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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Tue Oct 4 00:33:10 2011 -0400

DragonFly 2.12.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (DragonFly)


Adam Hoka (3):
      add more information to a failing assertion's panic message
      dm - Add method to get inactive table size
      dm - Move the target unbusy to the dm_table_destroy function

Aggelos Economopoulos (3):
      ktrdump: fixup size modifiers for integers
      Mention the ktr format string limitations in ktr(9)
      ktrdump: handle %c in ktr format strings

Alex Hornung (62):
      "Fix" kernel profiling for i386
      binutils221 - remove some foo from ld Makefile
      rtld-elf - Don't pass -elf to the linker
      cryptdisks - update to support options
      cryptdisks - Add retval checks for popen and alloc
      padlock - initial rng support
      padlock rng - rework
      padlock - fix bug in rng
      padlock - Shuffle around, add rng x86_64 support
      padlock - fix rng code for x86_64
      tools - Add a git commit-msg hook for MFC'ing
      dm - check error on vn_open
      committer.7 - Add note about MFC hook
      tree.h - Add RB_AUGMENT support
      dm - fix typo in previous commit
      dm_target_crypt - add plain64 ivgen
      opencrypto - (minor) sync with OpenBSD
      opencrypto - Add AES GCM/GMAC support
      crypto - Add Twofish implementation
      opencrypto - add twofish support to cryptosoft/dev
      tests - add twofish via cryptodev tests
      crypto - Add Serpent implementation
      opencrypto - add serpent support to cryptosoft/dev
      tests - add serpent via cryptodev tests
      tests - minor cosmetic fix
      opencrypto - Add serpent & twofish XTS modes
      dm_target_crypt - Add twofish & serpent support
      devfs - replace subname* with related* functions
      dm - change remove_all traversal direction
      crypto(4,9) - update with new algorithms
      vfs_conf - remove dead struct
      dm_target_crypt - use per-instance mpipes, KTR
      tcplay - bring in
      mdoc.local - add libtcplay
      cryptdisks - add (preliminary) tcplay support - add libtcplay
      initrd - add tcplay root mount support
      dm - get rid of excessive locking and redundancy
      dm - add message support (one-way)
      dm - sync_devs() on creation, add new dict entries
      libdm - a simple BSD-licensed libdevmapper
      libdm - bind into build
      mdoc.local - add libdm - add libdm
      tcplay - switch to using libdm
      cryptdisks - switch over to libdm
      cryptsetup - switch to libdm
      update proplib
      libdm - add dummy dm_udev_set_sync_support()
      rtld-elf - restore old tls/tcb code
      tcplay - update to version 0.9
      csu x86_64 - properly align stack
      pthread - adjust visibility to 'default'
      updwtmpx - update prototype to be void, but ...
      add MLINK for _updwtmpx
      fq - fix a (possible) deadlock
      dsched - Add debugging & fix rare problem conditions
      dm - Add device type for future raid1
      add missing DSCHED_BFQ option
      dsched - increase max size of diskctx
      ubsec - Fix & update
      ubsec(4) - update man page

Antonio Huete Jimenez (8):
      df - Properly handle paths passed when -t is used.
      rc.conf - Fix a wrong reference for jail_procfs_enable
      jail - Automatically mount devfs filesystem in every jail if specified.
      hammer(8) - Fix snapshot count in info directive.
      defaults/rc.conf - Add jail_devfs_enable as a known option.
      mk - Add two missing files to the README file
      vkernel(7) - Permit multiple -e options to pass environment variables
      vkernel(7) - Describe diskless operation.

Brills Peng (5):
      dsched - Add request polling wrapper
      dsched - Bump maximum tdio size to 384 bytes
      dsched_as - A simple & experimental AS
      dsched_bfq - A budget fair-queuing dsched policy
      dsched_bfq - Add documentation

François Tigeot (7):
      Remove forth and other unused bits from the loader.
      Implement a new vfs function, vfs_account()
      Mark the arcmsr driver MPSAFE
      Synchronize the description of struct statfs with its real
      VFS_START() uses only two arguments
      Third parameter of VFS_STATFS is no longer struct proc *
      Add a -D option to install(1)

Jan Lentfer (5):
      Initial vendor import of ldns-1.6.4 into contrib.
      Update to ldns-1.6.7
      sendmail: Update vendor branch to v8.14.15
      ldns/drill: Update vendor branch to 1.6.9
      ldns/drill: Update local files to 1.6.9, too

