type for lockinit, lockreinit
      vkernel/vkernel64: fix a bug in cpu_regs.c
      vkernel/vkernel64: fix a bug in cpu_regs.c
      vkernel: revert two commits that break i386 vkernel
      kernel: fix a checkloop panic caused by EOPNOTSUPP not being passed down correctly
      kernel: add handling for ENODEV in poll_copyout and select_copyout
      kernel - Add BUS_DMA_KEEP_PG_OFFSET (x86_64)
      kernel - Add BUS_DMA_KEEP_PG_OFFSET (i386)
      mii: add AGERE ET1011 phy
      kernel - Correct whitespace in BUS_DMA_KEEP_PG_OFFSET (x86_64)
      kernel - busdma.h correct whitespace and add description
      kernel - remove dead code in busdma
      kernel - another attempt at fixing checkloop panic
      tests: make the code in poll_1.c a little bit clearer

Matthew Dillon (157):
      kernel - Fix SILI callout timer race
      kernel - Fix incorrect assertion during udp auto-binding
      kernel - Add vm_page_need_commit() and vm_page_clear_commit()
      kernel - Adjust tmpfs to use the new PG_NEED_COMMIT flag
      kernel - Improve pageout daemon & memory pressure detection w/tmpfs
      kernel - Add missing DRM_LOCK()
      kernel - Fix lockmgr lock mismatch panics when iwn used without wlan
      vkernel - Fix semi-random SIGILL crashes under heavy network loads
      test - Adjust randread to not share file descriptors
      build - Add git gc --aggressive to src and pkgsrc git repo creation
      HAMMER VFS: Conditionalize debug message
      boot - Fix overflow in CD I/O code
      fstat - Include current offset in output
      kernel - Fix clustered read bug
      kernel - Fix clustered read bug (2)
      kernel - Fix buffer cache deadlock due to multiple buffer cache sizes
      kernel - Add argument to nvtruncbuf()
      kernel - Cluster fixes + Enable clustering for HAMMER1
      kernel - Fix three AHCI bugs
      kernel - Fix mount refs interactions and umount races
      kernel - Fix another AHCI bug
      kernel - Fix bug in SILI, remove debugging in AHCI
      kernel - Fix improper unlock/relock sequence in HAMMER
      kernel - Improve NFS server error responses when an inode goes away
      kernel - Add workaround for errata #721 on AMD cpus (found by Matt Dillon)
      libc - Do not allow a stuck syslogd to screw up the entire system
      kernel - Fix improper BUF_UNLOCK() with spinlock held
      kernel - Revert 0d52e78c527ec7ba3ac62d40d9fa588c964d4c55
      kernel - Fix signal masking race assertion panic w/vkernel
      kernel - Do not use M_USE_INTERRUPT_RESERVE for M_NOWAIT
      HAMMER VFS - Fix assertion with multi-volume setup
      kernel - Reduce impact of write_behind on small/temporary files
      kernel - Add max I/O size cap to vmaxiosize()
      kernel - Fix degenerate cluster_write() cases
      HAMMER VFS - Only set B_CLUSTEROK on 64K buffers
      vmstat - Remove the busy_time == 0 hack
      kernel - Attempt to fix illegal xfer buffer in ulpt*
      tmpfs - Remove size cap
      mount - Split mount into mount_ufs, auto-detect fstype from disklabel
      mount - Split mount into mount_ufs, auto-detect fstype from disklabel
      kernel - Remove kernel-level ccms module (it will be moved into hammer2)
      kernel - Add comment on spinlocks_wr
      kernel - Fix bulk transfer issue in USB/ohci
      kernel - reduce kernel stack use
      kernel - reduce kernel stack use (2)
      kernel - Fix missing lock in pbuf update (minor)
      kernel - Fix MP race in sysv semaphore code
      kernel - Fix MP race in sysv semaphore code (2)
      boot - Fix boot probe ordering
      Kernel - Fix numerous procfs/ptrace issues
      Kernel - Fix numerous procfs/ptrace issues (2)
      kernel - Fix exit races which can lead to a corrupt p_children list
      kernel - Fix two UFS+softupdates bugs
      kernel - Fix numerous procfs/ptrace issues (3)
      kernel - Stop KTR logging during panic
      kernel - Fix long-standing vm_map token panic
      kernel - Fix incorrect dirty/reprotect code in pageout
      kernel - Change lockmgr LK_SHARED behavior to fix improper recursion return
      kernel - Adjust UFS and HAMMER to use uiomovebp()
      puffs - Comment out namecache purge for now
      kernel - Fix condvar races
      kernel - Attempt to fix i386 wire_count panic
      fastbulk - Adjustments to fix various issues
      fastbulk - Adjustments to fix various issues (2)
      fastbulk - Remove core files & empty dirs from /var/pkg/db
      fastbulk - More fixes and improvements
      fastbulk - more work
      kernel - Fix 32-bit build
      kernel - Attempt to fix i386 wire_count panic (98)
      linprocfs - Fix missing PRELE()s.
      linprocfs - Fix process exit / procfs vnode access race & stepping races
      fastbulk - Rework and clean up the Makefile
      kernel - Do not allow the time to be set to { 0, 0 }
      kernel - Implement Errata 721 for 32-bit kernels too
      kernel - Fix pmap_remove() issue.
      fastbulk - Exit w/success on more conditions
      sysperf - Add tests for clock_gettime(CLOCK_*_FAST...) modes
      kernel - Add additional clock_gettime() modes
      kernel - add cache_unlink(), fix a rename issue.
      kernel - Adjust devfs, hammer, and puffs to use the new cache_unlink()
      tmpfs - Fix numerous races and adjust to use cache_unlink()
      kernel - Do not allow destroyed namecache entries to be re-resolved
      kernel - reduce kern.maxvnodes default on 32 bit systems
      Add an internal document describing (in a very incomplete way at the moment) how to port a driver from FreeBSD.
      hammer - Fix core dump during remote termination of mirror-stream
      hammer - Add scoreboard file option
      hammer - Add ssh-remote directive
      kernel - Segment-align mmap and sysv_shm when possible
      kernel - Implement segment pmap optimizations for x86-64
      kernel - Implement segment pmap optimizations for x86-64 (1)
      kernel - Add sysctls and tunables for [ALT_]BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER, change
      kernel - Implement segment pmap optimizations for x86-64 (2)
      kernel - Implement segment pmap optimizations for x86-64 (3)
      kernel - Implement segment pmap optimizations for x86-64 (4)
      kernel - Implement segment pmap optimizations for x86-64 (5)
      ls - Add -I to reverse -A
      kernel - Fix unix domain socket portfn routing
      kernel - Use pool tokens to protect unix domain PCBs
      kernel - Use pool tokens to protect unix domain PCBs (2)
      kernel - Add kern.gettimeofday_quick sysctl
      kernel - Enhance sysv semaphore performance
      kernel - Enhance sysv semaphore performance (2)
      kernel - Implement segment pmap optimizations for x86-64 (6)
      ipcs - Fix kvm accesses for new semid structures
      kernel - remove bounds on buffer cache nbuf count for 64-bit
      systat - remove bounds on buffer cache nbuf count for 64-bit
      kernel - fix builds
      hammer - Adjust record and dirtybuf limits to handle large buffer caches
      kernel - Add vm.read_shortcut_enable
      kernel - usched_bsd4 algorith fixes & improvements
      kernel - add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now
      kernel - add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (2)
      kernel - add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (3)
      kernel - Add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (3)
      kernel - Account for file reads that take the VM shortcut
      usched - Add usched utility
      kernel - Increase machdep.cpu_idle_repeat from 4 to 750
      kernel - Add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (4)
      kernel - Add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (5)
      kernel - Add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (6)
      kernel - Add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (7)
      kernel - Don't call lwkt_user_yield() in uiomove() unless xfer is big
      kernel - Add lwkt_yield_quick()
      kernel - Add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (8)
      kernel - Improve regressions in usched_dfly (1)
      kernel - Add usched_dfly algorith, set as default for now (9)
      kernel - Include physical cpu in ktrace header
      kdump - Add options to print physical cpu
      kernel - Improve regressions in usched_dfly (2)
      sysctl - Allow integers to use hex
      ps - Show cpu# even when process is sleeping
      kdump - cleanup cpu-stamp formatting
      kernel - usched_dfly revamp
      kernel - Add vmmeter counter for token collisions
      kernel - usched_dfly revamp (2), reduce token collisions
      kernel - usched_dfly revamp (3), fix estcpu
      ps - Adjust ps to account for kernel changes
      top - Adjust top to account for kernel changes
      top - Fix -t / -S
      kernel - Add v_token_name to gd_cnt
      systat - Display colliding token
      systat - Ensure vmmeter output separates fields by at least one space.
