git: sh: Sync with FreeBSD

Peter Avalos pavalos at
Fri Feb 11 23:10:20 PST 2011

commit 99512ac4b46c423d7a70b99c3d0c20769afaf083
Author: Peter Avalos <pavalos at>
Date:   Sun Feb 6 22:05:28 2011 -1000

    sh: Sync with FreeBSD
    This is a combination of 198 commits that enhances performance,
    standards compliance, and bug fixes:
    -Fix exit status of case statement.
    -sh.1: Update markup.
    -Fix PWD values.
    -Fix null pointer dereferences.
    -Fix bugs where arithmetic expansion$((...)) was truncated
    -Pass the correct flags to expandarg() for NFROMFD and NTOFD.
    -Add __dead2
    -Fix $? at the first command of a function.
    -Report error messages to stderr instead of stdout.
    -Make alias builtin POSIX compliant.
    -Improve the IFS handling of the read built-in.
    -Don't let empty lines overwrite the result of the last command with 0.
    -Fix the eval command in combination with set -e.
    -Make read's timeout (-t) apply to the entire line.
    -align local ckmalloc() with malloc(3) by using a size_t
    -style(9) to enhance readability
    -explicit 'unsigned int' instead of just 'unsigned'
    -Mention the range for the exit status for the exit builtin
    -Don't skip forking for an external command if any traps are active.
    -Avoid leaving unnecessary waiting shells.
    -Properly flush input after an error in backquotes
    -Fix some issues with quoted output
    -Fix race condition in noclobber option
    -Improve handling of setjmp/longjmp volatile
    -Do not fork for EV_EXIT.
    -Quote -x tracing output so it is unambiguous.
    -Designate special builtins as such in command -V and type.
    -Fix crash when undefining or redefining an executing function.
    -Fix memory leak when using a variable in arithmetic like $((x)).
    -Use sigaction instead of signal/siginterrupt combination.
    -Allow a newline before "in" in a for command, as required by POSIX.
    -Some changes to stderr flushing.
    -Handle current work directories of arbitrary length.
    -trap: do not consider a bad signal name a fatal error.
    -Ensure the same command input file is on top after execing builtin.
    -Fix various things about SIGINT handling.
    -Fix some cases where file descriptors from redirections leak to programs.
    -Remove setting variables from dotcmd/exportcmd.
    -Fix a memory leak when calling . with variable assignments.
    -Constify various strings.
    -Do not consider a tilde-prefix with expansions in it.
    -Do not run callers' exception handlers in subshells.
    -Remove declaration of function that no longer exists.
    -WARNS fixes to reduce diffs to FreeBSD
    -arith: Return only 0 and 1 from && and ||.
    -Fix memory leak when parsing backticks (``).
    -Ensure funcnest is decremented if there's an error in the function.
    -Allow command -pv and command -pV
    -Fix some bugs with backquoted builtins.
    -Send the "not found" message for builtin <cmd> to redirected fd 2.
    -Do not stat() $MAIL/$MAILPATH in non-interactive shells.
    -Fix expansion of \W in prompt strings when the working directory is "/".
    -Improve the command builtin:
    -Make sure to popredir() even if a special builtin caused an error.
    -Make sure to popredir() even if a function caused an error.
    -Make parsebackq a function instead of an emulated nested function.
    -Do not abort on a redirection error if there is no command word.
    -Do not abort on a redirection error on a compound command.
    -Treat unexpected newlines in substitutions as a syntax error.
    -Fix various things about expansions.
    -Remove special handling for ' and " in arithmetic.
    -Allow quoting pattern match characters in ${v%pat} and ${v#pat}.
    -Do tilde expansion in substitutions.
    -Automatically enable -o emacs in interactive shells with terminals.
    -On startup of the shell, use PWD from the environment if it is valid.
    -Use stalloc for arith variable names.
    -Apply locale vars on builtins, recognize LC_MESSAGES as a locale var.
    -Have only one copy of _PATH_STDPATH in the binary.
    -Fix "reserved word" vs "keyword" inconsistency.
    -Fix pathname expansion with quoted slashes like *\/.
    -Reap any zombies before forking for a background command.
    -Rework documentation of shell variables.
    -Recognize "--" in . and exec.
    -Change interaction of command substitution and here documents.
    -Fix a crash if a heredoc was not properly ended and parsing continued.
    -Pass TERM changes to libedit.
    -Pass through SIGINT from a child if interactive and job control is enabled.
    -Forget about terminated background processes sooner.
    -Use $PWD instead of getcwd() for the \w and \W prompt expansions.
    -Allow a background command consisting solely of redirections.