John Marino (64):
      Import grep-2.7
      Grep: Add pregenerated files
      Grep: Reintroducing local modification for HAMMER
      Grep: Reintroducing local modification: --only-files option
      Grep: Second modification to man page
      Grep: Add DragonFly README files
      Grep: Replace grep-2.4d with grep-2.7
      rcorder: unbreak world
      sort: Import NetBSD sort to usr.bin/sort
      sort: modifications needed for DragonFly
      sort: Replace GNU sort with NetBSD sort
      sort: Remove GNU sort from base
      grep: Delete redundant headers
      rtld-elf: Sync with FreeBSD
      kernel: Implement ELF auxinfo entry type AT_EXECPATH
      dlvsym manpage: cleanup
      Upgrade GCC from 4.4.5 to 4.4.6 on the vendor branch
      GCC: Upgrade to 4.4.6; improved exception handling
      gcc44: remove my copyright from dragonfly-unwind.h
      Upgrade diffutils from 2.8.7 to 3.0 on the vendor branch
      This is a complete overhaul in the diffutils makefile system.  The
      Rename texinfo-4 directory to "texinfo" in vendor branch
      Upgrade Texinfo from 4.8 to 4.13 on the vendor branch
      Texinfo: Upgrade version from 4.8 to 4.13
      infokey(1): Add new Texinfo man page for infokey
      gcc44: provide pragma pack(push) & pragma pack(pop) support
      gcc 4.4: Remove PIE profiling trigger
      GDB: Upgrade version from 7.0 to 7.2
      cvs vendor branch: restore local regex source files
      cvs: Rebuild without gnuregex library
      Remove libgnuregex from the system
      cvs: fix recently introduced, repeatable segfault
      kernel ELF: Reimplement Elf Branding, .note.ABI-tag
      kernel ELF: Do not map segments of zero length
      kernel ELF: Map PIE binaries at non-zero or specified address
      Linuxolator: fix recent breakage
      gcc 44: Change shared library search order (embedded rpath)
      btx: tweak makefile for gold linker
      Linuxulator: Fix recent breakage, part II
      Kernel ELF: Restore legacy FreeBSD brand
      Activate building of gold linker in binutils 2.21
      gold: Local modification to add --relocatable synonym
      Kernel Elf: Expand ABI.note-tag search to cover entire file
      kernel ELF: Add missing return after exec_map_page error
      Upgrade GDB from 7.0 and 7.2 on the vendor branch
      kernel ELF: Use interpreter paths outside of first page
      kernel ELF: Improve OS Release Date handling
      kernel ELF: Removed unwanted return
      kernel ELF: Implement AT_OSRELDATE aux vector
      binutils220: Update vendor branch to version 2.20.1
      binutils 2.20: Upgrade to version 2.20.1
      c++filt: Switch from compiler to binutils versions
      c++filt: Remove compiler version makefiles
      binutils: Import binutils 2.21.1 files on vendor branch
      binutils: Update binutils 2.21 makefiles and READMEs
      binutils: Build gprof with binutils 2.21.1
      gold: Fix hardcoded library search path
      gprof: Replace BSD gprof and gprof4 with gnu gprof
      BSD gprof/4: Remove old gprof versions from code base
      Import gdb 7.3 into vendor branch
      gdb: Adjust makefiles for gdb 7.3
      gdb: Improve concept of FAKE_PROCESS_ID to fix JIT crash
      kgdb: Tweak to avoid extra inferior
      gdb: Remove previous local modification

Justin C. Sherrill (4):
      From NetBSD revision 1.9:
      From NetBSD revision 1.10:
      From NetBSD revision 1.11:
      2.12 branch.

Matthew Dillon (59):
      release - remove xchat from gui build
      release - pkgsrc-2011Q1 is the standard pkgsrc branch now
      kernel - Fix panic when unloading a module on x86-64
      kernel - Add mtrr support for x86-64
      kernel - Fix a rare nfsnode destruction race
      ftpd - Remove the use of GLOB_LIMIT
      kernel - Add refcount_release_wakeup() and refcount_wait()
      kernel - enable carrier/modem-status for usb serial devices (/dev/ucomX)
      kernel - Try to reduce 'busy buffers problems' during halt/reboot
      libpthread - Always override the symlinks
      make upgrade - Allow removal of protected files
      make upgrade - removal additional obsolete files
      kernel - Fix netgraph MP race
      kernel - Serialize ifioctl() with a mutex
      world - Fix buildworld after ifnet changes
      kernel - Fix a 'vm_page_unhold: hold count < 0' panic in kern_execve()
      kernel - make vm_add_new_page() static
      kernel - Fix MP races in recent vm_object work
      kernel - do not have hold ref on object across a vm_map_split()
      kernel - Fix directory scanning bug in Samba
      kernel - Fix a 'vm_page_unhold: hold count < 0' panic in kern_execve()
      kernel - Fix directory scanning bug in Samba
      test - test commit
      test - test commit 2
      kernel - Enhance refcount API
      kernel - Adjust vm_object->paging_in_progress to use refcount API
      kernel - Add AHCI workaround for Intel mobo / Intel SSD probing bug
      kernel - Deal with inconsistencies between IP aliases and primary IPs
      vkernel - enhance the pidfile option and fix memimg file scanning
      kernel - Fix improper persist state in tcp
      HAMMER VFS - Fix inconsistent atime updates on read()
      kernel - Fix improper persist state in tcp
      kernel - Add debugging and attempt to fix vm_prefault issue
      kernel - Additional fixes for vm_prefault issue
      kernel - Fix several IPV6 issues
      HAMMER VFS - Add code to reduce frontend vs flusher locking conflicts
      kernel - Adjust mbuf cached free object retention
      kernel - Fix ENOBUFS related panic in tcp_output()
      kernel - Fix panic when the ccd device is used with swapcache
      vkernel - Fix lockup with [v]kernel due to missing ipiq signal
      vkernel - Add SIGINFO support (experimental)
      kernel - remove debugging print_backtrace() when a vkernel is killed
      kernel - Fix a small race in the umtx code
      kernel - Minor enhancement to ddb's 'ps'
      kernel - Fix signal delivery races
      vkernel - do not set SA_NODEFER for SIGIO and SIGUSR1
      kernel - Fix rare IPIQ freezes
      vkernel - cpu_disable_intr adjustments
      hammer - Collect record statistics, implement ^T and ^C
      hammer - Add simple I/O optimization, collect stats on new deduplications
      hammer - Add memory use limit option for dedup runs
      kernel - Fix deadlock w/recent vm_map work
      kernel - Fix vm_object leak which could exhaust swap space
      kernel - Fix ptrace signal races between child and parent
      kernel - Fix panic related to kqueue-based timers
      kernel - Add missing prototype for last commit
      kernel - Fix various memory & swap leaks in tmpfs
      kernel - Numerous VM MPSAFE fixes

Max Herrgard (1):
      hammer.8: Add dedup period of 0 description.