      kernel - usched_dfly revamp (4), improve tail
      kernel - usched_dfly revamp (5), correct default in last commit
      kernel - Add PC sampling for x86-64
      kernel - usched_dfly revamp (6), reimplement shared spinlocks & misc others
      kernel - usched_dfly revamp (7), bring back td_release, sysv_sem, weights
      kernel - usched_dfly revamp (8), add reschedule hints
      kernel - Fix i386 wire_count panics
      kernel - Fix i386 wire_count panics (2)
      kernel - Fix edge case with machdep.pmap_mmu_optimize on x86-64
      kernel - Acquire vm_token in pmap_remove_all()
      kernel - (fix syntax error last commit)
      kernel - Acquire vm_token in pmap_remove_all() (2)
      kernel - Acquire vm_token in pmap_remove_all() (3)
      build - Unbreak world
      kernel - Fix UP build for usched_dfly.c

Matthias Rampke (1):
      kill zombies if the parent set SIG_IGN on SIGCHLD

Mihai Carabas (5):
      sbuf_vprintf: ap is not consistent at second call of kvsnprintf. Use a copy
      ktr - add KTR_COND_LOG
      CPU topology support
      vkernel{,64} - CPU topology support
      usched_bsd4 - Topology-aware scheduling

Nuno Antunes (24):
      ppp: Raise WARNS to 5.
      netgraph: do not unconditionally load ng_ksocket module
      netgraph7: Dont register netisr for netgraph
      netgraph7: ng_base: spl* -> crit_*
      usr.sbin/ppp: fix netgraph includes.
      netgraph7: Welcome ng_tty.
      ppp(8): Use netgraph7 tty node when WANT_NETGRAPH7 make variable is defined.
      netgraph7: Cleanup the Makefile.
      netgraph7/ng_tty: Remove two unused #define's.
      mdoc: Silence a few mdocml (mandoc) warnings and errors.
      mdoc: Reorder manpage sections to keep them consistent.
      kernel/lwkt_msgport: Improve comments a bit.
      kernel: Fix kernel build when compiled without INVARIANTS.
      mdoc: Add a msgport(9) manual page documenting LWKT message passing interface.
      sleep.9: Catch up with spin_{,un}lock_wr() -> spin_{,un}lock() rename of 2 years ago.
      msgport.9: Add cross reference to sleep(9).
      msgport.9: Sort cross references alphabetically.
      mutex.9: Misc updates and minor improvements.
      msgport.9: Fix a path.
      netisr: rename cpu_portfn() to netisr_portfn().
      kernel: remove useless for (;;).
      Expand a comment in lwkt_switch().
      msgport.9: Catch up with recent changes to lwkt_initport_spin().
      kernel: Fix a few more mbuf MB_* vs. kmalloc M_* flag misuses.

Peter Avalos (56):
      Import libpcap-1.2.1.
      Update files for libpcap-1.2.1 import.
      Import tcpdump-4.2.1.
      Update files for tcpdump-4.2.1 import.
      Unbreak buildworld due to the libpcap import.
      sh: Don't force special builtins non-special in optimized command subst.
      sh: Cache de->d_namlen in a local variable.
      sh: Use dirent.d_type in pathname generation.
      sh: Allow quoting ^ and ] in bracket expressions.
      sh: Make patmatch() non-recursive.
      sh: Remove unused function scopyn().
      sh: Make various functions static.
      sh: Properly show "Not a directory" error in cd builtin.
      sh: Fix out of bounds array access when trap is used with an invalid
      sh: Change input buffer size from 1023 to 1024.
      sh: Fix two bugs with case and exit status:
      sh: Fix some bugs with exit status from case containing ;&.
      sh: Fix execution of multiple statements in a trap when evalskip is set
      sh: Remove "kill" example function, which is superseded by the kill
      sh: Fix $? in the first command of a 'for'.
      sh: Use vfork in a few common cases.
      sh: Fix swapped INTON/INTOFF.
      sh: Avoid possible echo options in a testcase.
      sh: Add testcases that should not be broken by future optimizations.
      sh: Test EXIT trap with multiple statements in it
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.1.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.1 update.
      Bring in the krb5 module in OpenSSL.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.1a.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.1a import.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.1b.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.1b import.
      pw:  Sync with FreeBSD
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.1c.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.1c import.
      Import file-5.11.
      Import libpcap-1.3.0.
      Import tcpdump-4.3.0.
      Update files for libpcap-1.3.0 and tcpdump-4.3.0 imports.
      Import libarchive-3.0.4.
      Update files for libarchive-3.0.4 import.
      ftp:  Sync with NetBSD:
      Import xz-5.0.4.
      Update files for xz-5.0.4 import.
      Import OpenPAM Micrampelis.
      Update files for OpenPAM Micrampelis import.
      pam_ssh:  Fix segfault with SSH 1 keys.
      pam_exec: Use program exit status as return code
      pam.d:  Delete some files that don't belong.
      sh: Make 'hash' return 1 if at least one utility is not found.
      sh: Fix build with -DDEBUG=2.
      sh: Remove unneeded header file.
      sh: Work with make a little better:
      sh:  mdoc nits.
      sh: Fix sh from exiting with newer versions of libedit
      Lose LK_EXCLUSIVE in the lockinit example and a typo fix.

Samuel J. Greear (8):
      drm - Add PCI ID for Radeon HD 4250 (AMD 880 onboard video)
      crypt(3)/blowfish - Return NULL on error
      objformat - Duplicate NELEM() macro
      chkey, chpass, enigma, lock, newgrp, pw - Handle NULL return from crypt(3)
      kern.cp_time - Add convenience defines
      dntpd - Update pool servers to be of the newly-created dragonfly zone
      wmesg - Increase to 8 chars from 7
      dloader - Add user_scheduler kenv tuneable sample

Sascha Wildner (549):
      Raise default .Os value for the manual pages to 3.1 on master.
      kernel: Remove a variable that was just used for a sizeof.
      bktr(4): Fix some mistakes in #ifdef'd code.
      kernel/netgraph: Put parentheses around a SLIST_EMPTY().
      kernel/firewire: Move a dereference behind the NULL check.
      kernel: Use bioq_takefirst() in a few more places.
      Revert "nataraid(4): Add devstat support."
      kget.8: Rewrite it a bit and fix some mdoc stuff.
      Remove mergemaster(8).
      Revert "Remove mergemaster(8)."
      last(1)/sort(1): Remove __RCSID().
      asr(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      texinfo: Add /usr/pkg/info to the list of directories searched by info(1).
      kernel: Add some missing headers to the Makefiles of cryptodev and tun.
      binutils/ld: Don't add /usr/lib to the library search path twice.
      Remove ISDN support. Tools, kernel code, manpages, examples, everything.
      libthread_xu: Unbreak the build.
      token.9: Add an MLINK for lwkt_gettoken_shared(9).
      token.9: Start sentences on a new line and remove trailing whitespace.
      token.9: Put sections into conventional order.
      Cleanup ISDN remains via 'make upgrade'.
      <sys/param.h>: Bump the version for i4b removal (had public headers).
      <sys/param.h>: Oops, actually bump the version.
      crypto.ko: Add a missing file.
      kernel: Allow zlib to build as a module.
      kernel/cryptodev: Remove useless zlib dependency.
      LINT*: Fix some wrong paths in the comments.
      sym(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      uname(1): Bring back CVS IDs except ours.
      kernel: Remove the obsolete SHMALL, SHMMAX and SHMMAXPGS options.
      kernel: Remove the no longer functional APIC_IO option.
      Bring in the "Port PUFFS from NetBSD/FreeBSD" GSoC 2011 project results.
      libpuffs: Fix a path that was assuming source is in /usr/src.
      Revert "librefuse: Remove from Makefile; it breaks world"
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      snd_hda(4): Use MSI if it is supported by the device.
      mlx(4): Remove an unused variable.
      dpt(4): Remove an old unneeded file.
      mps(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      mps.4: Document how we disable MSI and comment out MSI-X documentation.
      mps(4): Remove some useless casts.
      ifconfig(8): Use strdup() instead of duplicating it.
      Some cleanup in the puffs manpages.
      sbin: Remove duplicate includes.
      mps(4): Mark a function __printflike() and fix a resulting warning.
      usr.bin: Remove duplicate includes.
      mount_psshfs: Add a missing include dir to the Makefile.
      usr.sbin: Remove duplicate includes.
      Revert "mount_psshfs: Add a missing include dir to the Makefile."
      libexec: Remove duplicate includes.
      mps(4): Add module version.
      hptiop(4): Remove an unused variable.
      hptiop(4): Use cam_calc_geometry() instead of duplicating it.
      puffs(4): Don't reference vp before it's initialized.
      ndis(4): Use callout_init_mp(). Overlooked when I ported it.
      Remove the duplicate fsx from tools/regression.
      Fix some typos.
      world: Add missing DPADDs in some Makefiles.
      Remove an obsolete header file specific to labpc(4) (which was removed).
