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 tagged by  Matthew Dillon
        on  Tue Apr 19 19:59:36 2011 -0700

DragonFly 2.11.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (DragonFly)


Alex Hornung (72):
      wpi - (experimental) fixes
      Temporarily bump the mbuf cluster size
      disk_create_named - Adapt a bit to work with dm
      dm - bind logical devices into the disk subsystem
      disk_setdiskinfo - correct assertion
      dm/nestbuf - Bind into devstat, clean up
      dsched - adjust to work nicely with dm disks
      dm/disk - cleanup, add '.' between name and slices
      devattr - Add a few more convenience macros
      proplib - Don't link unconditionally to libphtread
      udevd - Change filters to AND instead of OR processing
      kern_udev - Also add the device type to the dict
      ufs - Adjust the on-disk structure to FreeBSD's
      devfs - Add a destroy_dev_alias, remove hotplug
      hotplugd - Switch to using udev/devattr
      subr_disk - Maintain uuid aliases for disk volumes
      udevd - Break startup into pre and post mount parts
      hotplugd rc script - add udevd dependency
      iostat - undo previous changes
      fsid - Add to tree but don't build
      disk - Add device-mapper specific fallthroughs
      dm - adjust use of minor numbers to new reality
      udev_monitor(3) - Add new _property* macros
      dm - Disallow active vol removal; ret err of ioctl cmd
      libdm - Be a bit more verbose about ioctl issues
      kern_conf - add make_only_dev_covering
      subr_disk - 'official' support for cloning; cleanup
      subr_disk - Keep an open count
      vn - Major overhaul
      kern_udev - fix the devtype property
      devfs - Fix FREEBLKS
      vn - switch to using own malloc type
      devfs - Only check rules after inserting into topology
      dloader - understand dumpdev
      devfs - don't propagate on terminate, it's redundant
      kern_shutdown - sync_devs before looking for dumpdev
      mount_devfs - don't unconditionally clear rules
      fsid - clear buffer before reading
      newfs - add volume name support
      libdm - clean libdm-dragonfly-iface
      dm - Fix a reference leak
      sysinit - add SI_SUB_DM_TARGETS
      dm_target_crypt - use mpipe, add module magic
      mmap - add mmap offset randomization
      dm - Major cleanup & module work
      dmirror - initial code (layout)
      dmirror - Add Matt's design notes
      condvar - add cv_has_waiters()
      dm - properly encapsulate disable_dev
      dm - use shared/exclusive lockmgr for table access
      dm - minor cleanup
      dm - remove convoluted string comparison methods
      dm - misc minor cleanup
      dm - access io_cnt atomically
      dm - Modularize it fully
      installer - encrypted root fix for new modules
      dm - undo my pointless moving of dm.h
      fsid - Don't check floppies
      libfsid, fsid - bind into build system
      cryptsetup - fix warning message
      dm - add remove_all, refactor
      libcrypt - install crypt.h header
      kinfo.h - Document the units of some members
      kern_proc - add kern.proc.cwd sysctl
      tzfile.h - install as include
      utmpx - Bring in utmpx,wtmpx and lastlogx support
      ssh - use utmpx
      last - add forgotten files
      utmpx - Bring in ${foo}x.3 manpages from NetBSD
      udevd - Exit from the SIGTERM handler
      vfs_helper - Remove stale comment
      devfs - Change setattr code to use vop_helper fns

Alexander Polakov (1):
      msdosfs: use size_t for unlen consistently instead of int.

Antonio Huete (2):
      kern - Properly return the number of bytes in hw.physmem sysctl.
      vm - Correct sysctl output formatting for kvm_size and kvm_free

Antonio Huete Jimenez (9):
      hammer(8) - Take in account the saturation level passed to rebalance.
      kern - Clarify the description of hw.physmem.
      vkernel - Avoid appending the error message in some cases.
      vkernel64 - Raise the memory requirements to 64MB.
      vkernel64 - Enable function name resolution in DDB.
      procfs - Fix open() for procfs.
      kernel - Add kern.cp_time sysctl.
      rc.subr - Add missing quotes.
      hammer - Fix version output

Dylan Reinhold (1):
      Fortune: update hammer snapshot info

Francois Tigeot (1):
      Fix a compilation error on x86_64.

Ilya Dryomov (6):
      Test commit
      hammer.8 - Avoid core dumping when running dedup
      HAMMER - Remove unused variable
      HAMMER - Add live dedup sysctl and support
      network - Fix pf build when no INET6
      HAMMER - Add live_dedup_cache_size sysctl

Jan Lentfer (7):
      Update to ldns-1.6.7
      ldns/drill: Update local files to 1.6.7
      ldns: Re-Add lost README files
      pf: Update packetfilter to OpenBSD 4.4
      remove pfsync option from LINT
      pf: Update man pages, too
      pf: Do not install pfsync man pages, as we lack support for it.

Joe Talbott (11):
      unp_connect() - Use euid/egid for access checks via VOP_EACCESS().
      iwn - Fix global serializer usage for iwn_init().
      style(9) - Properly indent function prototype arguments with 4 spaces.
      iwn - Fix a couple of missed serializer misuses.
      mbuf - Add MJUMPAGESIZE mbuf cluster support.
      wpi(4) - Use MJUMPAGESIZE mbuf clusters.
      mbuf - Fix m_getjcl()'s size argument's type.
      mbuf - Factor common code out of m_getjcl() and m_getcl().
      kernel - Remove no longer needed MCLSHIFT kernel option.
      iwn(4) - Fix locking in iwn_ioctl().
      loader.conf.5 - Add note about 'boot_verbose'.

John Marino (9):
      Aligning world configuration with vendor-build configuration
      Update world Makefile infrastructure for gcc 4.4
      Change gcc version number
      Update gmp headers in gnu/usr.bin/cc44
      Correct GCC-4.4.5 configuration to build on i386
      Verified commit access of marino
      binutils221: revisit start/stop label generation
      binutils221: final solution to start/stop label generation
      gcc44, crtstuff: Provide -fPIE support

Justin C. Sherrill (2):
      Move pkg_radd config to a more obvious name; make sure settings.conf gets
      Updating pkg_radd man page, pkg_search to reflect new config file.

Magliano Andrea (8):
      Apple usb keybord doesn't generate an interrupt for Fn key when set to boot protocol, as raw Fn code from this device (0x01) is already assigned to ErrorRollOver (see 'HID Usage Tables' specification) to report keboard status/errors.
      UPROTO_BOOT_KEYBOARD is already defined in usb.h as UIPROTO_BOOT_KEYBOARD
      Bring in acpica 20110211, still not ok anyway
      acpi: sync GPE with FreeBSD 8.0 (and according the acpi api)
      Further acpica 20110211 code cleanup
      Don't leave Value32 uinitialized (as it's not completely filled)
      Some minor changes
      Acpi userland: adapt to 20110211 upgrade and sync with FreeBSD 8.0

