git: zlib: Upgrade from version 1.2.5 to version 1.2.7

John Marino marino at
Fri May 11 07:44:18 PDT 2012

commit ab767382b8b043785a3c0e0ad07aba84f2aa8a02
Author: John Marino <draco at>
Date:   Fri May 11 14:52:27 2012 +0200

    zlib: Upgrade from version 1.2.5 to version 1.2.7
     Changes since last update
    Changes in (10 Sep 2011)
    - Update FAQ entry on shared builds (#13)
    - Avoid symbolic argument to chmod in
    - Fix bug and add consts in contrib/puff [Oberhumer]
    - Update contrib/puff/zeros.raw test file to have all block types
    - Add full coverage test for puff in contrib/puff/Makefile
    - Fix static-only-build install in
    - Fix bug in unzGetCurrentFileInfo() in contrib/minizip [Kuno]
    - Add libz.a dependency to shared in for parallel builds
    - Spell out "number" (instead of "nb") in zlib.h for total_in, total_out
    - Replace $(...) with `...` in configure for non-bash sh [Bowler]
    - Add darwin* to Darwin* and solaris* to SunOS\ 5* in configure [Groffen]
    - Add solaris* to Linux* in configure to allow gcc use [Groffen]
    - Add *bsd* to Linux* case in configure [Bar-Lev]
    - Add inffast.obj to dependencies in win32/Makefile.msc
    - Correct spelling error in deflate.h [Kohler]
    - Change libzdll.a again to libz.dll.a (!) in win32/Makefile.gcc
    - Add test to configure for GNU C looking for gcc in output of $cc -v
    - Add zlib.pc generation to win32/Makefile.gcc [Weigelt]
    - Fix bug in zlib.h for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS set and _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE not
    - Add comment in zlib.h that adler32_combine with len2 < 0 makes no sense
    - Make NO_DIVIDE option in adler32.c much faster (thanks to John Reiser)
    - Make stronger test in zconf.h to include unistd.h for LFS
    - Apply Darwin patches for 64-bit file offsets to contrib/minizip [Slack]
    - Fix zlib.h LFS support when Z_PREFIX used
    - Add updated as400 support (removed from old) [Monnerat]
    - Avoid deflate sensitivity to volatile input data
    - Avoid division in adler32_combine for NO_DIVIDE
    - Clarify the use of Z_FINISH with deflateBound() amount of space
    - Set binary for output file in puff.c
    - Use u4 type for crc_table to avoid conversion warnings
    - Apply casts in zlib.h to avoid conversion warnings
    - Add OF to prototypes for adler32_combine_ and crc32_combine_ [Miller]
    - Improve inflateSync() documentation to note indeterminancy
    - Add deflatePending() function to return the amount of pending output
    - Correct the spelling of "specification" in FAQ [Randers-Pehrson]
    - Add a check in configure for stdarg.h, use for gzprintf()
    - Check that pointers fit in ints when gzprint() compiled old style
    - Add dummy name before $(SHAREDLIBV) in Makefile [Bar-Lev, Bowler]
    - Delete line in configure that adds -L. libz.a to LDFLAGS [Weigelt]
    - Add debug records in assmebler code [Londer]
    - Update RFC references to use [Li]
    - Add --archs option, use of libtool to configure for Mac OS X [Borstel]
    Changes in (17 Dec 2011)
    - fix ld error: unable to find version dependency 'ZLIB_1.2.5'
    - use relative symlinks for shared libs
    - Avoid searching past window for Z_RLE strategy
    - Assure that high-water mark initialization is always applied in deflate
    - Add assertions to fill_window() in deflate.c to match comments
    - Update python link in README
    - Correct spelling error in gzread.c
    - Fix bug in gzgets() for a concatenated empty gzip stream
    - Correct error in comment for gz_make()
    - Change gzread() and related to ignore junk after gzip streams
    - Allow gzread() and related to continue after gzclearerr()
    - Allow gzrewind() and gzseek() after a premature end-of-file
    - Simplify gzseek() now that raw after gzip is ignored
    - Change gzgetc() to a macro for speed (~40% speedup in testing)
    - Fix gzclose() to return the actual error last encountered
    - Always add large file support for windows
    - Include zconf.h for windows large file support