      LINT/LINT64: Remove obsolete comment.
      kernel/pci: Implement the PCIOCATTACHED ioctl.
      mfiutil(8): Fix typo.
      kernel: Remove opt_bus.h references where they are not needed.
      kernel: Include <sys/ioccom.h> where ioctls are defined.
      kernel: Include <sys/ioccom.h> where ioctls are defined (part 2).
      objformat.1: Fix date.
      proplib manpages: Add missing .Nd
      isp(4): Fix wrong sizeof().
      kernel: Remove the unused is_physical_memory() function.
      kernel/i386: Remove a no longer needed include, too.
      puc.4: Fix path.
      puc(4): Enable it for x86_64, too.
      kernel: Remove unused attributes from stuff that is, in fact, used.
      kernel/pf: In the ioctl code, make sure NPFLOG is actually defined.
      hier.7: Add back a .Bl that was removed with the binutils 2.20 removal.
      dsched(4): Some miscellaneous cleanup.
      Fix some typos.
      Remove the old <sys/ata.h> header and make it a link of <sys/nata.h>.
      Makefile.inc1: Remove a no longer used variable.
      Remove the KTR_MSGPORT kernel option which was never used.
      LINT: Add CPU_HAS_SSE2.
      kernel/i386: Remove the empty CPU_HAS_FXSR kernel option.
      puffs: Install some headers and remove now unnecessary -I's in Makefiles.
      dm_target_crypt.4: Remove trailing whitespace.
      kernel/pci: Fix the securelevel check in pci_open() for write access.
      kernel/pci: Fix indent.
      kernel: Move a de(4) specific header file where it belongs.
      kernel/pcidevs: Shrink it down to what we actually need from it.
      kernel: Regenerate pcidevs.h and pcidevs_data.h.
      uguru(4): Fix a panic when detaching (e.g., on kldunload).
      kernel: Remove the IPFIREWALL_FORWARD option which does nothing.
      kernel: Remove opt_ipfw.h from a few files which don't need it.
      libthread_xu/libc_r: Improve the check for EINVAL in sem_* functions.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012a from
      rtld: Add a special case in do_dlsym() for TLS stored symbols.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012b from
      smp.4: Use .Dv for a tunable.
      vi(1): Remove some old tk stuff from the Makefile.
      Fix a number of incomplete/missing DPADDs.
      Oops, it's kiconv and not kiconf.
      gcc44: Remove a wrong define for the profiled math library's name.
      ncurses: Fix an almost 7 year old typo in the profiling libtinfo's name.
      sin.3: Sort SEE ALSO alphabetically.
      Sweep-fix comparing pointers with 0 (and assigning 0 to pointers).
      Add a coccinelle patch to find 0 (instead of NULL) used with pointers.
      kernel: Add a few forgotten crit_exit()s and fix a wrong crit_enter().
      libalias(3): Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      setnetpath(3): Fix a double free().
      svc_vc_create(3): Initialize xprt with NULL.
      kgzip(8) is i386 only, so stop building/installing on x86_64.
      Remove the old (and broken) kzip(8) utility.
      <sys/cdefs.h>: For C++, unhide our interfaces via __{BEGIN,END}_DECLS.
      rc.conf.5: Fix the wlan setup example.
      ftpd(8): Remove OLD_SETPROCTITLE related dead code.
      kernel: Add mps(4) to our GENERIC kernels.
      LINT/LINT64 configs: Reduce differences.
      fstat(1): Little fix in a cast.
      join.1: Remove useless .Bk/.Ek
      kernel/sili: Actually print the generation.
      alc(4): Ifdef out an unused variable and assignment.
      kernel/hammer: Remove an unused variable.
      kernel/gre: Remove unused variables.
      kernel/{a,b}list: Remove some unused variables in the debug code.
      vkernel: Move things from dev/virtual to dev/virtual/vkernel.
      dev/virtual/vkernel Makefiles: Remove bogus .PATHs.
      vkernel: Fix DEV_SUPPORT.
      kernel: Really fix DEV_SUPPORT for sys/dev/virtual.
      kernel: Add sbuf_done() (taken from FreeBSD).
      kernel/acpi: Bring in acpi_wmi(4) from FreeBSD, which acpi_hp(4) needs.
      opieinfo(1): Raise WARNS to 1.
      <sys/socket.h>: Add missing prototype for sockatmark().
      <uuid.h>: Add four missing prototypes.
      <sys/gmon.h>: Add prototypes for moncontrol() and monstartup().
      kernel/acpi: Add a missing file to the module.
      kernel: Remove two unneeded inclusions of <sys/cdefs.h>.
      dma.8: Avoid a dead link in the online manual pages.
      ndis(4): Use the device_t for getting the softc.
      aesni(4): Move some unused variables into the #if 0'd parts.
      mpt(4): Fix an issue that caused the driver to attach to mfi(4) cards.
      pstat.8: The fstat manpage is in section 1.
      kernel/kobj: Put the default kobj_method inside the kobjop_desc struct.
      rpc.yppasswdd(8): Fix some warnings and raise WARNS to 5.
      acpi_hp(4): Fix acquisition of acpi's softc.
      puffs_ops.3: Fix typo.
      puffs_framebuf.3: Fix typo
      mfi(4): Update to LSI's version 4.23 of the driver.
      rwhod(8): Prevent clobbering the neighboring field by a wrong cast.
      mfiutil(8): Fix some 'unused variable' warnings and raise WARNS to 6.
      kernel: Adjust some casts.
      hptiop(4): Add missing braces.
      kernel: Indent a debugging kprintf.
      kernel/netgraph7: Fix whitespace.
      lgue(4): Add missing braces and fix indentation.
      pcn(4): Add missing braces.
      rp(4): Fix indent.
      mfi(4): Fix indent.
      asr(4): Improve readability of an 'if' a bit.
      aic(4): Remove ISA attachment.
      Fix some indentation in various places.
      libm: Fix a typo in the MLINKS.
      fsstress: Adjust the sample script a bit.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012c from
      kernel/acpi: Remove the redefinition of kthread_create().
      bktr(4): Let kthread_create() construct the thread name.
      kernel: Pass a real format string to functions which expect one.
      ppp(8): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix the warnings.
      kernel/ufs: Fix compilation without INVARIANTS.
      dsched.9: A little mdoc correction.
      <machine/param.h>: Bring back the DFLTPHYS define.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel: Fix building with USERCONFIG but without VISUAL_USERCONFIG.
      arcmsr(4): Use MSI if it is supported by the device.
      arcmsr(4): Add MODULE_VERSION.
      arcmsr(4): Use the available dev variable (like bus_release_resource()).
      kernel/pci: Adjust MSI allocation verbose message a bit.
      Document which drivers are using MSI and how it can be disabled.
      IPXrouted(8): Re-indent some code to make the outer for() better visible.
      acpi_hp(4): Fix some previously overlooked issues.
      kernel: Remove NULL checks after kmalloc() with M_WAITOK.
      mps(4): Add a missing kfree().
      pst(4): Add a missing contigfree().
      acpi_hp.4: List the HP Compaq nc6320 as tested with the acpi_hp(4) driver.
      Remove one more old OpenSSL file via 'make upgrade'.
      nwfs/smbfs: Fix and cleanup the Makefiles a bit.
      sys/conf/options: Clean up and sort the file system related options.
      kernel/smbfs: The netsmb check only applies if it is not the module build.
      kernel/nwfs: The NCP check only applies if it is not the module build.
      kernel/tmpfs: Make compiling tmpfs into the kernel optional.
      cxm(4): Remove an unused file (opt_cxm.h) from the Makefile.
      kernel: Clean up some module Makefiles.
      Remove some unnecessary inclusions of <sys/cdefs.h> across the tree.
      make.conf: Remove the unused LOADER_TFTP_SUPPORT variable.
      kernel/netgraph7: Remove some atalk remains.
      kernel: Use ${.TARGET} in module Makefiles.
      mpt(4): Pass INTR_MPSAFE when setting up the interrupt.
      mpt(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      Remove a deleted mpt(4) related header file with 'make upgrade'.
      ef(4): Bring in some small fixes from FreeBSD.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      digi.4: Remove some wrong documentation.
      dsched_bfq.4: Fix capitalization.
      kernel: Remove some leftover references to struct cfdriver.
      pthread_join(3): If the target thread is detached, return EINVAL.
      kernel: Fix some whitespace from the previous commit.
      kernel/modules: Remove opt_pci.h (which doesn't exist) from some Makefiles.
      kernel/viapm: Makefile cleanup (remove unneeded .PATH and opt_isa.h).
      <sys/lock.h>: A little whitespace adjustment.
      ntp_adjtime.2: Use the correct function name.
      ntp_adjtime.2: Use the correct function name.
      ntp_{adj,get}time.2: Mention our dntpd(8) and mark ntpd as being in pkgsrc.
      Remove some CLEANFILES in kernel module Makefiles.
      tap(4): Use the number of instances from the kernel config file.