Matthew Dillon (228):
      test commit (2)
      HAMMER - Fix broken assertion
      boot - Remove improper setting of default_kernel
      HAMMER utility - Handle pruning when only snapshot meta-data present
      diskless nfs - Add a remount feature for /conf.
      kernel - Close possible hole in hammer inval code
      kernel - Make sure invalidated pages are unmapped in rare situation.
      kernel - add kern.sysbeep_enable feature
      kernel - Misc atheros updates
      kernel - Add sysctl to bypass wifi chipset hardware crypto
      kernel - Fix global counter used in lockf assertions
      build - Fix IP_DIVERT w/UP build error
      debug - Add seekbench.c
      kernel - Add APIC_IO conf option back in / make it adjust hw.apic_io_enable
      kernel - More AHCI work to help support broken AMD chipsets
      kernel - AHCI hotplug work to help support AMD chipsets
      kernel - Fix namecache memory exhaustion edge case
      kernel - Fix NFS stall and likely also x86-64 seg-fault issue
      kernel - Fix MP race in signotify_remote()
      kernel - Hold vm_token() for certain buf/bio/vm_page interactions
      kernel - x86-64 - normalize the location of the pcb/md_regs and remove gd_rsp0
      HAMMER VFS - Fix HAMMER_INODE_XDIRTY flags / state assertion
      kernel - Document an odd case in vm_page.c
      kernel - Run pfil hooks for bridged packets
      kernel - Fix NFS race
      kernel - Replace broken mp lock in bounce pages swi_vm() with spinlock
      kernel - Fix deep stack recursion in unix domain socket garbage collection
      kernel - Fix mbuf header exhaustion w/ degenerate unix domain socket case
      kernel - Fix bug in x86-64 version of bzeront()
      kernel - Document ordering requirement in lwkt_cpusync_remote2()
      kernel - Remove unneeded critical sections from VM code, add pmap asserts
      docs - Expand the swapcache(8) manual page
      kernel - Fix lapic mask for > 16 apic ids
      kernel - 64-bit memory & ncpus work
      kernel - Enable e1000 / igb netif in module build
      kernel - Add support for up to 63 cpus & 512G of ram for 64-bit builds.
      kernel - Add support for up to 63 cpus & 512G of ram for 64-bit builds (2)
      kernel - Simplify AP CPU reporting on x86-64
      kernel - Add support for up to 63 cpus & 512G of ram for 64-bit builds (3)
      kernel - Fix MP system call performance regression
      installer - Increase administrative swap size limit to 512G
      utilities - Fix top formatting when > 9 cpus present
      kernel - Set wmesg when spinning on a token or the mplock
      kernel - Adjustments to if_igb
      kernel - Remove unnecessary mplock in sys_ofstat()
      kernel - Add debugging features
      kernel - Record token & mplock collisions in thread->td_wmesg
      kernel - Make swap, nullfs MPSAFE
      kernel - Rearrange usched_bsd4.c a bit
      utilities - Fix top -M when the window does not have sufficient rows
      kernel - Mark pty devices D_MPSAFE
      kernel - Remove CACHE_*MPLOCK* macros & sysctl
      kernel - Change the discrete mplock into mp_token
      kernel - Have DDB print '?' for non-printable characters
      kernel - 48-core MP work
      vkernel - Fix build
      kernel - IPI subset of cpus on token de-collision.
      kernel - Fix M_NOWAIT's in e1000/if_igb driver
      utilities - Print the cpu id for running and runnable threads
      kernel - scheduler adjustments for large ncpus / 48-core monster
      kernel - Add MONITOR/MWAIT support to the LWKT scheduler
      kernel - Optimize idle thread halt
      kernel - Implement POLLING support for if_igb, change token->lockmgr lock
      kernel - vm_page BUSY handling, change vm_page_cache() API, maybe fix seg-fault
      kernel - Fix boot-time lockup with if_igb
      kernel - Fix lockmgr non-zero exclusive count panic
      kernel - Fix lockmgr non-zero exclusive count panic (2)
      HAMMER VFS - Fix TAILQ bug
      HAMMER VFS - Increase directory object cache
      kernel - Fix vkernel lwp stuck thread bug
      vkernel - Fix corrupt tailq (vkernel64 only)
      finger - Fix seg-fault
      kernel - refactor cpusync and pmap_inval code, fix lockup
      kernel - Ensure rover in vfs_cache is not optimized.
      kernel - Refactor VMSC_ONEPASS
      kernel - Do a better job with the filesystem background sync
      kernel64 - Add some lapic timer based debugging (disabled by default)
      HAMMER VFS - Implement Version 6 features as WIP (work in progress)
      HAMMER VFS - Change default hammer fs version from 4 to 5
      HAMMER VFS - Improve saturated write performance.
      HAMMER VFS - Improve saturated write performance (2).
      kernel - Enhance getcacheblk() (improve saturated write performance (3)).
      kernel - Fix very annoying lockup (SMP)
      HAMMER VFS - Unlock around uiomove
      HAMMER VFS - Remove B-Tree allocation hints, add double_buffer option.
      kernel - Fix minor build error when building without INVARIANTS
      kernel - Fix an inefficiency in wait*()
      kernel - Fix maximum file size limit for NFSv3
      kernel - Use atomic ops for devstat's ds->busy_count field.
      kernel - Fix deadlock assertion panic with mmap/read combos
      kernel - Optimize the x86-64 lwbuf API
      HAMMER VFS - vfs.hammer.double_buffer adjustments
      kernel - Remove mplock shims from global tokens
      kernel - Remove mplock shims from global tokens
      test - Make fsstress compile under x86-64
      kernel - Fix lockup when debug.ktr.resynchronize is enabled
      kernel - Conditionalize ipiq debugging
      kernel - stop cpus on panic whether the debugger is entered or not
      kernel - Fix a case where a panic dump can stall
      kernel64 - Greatly reduce memory probe times, remove basemem calculation
      ps - Increase selected field widths
      kernel - Add kern.usched_global_cpumask
      powerd - Do a more sophisticated domain scan, use kern.usched_global_cpumask
      kernel - Fix /dev/dsp failure after a few days of uptime
      kernel - More sound kmalloc adjustments.
      kernel - More sound kmalloc adjustments.
      kernel - Fix parent process signaling race during exit
      kernel - Run emergency interrupt handlers in critical section
      kernel - Add callback API for mpipe
      kernel - Have the crypto subsystem use the new mpipe_alloc_callback() API
      libc - Fix bogus pthread_getspecific() return value due to bug in nmalloc
      kernel - Fix syncache vs close(listen_socket) race
      kernel - Revert last commit for a better upcoming fix
      vkernel - Fix lwbuf build error for vkernel64
      kernel - Fix stall after mountroot w/ SMP & ncpus == 1