Michael Neumann (1):
      if_bge: Support more chipsets

Peter Avalos (75):
      Update config.h for file-5.06 import.
      Import gdtoa-20110321.
      Remove unneeded diff to gdtoa vendor source.
      Use ${LN} from <> in gdtoa's Makefile.
      Update files for less-443 import.
      Use OpenBSD's glob in OpenSSH.
      Import file-5.06.
      Import less-443.
      Import file-5.07.
      Add OpenBSD's compat glob.c for OpenSSH.
      Delete old versions of awk and unversion directory name.
      Import awk-20110506.
      Update website for awk in README.DRAGONFLY.
      Patch the contrib sources for awk instead of having separate files.
      Import less-444.
      sh: Do not word split "${#parameter}".
      sh: Allow EV_EXIT through function calls.
      sh: Remove duplicate code resetting uid/gid for set +p/+o privileged.
      sh: Set $? to 0 for background commands.
      sh: Detect an error for ${#var<GARBAGE>}.
      sh: Apply set -u to variables in arithmetic.
      sh: Add $'quoting' (C-style escape sequences).
      sh: Change the CTL* bytes to ones invalid in UTF-8.
      sh: Track if the current locale's charset is UTF-8 or not.
      sh: Add UTF-8 support to ${#var}.
      sh: Add UTF-8 support to pattern matching.
      sh(1): Update BUGS section for UTF-8 support.
      sh: Optimize variable code by storing the length of the name.
      sh:  Fix typos in comments.
      sh: Add \u/\U support (in $'...') for UTF-8.
      sh: Avoid close(-1) when evaluating a multi-command pipeline.
      sh: Minor optimization to output from ulimit/export/readonly.
      sh: Allow terminating a heredoc with a terminator at EOF w/o newline.
      sh: Implement the cd -e flag proposed for the next POSIX issue.
      sh: Expand aliases after assignments and redirections.
      sh: Fix bss-based buffer overflow in . builtin.
      sh: Fix typo in comment.
      sh: Remove obsolete token type TENDBQUOTE.
      sh: Show errno messages in cd.
      sh: Fix unquoted $@/$* if IFS=''.
      sh: Various updates to the TOUR document.
      sh: Correct criterion for using CDPATH in cd.
      sh: Remove the "exp" builtin.
      sh: Honor -n while processing -c string.
      sh: Reduce more needless differences between error messages.
      sh: Improve error message if the script cannot be opened.
      sh: Fix $? in heredocs on simple commands.
      sh: Do parameter expansion before printing PS4 (set -x).
      sh: Do parameter expansion on ENV before using it.
      sh: Read .profile from the home directory (or / if HOME is not set).
      sh: Save/restore changed variables in optimized command substitution.
      sh: Fix duplicate prototypes for builtins.
      sh: Add support for named character classes in bracket expressions.
      sh: Reduce unnecessary forks with eval.
      sh: Skip vars with invalid names in "set", "export -p", "readonly -p".
      sh: Add case statement fallthrough (with ';&' instead of ';;').
      sh: Add do-nothing -h option.
      sh: Remove special support for background simple commands.
      sh:  Remove unneeded include file.
      sh(1): Document the case command better.
      sh(1): Improve documentation of shell patterns:
      sh:  include <limits.h> instead of non-standard <sys/limits.h>
      sh(1): Extend documentation about subshells.
      systat:  Don't revert to bits if >1024GB.
      systat:  Sync ifstat code with FreeBSD.
      systat:  Change the way ifstats are displayed.
      Import libarchive-2.8.5.
      libarchive: Bump WARNS down for vendor-induced warnings.
      Import OpenSSH-5.9p1.
      Bring in a compat file needed for latest OpenSSH import.
      Update files for OpenSSH-5.9p1 import.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.0e.
      Update files for OpenSSL-1.0.0e import.
      Import file-5.09.
      Update files for file-5.09 import.

Samuel J. Greear (1):
      kernel - Allow signal delivery via KQ even if the process SIG_IGN's the signal