    - Include zconf.h.cmakein for windows large file support
    - Update zconf.h.cmakein on make distclean
    - Merge vestigial vsnprintf determination from zutil.h to gzguts.h
    - Clarify how gzopen() appends in zlib.h comments
    - Correct documentation of gzdirect() since junk at end now ignored
    - Add a transparent write mode to gzopen() when 'T' is in the mode
    - Update python link in zlib man page
    - Get inffixed.h and MAKEFIXED result to match
    - Add a ./config --solo option to make zlib subset with no libary use
    - Add undocumented inflateResetKeep() function for CAB file decoding
    - Add --cover option to ./configure for gcc coverage testing
    - Add #define ZLIB_CONST option to use const in the z_stream interface
    - Add comment to gzdopen() in zlib.h to use dup() when using fileno()
    - Note behavior of uncompress() to provide as much data as it can
    - Add files in contrib/minizip to aid in building libminizip
    - Split off AR options in and configure
    - Change ON macro to Z_ARG to avoid application conflicts
    - Facilitate compilation with Borland C++ for pragmas and vsnprintf
    - Include io.h for Turbo C / Borland C++
    - Move example.c and minigzip.c to test/
    - Simplify incomplete code table filling in inflate_table()
    - Remove code from inflate.c and infback.c that is impossible to execute
    - Test the inflate code with full coverage
    - Allow deflateSetDictionary, inflateSetDictionary at any time (in raw)
    - Add deflateResetKeep and fix inflateResetKeep to retain dictionary
    - Fix gzwrite.c to accommodate reduced memory zlib compilation
    - Have inflate() with Z_FINISH avoid the allocation of a window
    - Do not set strm->adler when doing raw inflate
    - Fix gzeof() to behave just like feof() when read is not past end of file
    - Fix bug in gzread.c when end-of-file is reached
    - Avoid use of Z_BUF_ERROR in gz* functions except for premature EOF
    - Document gzread() capability to read concurrently written files
    - Remove hard-coding of resource compiler in CMakeLists.txt [Blammo]
    Changes in (15 Jan 2012)
    - Restore gzgetc function for binary compatibility
    - Do not use _lseeki64 under Borland C++ [Truta]
    - Update win32/Makefile.msc to build test/*.c [Truta]
    - Remove old/visualc6 given CMakefile and other alternatives
    - Update AS400 build files and documentation [Monnerat]
    - Update win32/Makefile.gcc to build test/*.c [Truta]
    - Permit stronger flushes after Z_BLOCK flushes
    - Avoid extraneous empty blocks when doing empty flushes
    - Permit Z_NULL arguments to deflatePending
    - Allow deflatePrime() to insert bits in the middle of a stream
    - Remove second empty static block for Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH
    - Write out all of the available bits when using Z_BLOCK
    - Insert the first two strings in the hash table after a flush
    Changes in 1.2.6 (29 Jan 2012)
    - Update the Pascal interface in contrib/pascal
    - Fix function numbers for gzgetc_ in zlibvc.def files
    - Fix for contrib/minizip [Schiffer]
    - Fix large-entry detection in minizip on 64-bit systems [Schiffer]
    - Have ./configure use the compiler return code for error indication
    - Fix CMakeLists.txt for cross compilation [McClure]
    - Fix contrib/minizip/zip.c for 64-bit architectures [Dalsnes]
    - Fix compilation of contrib/minizip on FreeBSD [Marquez]
    - Correct suggested usages in win32/Makefile.msc [Shachar, Horvath]
    - Include io.h for Turbo C / Borland C on all platforms [Truta]
    - Make version explicit in contrib/minizip/ [Bosmans]
    - Avoid warning for no encryption in contrib/minizip/zip.c [Vollant]
    - Minor cleanup up contrib/minizip/unzip.c [Vollant]
    - Fix bug when compiling minizip with C++ [Vollant]
    - Protect for long name and extra fields in contrib/minizip [Vollant]
    - Avoid some warnings in contrib/minizip [Vollant]
    - Add -I../.. -L../.. to CFLAGS for minizip and miniunzip
    - Add missing libs to minizip linker command
    - Add support for VPATH builds in contrib/minizip