      kernel - Fix SMP assumption of at least 2 cpus w/TCP
      kernel64 - Fix disabled interrupts during dbg/bpt trap
      kernel - Fix physmap base calculation for x86-64
      kernel - Add options VM_PAGE_DEBUG
      ps - Support unix98 ttys for -t
      ps - Adjust field widths
      kernel - Add missing vm_page_wakeup()
      HAMMER VFS - Fix deadlock which can occur under severe filesystem pressure
      kernel - Greatly reduce usched_bsd4_decay default
      HAMMER Utility - Change the minimum UNDO/REDO FIFO from 100M to 500M
      kernel - Add per-process token, adjust signal code to use it.
      kernel - Add per-process token, adjust signal code to use it (2).
      kernel - Fix wild pointer in DDB trace
      kernel - Fix list corruption in dsched
      kernel - Fix list corruption in dsched
      kernel - Make most of the fork and exit paths MPSAFE
      kernel - Replace sys/ref.h & kern/kern_ref.c with sys/refcount.h
      kernel - Make numerous proc accesses use p->p_token instead of proc_token.
      kernel - Remove incorrect assertion
      kernel - Remove safety mplocks around VFS system calls
      kernel - Remove the last MP locks from tmpfs.
      kernel - Remove the last MP locks from tmpfs (2).
      kernel - MPSAFE work, fix race in init zombie cleanup
      ps - Add a new option, -R, which sub-sorts by parent/child and indents
      kernel - Add options SLAB_DEBUG to help debug memory corruption
      ps - Remove debugging printfs
      ps - Fix longstanding bug in initial populating loop
      kernel - Fix MP refcount race in struct pargs
      kernel - Fix MP refcount race in struct pargs (2)
      kernel - knote_alloc() must always succeed
      kernel - Fix MP refcount race in struct sigacts
      kernel - Fix MP refcount race in struct sigacts (2)
      ps - Fix sorting mistake in recent commits
      kernel - Fix seg-fault in clock interrupt due to race
      kernel - Add batch heuristic to scheduler and refactor some of the code 1/2
      kernel - Allow rn_inithead() to be called early
      kernel - Fix fairq, PF table hash was not being initialized
      kernel - Fix minor mistake corrupting an allocation in recent MPTable work
      kernel - Add a transparent MAC bridging feature to if_bridge
      kernel - Clear BRIDGE_MBUF_TAGGED for NAT translations
      HAMMER - Fix long stalls when writing out core files
      kernel - Fix extra rel_mplock() in if_tap
      kernel - More if_bridge work + misc fixes
      kernel - Unconditionally clear BRIDGE_MBUF_TAGGED in two cases
      kernel - Greatly enhance if_bridge
      kernel - Fix serious bug w/non-blocking commit
      kernel - Major bridging functionality completed
      kernel - Major bridging functionality added (bonding)
      kernel - Fix incorrect inode wait code in HAMMER
      kernel - Major bridging functionality added (bug fixes)
      kernel - Use do/while sequences to protect multi-line dsched macros
      kernel - Refactor dsched ref/unref routines
      kernel - Major bridging functionality added (bug fixes 2)
      ps - Handle unexpected output order when sorting by memory or cpu
      kernel - Fix a few MP races against process status
      install - Add the src-create-shallow directive to Makefile.usr
      kernel - Make sure thread is released before migrating
      install - Makefile.usr to use 2010Q4 on master
      kernel - Fix ktrace -C and -d
      kernel - Fix null pointer panic related to setproctitle()
      kernel - Add kern.zone_cache sysctl
      kernel - Add lwkt.cache_threads boot-time tunable
      kernel - Add vm.cache_vmspaces boot-time tunable
      kernel - Reduce dsched console output
      kernel - Major bridging functionality added (bug fixes 3)
      kernel - Silence warnings from older gcc
      kernel - Revamp LWKT thread migration
      vkernel - test/vkernel 'scratch' target missing root build
      HAMMER VFS - Fix incorrect reflush conditional
      kernel - Fix MP race in vmspace_president_count()
      kernel - Fix MP race in vmspace_president_count() (2)
      kernel - Major bridging functionality added (bug fixes 4)
      kernel - Change mbuf allocation in tapwrite/tunwrite path to blocking
      kernel - Major bridging functionality added (bug fixes 5)
      kernel - Enhance the FAIRQ ALTQ to use relative weightings
      kernel - Major bridging functionality added (bug fixes 6)
      kernel - Fix fstatfs() and fstatvfs() when called from a null-mounted chroot()
      HAMMER VFS - Bump the default hammer rev to 6
      kernel - allow PG_NOTMETA to be set on regular files too
      kernel - Check B_NOTMETA in buffer release code
      HAMMER VFS - Implement swapcache for HAMMER data in double_buffer mode
      HAMMER VFS - Force reading from the block device when live dedup is enabled
      HAMMER VFS - Cleanup a swapcache hammer_vop_write() case
      binutils221: Fix missing section start/end label generation
      swapcache - Update manual pages
      vkernel - Fix problem where cpu-bound user process cannot be interrupted
      kernel - Possible fix to 'Bad link elm' panic in random callout
      kernel - Fix slice open mask tracking
      HAMMER VFS - Fix two minor bugs.
      kernel - Add shutdown method for vm.swapcache
      vkernel64 - Push some non-working (as yet) shims for module loading
      systat - Adjust field widths to prevent numbers from running together
      kernel - Adjust AHCI to properly report SATA-III support
      kernel - Limit tags allocated to reads or writes for CAM/scsi/ahci disks
      kernel - Fix CAM tag reservation for AHCI and SILI driver
      kernel - Add breadcb() function - async I/O w/completion callback
      HAMMER VFS - Implement async I/O for double-buffer strategy case
      kernel - Fix degenerate condition for ahci/cam disks without tags
      HAMMER VFS - Fix degenerate stall condition in flusher during unmount
      kernel - Add quad intel gige PCIe ethernet adapter pci ids
      kernel - Fix mbuf overflow issue w/ iwn.
      test - Add random seek/read program
      nrelease - Adjust source inclusion, cleanups
      tests - Adjustments to memcpy/memzero test
      nrelease - Add targets to Makefile.usr
      kernel - Change ccb state with lock held
      kernel - remove extra tsleep_interlock() calo
      vkernel64 - Start work on kld support
      kernel - MFC an IPSEC security fix related to nested compressed frames
      kernel - Fix hold race and catch bad vm_object terminations
      kernel - Fix apparent timing race in early usb keyboard polling code
      kernel - Add kqueue support to ulpt for CUPS printing
      release - Branch 2.10 (set up new master for 2.11)