Sascha Wildner (243):
      Set the DragonFly version to 2.11 for 2.11.
      binutils220: Fix a copy/paste error.
      pf(4): Fix compilation without INET6.
      aesni(4): Avoid panicking when kmalloc() returns an unaligned pointer.
      installer: For bootblocks, only offer the disk that was installed to.
      aesni(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      kernel: Remove some i386 code from x86_64.
      kernel: Remove some redundant .PATH targets.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011g from
      kernel/x86_64: SC520 was 32 bit, so not needed here.
      libutil: Rearrange a bit in the Makefile.
      libutil: Add MLINKS for the new e* functions.
      efun.3: Sort sections according to mdoc(7).
      malloc.3: Add emalloc(3) reference.
      kernel/npx: Fix ambiguous inline assembly.
      ng_pppoe(4): Fix a typo in the code.
      mpt(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      dl*(3) manpages: Some cleanup.
      libutil: Create a <util.h> symlink.
      sysv_msg: Fix a typo in the code.
      dlerror.3: Oops, fix wrong change I did.
      dm(4): Fix a typo in the code.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Add an nsclpcsio(4) manual page (from OpenBSD).
      kernel/x86_64: Separate some i386 only drivers better.
      kernel: Make the COMPAT_OLDISA kernel option i386 only.
      mxge(4): Fix a compilation warning on x86_64 (inlining a function failed).
      kernel: Fix some printf format warnings on x86_64.
      swapon(8): Fix "swapctl -l".
      netgraph: Fix some x86_64 warnings.
      kernel: Move sbni(4)'s PCI attachment to i386, too.
      kernel: Fix some x86_64 warnings.
      kernel: Move fe(4) to i386.
      kernel: Make ep(4) and ie(4) compilable into the x86_64 kernel.
      Add a LINT64 kernel config.
      installkernel: Copy /boot/kernel/initrd.img to /boot/kernel.old too.
      kernel/ddb: Fix examine's z format (for signed hex).
      gcc: Remove support for the %z conversion specifier in printf-like stuff.
      Fix LINT build.
      mpt(4): Make mpt_{vol,disk}_prt() printflike.
      Add some files to remove via 'make upgrade'.
      Fix LINT64 build.
      Remove ipfilter from the system.
      kernel: Add -Wold-style-definition to the warnings.
      ddb.4: Mention that the default for invoking ddb(4) is Control-Alt-Delete.
      ddb.4: Argh, it's Control-Alt-Esc.
      Remove ipfilter remains via 'make upgrade'.
      Fix rc script order.
      Add libgnuregex remains for removal via 'make upgrade'.
      hammer.8: Fix a typo.
      who.1: Fix a typo.
      Some manual page cleanup.
      efun.3: evasprintf() wasn't brought in and easprintf() was missing docs.
      taskqueue: Fix error message.
      periodic.conf: Adjust for ipfilter removal.
      kernel: Add SLAB_DEBUG and VM_PAGE_DEBUG to the LINT* configs.
      fmemopen(): Style & whitespace fixes.
      fmemopen(): Some more cleanup.
      taskqueue.9: Fix typo.
      make_dev.9: Add a missing .Nm and MLINK.
      prop_array_util.3 & udev_monitor.3: Add missing MLINKS.
      efun.3: Fix typo in MLINKS.
      efun.3: Include <sys/types.h> for some types used in the prototypes.
      Remove some duplicate includes in bin/, games/ and lib/.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      ee(1): Raise WARNS to 2.
      binutils221: Remove /usr/{local,pkg}/lib as libdirs from ld(1).
      Revert "gcc 44: Change shared library search order (embedded rpath)"
      <sys/param.h>: Fix a typo in the NELEM() definition.
      objformat(1): Some cleanup (no functional change).
      objformat(1): Remove an unneeded default case.
      Revert "objformat(1): Remove an unneeded default case."
      <machine/specialreg.h>: Whitespace
      kernel: Fix building with NETATALK but without NETATALKDEBUG.
      mail(1) & battlestar(6): Rename some files.
      Put 'options SMP' in our standard GENERIC and X86_64_GENERIC configs.
      nrelease/installer: No longer build and offer separate UP and SMP kernels.
      kernel: Remove unused #include.
      smp.4: Adjust the apic io tunable name to the preferred name.
      kernel/lapic: Remove the special handling for VMware w/ 1 CPU again.
      bridge.4: Add missing .Bl/.El
      prop_{array,dictionary}_util.3: Add missing .Nd's.
      mkinitrd.8: Remove blank line.
      frexp.3: Use .Eo/.Ec instead of .Bo/.Pc
      devattr.8: Add missing .El
      sockstat(1): Fix a warning and raise WARNS to 6.
      install(1): Raise WARNS to 6.
      edquota(8): Raise WARNS to 6.
      libthread_xu: Fix a typo and add a missing STATIC_LIB_REQUIRE().
      Remove binutils 2.17 remains via 'make upgrade'.
      Remove binutils 2.17 from contrib/.
      Remove binutils 2.17 build hierarchy from gnu/.
      manpages: Uniformly order the prologue macros by Dd/Dt/Os.
      Revert a change that I accidentally committed but which is not ready yet.
      Adjust some more to reflect the desired order of manpage prologue macros.
      acpi: Add a missing initialization.
      LINT64: Uncomment vinum(4) (only VINUMDEBUG whines).
      manpages: Remove a bunch of unneeded Pp macros.
      <libutil.h>: Allow it to be included standalone (fixes security/heimdal).
      kernel: Use cpu_vendor_id instead of strcmp(cpu_vendor, "...").
      kernel/x86_64: Rename some macros to allow easier i386/x86_64 code sharing.
      Add manpages for mkcsmapper(1) and mkesdb(1) (taken from FreeBSD).
      Fix the VKERNEL build.
      Import mdocml-1.11.3
      mandoc(1): Bump version.
      kernel: Add rdmsr_safe() in preparation for the coretemp(4) update.
      coretemp(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      <vm/vm_object.h>: Some little style cleanup.
      token.9: Some cleanup.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      nrelease: Change back to building an ISO for the LiveDVD, too.
      kernel: Move aesni(4) and padlock(4) from sys/crypto to sys/dev/crypto.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      nrelease: Change back to building an ISO for the LiveDVD, too.
      kernel: Move aesni(4) and padlock(4) from sys/crypto to sys/dev/crypto.
      kernel: Unbreak building padlock(4) into the kernel.
      token.9: Don't list lwkt_relpooltoken() for which there are no docs (yet).
      kernel: Remove unused file.
      kernel: Use NULL for DRIVER_MODULE()'s evh & arg (which are pointers).