    - Add an --enable-demos option to contrib/minizip/configure
    - Add the generation of configure.log by ./configure
    - Exit when required parameters not provided to win32/Makefile.gcc
    - Have gzputc return the character written instead of the argument
    - Use the -m option on ldconfig for BSD systems [Tobias]
    - Correct in when deflateResetKeep was added
    Changes in (12 Feb 2012)
    - Avoid the use of the Objective-C reserved name "id"
    - Include io.h in gzguts.h for Microsoft compilers
    - Fix problem with ./configure --prefix and gzgetc macro
    - Include gz_header definition when compiling zlib solo
    - Put gzflags() functionality back in zutil.c
    - Avoid library header include in crc32.c for Z_SOLO
    - Use name in GCC_CLASSIC as C compiler for coverage testing, if set
    - Minor cleanup in contrib/minizip/zip.c [Vollant]
    - Update [Zinser]
    - Remove unnecessary gzgetc_ function
    - Use optimized byte swap operations for Microsoft and GNU [Snyder]
    - Fix minor typo in zlib.h comments [Rzesniowiecki]
    Changes in 1.2.7 (2 May 2012)
    - Replace use of memmove() with a simple copy for portability
    - Test for existence of strerror
    - Restore gzgetc_ for backward compatibility with 1.2.6
    - Fix build with non-GNU make on Solaris
    - Require gcc 4.0 or later on Mac OS X to use the hidden attribute
    - Include unistd.h for Watcom C
    - Use __WATCOMC__ instead of __WATCOM__
    - Do not use the visibility attribute if NO_VIZ defined
    - Improve the detection of no hidden visibility attribute
    - Avoid using __int64 for gcc or solo compilation
    - Cast to char * in gzprintf to avoid warnings [Zinser]
    - Fix for VAX [Zinser]
    - Don't use library or built-in byte swaps
    - Simplify test and use of gcc hidden attribute
    - Fix bug in gzclose_w() when gzwrite() fails to allocate memory
    - Add "x" (O_EXCL) and "e" (O_CLOEXEC) modes support to gzopen()
    - Fix bug in test/minigzip.c for configure --solo
    - Fix contrib/vstudio project link errors [Mohanathas]
    - Add ability to choose the builder in [Schweda]
    - Add DESTDIR support to mingw32 win32/Makefile.gcc
    - Fix comments in win32/Makefile.gcc for proper usage
    - Allow overriding the default install locations for cmake
    - Generate and install the pkg-config file with cmake
    - Build both a static and a shared version of zlib with cmake
    - Include version symbols for cmake builds
    - If using cmake with MSVC, add the source directory to the includes
    - Remove unneeded EXTRA_CFLAGS from win32/Makefile.gcc [Truta]
    - Move obsolete emx makefile to old [Truta]
    - Allow the use of -Wundef when compiling or using zlib
    - Avoid the use of the -u option with mktemp
    - Improve inflate() documentation on the use of Z_FINISH
    - Recognize clang as gcc
    - Add gzopen_w() in Windows for wide character path names
    - Rename zconf.h in CMakeLists.txt to move it out of the way
    - Add source directory in CMakeLists.txt for building examples
    - Look in build directory for zlib.pc in CMakeLists.txt
    - Remove gzflags from zlibvc.def in vc9 and vc10
    - Fix contrib/minizip compilation in the MinGW environment
    - Update ./configure for Solaris, support --64 [Mooney]
    - Remove -R. from Solaris shared build (possible security issue)
    - Avoid race condition for parallel make (-j) running example
    - Fix type mismatch between get_crc_table() and crc_table
    - Fix parsing of version with "-" in CMakeLists.txt [Snider, Ziegler]
    - Fix the path to in CMakeLists.txt
    - Force the native libtool in Mac OS X to avoid GNU libtool [Beebe]
    - Add instructions to win32/Makefile.gcc for shared install [Torri]

Summary of changes:
 lib/libz/Makefile                |    3 +-
 lib/libz/zconf.h                 |  508 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 lib/libz/zopen.c                 |   11 +-
 usr.sbin/makewhatis/makewhatis.c |    2 +-
 4 files changed, 518 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 lib/libz/zconf.h

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