Max Herrgård (1):
      fortune - change dig to drill

Michael Neumann (1):
      Remove remaining APIC_IO usages in bus/pci

Nicolas Thery (1):
      kernel - migrate knote from zone to kmalloc

Nolan Lum (2):
      Add sha256/512 support to libcrypt, change default
      devattr - a tool to expose the libdevattr functionality

Peter Avalos (74):
      libssh: Unset BROKEN_GLOB.  Ours works fine.
      Remove unused file from OpenSSH source.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.0b.
      Update build for OpenSSL-1.0.0b import.
      Add files to OpenSSL that will generate optimized asm code.
      Make OpenSSL thread-safe.
      OpenSSL: Reduce diffs to vendor source.
      OpenSSL: Add pre-generated asm files to the build.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.0c.
      Update for OpenSSL-1.0.0c.
      Delete old version of zlib from vendor branch.
      Import zlib-1.2.5.
      Update to zlib-1.2.5.
      Snyc tnftp with NetBSD:
      Bump WARNS for latest import of ftp and adjust README.DRAGONFLY for git.
      Re-add README.DELETED to libarchive's vendor branch.
      Import libarchive-2.8.4.
      Import xz-5.0.0.
      Rearrange lib/Makefile.
      Hook up liblzma, lzmainfo, xz, and xzdec to the build.
      Add SHA384 functions to libmd.
      Update to libarchive-2.8.4.
      libarchive:  link in liblzma.
      Fix buildworld for latest liblzma/libarchive changes.
      pthread.h: Fix prototypes.
      Import file-5.05.
      Update build for file-5.05 import.
      Import gdtoa-20101105.
      Remove unneeded files from contrib/gdtoa.
      Turn off all warnings when compiling gdtoa sources.
      fenv: Explicitly specify sizes for control and status words.
      style(9): Remove whitespace.
      ieeefp.h: Remove i386 specifics.
      <cpu/ieeefp.h>: Sync i386 with x86_64.
      <cpu/ieeefp.h>:  Use single-underscore instead of double.
      cat: Clean up whitespace.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.0d.
      Upgrade to OpenSSL-1.0.0d.
      sh: Sync with FreeBSD
      Add regression tests for /bin/sh.
      sh: Detect dividing the smallest integer by -1.
      bin/test: Sync with FreeBSD
      Add regression tests for /bin/test.
      kill(1): Sync with FreeBSD
      printf(1): Sync with FreeBSD
      Add printf(1) regression tests.
      ps: Add the comm keyword which is an alias for ucomm.
      ps: Update man page for adding comm as an alias for ucomm.
      Sync /bin/sh regression tests with FreeBSD.
      newsyslog: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Fix typo in last commit.
      IPX/SPX:  Remove unused code.
      Remove insque()/remque() from kernel code.
      <sys/queue.h>: Sync with FreeBSD
      Fix forgotten _REMOVE_NEXT -> _REMOVE_AFTER rename.
      Update queue(3) for the REMOVE_NEXT -> REMOVE_AFTER rename.
      sh: Fix typo in comment.
      mille: Fix typo.
      libz:  Use off_t instead of long.
      zlib:  Eliminate unneeded diffs from vendor sources.
      Remove diffutils 2.8.1 from the vendor branch.
      Remove the version number from the diffutils dir.
      Import OpenSSH-5.8p1.
      Update files for OpenSSH-5.8p1 import.
      rc.d/sshd: Create /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key if it doesn't exist.
      sh:  Reduce diffs to FreeBSD in the arith code.
      sh: Fix some parameter expansion variants ${#...}.
      sh(1): Describe subshell environment, command substitution better
      sh: Split off some special behavior into separate regress tests.
      sh: Add some tests for omitting whitespace.
      sh: Add some tests for ${#parameter}.
      sh: Add test for expanding of quoted positional parameters in case.
      sh: Add test for obscure and ambiguous ${#?}.
      Sh: Add test for getting length of string in double-quotes.

