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Sun Oct 17 22:35:03 PDT 2010

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  replaces  v2.7.3
 tagged by  Matthew Dillon
        on  Sun Oct 17 22:33:56 2010 -0700

DragonFly 2.9.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (17):
      libevtr: oops, stay withing the bounds of the hash table
      evtranalyze: correctly print out name of variable
      libevtr: add support for string literals
      evtranalyze: don't try to open stdin by default
      ktrdump: dump some device info
      libevtr: alternative hash syntax and more fixes
      ktrdump: constify pointer
      Start using our hash tables for thread switch/lifetime events
      mmap: get rid of old hack to support the XIG X server
      libevtr: add support for data objects
      libevtr: correct copy length
      evtranalyze: support for completion event statistics
      Fix -pg compiled programs on i386
      libevtr: abort() on impossible case
      evtranalyze: plotting capability
      libevtr: make prototype-less function static
      evtranalyze.1: update and expand manpage

Alex Hornung (124):
      libkern - add strchr
      proplib - Verbatim import from NetBSD
      proplib - port to dragonfly
      libkern - add strsep
      oops, strsep dos2unix!
      conf.h - bump SPECNAMELEN to 63 (from 15)
      devfs - implement mkdir/rmdir
      Bring in udev & libdevattr
      udevd & libdevattr - Bind into build system
      conf.h - minor (accidental) whitespace cleanup
      libdevattr - Fix buildworld
      linux emu - MPSAFE work - acquire token for mmap
      MPSAFE work - fix acquisition of vm_token
      vn - remove vn_softc from list on detach command
      kern_udev - remove unnecessary refs for devs
      chroot_kernel() - new syscall to set rootnch/rootvn
      subr_disk - Implement create_named & bounds_check
      vfs_bio - Implement nestiobuf support
      mkinitrd - add tool and infrastructure for initrd
      unmount - fix issue with process refs on unmount - attempt to enable use of assym for kmods
      linux emu - MPSAFE work
      libc - correct pthread_once stub
      libmd - add sha512, fix warnings in tests
      lt - add new tree-like utility
      mkinitrd - make use of lt
      tmpfs - fix failing writes with no swap
      udevd - bring into sbin, add rc script
      libdevattr - install include
      udevd - add pidfile & SIGTERM handler
      Import lvm2 from NetBSD
      dm - Import verbatim from NetBSD
      dm - Port to DragonFly
      lvm2 - port to DragonFly
      include - Install dm includes
      dm - Add crypt target
      libdm - fix two warnings
      lvm2 stuff - bind into build system
      Import cryptsetup-1.1.2
      cryptsetup - add our READMEs
      cryptsetup - Delete unneeded files
      cryptsetup - Port to DragonFly
      dm_target_crypt - Make compatible with luks
      dm - General printout cleanup
      lvm/dm - clean up debug, fix open bug
      vfs_conf - export vfs.root.realroot via sysctl
      mkinitrd - add dm-related tools
      initrd - Update for LVM root support
      dm - Bind into build system, fix small problem
      udev - Tag some subsystems/drivers
      lvm - use libdevattr for device cache checks
      initrd - minor fixes
      mkinitrd - improve man page a bit
      libdm - restore libdm-netbsd.h
      libdevattr & udevd - add man pages
      rc.d - add lvm rc script
      rc.conf - add lvm and udevd related settings
      libdevattr - Visibility change, stop memory waste
      udevd - Big memory and thread cleanup
      lvm - get rid of CVS directories
      lvm - get rid of gcc-only cruft
      dm_target_crypt - cleanup & minor improvements
      dsched - Encapsulate tdio for curthread creation
      dsched - minor fixes, cleanup
      libdm/lvm - Fix bugs
      cryptsetup - fix issue with uuid
      cryptsetup - fix buffer overflow
      linuxulator - Acquire MPLOCK for ksignal
      lvm - adjust visibility for devname
      lvm - don't forget to include dlfcn.h
      crypto(9) - Fix argument type for crypto_freesession
      dm_target_crypt - rework ivgen magic, fix bug
      padlock - get rid of __GNUCLIKE_ASM #ifdefs
      dm_target_crypt - Fix compatibility with Linux
      cryptosoft - Fix useless compression detection
      padlock - Properly align data
      crypto - Update crypto for AES XTS and CTR
      cryptodev - Allow software crypto
      test - Add crypto(dev) tests from OpenBSD
      aesni - Import verbatim from FreeBSD
      aesni - Port to DragonFly
      aesni - Rename amd64 -> x86_64
      aesni - Bind into build system & LINT
      padlock - Rework locking
      dm_target_crypt - Enable support for AES-XTS
      aesni - printf -> kprintf for DEBUG
      crypto - fix crypto_getfeat
      crypto.[49] - update for CRYPTO_AES_{XTS,CTR}
      dm_target_crypt - fix logic for xts support
      cryptosoft - (partially) fix AES_XTS for contiguous buffers
      cryptsetup - Port compat-test
      dm_target_crypt - Fix a number of bugs
      cryptsetup - Fix uuid bug, cleanup
      dm_target_crypt - Bump version to 1.6.0
      opencrypto - Adjust xforms for explicit extra IV
      dm_target_crypt - Clean up debug
      opencrypto - Only yield for cryptosoft
      crit_exit - Correct panic conditions
      MPSAFE - TTY & related drivers
      MPSAFE TTY - get rid of tokens in console path
      kern_sensors - MPSAFE
      coretemp, sensors - Adjust spinlocks
      syscons MPSAFE - another attempt
      spinlocks - Rename API to spin_{try,un,}lock
      cam_xpt - Fix recently introduced typo
      spinlocks - adjust man pages and *_quick_* routines
      syscons - more token-related fixes
      cryptsetup - fix hash() frontend function
      hardclock - Get proc_token for ksignal
      gdb.kernel - Fix functions
      gdb.kernel - Add commands for tokens
      crashinfo - Add script to gather info from dumps
      savecore - Allow automatic text summary generation
      savecore,crashinfo - fix several problems
      Fix manual break to debugger
      mkinitrd - Adjust initrd.img path to new loader
      dloader - Allow foo_type for modules
      dloader - Allow foo_name for modules
      dloader - Add support for kernel_options=""
      crashinfo - (hopefully) fix hang
      initrd - Allow realroot to not have /dev for paths
      un-tokenize savers
      umass: Add support for WD USB HDD
      devfs - Fix mountpoint specific rules