    -Fix crash due to uninitialized here-document.
    -Return 0 from eval if no command was given.
    -Remove unnecessary duplicate letters in mksyntax.c
    -Fix heap-based buffer overflow in pathname generation.
    -Fix shadowing of sigset.
    -Fix break/continue/return sometimes not skipping the rest of dot script.
    -Add a brief summary of arithmetic expressions.
    -Remove remnants of '!!' to negate pattern.
    -Do not use locale for determining if something is a name.
    -Get rid of some magic numbers.
    -Improve comments in expand.c.
    -Fix 'read' if all chars before the first IFS char are backslash-escaped.
    -Remove xrefs for expr(1) and getopt(1).
    -Apply variable assignments left-to-right in bltinlookup().
    -Fix exit status if return is used within a loop condition.
    -Suggest that DEBUG_FLAGS be used to enable extra debugging
    -Make DEBUG traces 64-bit clean.
    -Remove the "STATIC" macro
    -Fix a bug in STACKSTRNUL()
    -Clarify subshells/processes for pipelines.
    -There cannot be a TNOT in simplecmd(), remove checks.
    -Change ! within a pipeline to start a new pipeline instead.
    -Check whether dup2 was successful for >&FD and <&FD.
    -Make sure defined functions can actually be called.
    -Do not allow overriding a special builtin with a function.
    -Ignore double-quotes in arithmetic rather than treating them as quotes.
    -Make double-quotes quote a '}' inside ${v#...} and ${v%...}.
    -Only accept a '}' inside ${v+-=?...} if double-quote state matches.
    -Do IFS splitting on word in ${v+word} and ${v-word}.
    -Fix some issues with CTL* bytes and ${var#pat}.
    -Error out on various specials/keywords in the wrong place in backticks.
    -Detect various additional errors in the parser.
    -Reject function names ending in one of !%*+-=?@}~
    -Tweak some string constants to reduce code size.
    -Use iteration instead of recursion to evaluate semicolon lists.
    -Reindent evaltree().
    -Correct synopsis and make precise how $0 is set.
    -Fix some issues with aliases and case, by importing dash checkkwd code.
    -Modernize the introduction a bit.
    -Remove unused man page for echo builtin.
    -Do the additional actions if 'local -' restore changes -i/-m/-E/-V.
    -Add binary buffered output for use by the printf builtin.
    -document printf builtin
    -Code size optimizations to buffered output.
    -Remove the check that alpha/name/in_name chars are not CTL* bytes.
    -Fix confusing behaviour if chdir succeeded but getcwd failed in cd -P.
    -Code size optimizations to "stack string" memory allocation
    -jobs -p: Do not ask the kernel for the pgid.
    -Improve jobs output of pipelines.
    -POSIX says there should not be a space between Done and (exitstatus).
    -Improve internal-representation-to-text code to avoid binary output.
    -Use vsnprintf() rather than crafting our own in fmtstr().
    -Replace some macros and repeated code in expand.c with functions.
    -Remove the herefd hack.
    -Various simplifications to jobs.c
    -Remove duplicate check, turning dead code into live code.
    -Fix corruption of command substitutions with special chars after newline
    -Remove dead code.
    -arith: Disallow decimal constants starting with 0 (containing 8 or 9).
    -Make warnings in the printf builtin non-fatal.
    -Add a function to print warnings (with command name and newline).
    -Add kill builtin.
    -Explain why it is a bad idea to use aliases in scripts.
    -Allow arbitrary large numbers in CHECKSTRSPACE.
    -Make expansion errors in optimized command substitution non-fatal.
    -Don't do optimized command substitution if expansions have side effects.
    -Properly restore exception handler in fc.
    -Avoid side effects from builtins in optimized command substitution.
    -Check if dup2 for redirection from/to a file succeeds.
    -Check readonly status for assignments on regular builtins.
    -Do not call exitshell() from evalcommand() unless evalcommand() forked itself
    -Make exit without parameters from EXIT trap POSIX-compliant.
    -Remove special %builtin PATH entry.
    -Make 'trap -l' look like 'kill -l'.
    -Fix some things about -- in trap.
    -If exit is used without args from a trap action, exit on the signal.
    -Fix signal messages being sent to the wrong file sometimes.
    -Send messages about signals to stderr.
    -Return only 126 or 127 for execve() failures.
    -Make sys_signame upper case.
    -Remove special code for shell scripts without magic number.
    -Do not try to execute binary files as scripts.
    -Forget all cached command locations on any PATH change.
    -Fix two things about {(...)} <redir.
    -Import arithmetic expression code from dash.
    -Install /bin/sh safely.
    Obtained-from: FreeBSD