Samuel J. Greear (22):
      nmalloc - Optimize initialization function out of hot path
      kernel - Provide descriptions for vm.stats.* sysctl's
      cdefs - Use proper GCC version
      nmalloc - Remove startup locking
      kernel - Provide descriptions for lwkt.* and debug.* sysctl's
      kernel - Provide descriptions for many net.inet6 sysctl's
      test - Add test case for prior select(2)/EOF bug
      kernel - Provide descriptions for many net.inet sysctl's
      vkernel - Add usage()
      style(9) - Prefer a lack of case '?' fallthrough for getopt
      kernel - Mark kqfilters of several devices MPSAFE
      kernel - Add many sysctl definitions, sysv, vfs, nfs, etc.
      vkernel - Catch manpage up with loader/installkernel changes
      kernel - s/so_pru_control/so_pru_control_direct/
      platform - Allow building without COMPAT_DF12
      hammer - Furnish descriptions for the live dedup sysctl's
      hammer - Describe live_dedup_cache_size sysctl
      kern - Convert ufs dirhash from zalloc to objcache
      kern - Convert aio from zalloc to objcache
      kern - Convert crypto from zalloc to objcache
      kern - Convert NFS from zalloc to objcache
      kern - aio - Add missing flags to objcache_get()

Sascha Wildner (321):
      GENERIC_SMP/X86_64_GENERIC_SMP: Properly sync for the APIC_IO removal.
      smp.4: Adjust for the APIC_IO option removal.
      installer: Ignore the exit status of two grep commands.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database
      iir(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      kernel: Silence some warnings that crept up with the APIC_IO changes.
      hammer.8: Add some words about HAMMER version 5 and about upgrading to it.
      ifconfig(8): Fix a bug and do some cleanup.
      Make ubt(4) compilable into the kernel and add it to LINT.
      Remove useless .PATH targets from kernel module Makefiles.
      dc(4): Add IDs for the Abocom FE2500.
      kernel: Remove some redundant initialization.
      cam(4): Remove dead code. secs_per_cylinder can't be 0 here.
      Move net.wlan.force_swcrypto out of IEEE80211_DEBUG.
      Remove hotplug(4) since hotplugd(8) uses udev/devattr now.
      libc: Remove unused bit of code in __ujtoa().
      installer: Remove /dev/mapper/* mappings where necessary.
      mlxcontrol(8): Sync with FreeBSD.
      kbdmap(1): Fix a segmentation fault with -r.
      printf(1): Fix the printing of floats which I broke back in 2007.
      arcmsr(4): Fix up the device description a bit.
      arcmsr(4): Update to vendor release
      Fix a couple of typos in messages & manpages.
      tr(1): Add the -C option.
      mlockall.2: Fix month name and remove trailing whitespace.
      kernel: Bring in hexdump() from FreeBSD.
      mfi(4): Add the mfi(4) RAID driver and the mfiutil(8) configuration tool.
      mfi(4): Remove the unused MFI_DECODE_LOG option.
      mfi(4): Add device statistics.
      hammer.8: Fix typo.
      mmcsd(4): Enhance readability by using a variable for the buf pointer.
      Unbreak buildworld.
      Add a hexdump(9) manual page (taken from FreeBSD).
      vga/vesa: Use hexdump() instead of cooking our own.
      mfi(4): Make mfi_linux.ko compile (maybe it even works).
      style.9: Somehow, half of the usage() example was missing. Fix it.
      Remove <dev/disk/dm/dm.h> via make upgrade. It's <sys/dm.h> now.
      mfi(4): Add missing dev_ops_remove_minor().
      amr(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      kernel: Remove some PC98 remains.
      installer: Fix a bug when /boot (HAMMER) or / (UFS) is are to be encrypted.
      Fix a typo and add PMAP_DEBUG to LINT.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database
      Make more things (HPFS, *_ICONV) buildable into the kernel.
      Add a missing file for building libiconv into the kernel.
      mfi(4): Shorten some lines.
      aac(4) & mfi(4): Fix masking bug.
      amr(4): Return the correct error.
      hptiop(4): Add the hptiop(4) RAID driver.
      hptiop(4): Fix device description.
      kernel: Serial numbers have to be either 2 chars minimum or not be a blank.
      Clean up and sort the RAID sections in our configs.
      Kernel configs: Move twa(4) to the right place, too.
      Fix installworld.
      devattr(8): Fix weird style and perform some general cleanup.
      swapcache.8: Fix typos.
      mfiutil(8): Fix a in the interval argument to the 'patrol auto' command.
      periodic(8): Adjust the bsdstats script to use drill(1) instead of dig(1).
      manual pages: Punctuation and whitespace cleanup.
      Bring in an igb(4) manual page (from FreeBSD).
      amr(4): Some bugfixes.
      Remove KTR_GIANT_CONTENTION kernel option (no longer used).
      arcmsr(4): Add missing cam_simq_release and creation of /dev/arcX alias.
      .gitignore: Remove .depend again.
      dm(4): Fix kernel compilation with 'device dm' in the config.
      msdosfs: Add a define of 0x28 as extended boot record signature.
      mdoc: Add libfsid to the list of libraries.
      libfsid(3): Make the filesystem type an enum and perform misc cleanup.
      twe(4): Add some missing newlines in system messages.
      Fix build of last(1).
      manpages: Remove some unneeded .Pp's.
      Fix VKERNEL/VKERNEL64 build.
      Bring in mps(4) for LSI Fusion-MPT 2 Serial Attached SCSI controllers.
      last(1): Raise WARNS to 6.
      kgdb(1): Fix finding the right kernel for symbols when using -n.
      kgdb(1): Adjust comments, too.
      route(8)/routed(8): Raise WARNS to 6.
      Hook the vm_page_alloc.9 manual page into the build.
      vm_map_findspace.9: Turn an Xr to a manpage we don't have (yet) into an Fn.
      Fix typos in messages and manual pages.
      Miscellaneous manual page cleanup.
      ips.4: Sort SEE ALSO references.
      mpipe.9: Remove trailing whitespace.
      Create MLINKS for the mbuf(9) manual page.
      installer: Add swap to /etc/crypttab only if it is actually encrypted.
      Remove redundant settings. These are the same in /etc/defaults/rc.conf.
      kernel: Remove support for the EISA bus and EISA/VLB devices.
      twe(4): Update to version
      Bump the copyright years.
      Fix 64 bit build.
      Rearrange the previous commit a bit and fix a pathname.
      aibs(4): Add missing module dependency.
      bluetooth(4): Fix loading bluetooth without pf.
      kernel: Remove support for the Xerox Network Systems (NS) protocol.
      <dev/netif/wi/if_wavelan_ieee.h>: Uncomment wi_req.
      Make some space in sys/dev/raid/Makefile.
      Add hptmv(4), a driver for HighPoint RocketRAID 182x controllers.
      hptmv(4): Fix shutting down.
      hptmv(4): Save some unneeded variables in the locking functions.
      Remove the broken burncd(8).
      xargs(1): Add -P option for parallel mode.
      aac(4): Update to version 2.1.9-1 (current FreeBSD).
      aac(4): Use bio (not bp) for the bio pointer.
      Revert "Remove the broken burncd(8)."
      Add tws(4), a driver for the LSI 3ware 9750 series SATA/SAS RAID controllers.
      tws.4: Bump some dates.
      kernel: Uncomment aacp in the configs.
      pci: MPTable pcib/hostb should not be used, if !apic_io_enable
      Bring in sephe's recent intr/apic work to x86_64.
      x86_64: Put the x86_64 specific "seg-fault..." message under bootverbose.
      bus_dma.9: Document the recently added flags for bus_dma_tag_create().
      Add __printflike's where possible and fix all related bugs & issues.
      twa(4): Fix some __printflike() issues I overlooked previously.
      Move CSTD out of NO_WARNS (i.e., it shall apply too if NO_WARNS is set).
      dloader: Add missing prototype.
      liby: Add yyparse() prototype.
      fsck(8): Fix for missing prototypes.
      rtadvd(8): Fix for missing prototypes.
      rpc.ypxfrc(8): Fix for missing prototypes.
      rpc.statd(8): Fix for missing prototypes.
      kzip(8): Clean up a bit and raise WARNS to 2.
      ppp(8): Fix for missing prototypes.
      symorder(1): Fix for missing prototypes.
      libkern: Add missing prototype for userland.
      cam: Fix for missing prototypes (userland).
      Lower some WARNS from 1 to 0. This needs more work.
      Set the C standard we use for compiling userland to gnu99.
      Use CSTD and remove local CSTD settings which are no longer needed.
      Pluck options which are not applicable to C++ out of the C++ command line.
      vi(1): Add some missing CLEANFILES.
      Revert "Lower some WARNS from 1 to 0. This needs more work."
      Set CSTD back to gnu89 again for various contrib/ related stuff.
      Set CSTD back to gnu89 for tip(1) too (this needs cleanup).
      Unbreak buildworld.
      kernel: Use NELEM() in a few more places and nuke private arysize()'s.
      kernel: Use NELEM() where we can.
      NELEM: Take back the sys/boot part. We'll care about that later.
      compile_et(1): Set CSTD to gnu89 (compile_et(1) is in contrib/).
      lib/libncp: Silence some warnings that cropped up with CSTD=gnu99.
      devd(8): Raise WARNS to 5 and fix a warning.
      groff: Raise WARNS to 1.
      libc: Fix warnings fallout from the change to CSTD=gnu99.
      cd9660: Style fix.
      kernel: Some more style fixes.
      lwbuf.9: Remove trailing whitespace.
      manpages: Fix some typos.
      manpages: Fix some more typos.
      sort(1): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix warnings.
      libthread_xu: Raise WARNS to 5 and fix warnings.
      rcs(1): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix warnings.