      Add tap(4) to LINT/LINT64.
      kernel: Remove newlines from the panic messages that have one.
      make upgrade: Don't remove /var/heimdal.
      nrelease: Build the git we ship on the LiveCD without Python support.
      vquotactl.2: Fix some small mdoc issues.
      vquotactl.2: Add back a reference to loader.conf(5).
      kernel: Use LIST_FOREACH in some places.
      vquota.8: Remove extra .El
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/vga: Remove some unneeded #ifdef/#define's.
      Revert "kernel/vga: Remove some unneeded #ifdef/#define's."
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel: Adjust some indentation.
      kernel/plip: A little indent fix.
      hptmv(4): Remove an unneeded NULL check after M_WAITOK.
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts of NULL to something.
      kernel/ecc: Remove unneeded MFILES line in the Makefile.
      kernel/wdog: Compile in kern_wdog.c by default.
      kernel: Remove the unused HW_WDOG option.
      make upgrade: Now that we have devfs, don't try to remove any /dev/*
      mps(4): Use a variable.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/crypto: Remove some unnecessary casts to the own type.
      Add a missing '-width' in various manpages' lists.
      isa.4: List amdsbwd(4) and ichwd(4).
      amdsbwd.4 & ichwd.4: Clean up SEE ALSO.
      arcmsr(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      rtld.1: Some mdoc improvement.
      development.7: Fix the git documentation URL.
      Add a small wdog(9) manual page.
      acpi_asus(4): Bring in a small fix from FreeBSD.
      Remove some AppleTalk remains.
      mount_ufs.8: Change manpage title and name.
      re(4): Add support for the 8105E found in the Acer Aspire One D257.
      /usr/Makefile: Adjust for our sys-src archive now coming bzip2'd.
      arcmsr(4): Disable MSI support on the 1880 models.
      test/debug/fdpassing: Correct a typo.
      kernel/profiling: Fix a kprintf format.
      vkernel: Fix compilation with profiling support.
      examples/rconfig: Some fixes to our installation scripts.
      share/man/man1/Makefile: One MLINK per line.
      builtin.1: Sync with what we have.
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type.
      builtin.1: Add two more built-in commands.
      builtin.1: Bring in some enhancements from FreeBSD.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Fix some typos in manual pages.
      amr(4): Some fixes.
      kernel/devfs: Remove the unused devfs Makefile.
      Revert "libc -- dmalloc: Call malloc_init as-needed, rather than via cc constructor."
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type.
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type.
      kernel/linux: Fix a wrong cast (introduced in e54488bb).
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type.
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type.
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type.
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type.
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type.
      kernel: Remove some bogus casts to the own type (FINAL).
      Remove some useless casts of NULL to another pointer type.
      kernel: Remove the inclusion of opt_ddb.h from where it is unnecessary.
      ndis.4: Comment out an unneeded sentence.
      acpi: strupr() isn't used anywhere, so remove it.
      Remove a few more casts of NULL to some pointer type.
      drm.4: A little clean up.
      kernel/drm: Remove bogus .PATHs.
      Unbreak kernel build. Also remove <sys/ccms.h> via 'make upgrade'.
      Move hash.9 to hashinit.9.
      kernel: Add hashdestroy() (taken from FreeBSD).
      kernel: Add <sys/hash.h>.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel/drm: Use hashdestroy(). Unbreaks kernel build.
      Fix some unterminated quoted strings in several manual pages.
      kernel: Use hashdestroy() to free hash tables allocated with hashinit().
      Remove doscmd(1).
      Put getmntopts() into libutil and install mntopts.h to /usr/include.
      dlopen.3: Remove wrong .El
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      sensorsd(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      dconschat(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      fwcontrol(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      sys/boot: Raise WARNS to 2 and silence a warning.
      Fix two wrong sizeof() usages.
      kernel: Remove some bogus checks before returning anyway.
      ppp(8): Another little fix (for i386).
      ppp(8): Raise WARNS to 6.
      kernel/ufs: Bring in a fix to ufsdirhash_hash() from FreeBSD.
      test/cocci: Add a patch that checks for various sizeof(<pointer>) issues.
      VOP_LOOKUP.9: Fix a little coding mistake.
      arcmsr(4): To check for sense data, use sense_len.
      test/cocci: Add a patch that reports checks of variable/field addresses.
      librefuse: Makefile cleanup.
      librefuse: Comment out all functions we don't (yet) have and add MLINKS.
      Add an atomic(9) manual page (from FreeBSD with some stuff commented out).
      atomic.9: Add a few words about our atomic_*_cpumask().
      kernel: Remove an unused variable.
      s/__const/const/ in some header files.
      timed(8): Add missing braces. Enhance the 'lint' target a bit.
      Fix more wrong sizeof() usages, part 1/x
      find(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      savecore(8): Use the buf's size and not char *'s size for reading the kernel.
      Fix more wrong sizeof() usages, part 2/x
      kernel/ufs: Remove some unused variables.
      Remove unneeded inclusions of <sys/cdefs.h> throughout the tree.
      hammer(8): Fix a wrong sizeof.
      cryptdisks(8): Fix a wrong sizeof.
      commit test
      kernel: Remove a bogus .PATH from ntfs_iconv's Makefile.
      libedit: Remove documentation of wchar functions (which we don't have).
      libedit: Remove a leftover \
      Fix more wrong sizeof() usages, part 3/x
      kernel: Clean up some Makefiles (custom flags, useless .PATH).
      find(1): Revert back to using statfs.f_type again for fstype comparison.
      libpuffs: Fix some function names in the manpages.
      libpuffs: Comment out some info about a non-existant function.
      librefuse: No puffs_fuse_unlink() function exists.
      Fix more wrong sizeof() usages, part 4/x
      ifmedia.4: Sync with NetBSD.
      <net/if_media.h>: Add 10G descriptions (taken from FreeBSD).
      ifmedia.4: Add some documentation about 10G settings (adapted from OpenBSD).
      ixgbe.4: Add a reference to ifmedia(4).
      ifmedia.4: Adjust for the last 802.11 upgrade.
      makeobjops.awk: Skip C comments (it helps us deal with newer .m files).
      makeobjops.awk: Fix comment, it's actually doxygen comments we skip here.
      Add a DB_COMMAND(9) manual page (adapted from FreeBSD).
      kernel/ddb: Remove an unused file.
      kernel/net: On i386, make the interface baudrate 64 bits in a few places.
      <net/if_media.h>: Add 10Gb ethernet baudrate descriptions.
      ixgbe.4: Remove trailing whitespace.
      dpt(4): Remove some old #if 0'd code from a header file.
      Add an MLINKS for ic(4) (it is documented in iicbus(4)).
      man4.i386/Makefile: Break lines.
      Create if_*(4) MLINKS for all network interface manual pages.
      Remove tools/tools/mid (Message-ID/In-Reply-To db thingy we don't need).
      kernel/sbuf: Add back a lost newline.
      make upgrade: Remove a netgraph7 header that was moved.
      sdpd(8): Fix a wrong sizeof.
      pst(4): Remove a bogus (commented out) debug option from the Makefile.
      kernel/gpio: Return EINVAL for GPIOPINUNSET and simplify a bit.
      kernel/vm: Remove some unused variables.
      sln.4: Add ifmedia(4) reference.
      termcap.5: Bring in some mdoc fixes from FreeBSD.
      twa(4): Pass INTR_MPSAFE when setting up the interrupt.
      twa(4): Add MODULE_VERSION.
      twa(4): Add MSI support.
      twa(4): Remove some unused code.
      twa(4): Really stop the callouts.
      twa(4)/twe(4): Move dev_ops_remove_minor() after destroy_dev().
      twa(4): Request a bus scan after attaching the driver to CAM.
      twa(4): Remove an extra : in a message (it will be automatically added).
      kernel/amrp: Add a missing dependency.
      Bring in the config_intrhook(9) manual page from FreeBSD.
      amr(4): Remove some old code.
      amr(4): Remove unused code.
      <sys/kernel.h>: Remove unused sysinit id.
      config_intrhook.9: Update struct intr_config_hook to ours.
      kernel: Add descriptions to the intrhooks that miss them.
      amr(4): Make AMR_DEBUG a kernel configuration option.
      amr(4): Remove an extra newline in a debug message.
      kernel/smb: Fix a duplicated check (from FreeBSD).
      sysctl(8): Fix handling of uquad type sysctls (wrong variable was taken).
      games: Fix -Werror for gcc47.
      trek(6): Nuke the -a option along with the logfile argument (all unused).
      amr.4: Remove an unneeded .Pp
      Remove bogus (void *) casts.
      gcc41/gcc44: Remove a modification to exclude -Wpointer-sign from -Wall. Update/add comments for FIRMWS & FIRMWARE_LICENSE (from FreeBSD).
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      config_intrhook.9: Use .Dv for SI_* identifier.
      bluetooth.4: Remove useless -offset
      mfiutil.4: -width -indent -> -width indent
      Remove more useless -offset in manual pages.
      bnx.4: Add a if_bnx(4) MLINK.
      kernel: Remove two duplicate words in messages.
