git: CCVER: Add /usr/pkgsrc/lang/gcc-aux as 'gcc47'

John Marino marino at
Tue Jul 10 10:49:59 PDT 2012

commit b0eef83f16f365805db2412080be172e586f0a55
Author: John Marino <draco at>
Date:   Mon Jul 9 17:27:54 2012 +0200

    CCVER: Add /usr/pkgsrc/lang/gcc-aux as 'gcc47'
    There are two gcc-4.7.x packages in pkgsrc that will build gcc 4.7-based
    compilers on Dragonfly.  One is located at lang/gcc47 and the other is
    located at lang/gcc-aux.  Both have been patched by myself, but gcc-aux
    seems to work better, especially with regards to link-time optimization.
    Consequently, a new valid value for CCVER has been created, "gcc47", which
    references lang/gcc-aux while building world and kernel.  Both will
    compile, and the produced kernel will boot, but there are some network
    issues.  Consequently, CCVER=gcc47 should only be used by developers who
    have the express intent to fix any issues the arise from compiling
    DragonFly sources with the latest GCC compiler.  Normal users looking
    for non-base GCC compilers should stick with CCVER=gcc46 for now.

Summary of changes:
 etc/defaults/compilers.conf     |    6 ++++++
 libexec/customcc/          |    8 ++++++++
 share/man/man5/compilers.conf.5 |    8 ++++++--
 3 files changed, 20 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

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