      pppd(8): Fix some CSTD=gnu99 fallout.
      Switch back to using CSTD=gnu89 for a number of things again.
      kernel: Silence an unused variable warning.
      Clean up the cryptdisks rc script a bit.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011a from
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Add /usr/pkg/bin to a few paths in our building infrastructure.
      nullfs: Remove a no longer used variable.
      kernel: Remove an unused variable.
      fifofs: Remove an unused variable.
      ext2fs: Remove some unused variables.
      kernel: Remove some no longer used stuff in clock.c.
      nrelease: Remove an old mk.conf in /etc.
      installer: Add /usr/pkg/etc to sources.conf.
      acpi(4): Always compile the files dealing with ACPI_DEBUG into the module.
      devfs: Populate si_umajor, too.
      fstat(1): Add devfs support.
      fstat(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix all warnings.
      Revert "devfs: Populate si_umajor, too."
      Fix up <utmp.h> and <utmpx.h> for C++ programs.
      libc: Remove some unneeded inclusions of <sys/cdefs.h>.
      Build our GCCs with CSTD=gnu89.
      libc: Raise WARNS to 6.
      libc/csu: Include <machine/tls.h> for some prototypes.
      libncp: Fix format.
      lib: Move the definition of WARNS into lib/
      secure/lib: Fix building of some cases that include lib/
      wmake.1: Describe how to install stuff built with wmake.
      Remove useless belt and suspenders include guards in some of our headers.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011b from
      Don't remove /etc/settings.conf via 'make upgrade' and rename it instead.
      Bump .Dd in pkg_radd.1 manpage and make pkg_search working again.
      acpi(4): Fix a bug in acpi_cpu_cstate.c (we have to write, and not to read).
      hammer.8: Note that 'recover' needs -f.
      LINT: Fix wording and remove a duplicate option from the comments.
      Remove some kref(9) related files via 'make upgrade'.
      <sys/elf_generic.h>: Fix typo in a #warning.
      rtld.1: Add an example on how to set up _rtld_functrace.
      rtld.1: Staticize the variable in the _rtld_functrace example.
      <sys/link_elf.h>: Fix include guard.
      rtld(1), headers, manual pages: Bring in some whitespace, comment etc. fixes.
      my(4): Add a missing '=' (although in an #if 0'd section).
      LINT: Comment out meteor(4) for now (it doesn't build with -msoft-float).
      Remove the meteor(4) driver.
      Remove an old header via 'make upgrade'.
      Add 'gcc46' as a CCVER value (using /usr/pkgsrc/lang/gnat-aux).
      libevtr: Add YY_NO_INPUT to ktrfmt.l and regenerate (silences gcc44 warning).
      Add YY_NO_INPUT to a number of lex(1) input files (silences gcc44 warnings).
      ifconfig(8): Change constructor priorities from 100 to 101.
      librt: Fix buildworld by putting some unused variables in #if 0.
      mly(4): Put mly_timeout() under MLY_DEBUG where it belongs.
      kernel: Comment out some unused functions.
      lib/csu: Remove a redundant -Wall in the Makefile.
      kernel: Remove some variables that are set but not used.
      gnu/lib/csu: Add -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables to the CFLAGS.
      kernel: Use the system's offsetof() macro instead of cooking our own.
      Add 'pcc' as a CCVER value (using /usr/pkgsrc/lang/pcc-current).
      Use g++ 4.4 from base for CCVER=gcc46.
      ps(1): Use alias syntax for the 'comm' alias.
      libstand: Sync libstand's printf() with FreeBSD.
      libstand/printf.c: Oops, fix a braino.
      aicasm: Add two YY_NO_INPUTs (silences gcc44 warnings).
      kernel: Fix the remaining gcc44 warnings for the kernel.
      window(1): Fix a gcc44 warning.
      spppcontrol(8): Silence some gcc44 warnings.
      ppp(8): Silence some gcc44 warnings.
      atmarpd(8) & scspd(8): Silence some gcc44 warnings.
      growfs(8): Silence a gcc44 warning.
      Fix buildworld (netstat(1)).
      csh(1): Remove redundant check (silences gcc44 warning).
      groff: Fix a gcc44 warning.
      <float.h>: Use compiler builtins for some constants, if they are available.
      UPDATING: Use '-' instead of '=' for underlining to avoid git confusion.
      At long last, switch us to using GCC 4.4 as the default compiler.
      UPGRADING: Fix typo.
      ie(4): Fix a gcc44 warning.
      ifconfig.8: Fix a typo.
      Revert "<float.h>: Use compiler builtins for some constants, if they are available."
      Import mdocml-1.10.9
      mdocml: Add README.DRAGONFLY
      mdocml: Switch to using the files in contrib/mdocml
      mdocml: Remove old files outside contrib/
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011c from
      Fix compilation with gcc44 and -fstack-protector.
      amd(8): Fix a warning from the days when NULL was 0.
      Add missing wcsdup() prototype to <wchar.h>.
      gcc44: Prevent __stack_chk_fail_local references from being hidden.
      UPGRADING: Say that a full build is actually a must for gcc41 -> gcc44.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011d from
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      kernel: Fix building without 'options INET'.
      kernel: Fix building without 'options INVARIANTS'.
      kernel: Fix building without 'options P1003_1B'.
      kernel: Improve #ifdef a bit.
      kernel: Fix x86_64 building without 'options DDB'.
      kernel: In the x86_64 kernel, add a missing include to trap.c.
      powernow.4: Fix some bugs (typo, missing sysctl, style).
      Hook some forgotten Citrus tools into the build.
      kernel: Fix -Wundef in a number of places.
      Fix buildkernel without -j.
      Fix loading of a kernel that was linked with ld 2.20 on x86_64.
      binutils: Offer both readelf(1)'s based on BINUTILSVER's setting.
      gcc44: Add a forgotten '+'.
      gcc44: Switch the rest of the MLINKS over to gcc44.
      binutils: Install the manpages of both binutils versions.
      binutils220: Fix a copy/paste error.
      Import binutils-2.21
      binutils221: Bring in some more files on the vendor branch.
      binutils221: Add our READMEs.
      binutils221: Bring in some needed files instead of generating them.
      binutils221: Add some DragonFly specific configuration stuff.
      binutils221: Add some generated manual pages.
      binutils221: Fix an error and a warning.
      binutils221: Add the gnu/ building hierarchy.
      binutils221: Fix some copy/paste errors.
      Remove a years old attempt at a BSD licensed libiberty.
      Fix some more the the typos.
      README: I removed a bit too much.
      Remove the remains of the removal of gasp in binutils 2.13 years ago.
      objformat(1): Remove gdb from the list. Not part of binutils.
      Hook binutils 2.21 into the build in place of 2.20.
      objformat(1): Fix whitespace in the Makefile.
      /usr/Makefile: Use ${GITHOST} for the shallow clone too.
      kernel build: msdosfs is no longer warning, so remove 'nowerror'.
      kiconv(3): Raise WARNS to 3 and fix some warnings.
      memoryallocators.9: Some small cleanup.
      Fix LINT kernel build.
      loginx.3: Fix SYNOPSIS
      err.3: Mention that verrx() and vwarnx() don't append an error message.
      getmntinfo.2: Some cleanup for the addition of getmntvinfo() in 2008.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011e from
      Switch the default binutils from 2.17 to 2.21.
      Remove the hack for loading x86_64 kernels linked with binutils >=2.20.
      Check if the host system has the desired binutils for HOST_BINUTILSVER.
      binutils221: Fix a warning.
      binutils221: Add arlex.l to the list of modified files.
      Upgrade GMP from 4.3.1 to 4.3.2 on the vendor branch.
      Upgrade GCC from 4.4.2 to 4.4.5 on the vendor branch.
      Upgrade MPFR from 2.4.1 to 2.4.2-p3 on the vendor branch.
      gcc44/gmp/mpfr: Update/add our READMEs.
      mpfr: Remove a local modification we no longer need.
      csu: Adjust some flags etc. to more closely resemble the vendor Makefile.
      gcc44: Improve locale support in libstdc++.
      xlint: Revert part of 2e2a1cf79437aa99c731a36585fe98887a5c0bf0 again.
      swapcache.8: Fix typo.
      Import mdocml-1.11.1
      mandoc(1): Adjust Makefile for 1.11.1.
      mandoc(1): For now, don't install the mandoc.3 manual page.
      <aio.h>: Add aio_fsync() prototype.
      c99(1): DragonFly has librt, so do not discard -lrt.
      Rename the memoryallocators(9) manual page to memory(9). Fix a few typos.
      Fix snapshot building (hopefully).
      identcpu: Add some Features2 strings.
      identcpu: Fix some comment whitespace.
      md5(1): Fix typo.
      keylogout(1): Fix a warning and raise WARNS to 6.
      Fix snapshot building, part 2.
      pf(4): Fix two x86_64 warnings.
      More fixes for snapshot building.
      sppp(4): Fix two x86_64 warnings.
      asf(8): Fix module path.
      mount/umount: Small whitespace fix in the usage().
      usbhidctl(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      talk(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      ctags(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      installer/LiveCD: Do no longer set kern.emergency_intr_enable to 1.
      vknetd(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      kbdcontrol(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      editline(3): Use getpwnam_r() and getpwuid_r() and raise WARNS to 6.
      Add a final newline to the last file that didn't have one.