      LINT/LINT64: Fix some comments.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012d from
      kernel/acpi_thermal: Clarify sysctl description and remove duplicate header.
      aac(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync various files with tzcode2012c from
      kenv.9: kgetenv_*() functions actually return 1 if successful.
      mpt(4): Use MSI on SAS adapters that support it.
      mpt.4: Add missing .El
      kenv.9: Improve wording after my last commit made it sound weird.
      mpt.4: Mention that mpt(4) is available in VMware (player in my case).
      bc(1): Add libedit support.
      bc(1): Raise WARNS to 3 and fix a warning.
      pam_exec.8: Fix references to nonexistent manual pages.
      tftp(1): Add libedit support.
      rc.d/netif: Require cleanvar.
      wpa_cli(8): Add libedit support (using libedit's readline API).
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      gcore(1): Make it work again.
      Remove unused header.
      Remove some more unused headers.
      ciss(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      ciss.4: Document some tunables.
      <sys/fcntl.h>: Mark O_DIRECTORY as being new in POSIX.1-2008.
      kdump(1)/truss(1): Fix occasional quickworld breakage.
      customcc: Fix the setup of the /usr/include path to use.
      hptmv.4: Improve wording and s/amd64/x86_64/
      kernel/cam: Make si_iosize_max overridable by drivers.
      hptmv(4): Reduce si_iosize_max to 64KB.
      Add the hptrr(4) driver for HighPoint RocketRAID 17xx, 22xx, 23xx and 25xx.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012e from
      disklabel32/64: Add support for 'T' size specifier.
      amr.4: Add missing .Bd
      hptrr.4: Move the tunable info into its own section and improve wording.
      mdoc.local: Add FreeBSD 7.3 and 8.1 which we are referencing.
      open.2: Fix .Dv and combine lines.
      hptrr(4): Add a __printflike().
      Ansify some function definitions that were previously overlooked.
      kernel/x86_64: Fix kernel build without DDB.
      libc/rpc: Remove redundant check.
      hptiop(4): Add some more PCI IDs.
      hptmv(4): Use cam_calc_geometry().
      kernel/dsched: Add a version parameter to the DSCHED_POLICY_MODULE macro.
      mpt(4): Fix a porting mistake I did in 6d259fc1.
      arcmsr(4): Use cam_calc_geometry().
      Add the hpt27xx(4) driver for HighPoint RocketRAID 27xx SAS controllers.
      hpt27xx(4): Use NULL for pointers.
      cut(1): Add back -w (split on whitespace functionality).
      mdoc: Let us refer to C11 in manual pages with ".St -isoC-2011".
      Add at_quick_exit(3) and quick_exit(3) manual pages.
      <stdlib.h>: Adjust the visibility of our C11 functions.
      libc: Add a copyright to quick_exit.c
      at_quick_exit.3: Add an ERRORS section.
      malloc.3: Remove a ,
      libc: Add a copyright to aligned_alloc.c
      posix_memalign.3: Document aligned_alloc().
      /usr/src/Makefile: Remove duplicate target.
      libm & rtld: Ansify some remaining functions.
      pflogd(8): Raise WARNS to 5.
      hptrr.4: Remove unneeded .Pp
      ahci(4)/sili(4): Fix for drives >2TB.
      installer: When setting the slice type for >2TB, ignore fdisk warnings.
      kernel/linprocfs: Remove useless .PATH in the Makefile.
      kernel/linprocfs: Add a missing header for spin_{,un}lock().
      newfs_hammer.8: Mdoc fix
      libc: Comment out documentation of svc_control() which we don't have.
      Suppress printing of the commands for the manlint target.
      Add running 'mandoc -Tlint' to the manlint target.
      unlock_return.cocci: Add vm_object_{hold,drop}().
      posix_memalign.3: Uncomment conformance sentence for aligned_alloc().
      tools: Remove old script for installing 3rd party source drivers.
      kernel/linprocfs: Remove an unreached return.
      kernel/procfs: Remove some unneeded parentheses.
      kernel/linprocfs: Fix a panic when accessing /proc/<pid>/maps.
      kernel/linprocfs: Fix accessing files in /proc (such as /proc/meminfo).
      msgport.9: Fix some minor mdoc issues.
      Add an MLINK for KTR_COND_LOG.
      <sys/devfs.h>: Fix comment typos.
      make_dev.9: devfs_scan_callback() takes an arg to pass to the callback.
      Add a device_get_name(9) manual page (from FreeBSD).
      kernel/devfs: Assert that the callback isn't NULL in devfs_scan_callback().
      kernel/devfs: Rename devfs_nodetype members (conflicts with {,lin}procfs.h).
      kernel/devfs: Pass more arguments to the callback for devfs_scan_callback.
      kernel/devfs: Fill out cdev_t's si_major field (and adjust one use case).
      kernel/linprocfs: Implement /proc/devices.
      kernel/ffs: Compare v_rdev directly when updating mounts.
      make_dev.9: Fix typo.
      growfs(8): Fix building with -DFS_DEBUG.
      growfs(8)/ffsinfo(8): Use __func__
      /boot/defaults/loader.conf: Adjust a comment.
      kernel: Turn the delay before mounting root into a tunable.
      mpt(4): We don't have MOD_QUIESCE.
      kernel/acpi: Add smart battery support.
      wpa_supplicant(8): Use libpcap functions.
      Add CARP support to the GENERIC kernels.
      amr(4): Remove some unused code (amr_timeout()).
      link.2: Use .Fn and add .Nm linkat
      Bring in a VFS_SET(9) manual page (from FreeBSD).
      libm: Add missing MLINK.
      tbridge: Sync NAME, SYNOPSIS and MLINKS.
      libprop: Add two missing MLINKS.
      Remove an unused and empty header (<machine/mtpr.h>).
      Remove an unused old ral(4) firmware header.
      Remove another unused header (<machine/ultrasound.h>).
      acpi: Remove some unused files.
      kernel/ixgbe: Add missing braces.
      kernel: Remove pcidevs_data.h. It serves no purpose.
      kernel: Use NULL for pointers in some places.
      kernel/ipx: Add a missing 'goto set_head;'.
      VFS.9: Add a reference to VFS_SET(9).
      Add a section about renamed kernel functions and clean up a bit.
      Add some documentation on converting sleep mutexes and fix a couple of typos.
      Add some notes I had lying in my tree.
      kernel/hptmv: Fix the completion of a write.
      BUS_SETUP_INTR.9: Add missing comma and bump .Dd
      Remove pcidevs_data.h via 'make upgrade'.
      kernel: Remove two bogus break statements.
      Install apm(4)'s manual page on x86_64, too.
      kernel/bce: Fix an impossible && that should really be a ||.
      iscontrol(8): Remove unused header file.
      kernel/acpi: Add missing include (for acpi_sci_irqno()).
      kernel: Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers, part 1/x.
      mfi(4): Break some overly long lines.
      kernel/inet: Remove some unused variables.
      Fix buildworld.
      hier.7: Add some words about /usr/share/terminfo.
      hier.7: Oops, use Xr
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel: Remove unused headers.
      kernel: Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers, part 2/x.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2012f from
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      em.4: Add some words about emx(4) and create MLINKS.
      fortune(6)/mutex.9: s/is is/is/
      kernel/ipx: Remove #ifdef lint checks (and add #endif comments).
      kernel: Remove some unused variables.
      em.4: Mention TSO support.
      msgport.9: Some mdoc and typo fixes.
      ixgbe.4: Use .Dx
      kernel/usched_bsd4: Declare the KTR_INFO_MASTER(usched) as extern.
      kernel/usched_dfly: #if 0 all unused KTR_INFOs (fixes build with KTR).
      Mention KTR_USCHED_DFLY in the manpage and in the LINTs.
      kernel/usched_dfly: Small UP compilation fix.
      nrelease: Remove the obsolete -scmgit-gui option from the build.
      pnpinfo(8): Don't build/install for x86_64.
      usr.sbin/Makefile: Remove an obsolete old comment.
      arcmsr(4): Sync with FreeBSD (Areca's driver version
      make.conf.5: Add some words about WANT_NETGRAPH7.
      kernel: Make KTR_USCHED_DFLY a kernel option.
      Fix buildworld with NO_GCC41.
      mtree: Use spaces for indentation.
      gcc47: Remove a gcc-aux leftover.
      Remove some more GCC 4.1 specific files via 'make upgrade'.
      kernel/hammer: Staticize hammer_skip_redo.
      kernel/ixgbe: Remove double definition.
      kmalloc.9: Document M_POWEROF2.