      kernel: Remove some Micro Channel and EISA remains.
      gdbinit: Fix lstok and infotok cmds (t_flags and tr_stallpc were removed).
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011h from
      etc/rc.d/lvm: Set permissions to 644 like elsewhere.
      df(1): Properly indent.
      kernel: Fix building with BCE_DEBUG.
      kernel: Remove BCE_NVRAM_WRITE_SUPPORT option.
      make upgrade: Remove various old files that were forgotten over the years.
      Remove obsolete file.
      Update the README in /usr/share/examples/etc.
      Sort the file list in /usr/share/examples/etc.
      kernel: Little style(9) issue.
      kernel: Remove obsolete comment.
      kernel: FWIW, allow the CPU_ENABLE_EST option for x86_64 kernels too.
      Install the est(4) manual page for both i386 and x86_64.
      kernel: Move the est(4) source code to dev/powermng/est.
      less(1): Raise WARNS to 2.
      kernel: Fix compiling SMBFS and NETSMB into the x86_64 kernel.
      vga(4): Fix the kernel build with VGA_NO_BIOS set.
      vga(4): Remove a bogus check.
      kernel/printcpuinfo(): Sync feature bit descriptions with FreeBSD.
      gdbinit: Add a function to show the unread portion of the kernel msgbuf.
      gdbinit: Some little simplification.
      gdbinit: Fix typo.
      ktr(4): Ensure that KTR_ENTRIES is 2^n and document that it has to be.
      ktr.4/ktr.9: Update and fix various things in our ktr manual pages.
      ktr.4: Forgot an .El
      ktr.9: Add a few words about KTR_INFO_MASTER_EXTERN().
      kernel: Suppress the generation of unused debug.ktr.*_enable sysctls.
      ktr.4: Do some cleanup.
      ktr.4: Document the debug.ktr.resynchronize sysctl.
      ktr(4): Add some sysctl descriptions for viewing with sysctl -d.
      Fix userland profiling on x86_64 by taking FreeBSD's mcount(). Sync the library list with what we have.
      options/LINT: Sort the KTR options.
      ktr.4: Document KTR_DMCRYPT.
      udevd(8): Fix library dependencies. Fix thread lib path.
      acpidb(8): Fix library dependencies.
      iasl(8): Fix library dependencies. Add libkiconv, too.
      Add missing DPADD's for library dependencies.
      cryptdisks(8): Fix LDADD/DPADD.
      cryptsetup/dmsetup/lvm: Fix LDADD/DPADD.
      kernel: Remove some old ISA only drivers.
      gdb(1): Fix the dreaded "xml-builtin.c already exists" quickworld error. Fix typos and add two more gprof related files. More typo fixes.
      usr.sbin/802_11: Raise WARNS to 1.
      Add the lgue(4) driver for USB CDC ethernet.
      kernel: Remove no longer used kernel option LOUTB.
      libprop manpages: Add missing LIBRARY sections (some added again).
      manpages: Some little cleanup.
      prop_dictionary.3: Reapply 4bba5a94fad7a40a25b58fff23a76b3c0bee80ee.
      manpages: Add some missing includes.
      manpages: Fix some typos.
      aesni(4): Remove unused variable.
      Move static & inline to the beginnings of declarations.
      kernel/i386: Use 16 bit types for functions that access segment descriptors.
      kernel/x86_64: Convert asm accessing segment descriptors to use 16bit ops.
      mfi(4) & mfiutil(8): Sync with FreeBSD
      kernel: Staticize naccess().
      acpi(4): Remove bogus line from the Makefile.
      <sys/condvar.h>: The cv_broadcastpri() macro needs to take a pri argument.
      condvar.9: Mention that cv_broadcastpri()'s pri parameter is discarded.
      mfi(4): Merge LSI's latest driver changes (updates us to version 3.981).
      kernel/x86_64: Remove bogus and unused file.
      Import awk-20110810.
      ktr(4): Allow to configure KTR_TSLEEP alone.
      mdoc.local: We must indent using spaces here.
      Fix crossbuilding i386 on x86_64.
      Fix crossbuilding x86_64 on i386.
      installer: Tone down the comments around the installer's rc.conf settings.
      hptiop(4): Sync with FreeBSD (adds IDs for two more cards).
      mly(4): Perform some minor cleanup.
      kernel: Bring back longrun(4) which was lost in 90e8a35b.
      longrun(4): Remove from Makefile, it is not a module.
      LINT: Sort descriptions better than I did in the last commit.
      mly(4): Reduce diffs with FreeBSD and update CVS IDs.
      cam(4): Add a quirk to turn off SYNC CACHE for mly(4).
      mly(4): Fix comment indentation.
      mfi(4): Style fix.
      mfi(4): Add a panic to catch future mistakes.
      mfi(4): Add forgotten brace.
      sh.1: Nuke unneeded .Pp
      hammer(8): Adjust status message (Dedup-real -> Dedup).
      kernel: Bring in safe(4), for SafeNet crypto accelerators.
      mfi(4): Fix a bug in the disk initialization code.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011i from
      mfi(4): Remove some debug messages.
      mfi(4): Remove another debug message.
      mpt(4): Properly lock mpt_timeout().
      netif/e1000: Add a missing include file to the Makefile.
      kernel: Use NULL for DRIVER_MODULE()'s evh & arg (which are pointers).
      usb.4: Add a reference to lgue(4).
      psm.4: Use %O for URLs. We don't have %U yet.
      dsched.4: Add a reference to bfq(4).
      bfq.4: Fix and improve a bit.
      <net/ethernet.h>: Add ETHER_MAX_FRAME (taken from FreeBSD).
      kernel: Add linker_file_foreach() (taken from FreeBSD).
      install.1: A little cleanup.
      install.1: One more markup fix.
      etc/rc.d/wpa_supplicant: Fix broken check for ndis(4) interfaces.
      Fix some typos: in to -> into.
      kernel: Add m_extadd().
      kernel: Add dt_lock (for GDT and LDT).
      Sync ndis(4) and tools with FreeBSD and hook it all back into the build.
      Fix the VKERNEL/VKERNEL64 build.
      kernel: Fix UP remove the "race averted" msg in callout_terminate().
      ndis(4): Remove comment that doesn't apply to us.
      Some cleanup in the ndis manpages.
      UPDATING: Add some words about the ISA only drivers I removed recently.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011j from
      open_memstream.3: A little bit of cleanup.
      libc/x86_64: Remove duplicate file in a Makefile.
      <ucontext.h>: Conditionalize prototypes for {get,set,make,swap}context().
      patch(1): Don't try to mmap a zero length file.
      truss(1): Adjust for 315b8b8b77c1101b25fef36483a8d0474a1befb2.
      truss(1): Remove an 'a' that sneaked in.
      truss(1): On a second thought, keep the old entries.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011k from
      fsdb(8): Raise WARNS to 1.