Sepherosa Ziehau (228):
      Serialize IFADDR alteration by netisr0
      if_clone: Don't destroy iface which is not create through if_clone mechanism
      jme: Rework software reset procedure
      tcp: Don't allow persist timer if TCP connection is not established yet
      re(4): Add support for 8168E
      ipflow: cpumask_t should be used instead of uint32_t
      mtodoff: Add comment
      ip_demux: Update comment for ip_lengthcheck()
      ip_demux: Update comment for tcp_ctlport()
      Nuke forward_fastint_remote(), which has never been used.
      pci: MPTable pcib/hostb should not be used, if !apic_io_enable
      intr: Clean up comment of Local APIC TPR
      intr: Remove unused TRP macros
      intr: Remove unused typedef
      intr: Make sure that changing IPI offset will also update related TPR
      intr: Move IO/APIC IDT vector offset into isa/intr_machdep.h
      apic: Remove unused macros and duplicated comment
      apic: Remove unused macros
      intr: Remove call_fast_unpend() declaration
      intr: Start hardware interrupt at IDT_OFFSET
      apic: Clear all entries in int table
      busdma: Add PRIVBZONE and ALLOCALL bus_dma_tag_create() flags.
      busdma: Add PROTECTED bus_dma_tag_create() flag.
      busdma: Free bounce zone if any error happens during bus_dma_tag_create()
      busdma: Make sure bounce zone's sysctl tree is created before destroying it
      busdma: Free map, if bus_dmamap_create() fails
      pf: It's opt_carp.h not use_carp.h
      Revert "Revert "IO APIC: Assign pins dedicated to PCI in the early stage.""
      intr_abi: Reindent
      icu: Remove no onger applicable comment
      icu: Strip extra blank lines
      intr: We no longer have the fast version of intrs
      intr: Don't pass the vector name to INTR_HANDLER
      apic: Remove no longer applicable comment
      intr: Support upto 192 IDT entries in ipl and intr vector asm code
      tcp: Don't panic if persist timer is started in CLOSED and TERMINATING
      ioapic: macro renaming
      ioapic: Use shll in APIC_INTR{DIS,EN}
      x86_64 intr_abi: Reindent
      x86_64 icu: Remove no onger applicable comment
      x86_64 icu: Strip extra blank lines
      x86_64 intr: We no longer have the fast version of intr vectors
      x86_64 intr: Don't pass the vector name to INTR_HANDLER
      x86_64 apic: Remove no longer applicable comment
      udp ctlport: We should call udp_addrcpu() instead of INP_MPORT_HASH_UDP()
      x86_64 madt: Remove unapplicable comment
      icu: Remove unused macros
      x86_64 intr: Support upto 192 IDT entries in ipl and intr vector asm code
      ipflow: Use CPUMASK
      pf_socket_lookup: lwkt_domsg is to be used, don't kmalloc the msg.
      pf_socket_lookup: Don't domsg, which could easily lockup network system
      em/emx: Reserve 2 (instead of 1) TX descriptors for TX ring
      clock: Remove no longer used statclock_disable and related code
      pc32: Move ipl.s and ipl_funcs.c from isa/ to i386/
      intr: Prepare to support 192 IDT entries; don't allow syscall to be taken.
      intr: Enable 192 IDT entries in machine independent code
      ioapic: Support upto 192 IDT entries
      intr: Remove wrongly-coded nexus_config_intr()
      apic: Removed unused apic_eoi()
      kernrl: Fix LINT building for recent rn_inithead API change
      pf: Fix typo in pf_mask_del()
      apic_initialize: Adjust comment
      ioapic: Function/variable renaming (apic -> ioapic)
      icu: Add icu/icu_abi.h
      ioapic: File renaming (apic -> ioapic)
      intr: Further delay MachIntrABI.finalize()
      intr: Function renaming
      icu_init: Cleanup
      kernel cleanup: Remove unnecessary inclusion of machine/isa/intr_machdep.h
      i386: Add CPU_HAS_SSE2 and CPU_HAS_FXSR options
      lwkt_synchronize_ipiqs: Add volatile to cpumask
      cpu_sfence: Don't use sfence
      ioapic/icu: Rework PIC selection code
      icu: Put ICU_IMR_OFFSET into machine_base/icu/icu.h
      icu: Split out icu/icu.c
      netisr: Add netisr barrier which stalls all netisrs
      udp: pcb list/hashtable protection stage 1/2
      inpcb: Add pcblist sysctl helper function w/o using marker inpcb
      udp: pcb list/hashtable protection stage 2/2
      udp_getcred: Release serializer when doing SYSCTL_OUT
      inpcb: Save UDP inpcb into temporary memory during in_pcblist
      udp6: Protect udbinfo by udbinfo barrier
      tcp: Don't abuse TF_SYNCACHE to ill-optimize syncache_destroy()
      tcp_usr_listen: Use domsg when duplicate listen socket's inp wildcard hash
      tcp: Make listen(2) socket close(2) MPSAFE
      tcp6: Set TF_SYNCACHE properly in tcp6_usr_listen()
      netisr: Make netisr barrier's done and cpumask volatile
      netisr: Make sure that netisr barrier's done is globally visible
      netisr barrier: Avoid lockless wakeup/tsleep race
      netisr barrier: Prevent netisr_barrier_dispatch() from false wakeup
      kernel options: Add MCLSHIFT
      radix: Fix the non-per-cpu radix tree usage.
      intr: Add ELCR support
      pc64: Split out isa_intr.h and move isa/intr_machdep.h to include/
      pc32: Split out isa_intr.h and move isa/intr_machdep.h to include/
      intr: Enable ELCR by default
      ioapic/icu: Add irqmap
      acpi/madt: Add definitation for interrupt source override MADT entry
      madt: Function renaming
      madt: Prepare to extract I/O APIC information from MADT
      x86_64: Function renaming lapic_init -> lapic_map
      acpi: Remove unused files
      madt: Function renaming
      madt: Support MADT rev 3 (used by ACPI 4.0)
      madt: Structure renaming
      x86_64: pmap_init() is called early enough for pmap_mapdev() to work
      Introduce ioapic enumerators, which is used to probe and config ioapics
      ioapic: Pass ioapic address to ioapic_{read,write}()
      madt: Ignore interrupt override entry if no overriding will happen
      irqmap: Consume the syscall entry in irqmap
      mptable: Prepare to create I/O APIC MPTABLE enumerator
      mptable: Function renaming
      mptable: Test the usage of default MPTABLE config during mptable_probe()
      x86_64: 64-bit index register should be used.
      mptable: Save PCI interrupt pin to I/O APIC pin maps
      inpcb: Exclusive the usage of wildcard hash and connect hash
      tcp: Allow listen(2) to be called on the same socket for any number of times
      mptable: Implement stub I/O APIC enumerator
      dloader: Make sure that -march=i386 is specified
      libstand: Make sure that -march=i386 is specified
      kernel/i386: Add -msoft-float to CFLAGS
      mk: Add FORCE_CPUTYPE which overrides user's CPUTYPE or forcefully sets CPUTYPE
      mk: Rearrange
      gcc44: Make i486 the default arch
      lib/csu: Fix typo
      kernel: Don't store FPU status into the reserved area of fxsave Prevent gcc4.4 from generating SSSE3, SSE4 and AVX instructions
      gcc44: Don't emit warning about inline failure due to optimization
      mptable: Simplify bus id duplication check logic
      mptable: Assign index for each IOAPIC
      lapic: Record the max LAPIC APIC ID
      ioapic: Function renaming
      ioapic: Remove unused TUNABLE_INT
      ioapic: Add tunable hw.ioapic_use_old
      acpi/pstate: Adjust FID/VID verification for AMD 0Fh family CPUs
      mptable: Get pin count of I/O APIC and calculate GSI base accordingly
      ioapic: Save I/O APIC information for later configuration
      ioapic: Save interrupt source override information
      ioapic: Setup I/O APIC according to the saved information.  Stage 1/2
      ioapic: During initmap, only GSIs should be configured.
      ioapic/abi: Save interrupt polarity
      ioapic/abi: Save IRQ to GSI mapping
      ioapic: Properly setup I/O APIC pin according to the saved information
      machintr: Add intr_config interface
      nexus: Implement bus_config_intr bus method
      mptable/pci: Configure interrupts after routing
      icu/abi: Fix typo
      ioapic/abi: Log interrupt trigger mode changes
      clock: Use irq number; More consistent with the above register_int()
      apic: Centralize IMCR present setting
      lapic: apic_initialize() -> lapic_init()
      lapic: Move LAPIC related vector installation into lapic_init()
      lapic_init: Use 'bsp' function parameter consistently
      lapic: Centralize LAPIC configuration
      apic: Initialize LAPIC before programming I/O APIC
      ioapic: Move MachIntrABI switching from ABI finalize to I/O APIC configure
      ioapic: Let callers of pin_setup() to hold imen_spinlock
      ioapic/abi: Mark unused ISA IRQs as reserved
      mptable/ioapic: Properly routing PCI interrupts
      mptable: Always clear 'force_pci0' before setting/using it
      ioapic: Don't allow interrupt source overrides to GSI 0 (ExtINT)
      mptable: Verbose debug logging about "fixed interrupt routing"
      emul/linux: Unbreak module building
      8254: apic_8254_intr does not need to be global variable
      8254: Setup interrupt properly for new I/O APIC code
      ioapic: For limited I/O APIC mixed mode, delivery mode should always be fixed.
      ioapic: Switch to new code by default
      acpi/x86_64: Properly configure ACPI interrupt model
      ioapic: Don't assume that BSP's APIC ID is 0
      ioapic: Rework I/O APIC APIC ID allocation
      ioapic: Disable imen_dump() in new code
      ioapic: Raise MADT I/O APIC enumerator priority
      mptable: Make interrupt routing information logging consistent with PIR
      apic/x86_64: Wait APs's LAPIC to be initialized before programming I/O APIC
      apic/i386: Wait APs's LAPIC to be initialized before programming I/O APIC
      ioapic: Allow interrupt trigger mode override in MADT
      madt: Configure interrupt trigger mode does not work quite well yet.
      madt: File relocate
      acpi: Factor out SDT functions to locate specified SDT
      ioapic: Don't assert that interrupt mode are level/low or edge/high
      acpi: Parse FADT to extract SCI IRQ number
      8254: Don't setup 8254 interrupt, if it is not selected as interrupt cputimer
      ioapic: Properly log interrupt mode
      acpi: Minor style changes
      acpi: Remove no longer needed file
      acpi/pcib: Use pcib_alloc_resource as bus alloc_resource method
      acpi/pcib: Fix interrupt routing code
      acpi: Style and white space changes
      acpi/pci_link: Avoid sharing interrupt with SCI if possible
      acpi/Osd: SCI_INT in FADT is the IRQ number on the system with 8259 (icu)
      bus: Allow subclass to have the same name as the parent class.
      acpi/pcib: Rework the _BBN handling for Host-PCI bridges.
      acpi/pci: Inherit methods from pci_driver, instead of setting them manually
      acpi: Enable pci, pcib and pci_link by default
      acpi/pci_link: Missing !acpi_enabled to acpi_disabled conversion
      intrcnt: Fix long standing interrupt name/count array mismatch
      platform: Setup bootverbose earlier
      acpi: Typo in error logging message
      tcp: Make sure that netmsg's so is same as inp->inp_socket
      tcp: Create seperate local port spaces for laddr/faddr/fport triple
      tcp_connect: Calculate local address if it is not done yet
      tcp_connect: Rearrange tcp_lport_extension run logic, no functional change
      acpi/sdt/fadt: Build as standard files
      acpi/fadt: Hide SCI IRQ logging under bootverbose
      elcr: File relocate
      icu: Configure interrupt trigger mode using ELCR if possible
      acpi: Add functions to configure SCI and return SCI information
      ioapic: Allow interrupt mode reconfigure
      acpi: Properly configure SCI and correctly share it during PCI interrupt routing
      elcr: Initialize variable before calling TUNABLE_INT_FETCH()
      systimer: Fix statclock() intr% counting for i8254 interrupt cputimer
      acpi: Detect SCI interrupt mode, if user does not specified one.
      acpi: Partly revert 40ad81aa20e2ba47db1f04204a60ffd06b513150
      acpi: Sync ec with FreeBSD 8
      acpi/ec: Bring in more GPE fixes from FreeBSD head (acpi_ec.c r216965)
      acpi: Restore old AcpiWalkNamespace semantic
      acpi: Skip \_SB_ and \_TZ_ only for devices.
      acpi: Enable GPE for button and lid, if they have _PRW object
      powerd: Wait hw.acpi.cpu.px_dom* sysctl to be created by kernel
      acpi/pstate: Add tunable to allow BIOS whacking start/max FID/VID
      acpi: Enable ACPI reset by default
      acpi: FACS is already loaded, don't load it manually again
      ioapic/abi; Reduce log verbosity
      acpi/pcib: If bus does not present, give other bus drivers chance
      test from machine bugg
      acpi: Reduce log verbosity

