git: kernel: Add missing MODULE_VERSION()s for file systems.

Sascha Wildner swildner at
Sat Oct 29 02:59:08 PDT 2011

commit e5e63c204af3f7f4e4bc83d132314762b45ef78e
Author: Sascha Wildner <saw at>
Date:   Sat Oct 29 11:57:42 2011 +0200

    kernel: Add missing MODULE_VERSION()s for file systems.
    The loader will figure out by itself whether to load a module or not,
    depending on whether it's already in the kernel config or not, iif
    MODULE_VERSION() is present.
    I.e., if MSDOSFS (that has MODULE_VERSION()) is in the config and
    msdos_load="YES" is in /boot/loader.conf, msdos.ko will not be loaded
    by the loader at all.
    Without MODULE_VERSION() it will lead (in the best case) to whining in
    dmesg like for ahci or (in the worst case) to weird behavior, such as
    for nullfs:
    # mount -a
    null: vfsload(null): No such file or directory
    Therefore, we definitely want MODULE_VERSION() for all new modules.
    This commit is the first in a series to add the missing MODULE_VERSION()s.
    I know that ufs is not a module, just included it for completeness' sake.
    Reported-by: marino, tuxillo

Summary of changes:
 .../linux/i386/linprocfs/linprocfs_vfsops.c        |    1 +
 sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs/ext2_vfsops.c                   |    2 ++
 sys/vfs/fdesc/fdesc_vfsops.c                       |    1 +
 sys/vfs/hpfs/hpfs_vfsops.c                         |    2 +-
 sys/vfs/mfs/mfs_vfsops.c                           |    1 +
 sys/vfs/nfs/nfs_vfsops.c                           |    1 +
 sys/vfs/nullfs/null_vfsops.c                       |    1 +
 sys/vfs/nwfs/nwfs_vfsops.c                         |    1 +
 sys/vfs/portal/portal_vfsops.c                     |    1 +
 sys/vfs/smbfs/smbfs_vfsops.c                       |    1 +
 sys/vfs/tmpfs/tmpfs_vfsops.c                       |    1 +
 sys/vfs/ufs/ffs_vfsops.c                           |    1 +
 12 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

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