Sepherosa Ziehau (228):
      test from machine crawl
      AF_UNIX: Allocate pcb using M_WAITOK|M_NULLOK instead of M_NOWAIT
      AF_UNIX: Hold a reference of the unp_conn before executing blocking code
      x86_64: Remove old IOAPIC code
      i386: Remove old IOAPIC code
      pci/compat: Remove old IOAPIC code
      x86_64: Remove more old IOAPIC code
      i386: Remove more old IOAPIC code
      x86_64: isa/clock.c is clean enough to enable -Werror
      x86_64/mpapic.c: Remove unused code
      i386/mpapic.c: Remove unused code
      x86_64/mp_machdep.c: Remove unused code
      i386/mp_machdep.c: Remove unused code
      i386: Split mpapic.c into lapic.c and ioapic.c
      i386: apic/mpapic.h -> apic/lapic.h
      i386: Move lapic function declarations from smp.h to apic/lapic.h
      i386: Move ioapic function declarations from smp.h to apic/ioapic.h
      i386: Copy pmap_mapdev_uncacheable() from x86_64
      i386/ioapic: Use pmap_mapdev_uncacheable() to map I/O APIC
      i386/lapic: Use pmap_mapdev_uncacheable() to map LAPIC
      i386: Split out mptable.c from mp_machdep.c
      x86_64: Split mpapic.c into lapic.c and ioapic.c
      x86_64: apic/mpapic.h -> apic/lapic.h
      x86_64: Move lapic function declarations from smp.h to apic/lapic.h
      x86_64: Move ioapic function declarations from smp.h to apic/ioapic.h
      x86_64: Split out mptable.c from mp_machdep.c
      i386: Unbreak buildkernel
      i386: Get rid of cpu_apic_versions
      x86_64: Get rid of cpu_apic_versions
      i386: Move ioapic_map() from mp_machdep.c to ioapic.c
      i386: Move CPU ID and APIC ID maps from mp_machdep.c to lapic.c
      i386: Move mp_set_cpuids() from mp_machdep.c to lapic.c
      i386: Cleanup APIC ID to CPU ID mapping macros
      i386/madt: Allow systems with only one CPU to boot with SMP kernel
      i386: Streamline calling of MachIntrABI.finalize()
      i386/lapic: Handle the case that the CPU does not have LAPIC for SMP kernel
      i386/lapic: Don't set task priority register
      x86_64: Move ioapic_map() from mp_machdep.c to ioapic.c
      x86_64: Move CPU ID and APIC ID maps from mp_machdep.c to lapic.c
      x86_64: Move mp_set_cpuids() from mp_machdep.c to lapic.c
      x86_64: Cleanup APIC ID to CPU ID mapping macros
      x86_64/madt: Allow systems with only one CPU to boot with SMP kernel
      x86_64: Streamline calling of MachIntrABI.finalize()
      x86_64/lapic: Handle the case that the CPU does not have LAPIC for SMP kernel
      x86_64: Don't set task priority register
      x86_64: Fix AP count after LAPIC enumeration
      i386: Fix AP count after LAPIC enumeration
      x86_64: Handle I/O APIC probing failure
      i386: Handle I/O APIC probing failure
      i386/lapic: Allow vmware with single CPU to boot SMP kernel
      x86_64/lapic: Allow vmware with single CPU to boot SMP kernel
      ioapic: apic_io_enable -> ioapic_enable
      ioapic: Move ioapic_enable from machdep.c to apic/ioapic.c
      ioapic: Alias hw.apic_io_enable with hw.ioapic_enable
      acpi: Fix up the interrupt timer after enabling ACPI
      x86_64: Set EBDA address even for UP
      x86_64: Remove no longer used interrupt vector declaration
      x86_64: Split out machine/mptable.h from machine/smp.h
      x86_64: Move imcr_present from mp_machdep.c to machdep.c
      powerd: Take 'nice' into consideration
      re(4): Correct 8168E settings
      re(4): Add 8168DP support
      re(4): Preliminary 8168F support
      re(4): Correct EEPROM location for certain versions of 8168F/8168E-VL
      i386: Set EBDA address even for UP
      i386: Remove no longer used interrupt vector declaration
      i386: Split out machine/mptable.h from machine/smp.h
      i386: Move imcr_present from mp_machdep.c to machdep.c
      x86_64: Move mp_naps from mp_machdep.c to machdep.c
      i386: Move mp_naps from mp_machdep.c to machdep.c
      intr: Call machintr_intren() only for hardware interrupts
      i386: Move int_to_apicintpin from mp_machdep.c to apic/ioapic_abi.c
      acpi/pstate: Support Integer _PSD
      acpi/pstate: Don't allow intermittent disappearance of _PSD
      x86_64: Move int_to_apicintpin from mp_machdep.c to apic/ioapic_abi.c
      x86_64: Move base_memory from mp_machdep.c to machdep.c
      kern: Prepare to split SI_BOOT2_SMP into multi-stages
      x86_64: Prepare mp_enable() for multi-stage procedure segmentation
      x86_64: Split cpu_startup() into pic_finish() and cpu_finish()
      acpi: Fix use-before-initialization bug
      rl(4): Fix an old typo
      x86_64: Split mp_enable() into multiple SYSINITs
      x86_64: Remove unnecessary #ifdef SMP from files compiled with options SMP
      x86_64: Allow UP kernel to use LAPIC timer and I/O APIC
      i386: Move base_memory from mp_machdep.c to machdep.c
      i386: Prepare mp_enable() for multi-stage procedure segmentation
      i386: Split cpu_startup() into pic_finish() and cpu_finish()
      i386: Split mp_enable() into multiple SYSINITs
      i386: Remove unnecessary #ifdef SMP from files compiled with options SMP
      i386: Allow UP kernel to use LAPIC timer and I/O APIC
      x86_64/lapic: Include <machine/smp.h> for smp_active_mask
      x86_64/acpi: Remove unnecessary headers
      x86_64/madt: Cleanup interrupt source override processing
      x86_64/lapic: lapic_map() should take vm_paddr_t instead of vm_offset_t
      x86_64/mptable: Always dump MPTABLE PCI interrupt routing information
      i386/lapic: Include <machine/smp.h> for smp_active_mask
      i386/acpi: Remove unnecessary headers
      i386/madt: Cleanup interrupt source override processing
      i386/lapic: lapic_map() should take vm_paddr_t instead of vm_offset_t
      i386/mptable: Always dump MPTABLE PCI interrupt routing information
      x86_64/ioapic: Cleanup header inclusion
      x86_64/ioapic: Staticize ioapic_config()
      i386/ioapic: Cleanup header inclusion
      i386/ioapic: Staticize ioapic_config()
      i386/ioapic: Remove unused global variable declaration
      i386: Remove unused declaration in apicvar.h
      i386: Unbreak UP kernel building by moving NAPICID around
      x86_64: Remove unused declaration in apicvar.h
      x86_64: Unbreak UP kernel building by moving NAPICID around
      i386/ioapic: Cleanup header inclusion
      i386/ioapic: Staticize ioapic_config()
      i386/ioapic: Remove unused global variable declaration
      i386: Remove unused declaration in apicvar.h