Stathis Kamperis (3):
      HAMMER - Implement volume-list command
      HAMMER - Check if supplied conf file exists
      condvar - Constify

Thomas Nikolajsen (8):
      Fix buildkernel (LINT)
      kernel - Fix UP build
      hammer(8) rebalance: change default saturation_percentage a few more places
      nrelease - update README w/ HAMMER instructions etc
      nrelease - index.html: fix stale links
      hammer.5: add info on dedup and improve general description and markup
      hammer.8: improve general description and markup
      newfs_hammer: update checks on undosize and fssize minimum

Venkatesh Srinivas (75):
      kernel - kmem_slab_alloc: Record vm_pages from page alloc for page mapping
      kernel - Add a flags field to the vm_map and a MAP_WIREFUTURE flag.
      kernel - Implement munlockall.
      kernel - Export vm_map_transition_wait and correct race between sleep/wakeup.
      kernel - Skeleton sys_mlockall.
      kernel - Honor MAP_WIREFUTURE flag in stack growth, mmap, and brk.
      Import mlockall(2)/munlockall(2) manpage from OpenBSD and modify for Dfly.
      kernel - tmpfs - Remove mplock in tmpfs_read().
      kernel - vm_mmap: Remove Advertising clause and DragonFly CVSID.
      kernel - mlockall: Return EINVAL for invalid flags combinations.
      Import vm_map_findspace(9) manpage from FreeBSD and add flags/align arguments.
      bitstring.h: Add bit_fls to complement bit_ffs and bit_nsearch.
      bitstring(3): Describe bit_fls and bit_nsearch.
      kernel -- vnlru: Resolve minor race between vnlru_proc_wait and vnlru_proc.
      kernel -- Remove fo_poll.
      kernel -- Add MONITOR and MWAIT routine to i386 kernel.
      kernel -- Correct bug in i386 monitor / mwait routine and change to long type.
      kernel -- Monitor/Mwait routine for x64; (untested!)
      kernel -- Replace cpu_mmw_mwait with _pause, which doesn't loop. Correct bugs.
      Use xorq, not xorl, for RAX on x64.
      Rename cpu_mmw_pause(l) to cpu_mmw_pause_(int/long)
      Interbench -- Do not compare strings with ==.
      Update MPIPE manual page to describe MPF_CACHEDATA & remove old lock comment.
      kernel -- Implement kref, a very lightweight reference counting system.
      Code clean -- nuke private defines of __arysize and arysize, replace with NELEM.
      kernel -- Convert sfbuf to use kref.
      Restore __arysize to stdint.h. Userland was including and using __arysize.
      Convert netstat/inet6.c to use a standard NELEM. (buildworld fixes).
      Import vm_page_alloc manpage from FreeBSD and add DFly-specifics.
      kernel -- MPIPE: Add a constructor argument and priv ptr.
      kernel -- MPIPE: Don't call a NULL constructor.
      kernel -- Spinlock debugging.
      kernel -- kref: Add KREF_DEC macro to allow braced blocks for destructors.
      Remove prototype of disksort().
      kernel -- tmpfs: Make tmpfs_read() MPSAFE.
      kernel -- tmpfs: Make tmpfs_strategy MPSAFE.
      Update lwbuf(9) manpage for recent lwbuf_alloc change.
      kernel -- tmpfs: MPSAFE tmpfs_getattr.
      Remove mplock2.h include from files not using the mplock.
      Update token(9) removing MPSAFE flag and adding description to lwkt_token_init.
      Remove sys/mplock2.h from more files.
      kernel -- vm_page: Remove ifdef for 8K page size.
      Remove another 8k PAGE_SIZE test in vm_page.h.
      kernel -- tmpfs: Mark tmpfs_write MPSAFE.
      kernel -- lockmgr debugging.
      Remove kref.9 manpage.
      kernel -- vm locking: Add vm_page_(un)lock and vm_object_(un)lock.
      kernel -- vm locking: Take per-object token in vm_map and vm_object_coalesce.
      Update stale comment in lwkt_token_init().
      kernel -- vm locking: Lock kernel_object in kmem_alloc3.
      kernel -- Eliminate AIO.
      Remove VFS_AIO config option.
      kernel -- vm locking: Add vm object locking to vm_object_referenced.
      librt: Initial userland implementation of POSIX AIO functionality.
      Add definitions for SIGEV_THREAD.
      kernel -- Add O_FRNONBLOCKING, to allow reads which do not block on disk accesses.
      librt -- AIO: Implement SIGEV_THREAD for AIO completion notification.
      kernel -- Prevent POSIX MQ from overflowing malloc zones.
      kernel -- POSIX Message Queues: Remove objcache for MQ messages.
      kernel -- vm_object locking Part 1: Primitives
      kernel -- vm_object locking Part 2: Lockup a few vm_object users.
      kernel -- vm_map: Remove infork field from vm_map.
      kernel -- file desc malloc zone overflow handling.
      kernel -- Remove MPlock in sys_pselect().
      kernel -- Mark MQUEUE filterops MPSAFE.
      kernel -- Remove mplock2.h header from files not using the mplock.
      Add memoryallocators(9) manpage to describe kernel memory allocators.
      kernel -- vm_object locking: DEBUG_LOCKS check for hold_wait vs hold deadlock
      kernel -- vm_object hold debugging should not panic if the debug array overflows
      Remove obsolete reference to cache_mpsafe in sys/namecache.h.
      kernel -- Fix off-by-one in udp multicast group check code.
      kernel -- Remove unused vfs rangelocks from vnodes.
      kernel -- Remove unused vfscache structure.
      bufcache(9): Remove obsolete reference to namei.
      bitstring.h -- Correct bit_fls and bit_nsearch

YONETANI Tomokazu (8):
      tmpfs - fix chgrp(), or chown() when one of uid/gid is to be unchanged
      kernel - remove extra crit_exit()
      periodic/security: fix warnings on a system with no packages installed
      pf: statekey needs to be initialized for IPv6, too.
      libc - fix handling of temporary file used by hash(3)
      kernel - adjust devfs mount point according to init_chroot loader variable
      kernel - missing PRELE() in ptrace(PT_DETACH).
      mount, umount: Implement the '-F' option to specify an alternate fstab file.

�kos Kovács (2):
      include - install ext2fs headers
      libfsid - A new library to determine filesystems.

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