Antonio Huete Jimenez (16):
      acpica - Use tsleep() instead of DELAY() to avoid long delays at boot time.
      loader - Use PTOV() to convert physical addresses to virtual addresses.
      libdevattr - Minimal error checking in devattr_test
      udev - Add unit serial number to the udev
      udevd - Add an option to not daemonize udevd.
      udevd - Change socket permissions so non-privileged users can access it.
      monitor - Fix wrong memory access attempt.
      truss - Take care of a couple segfaults.
      include - Install smbus headers in the system.
      udevd.8 - Fix SYNOPSIS
      elf - Fill sv_name with the appropiate value for each arch.
      truss - Adapt to the new ELF naming.
      truss - Group some globals into a struct.
      truss - Add functions for x86_64 architecture.
      send(2) - Add MSG_NOSIGNAL flag.
      test/vkernel - Include ROOTSIZE environment variable in Makefile's help

Constantine A. Murenin (2):
      lm(4): support W83627EHF-A (an early revision of the chip in ASUS MBs)
      aibs(4): if-statement spacing; from rpaulo

Jan Lentfer (24):
      iostat - add read/write details to output
      BIND: remove bind/ from contrib.
      BIND: entirely purge BIND and related stuff from base
      BIND-Removal: Add removals to make upgrade.
      BIND removal: more cleanup
      BIND: add pkgsrc/bind96 to nrelease
      Initial vendor import of ldns-1.6.4 into contrib.
      libldns: Import alternative DNS Library into base
      drill: Import dig replacement into base.
      pf: Update packet filter to the version that comes with OpenBSD 4.1
      pflogd: Update to OpenBSD 4.1
      ftp-proxy: Update to OpenBSD 4.1
      pf: Fix if_pfsync to compile
      pf: rename pf_task_lck to pf_mod_lck
      pf: Update to OpenBSD 4.2
      pf: Update pf.c to fix memory leak
      pf: Add patch from rev 1.554
      pf: add patch from rev 1.553 to patch.c
      LINT: readd accidently removed iwi driver
      pf: Fix some byte ordering
      pf: Revert commit 5165ac2
      pf: Make pf work w/ the MPSAFE network stack
      Add prototype for devfs_assume_knotes()
      PF: Fix Operating System Fingerprinting