Sepherosa Ziehau (436):
      carp: Use ifq_set_maxlen() to set send queue's max length
      carp: Make carp interfaces work like ethernet interfaces
      route utils: Recognize IFT_CARP link layer address
      pci: Fix manual interrupt routing support
      mps: Properly define U32 and S32
      mps: Use WAITOK to allocate critical data struct on attach path
      mps: If we don't have enough space for a sge and chain, don't claim we can
      mps: Hold lock for the shutdown event handler
      vlan: Fix the incorrect logic
      vlan: Add comment about how MPSAFE works out for vlan
      e1000: Remove em specific files, which are not and will not be used
      netif: Use ether_ioctl() to handle SIOCSIFADDR
      arp: Don't send gratuitous ARP in arp_ifinit
      spacialreg: Add CPUID2_VMM according to AMD's CPUID specification
      ioapic: By default, disable I/O APIC if we are booting on a virtual machine
      tcp_input: Always call tcp_mss(), so snd_cwnd could be properly updated
      tcp/md5sig: Disallow enable/disable TCP MD5SIG after connect(2)/listen(2)
      LINT64: Adjust comment about TCP_MD5SIG; we use TCP_SIGNATURE_ENABLE
      arp: Don't send gratuitous ARP for devices that are not ethernet typed
      tcp/syncache: Simplify syncache_add() interface
      tcp_input: Factor out tcp_established()
      tcp: More RFC 3390 conforming
      tcp: Lowering initial RTO according to RFC 6298
      tcp: Remove the workaround for the old servers in the retransmit timeout
      tcp/md5sig: White space and indentation cleanup
      tcp/sack: Add comment about the implemented TCP/SACK related RFCs
      tcp/sack: Prevent invalid SACK option from being processed
      netstat: Print the statistics that Eifel works but RTT based spurious rexmt not
      tcp: Properly update tcps_rttcantdetect
      tcp/sack: Add more statistics
      netstat: Print SACK related statistics
      carp: Make sure that carp_ifaddr only happens in netisr0
      carp: Remove unused code
      pf/carp: Our carp is never layed out in the fashion used by pf
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 1 of many
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 2 of many
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 3 of many
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 4 of many
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 5 of many
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 6 of many
      netstat: Reduce SACK scoreboard statistics description verbosity
      carp: In ioctl, we have to recompute HMAC only if any configures are changed
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 7 of many
      carp: Cleanup, move most of the code left in ioctl into sub-ioctl functions
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 8 of many
      igb: vlan could detect that the parent interface is gone; don't prevent detach
      igb: Always prepare for vlan when setup reception unit
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE step 9 of many
      carp: Lock MPSAFE, step 10 of 11
      carp: Lockless MPSAFE, step 11 of 11
      tcp/sack: Take FIN bit into consideration when setup report SACK block end
      tcp/sack: Cleanup the SACK related bits when return from tcp_input slow path
      tcp_input: Use acceptable_window_update when applicable
      tcp_input: Partly revert 98cb2337e1000153d84b64a5e9aabbecda8e8dbf
      carp: Change 1/0 usage of int into boolean_t, which is more expressive
      vlan: Wording in comment
      carp: Add comment about how lockless MPSAFE is done
      tcp: Factor out tcp_initial_window; ease further IW adjustment
      tcp: Increase IW to 2 segments, if RFC3390 is not enabled.
      tcp: RW=min(IW,cwnd) is standardized in RFC5681
      tcp: Adjust SYN retransmit backoff a little bit.
      tcp/syncache: Use tcp_syn_backoff|low RTO multipler
      carp: Get rid of the null serializer function stubs
      tcp/syncache: Increase SYN|ACK max retransmit attempts from 3 to 4
      tcp/syncache: Use the calculated RTO instead of calculate again
      tcp: "Reasonably" reduce IW after SYN retransmition timeout
      tcp: Staticize tcp_do_rfc3390
      tcp: Support settable IW parameters
      rt_metrics: Add rmx_iw* to record user-set IW parameters
      tcp: Prefer IW parameters in routing entries
      ether: Don't manually packing up input mbufs
      tcp/sack: Move empty scoreboard updating into insert_block()
      tcp/sack: Move scoreboard block start/end setup into alloc function
      tcp/sack: Optimize scoreboard block allocation
      tcp/sack: Further optimize scoreboard block allocation
      pci: Add definition for PCI express Link capabilities/control
      em/emx: Update to Intel em-7.2.4
      em/emx: Add a note about why MSI-X should be not enable on 82574
      if: Remove experimental ifnet.if_start related sysctls
      route: Turn on route_assert_owner_access by default
      bus: Add device_getenv_int helper function
      pci: Utilize device_getenv_int
      bus: Change device_getenv_int interface a little bit
      emx: Per-device tunable knobs
      emx: Allow user to specify the number of RX ring to use
      emx: Change how IFCAP_RSS is handled
      ifnet: Factor out if_ring_count2()
      jme: Per-device tunable knobs
      jme: Change how IFCAP_RSS is handled
      socket: Change sysctl names sosnd -> sosend, no functional changes
      tcp: Correct sending idle detection and implement part of RFC2861
      jme: MSI-X interrupt handler bug fixes
      jme: Don't enable RSS by default
      jme: Pass rxdata to RX functions
      jme: Use RX data's interrupt mask to test interrupt status
      jme: Move RX ring count and RX descriptor count into rxdata
      jme: Option file adjustment
      jme: Move TX descriptor count into chain_data
      jme: Unbreak buildkernel w/ KASSERT
      tcp: Reset keepalive timer, if TCP_KEEPIDLE is changed
      tcp: Reimplement TCP_FASTKEEP socket option using per-pcb keepidle
      tcp: Implement "Rescue Retransmission for SACK-based Loss Recovery Algorithm"
      tcp: Balance aggressiveness of SACK rescue retransmission
      tcp: Fix window scaling for accecpted socket
      tcp: Update snd_last upon spurious timeout retransmission restore
      msgport: Implement dropmsg for spin port
      tcp: Implement part of Eifel Response Algorithm (RFC4015)
      tcp_var.h: White space cleanup
      tcp: Ignore duplicate ACK carries useless DSACK
      tcp: Move useless DSACK detection before increasing dupacks
      tcp: Dragging RescueRxt along with HighRxt should depend on tcp.rescuesack_agg
      tcp: Disable aggressive rescue retransmission for SACK by default
      tcp: Per-connection DupThresh
      tcp/sack: Guard against ACK reordering when adding SACK blocks
      tcp/sack: Implement RFC3517bis
      tcp/sack: Don't reduce retransmit threshold as recommended by RFC3517bis
      tcp: Adjust early rexmit start condition for the adaptive DupThresh algorithm
      netstat: Move SACK rescue stats to the "packet sent" block
      tcp: Add sack_flags for SACK related operations
      tcp: Add rxt_flags for spurious retransmit detection
      tcp: Properly count duplicated ACKs
      iwn: Add Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 100
      pci: Introduce PCIE_REGMAX
      pci: Support PCI Express Configuration Space memory-mapped access mechanism
      pci: Update several bits for PCI Express 2.0
      tcp: Use TAILQ for segments reassemble queue
      tcp: Make PAWS robust against segments reordering
      tcp: Ignore TCP_NOPUSH socketopt by default
      tcp: Improve RFC3517bis support
      tcp: Implement RFC4653 Non-Congestion Robustness (NCR)
      e1000: Unhook from building, prepare for the new igb
      ig_hal: Merge Intel igb-2.2.3 HAL w/ em-7.2.4 HAL
      igb: Import Intel igb-2.2.3
      netif: Remove no longer used e1000 layout
      LINT: Add igb(4)
      igb: Add to x86_64 and i386 GENERIC
      acpi/timer: Fix return value
      acpica: Unbreak LINT/LINT64 building
      tcp: Optimize SACK scoreboard records consolidation a little bit
      tcp: Simplify "extended limited transmit" logic a little bit
      tcp: Indentation
      tcp/sack: Fix the condition that SACK rescue retransmit can't be done
      tcp/sack: Use RFC3517bis IsLost(snd_una) as fallback of early retransmit
      tcp/sack: Force out more segments allowed by "pipe" during fast recovery
      tcp/sack: Fix off-by-one bug when updating rescue SACK information
      tcp: Function renaming
      tcp: Enable RFC3517bis by default
      pci: Print PCIe memory mapped accessing information a little bit earlier
      tools: Add netblast
      pci: Disable PCI express memory mapped access method by default
      pktgen: Unbreak compile
      tcp/sack: Only retransmit unSACKed data when fast retransmit
      man/ktr: Adjust for the recent ether function cleanup
      tcp/sack: Constify function arguments if possible
      socket: Fix wrongly numbered SIOCGIFDATA
      tcp/sack: If other side reneged, discard the current SACK scoreboard
      tcp/reass: Fix the cases that FIN got lost during reassemble
      tcp: Don't let fast retransmit disrupt RTO rebasing
      tcp: Even for PAWS tolerance, no segments should follow segment with FIN
      tcp: Only tcpopt.to_flags are needed in tcp_recv_dupack()
      icmp: Discard ICMP Source Quench per RFC6633
      tcp: Adjust tcpcb fields comment about NewReno fast recovery
      igb: Optimize TX path
      igb: Unbreak compile on i386
      igb: Use extended interrupt mode whenever possible
      bce: Configuable number of TX/RX descriptor pages
      jme: Increase alignment of TX/RX descriptor ring to the cacheline size
      jme: Set OWN bit on TX desc, only after the other information is setup
      jme: Save physical address of RX buffer, which will be used upon error
      jme: Reconfigure RSS when RX engine is stopped
      re: Fix size of the bcopy when extracting ethernet address
      igb: Split RX/TX ring count
      ifnet: Add ifnet_serialize_array_{enter,exit,try,assert}()
      emx: Utilize ifnet_serialize_array_ functions
      jme: Utilize ifnet_serialize_array_ functions
      jme: Don't reuse the RX descriptor if the RSS is not set by the hardware
      jme: Fix the race on the RX path against hardware for jumbo frames
      jme: Don't allow lower 32bits of RX buffer's physical address to be 0
      igb: Remove unused field
      igb: Move RX/TX descriptor count into ring struct
      igb: Function renaming
      igb: Split RX and TX serializer
      ethernet: Use atomic operation to update RSS related stats
      igb: Enable multiple RX rings and integrate it w/ DragonFly's RSS
      igb: Main serializer should be enough to protect link status
      igb: Fix RSS redirect table setting
      tcp: Properly detect duplicated FIN
      tcp/sack: Discard HighRxt, RescueRxt and LostSeq along with SACK scoreboard
      tcp_output: Always clear TF_ACKNOW before returning
      tcp/sack: Take bwnd into consideration when calculate length of new segment
      igb: Allow used RX rings less than allocated ones
      igb: In shared interrupt handler, use ICR to process TX ring or RX rings
      igb: Move RX/TX ring count configuration before interrupt allocation
      igb: White space
      igb: Move interrupt allocation after RX/TX ring allocation
      igb: Factor out igb_{alloc,free}_intr
      tcp: Add XMITNOW which bypasses the Nagle algorithm temporarily
      bge: Limit BCM5701 B5 to 32-bit mode
      bge: Add missing bit of commit f47afe1
      bge: Add busdma constraints for old chips
      bge: In bge_stop, don't isolate PHY; it is unnecessary
      bge: Revert small part of f47afe1, which setup PHY bugs
      bge: Enable hardware fixes for BCM5704 B0 as recommended by datasheet.