Summary of changes:
 bin/kill/kill.1         |    1 +
 bin/kill/kill.c         |   47 ++-
 bin/sh/Makefile         |   27 +-
 bin/sh/TOUR             |   22 +-
 bin/sh/alias.c          |  106 +++--
 bin/sh/alias.h          |    6 +-
 bin/sh/arith.h          |   13 +-
 bin/sh/arith.y          |  358 ----------------
 bin/sh/arith_lex.l      |  135 -------
 bin/sh/arith_yacc.c     |  388 ++++++++++++++++++
 bin/sh/arith_yacc.h     |   91 +++++
 bin/sh/arith_yylex.c    |  242 +++++++++++
 bin/sh/bltin/bltin.h    |   27 +-
 bin/sh/bltin/echo.1     |  119 ------
 bin/sh/bltin/echo.c     |    3 +-
 bin/sh/builtins.def     |    4 +-
 bin/sh/cd.c             |  177 +++++----
 bin/sh/cd.h             |    5 +-
 bin/sh/error.c          |   54 ++-
 bin/sh/error.h          |   15 +-
 bin/sh/eval.c           |  612 ++++++++++++++++++----------
 bin/sh/eval.h           |   11 +-
 bin/sh/exec.c           |  276 +++++--------
 bin/sh/exec.h           |   29 +-
 bin/sh/expand.c         |  661 ++++++++++++++++++-------------
 bin/sh/expand.h         |   10 +-
 bin/sh/funcs/cmv        |    6 +-
 bin/sh/funcs/dirs       |    6 +-
 bin/sh/funcs/kill       |    6 +-
 bin/sh/funcs/login      |    6 +-
 bin/sh/funcs/newgrp     |    6 +-
 bin/sh/funcs/popd       |    6 +-
 bin/sh/funcs/pushd      |    6 +-
 bin/sh/funcs/suspend    |    6 +-
 bin/sh/histedit.c       |   61 ++--
 bin/sh/init.h           |    8 +-
 bin/sh/input.c          |   68 +++-
 bin/sh/input.h          |    8 +-
 bin/sh/jobs.c           |  403 ++++++++++++-------
 bin/sh/jobs.h           |    8 +-
 bin/sh/mail.c           |    9 +-
 bin/sh/mail.h           |    5 +-
 bin/sh/main.c           |   79 ++---
 bin/sh/main.h           |    6 +-
 bin/sh/memalloc.c       |   79 ++--
 bin/sh/memalloc.h       |   44 ++-
 bin/sh/miscbltin.c      |  107 ++++--
 bin/sh/mkbuiltins       |    3 +-
 bin/sh/mkinit.c         |   31 +-
 bin/sh/mknodes.c        |   12 +-
 bin/sh/mksyntax.c       |   29 +-
 bin/sh/mktokens         |    6 +-
 bin/sh/myhistedit.h     |    6 +-
 bin/sh/mystring.c       |    3 +-
 bin/sh/mystring.h       |    3 +-
 bin/sh/nodes.c.pat      |   77 +++--
 bin/sh/nodetypes        |    5 +-
 bin/sh/options.c        |   65 ++--
 bin/sh/options.h        |    5 +-
 bin/sh/output.c         |   85 ++--
 bin/sh/output.h         |   22 +-
 bin/sh/parser.c         |  980 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 bin/sh/parser.h         |    7 +-
 bin/sh/redir.c          |   88 +++--
 bin/sh/sh.1             | 1028 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 bin/sh/shell.h          |   21 +-
 bin/sh/show.c           |    7 +-
 bin/sh/show.h           |    5 +-
 bin/sh/trap.c           |  131 ++++---
 bin/sh/trap.h           |    7 +-
 bin/sh/var.c            |  265 +++++++------
 bin/sh/var.h            |   11 +-
 bin/test/test.c         |    1 +
 usr.bin/printf/printf.c |   30 +-
 74 files changed, 4199 insertions(+), 3106 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 bin/sh/arith.y
 delete mode 100644 bin/sh/arith_lex.l
 create mode 100644 bin/sh/arith_yacc.c
 create mode 100644 bin/sh/arith_yacc.h
 create mode 100644 bin/sh/arith_yylex.c
 delete mode 100644 bin/sh/bltin/echo.1

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