      i386: Unbreak UP kernel building by moving NAPICID around
      x86_64: Remove unused declaration in apicvar.h
      x86_64: Unbreak UP kernel building by moving NAPICID around
      acpi: AE_NOT_EXIST is quite common return value of AcpiReset()
      x86_64: Don't log cores per CPU and logical CPUs per core
      x86_64: Remove unused macros in apic/apicvar.h
      i386: Don't log cores per CPU and logical CPUs per core
      i386: Remove unused macros in apic/apicvar.h
      bce(4): Increase firmware timeout value from 100 to 1000
      bce(4): Properly setup RX buffer DMA for the alignment requirement
      em(4)/emx(4): Update ig_hal to Intel's 7.1.7
      mii: Add PHY IDs for 5709C
      miidevs.h: regen
      bce(4): Add BCM5709 and BCM5716 support
      em(4)/emx(4): Update to Intel's 7.1.7
      bce(4): Don't count InFramesL2FilterDiscards into ifnet.if_ierrors
      bce(4): Add several HP OEM parts' PCI IDs.
      bce(4): Update to 4.6.x firmware
      tcp: Remove PR_IMPLOPCL; it had been invented to support T/TCP
      bce(4): Create dedicated shared memory access routines.
      bce(4): - Added a workaround for NC-SI management firmware
      bce(4): Print detailed device information only if bootverbose is enabled
      bce(4): Track bootcode status
      bce(4): Avoid NULL pointer access, if no flash info could be found
      bce(4): Detect context initialization failure
      bce(4): Correct ifmedia related bits
      bce(4): Update firmware to 6.0.x
      bce(4): Add more definition for the RX frame header
      unix(4): Mention SOCK_SEQPACKET
      msk(4): Workaround GMAC hardware hang of Yukon II on the receipt of pause frame
      msk(4): Align RX buffer on 8bytes for hardware w/ ram buffer
      msk(4): Pass through mii_mediachg() return value
      ioapic: Don't do the default IRQ configure, if it is mapped to different GSI
      ioapic: Disable unused GSI instead of leaving it in unknown state
      netisr: Add hashcheck method to check and adjust hw provided hash
      ethernet: Change some stats type to u_long
      ethernet: Factor out ether_characterize()
      ethernet: Add ether_demux(), which will send the packet to the correct netisr
      ethernet: Allow netisr handler to run directly
      msk(4): Unify PROMISC and ALLMULTI settings
      msk(4): Add flag to mark the controller is 100baseTX only
      msk(4): Fix link status detection
      msk(4): If link is down, don't disable RX/TX MACs if they are not enabled
      msk(4): Disable HW WOL for Yukon EC Ultra
      msk(4): Explicitly reset GMAC Controls and clear GM_GP_CTRL
      msk(4): Add Yukon FE+ support
      msk(4): 88E80{35,36,37,38} are 100baseT only
      msk(4): Add Yukon Extreme support
      aesni(4): Properly align the context memory using out kmalloc(9) feature
      msk(4): Yukon XL can't flush FIFO
      msk(4): Remove "FIFO overrun" debug logging, which is not critical
      msk(4): Recognize 88E8402
      mii: Add more PHY ids for Marvell PHY chips
      miidevs.h: regen
      e1000phy: Add support for more Marvell PHYs
      getsockopt: Add SO_SNDSPACE
      msk(4): Force link state detection, if link is not up.
      msk(4): Add support for 88E8057
      pci: Add function to get PCIe max read request size
      msk(4): Don't hardcod register offset to set PCIe max read request size.
      msk(4): Enable flow-control only if link is full-duplex
      msk(4): PCI_OUR_REG_* and PCI_CFG_REG_* should be accessed indirectly
      msk(4): RX_GMF_{LP,UP}_THR are 16bits registers
      msk(4): Disable non-ASF packet flushing on Yukon Extreme.
      msk(4): Add support for 88E8059
      msk(4): Don't unnecessarily clear interrupt masks
      msk(4): Don't process incoming packets if the interface is down
      msk(4): Do not blindly clear entire GPHY control register.
      msk(4): Enable store and forward mode except for jumbo frame on Yukon Ultra.
      msk(4): Only Yukon FE, XL and EC have RAM registers
      msk(4): Make sure to enable all clocks before accessing registers.
      msk(4): Disable ASF on the chips that have it
      msk(4): Add support for Yukon Supreme
      brgphy: Bring in changes from OpenBSD
      miidevs: Add more Broadcom PHY IDs
      miidevs.h: regen
      brgphy: Recognize more Broadcom PHYs
      inpcb: Don't choose lport which could render same addr/port pair
      tcp: Enable tcp_lport_extension by default
      icu/i386: Remove unnecessary header inclusion
      intr/i386: Define IDT_HWI_VECTORS
      atkbd/x86_64: Do the same AT controller check on x86_64 as on i386
      bce(4): Flush BCE_PCICFG_INT_ACK_CMD in interrupt handler
      intr/i386: Define ISA_IRQ_CNT; use it consistently instead of magic number
      ioapic/i386: Rearrange pin information for ioapic low level intrhandler
      mkdir(1): Don't reference memory beyond the end of the path
      icu/x86_64: Remove unnecessary header inclusion
      intr/x86_64: Define IDT_HWI_VECTORS
      intr/x86_64: Define ISA_IRQ_CNT; use it consistently instead of magic number
      ioapic/x86_64: Rearrange pin information for ioapic low level intrhandler
      pci: Declare pcib_driver
      acpi/pcib: Use DEFINE_CLASS_1 to define acpi_pcib driver
      machintr.h: Remove unnecessary inclusion
      MachIntrABI: Remove unused setvar/getvar interfaces
      machintr.h: Add header guardian
      MachIntrABI: Split vectorctl into intr_setup and intr_teardown
      i386/files: isa/clock.c is clean enough to compile w/ -Werror
      MachIntrABI: Field rename; no functional changes
      tcp: Expose tcp_keepcnt through sysctl net.inet.tcp.keepcnt
      tcp: Allow per-tcpcb keepinit
      tcp: Allow per-tcpcb keepidle
      tcp: Allow per-tcpcb keepintvl and keepcnt
      tcp: Remove no longer used tcp_slowtimo
      tcp: Add comment for the keepinit and keepalive related stuffs
      tcp.4: Document net.inet.tcp.keepcnt
      tcp.4: Add document for TCP_KEEP{INIT,IDLE,INTVL,CNT}
      machintr/i386: Function renaming; no functional changes
      clock: register_int and unregister_int will enable/disable interrupt
      machintr/x86_64: Function renaming; no functional changes
      kevent(2): Set errno properly
      select(2)/kevent: Bail out immediately if EV_ERROR is set.
      kevent: Restore old EV_EOF semantics
      stdio: Add __printflike for dprintf(3) and vdprintf(3)
      fifo: Restore the old semantics of select(2)/poll(2) for reading
      poll(2): Set POLLERR properly