      bge: For BCM5703, limit DMA read watermark
      bge: Proper configure PCI-X for BCM5703/5704 devices
      bge: x86_64 does not have alignment constraint either
      bge: Reduce status block device update size
      bge: Improve TX performance on certain low end chips
      bge: Don't touch jumbo frame registers on chips which do not support them
      bge: For dual mode PHY controllers, make sure to enable GMII
      bge: Zero out the status block during initialization
      bge: Properly enable Data Fifo Protection for certain chips
      bge: Avoid using magic number
      bge: Disable UDP hardware checksum
      bge: Reduce the number of dropped frames when flow-control is enabled
      bge: Improve 5785 performance
      bge: Don't prevent bge_init if IFF_RUNNING is set
      igb: Add MSI-X support
      igb: Make sure EITR interval is within range
      igb: Reduce MSI/legacy interrupt rate limit to 6000
      mii: Hide miibus_{probe,attach,detach}
      mii: Cleanup "return", no functional changes
      mii: M_WAITOK should be enough
      mii: Allow NIC drivers to pass more information to MII probe
      bge: Utilize new mii_probe()
      bge: NetExtreme/NetLink controllers require memory not across 4G boundary
      bge: Enable fix for read DMA FIFO overruns on certain controllers
      bge/brgphy: Split PHY flags out of main flags
      bge: Adjust PHY workaround settings
      bge: Rework MII register accessing and auto-polling support
      bge: Force interrupt if link status changes
      bge: Properly configure receive and send RCBs
      bge: Avoid accessing invalid internal memory region on BCM5906
      bge: Workaround "short DMA" bug on certain chips
      bge: Enable hardware patch for TX MAC lockup on BCM5755+ and BCM5906
      bge: Workaround BCM5906 chip bug
      bge: Always enable buffer manager
      bge: If chip has CPMU, let it handle GPHY power down
      bge: Workaround mbox write reordering for PCI-X devices
      pci: Add more definition for PCI Express device {control,status} registers
      bge: Don't force PCI Express TLP to be 128 bytes
      bge: Regroup code, no functional changes
      bge: BGE_PCI_MISC_CTL resides in PCI configuration space
      mii: Wrong sizeof
      bge: Enable "tagged status" on non-BCM5788 and non-BCM5700 chips
      bge: Add comment about coalesce parameters during interrupt
      bge: Factor our bge_link_poll()
      bge: Correct comment
      bge: Increase default RX coalesce to 160us (~6000Hz)
      bge: Make sure coalesce parameters are in sane range
      bge: Add BGE_IS_CRIPPLED to test BCM5788 and BCM5700
      bge: Define clear ticks upon RX/TX for host coalesce mode register
      bge: Add commented out code to set "clear ticks upon TX"
      em: Don't enable MSI on non-PCIe chips and 82571/82572
      emx: Don't enable MSI on 82571/82572
      em/emx: Correct ASPM settings for 82571/82572/82573
      igb: Move shared interrupt configure to igb_alloc_intr()
      emx: Fix "Missing Interrupt Following ICR read" errata
      em: Fix "Missing Interrupt Following ICR read" errata
      em/emx: Update comment concerning errata number
      igb: Update comment about errata number
      igb: Add comment for WTHRESH and header write back mode.
      mii: Add private data tag and save private data into mii_softc
      bge/bce: Use mii private data to pass various flags to brgphy
      brgphy: Remove debug prints
      bge: Remove unused structs and macros
      bce: Enabling MSI or MSI-X in interrupt handler does not need to mask first
      bge: Cosmetic cleanup
      if_bgereg.h: Add header guardian
      bge: Split if_bgereg.h into if_bgereg.h and if_bgevar.h
      bge: Add MSI support
      hda: Disable "No Snoop" on PCI express chips
      bge: Avoid using magic number for PCI-E PHY Test Control register
      pci: Define Max Payload Size for device control register
      bge: Force 128 bytes Max Payload Size on old PCI-E chips
      bge: Correct PHY test control register value name
      bge: Increase firmware hand shake timeout
      bge: Don't bail, even if firmware hand shaking fails.
      bge: Rework RWDMA configuration
      bge: All chips using BGE_PCI_PRODID_ASICREV have CPMU
      bge: Add register and chip id values for BCM57785 and BCM5718 families
      pci: Add device ids for Broadcom BCM57785 and BCM5718 families
      pci: regen pcidevs
      bge: More register value definition
      mii: Add more model ids for PHYs from Broadcom
      mii: regen
      brgphy: Add BCM5718C, BCM54680, BCM54880, BCM54640, BCM54685 and BCM54881
      mii: Update description string of BCM5720C
      mii: regen
      bnx: Add BCM5718 and BCM57785 chip families support
      bnx: Add manpage
      apic: APIC ID should not be 255, which is used for broadcast
      lapic: Allow lapic enumeration to fail
      bnx: Add macros to further differentiate BCM57785 and BCM5718 families
      bnx: Utilize BNX_IS_5717_PLUS
      bnx: UDP hardware checksum offloading works
      bge/bnx: Avoid using magic register name
      bnx: Remove unused code
      bnx: Adjust RX/TX ring limit for BCM57785 family
      bnx: Properly configure PCI-E PL/DL registers and MAC clock speed
      bnx: Using 57765_FAMILY to conf Low Watermark Maximum Receive Frame Register
      bnx: Enable MBUF low attention on buffer manager
      bnx: Reconfigure DMA read/write control register
      bnx: BCM57791 and BCM57795 are 10/100 only
      pcidevs: Add more PCI ids for BCM57785 family chips
      pcidevs: regen
      bnx: Add support for BCM57766 chips
      bnx: Use MPSAFE callout
      callout: Add callout_reset_bycpu, which dispatches callout to the specified CPU
      bnx: Dispatch state timer to the same CPU as MSI/legacy interrupt CPU
      bnx: Enable software workaround for possiblely hosed interrupt
      bnx: Utilize BNX_IS_5717_PLUS
      tcp: Add TSO support for IPv4
      ixgbe: Unbreak compile
      bnx: Add TSO support
      tools: Add toeplitz, which calculate toeplitz on given addresses/ports
      tcp: Increase tcp_sosend_agglim from 2 to 3
      mbuf: Save linker layer, IP and TCP/UDP header length
      mbuf: Regroup fields, mainly to improve cache utilization
      bnx: Utilize header lengthes in mbuf to setup TSO
      mbuf: segsz -> tso_segsz, which is more expressive
      emx: Utilize mbuf's header lengthes
      tools/pktgen: Setup header length properly
      emx: Remove unused macros
      emx: Add TSO support
      emx: Remove dependency on opt_rss.h; RSS is always enabled
      emx: Add EMX_TSO_DEBUG
      tools/pktgen: Setup link header length properly
      em/emx: Reduce the default interrupt rate to 6000Hz
      statclock: Fix intr% counting on heavily interrupted systems
      igb: Utilize mbuf's header length to setup TX context
      igb: Change TXCSUM does not require reinitialize hardware
      igb: Add TSO support
      bnx: Remove unused code
      alc: Stablize this driver and fix various porting overlooks
      igb: Make sure that mbuf is changed before busdma sync
      emx: Make sure that mbuf is changed before busdma sync
      emx: Increase spare TX descriprors to 33 incorporate TSO segment
      em/emx: Fix up detach path
      emx: emx_timer() only requires main serializer
      bnx: Increase spare TX descriptors to 33 to incorporate TSO segment
      bnx: Rearrange the code to check the spare TX descripors first
      bnx: Correct debug messages
      bnx: Allow TX/RX max coalesce BDs to be 0; mainly for debugging
      bnx: Disable RX max BDs based interrupt moderation
      emx: Status change is protected by main serializer
      bce: Remove debugging stuffs in interrupt handler
      bce: Remove debug stuffs on RX/TX interrupt path
      bce: Don't loop in the interrupt handler to drain TX/RX
      bce: Set RX interrupt rate ~6000Hz
      bce: Remove debug stuffs from output path
      bce: Remove debug stuffs from polling code
      bce: Add TSO support
      bge: Add TSO support for BCM5755 family chips
      bce: Unbreak LINT building
      igb: Remove unused field
      igb: Remove unused code; adjust and add comment
      igb: Remove no longer referenced code
      emx: Pack boolean fields into flags
      bnx: Don't peek at the TX descriptor in txeof()
      bge: Don't peek at the TX descriptor in txeof()
      bge: Allow max BDs based coalesce to be disabled
      em: Increase RX/TX descriptor count to 512
      em: Pack boolean fields into flags
      em: Change TXCSUM does not require reinitialize hardware
      em: Utilize mbuf's header length to setup TX csum context
      em: Add TSO support for certain PCIe chips
      tcp: Stringent TSO segment length assertion.