Joe Talbott (75):
      if_wpi - Port of FreeBSD's wpi driver for Intel 3945ABG Wifi adapters.
      ifaltq - Add ifq_drv_* fields needed for wpi() driver.
      link_elf - Use proc0 rather than panicing when proc is NULL.
      wlan_amrr - Make wlan_amrr its own loadable module.
      if_wpi - Add into build system.
      wpi(4) - Add manual page from FreeBSD.
      wpi - Serialize interrupts, fixup mcluster allocation size, and cleanup
      wpifw - Add firmware module building framework
      wlan_amrr - Add module building framework.
      wpifw - Bring in wpi(4) firmware blob and license.
      wpi - Build the firmware module along with the driver.
      ralfw - Add firmware for ral(4)
      wlan - Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
      ieee80211_ioctl - Replace free() calls with kfree().
      if_ral - Serialzer the interrupt handler.
      wpi - Include struct arpcom as first entry in struct wpi_softc
      netif - Change M_NOWAIT to MB_DONTWAIT in m_defrag() calls.
      ral - Use the correct pointer for ifp.
      wlan - Fix mbuf handling when using encryption.
      wpi - Fix mbuf flags and kmalloc flags, plus refcount nodes.
      ral - Don't use M_NOWAIT in kmalloc() calls.
      altq - Get rid of unneeded fields in struct altq.
      wlan - Don't use M_NOWAIT in kmalloc() calls.
      kern_linker - Rearrange locking a bit for module loading.
      wpi - Remove unneeded WPI_UNLOCKs
      iwn - Import iwn driver from FreeBSD
      iwn - Add a Makefile so the driver can be built.
      libkern - Add abs(), labs(), and qabs().
      firmware - Remove some debug printf()s that got committed.
      iwn - Add firmware and build infrastructure
      wlan_amrr - NULL structure variables after kfree()ing.
      iwn - Port to DragonFly BSD
      iwn - Add man pages for iwn and iwnfw
      iwn - Lock iwn_timer_timeout callback.
      wpi - Remove debugging leftovers.
      files - Cleanup
      GENERIC - Add a note that wireless NIC drivers require wlan and wlan_amrr
      ratectl_none - first pass at updating to the new wlan infrastructure
      wlan - For the time being include wlan_amrr when wlan is included.
      link_elf_obj - When current proc is NULL use proc0.
      iwn - Fix for x86_64.
      ral - Add license for firmware.
      iwn - Hook iwn into the build infrastructure.
      config - Don't rebuild firmware modules unless the blob changed.
      ral - Move NULL test to correct location and remove useless cast.
      files - Remove unneeded dependency on wlan_amrr from wpi.
      iwnfw - Update 6000 firmware and add 6050 firmware
      iwn - Update firmware for 6000 chipset.
      iwn - Lock callout iwn_timer_timeout().
      iwn - Bring in recent changes from FreeBSD.
      wlan - Convert lockmgr locking to a global token.
      iwn - Convert to use the new wlan layer's global token.
      iwn - Clean up memory freeing.
      iwn - Cleanup sysctl tree on detach.
      iwn - Fix warning related to token work.
      config - Fix typo in iwn6050 clean target.
      wpi - Convert to use wlan_token.
      ral - Make sure nodes are properly uninitialized and reinitialized.
      ral - Fix calls to bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_segment() to use BUS_DMA_NOWAIT.
      iwi - Convert to wlan_tokens.
      ral - Convert to use wlan_token.
      ral - Cleanup leftovers from tokenization.
      msdosfs - Fix panic when mounting msdos filesystems.
      wpi - Convert to wlan_global_serializer use.
      wlan - Bring wpi back into the fold.
      wlan - Bring wi back into the fold.
      wlan - Docuement lksleep changes as well.
      wlan - Bring ral back into the fold.
      wlan - Add ral and wi back into the build system.
      wlan - Bring iwi back into the fold.
      wpi - Fix some race conditions in variable initializers.
      dloader - Add dvar_istrue() to test boolean variables.
      dloader - Add Fred to the menu.
      loader.conf(5) - Document 'fred_on_left' loader variable.
      UPDATING - Add a note about 2.6 -> 2.8/HEAD upgrade /boot requirements

Johannes Hofmann (1):
      Update iwi(4) from FreeBSD.