Stathis Kamperis (1):
      Import of awk version 20100523

Thomas Nikolajsen (9):
      bce(4): Fix build
      padlock(4): Fix build
      vkernel64: Sync to vkernel modulo pc64
      VKERNEL64: Sync to VKERNEL; i.e. add IPSEC, TMPFS & NULLFS
      kernel: Fix buildkernel for kernel w/ 'options IPSEC', but w/o IPSEC_ESP
      tcplay(8): Fix SYNOPSIS & sync to usage()
      hammer(8): whitespace cleanup: delete blank at end of line
      hammer(8): fix snaprm argument parsing
      hammer(8): snaprm: fix edge case

Venkatesh Srinivas (28):
      kernel -- Slight changes to refcount_wait/_wakeup.
      libutil -- Import error functions from NetBSD.
      kernel -- vm_object locking: Add vm_object hold to per-object page cleaning.
      bitstring.h -- Correct errors in bit_nsearch.
      kernel -- Convert sb_timeo for socket timeout from short -> int.
      libc -- Initial fmemopen support.
      Import fmemopen(3) manual page from NetBSD.
      kernel -- snp: Correct bug in snpfilter_detach().
      kernel -- vm_object locking: Interlock vm_object work in vm_fault.c
      Move in6_addr's s6_addr16 and s6_addr32 definitions to __BSD_VISIBLE.
      kernel -- Remove vestigial token flags field.
      kernel -- Implement lwkt_token_swap; swaps most recent tokens in tokref stack.
      Document lwkt_token_swap in token(9).
      kernel -- vm: Mark vm_contig_pg_free and vm_contig_pg_kmap static.
      kernel -- vm: Restore vm_token in page fault path.
      kernel -- vm: Restore vm_token in page fault path.
      kernel -- vm_object DEBUG_LOCKS: Record file/line of vm_object holds.
      kernel -- bpf: Clear bpf_filter mem[] to prevent kernel stack leak.
      kernel: Fix alignment problem for sendmsg ancillary message data.
      Update fmemopen from NetBSD.
      kernel: mmap -- Return EINVAL for len = 0 mmap.
      libc: Initial implementation of open_memstream.
      libc: Prototype and manual page for open_memstream.
      Add header guard to mntopts.h
      kernel -- vm_page_dontneed: Fix interaction with vm_page_madvise and pagedaemon
      sys_socketpair: Free socketpair file descriptors if copyout() fails.
      kernel -- vfs_bio.c: Rework bread() in terms of breadn().
      kernel - VM MPSAFE fixes

YONETANI Tomokazu (5):
      kernel: Don't disturb about-to-be reaped zombies.
      Revert "kernel: Don't disturb about-to-be reaped zombies."
      kernel: Remove an extra p_lock == 0 check
      kernel: Add a final p_lock wait loop before kfree'ing the process
      Resurrect z*grep script to support gzip'ped files.

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