      pci: Disable memory address decoding before writing 0xffffffff to BAR
      pci: Enable PCIe memory mapped configuration again
      bnx: Enable 500Khz MII management interface frequency
      bge: Always configure MII mode register
      bge: Use MPSAFE callout
      bce: Rework MSI checkout for 5706 and 5708
      bce: Dispatch callouts to interrupt's target CPU
      jme: Don't immediately recycle the TX descriptor even if it is owned by us.
      jme: Only main serializer is needed for timeout callback
      jme: Cache align RX/TX data structure
      ip: Put fast dispatch/slow dispatch and hashing done by IP under RSS_DEBUG
      ether: Add instrument to detect wrong hardware supplied hash
      jme: Let the software to check hardware supplied hash
      route: Routing table is replicated to all CPUs, not # of CPUs on power of 2
      jme: Add TSO support
      vm: Put vm_page_alloc_contig debug prints under vm_contig_verbose
      acpi/intr: Fix comment, source index is GSI _not_ IRQ
      MachIntr: Add two methods to find IRQ
      pci/pir: Make sure that the IRQ is allowed to be configured
      acpi/fadt: Make sure that SCI IRQ is valid
      pci: Guard against wrong user supplied IRQ assignment
      acpi/resource: Use legacy_intr_find to detect invalid IRQ configure
      acpi/pcib: Guard against invalid GSI provided by PRT
      tcp: RFC3517bis is now officially RFC6675
      tcp/ncr: Avoid using magic number
      acpi/sci: Test ACPI MADT interrupt override entry's preferred mode first
      igb: Set default RX descriptor count to 512
      jme: Allow MSI-X be evenly spreaded across CPUs
      jme: Record number of times that RX ring becomes empty
      jme: RX interrupt to ~6000Hz, TX interrupt to ~4000Hz
      socket: Replicate soreceive() to sorecvtcp() for cleanup and optimization
      sorecvtcp: Remove unapplied code
      tcp: Implement asynchronized pru_rcvd
      acpi/resource: Only skip SCI trigger/polarity configuration
      ifpoll: Dispatch netmsgs to netisr, which is MPSAFE now
      acpi/resource: We still need to make sure that IRQ is valid at least
      pci/mptable: Let parent route the interrupt before using the intline
      msgport: Always save owner thread for threads' msgports
      ifpoll: Don't limit number of CPUs that perform polling
      ifpoll: Field renaming; if_qpoll -> if_npoll
      ifpoll: Setup if_start cpuid for NPOLLING properly
      emx: Allow user to specify RX/TX processing CPU's offset
      ifpoll: Simplify TX polling logic
      ifpoll: Reorder iopoll fields a little bit
      ifpoll: Use u_long for statistics
      if: Defer if_start to netisr instead of ifnet for further processing
      aue/lgue: Utilize netisr to run if_start
      bridge: Utilize netisr to run physical interface's if_start
      vlan: Dispatch mbuf to be sent to physical interface's start cpu
      tcp: Reduce RTO minimal value from 1 second to 500ms
      jme: Change polling(4) support to ifpoll support
      jme: Move colesce parameters setup out of sysctl tree creation
      jme: Make sure only rx desc empty is cleared in status register
      jme: Remove unused macros
      jme: Rework MSI-X mapping, so RX MSI-X need not read register
      jme: Factor out jme_rx_restart
      igb: Initialize if_name so functions used on if_init could use if_printf
      re: Don't enable MSI by default
      igb: Change polling(4) support to ifpoll support
      igb: Remove unused code
      igb: Cache align msix, rx and tx data
      kmalloc: Add kmalloc_powerof2() and kmalloc_cachealign()
      igb: Use kmalloc_cachealign to allocate rx ring, tx ring and msix data
      busdma: Utilize kmalloc_powerof2()
      busdma: Panic if the kmalloc_powerof2() fails to meet the dma requirement
      ifpoll: Utilize kmalloc_cachealign()
      kmalloc: Use 'fls' to round up the size to the nearest power of 2

Thomas Nikolajsen (6):
      sys/config: Readd COMPAT_43 to i386 kernels: COMPAT_LINUX needs it
      sys/config: Readd COMPAT_DF12 to i386 kernels, to run FreeBSD 4 binaries
      COMPAT_LINUX: Remove need for COMPAT_43
      Revert "sys/config: Readd COMPAT_43 to i386 kernels: COMPAT_LINUX needs it"
      Revert "libstand.3: remove .Xo/.Xc"
      tmpfs.5: Add note that DragonFly NFS client needs to disable ReaddirPlus

Tim Bisson (1):
      re(4): Use MSI if device supports it.

Venkatesh Srinivas (26):
      libc: Clean up fmemopen.
      kernel -- nata: Use ATA_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT (10) rather than 1 for ATA controlcmds.
      Document shared tokens in token(9).
      libthread_xu: Implement stub sem_open/sem_close/sem_unlink.
      tmpfs: Support NFS export of tmpfs filesystems.
      kernel -- linprocfs: linprocfs_allocvp should return a locked vnode.
      kernel: mfs -- Fix unmount panic for MFS filesystems.
      libc -- stdlib: Implement quick_exit and at_quick_exit from C11.
      libc -- stdlib: Implement aligned_alloc from C11.
      kernel: msdosfs -- Use -1 rather than 32-bit 0xffffffff in mount().
      kernel -- DEBUG_LOCKS: Do not panic if releasing a lockmgr lock w/ spinlocks held.
      kernel -- ffs: Replace softupdates critical section locks  with lockmgr.
      kernel -- ffs: Do not dereference NULL inodes in ffs_sync_scan1.
      kernel -- FFS: Take softdep lock in softdep_disk_io_initiation.
      kernel -- vnlru: Remove MPLOCK from vnlru.
      kernel -- Per-mount threaded syncer infrastructure.
      kernel -- Enable threaded syncer for NFS mounts.
      kernel -- vm_pageout: Handle pages w/ NULL vm_objects on the act/in pageqs.
      kernel -- ffs: Soft updates locking fixes
      kernel -- ffs: Softdep lock and assorted fixes
      kernel -- ffs: Correct incorrect prototype change that snuck into last commit.
      kernel -- vn: Implement BUF_CMD_FLUSH for vn(ode) devices.
      kernel -- tmpfs: Convert tmpfs inode counter to per-mount field
      libc -- dmalloc: Call malloc_init as-needed, rather than via cc constructor.
      kernel -- CLFLUSH support
      libc -- dmalloc: Call malloc_init as-needed, rather than via ctor (#2)

YONETANI Tomokazu (2):
      Installer: fix a (possible) crash in show_ifconfig()
      Installer: one more place where inform() called without a format string

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