Justin C. Sherrill (1):
      Added notes about BIND moving to pkgsrc version for <2.7 -> 2.8 upgrades.

Matthew Dillon (377):
      release build - 'img' is now the default.
      hammer utility - Update manual page
      kernel - Update random number generator
      kernel - zero pages during idle
      AHCI - Fix use of error ccb in error path
      tmpfs - Fix chown for tmpfs
      kernel - Fix panic in setrlimit() when changing the stack limit
      ath - use ifnet serialization calls instead of directly calling lwkt
      mmap: Remove an additional reference to the disablexworkaround variable
      kernel - Fix up hysteresis for the zeroidle code
      ftpd - Fix security issue in libopie. FreeBSD-SA-10:05.opie
      kernel - add short-form mutex calls
      kernel - lwkt_token revamp
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Add global tokens
      kernel - MPSAFE work - fast-path UP tokens when the mplock is already held
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Add cpu_pause() in scheduler contention path
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Remove unused code
      kernel - MPSAFE work - adjust global tokens
      kernel - remove INTR_FAST
      kernel - MPSAFE work - lockup i386 pmap
      kernel - MPSAFE - Fix UP build issue
      kernel - MPSAFE work - lockup i386 pmap
      kernel - MPSAFE work - lockup vm_object.c
      kernel - MPSAFE work - lockup vm_page.c, vm_fault.c
      kernel - add lockowned()
      top - Fix seg-fault when window made very wide
      kernel - MPSAFE work - add vmspace_token
      kernel - MPSAFE work - tokenize vm/vm_map.c
      iscsi - Fix bug in iscsi initiator driver
      kernel - Add MTX_INITIALIZER
      kernel - MPSAFE work - tokenize more vm stuff
      kernel - MPSAFE work - tokenize more vm stuff
      kernel - MPSAFE work - tokenize more vm stuff
      kernel - MPSAFE work - tokenize vm_zone.c
      kernel - MPSAFE work - fix bugs in recent MPSAFE work.
      kernel - MPSAFE work - fix bugs in recent MPSAFE work.
      kernel - MPSAFE work - fix bugs in recent MPSAFE work.
      powerd - Initial load monitor and cpu frequency adjustment daemon
      powerd - Fixes for 64-bit
      kernel - remove pmap_interlock debugging
      kernel - kqueue select support
      kernel - kqueue - Bug fixing pass
      kernel - hold MP lock in idlezero for now
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Add missing token release
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Finish tokenizing vm_page.c
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Basic tokenization for x86_64 pmap.c
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Basic tokenization for vkernel i386 pmap.c
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Basic tokenization for vkernel x86_64 pmap.c
      kernel - Fix altq for x86_64 vkernel build
      kernel - skip PG_MARKER vm pages.
      dev - Properly propogate wakeup events for ums
      kernel - implement serialno for kqueue poll handling part 1/2
      kernel - Fix kqfilter error return codes
      kernel - kqfilter - Fix edge-case lockup in kern_kevent()
      libdevmapper/liblvm: Also needs libdevattr
      kqueue - Minor adjustments to fix x86_64 build errors
      cpdup - Add several new features
      cpdup - Bump version, adjust manual page and usage()
      cpdup - code cleanup (non-operational changes)
      kqueue - Fix bad error path triggered by emacs
      kernel - Add ALTQ to GENERIC and X86_64_GENERIC
      buildworld - Fix header file
      kernel - Fix kqueue panic on signal event knote
      kqueue - Fix junk kfree() in doselect()
      kernel - Fix lockf panic
      kernel - Add per-user file descriptor limit
      buildworld - Fix breakage
      buildworld - Fix breakage
      kernel - Adjust krate infrastructure
      kernel - Fix pty clone vnode leak
      kernel - Fix pty registration, memory leak
      HAMMER VFS - Adjust signedness of a media field for future de-dup
      kernel - More tty and devfs race fixes
      kernel - Add sysref assertions
      kernel - Add sysref assertions
      kernel - devfs - Fix deadlocks
      kernel - Fix reboot races
      stress2 - Use statvfs to fix calculations for large filesystems
      kernel - Some minor swap allocator / blist work
      kernel - More kqueue work
      kernel - make POLLHUP conform better to OpenGroup
      kernel - kqueue - fix EVFILT_WRITE notification on pipes
      kernel - devfs - Fix dangling lock created by recent commit
      kernel - dm - rewrite dm_target_stripe.c to add functionality and fix bugs
      kernel - flag when bogus_page's are present
      kernel - dm - Add support for BUF_CMD_FLUSH
      kernel - netif - temporary hack for IFT_ETHER
      kernel - dm - Fix panic in dm_target_crypt
      kernel - dm - Reorganize the crypt code and implement B_HASBOGUS
      HAMMER VFS - Fix over-enthusiastic cluster read
      kernel - Add overlapping buffer test to the buffer cache
      kernel - dm_crypt - Pre-zero control structures, disable B_HASBOGUS handling
      kernel - split the pbuf subsystem into two (kva and non-kva)
      systat - Add more spacing for the Load
      HAMMER VFS - Limit queued I/O during flush
      kernel - fix 64-bit build
      kernel - revamp cluster_read API and improve performance
      HAMMER VFS - Expand vfs.hammer.debug_io capabilities
      HAMMER Utility - Add catastrophic recovery feature
      kernel - add vm.swap_size sysctl
      kernel - Implement vm.swap_info_array sysctl
      libkvm - Adjust kvm_getswapinfo() to use the new vm.swap_info_array sysctl
      libkvm - kvm_get_swapinfo - fix memory leak in last commit
      HAMMER Utility - Ignore additional failure cases during recover
      kernel - Fix excessive mbuf use in nfs_realign()
      kernel - Fix possible race in syncache
      HAMMER UTILITY - Fix seg-fault on corrupt blockmap during recovery
      HAMMER UTILITY - Fix buildworld issue w/ last commit
      kernel - add kthread_create_cpu()
      kernel - Add SMP support for software crypto driver
      kernel - dm_target_crypt - use CRYPTO_F_BATCH
      kernel - limit running io writes during fsync
      HAMMER VFS - Limit pending writes when flushing undos
      kernel - Fix intermediate value overflows in badjiosched() and bwillwrite()
      HAMMER VFS - Throw away cached vnodes on stage2 mount failure
      kernel - opencrypto - optimize chained synchronous callbacks for soft crypto
      kernel - Fix iv sector mush in dm_target_crypt for offsets >= 1TB
      kernel - Correct hex2key() in dm_crypt
      kernel - Fix system lockup w/ kqueue based select/poll due to dup2()
      kernel - minor flags coding change
      kernel - clarify comment in nestio code
      HAMMER VFS - Add debugging for overlapping buffer issue
      HAMMER VFS - Minor iterator change for pid hash
      kernel - NFS server cleanup and xid atomic ops
      kernel - close numerous kqueue MP and blocking races
      cryptosoft - Fix x86_64 buildkernel
      kernel - Fix reentrant serialization in if_tun
      HAMMER VFS - More cluster_read() fixes
      kernel - close more kqueue MP races
      kernel - Assert on remaining known races
      libkvm - Adjust new sysctl-based kvm_getswapinfo() code
      kernel - Fix read event on file for select/poll API
      kernel - clarify code documentation in vfs_cluster
      kernel - rewrite the LWKT scheduler's priority mechanism
      kernel - Add additional fields to kinfo_cputime
      systat - Enhance systat -pv
      buildworld - Adjust ps for recent commits
      kernel - Adjustments to fix UP kernel build
      kernel - Add define for MNTK_ALL_MPSAFE
      HAMMER VFS - Make all entry points MPSAFE, remove giant & critical sections
      HAMMER VFS - Add another lwkt_user_yield()
      kernel - lock sim in cam_periph_alloc()
      kernel - Change PROP_RWLOCK from spinlock to mtx
      kernel - Make sys_ioctl() MPSAFE
      kernel - Fix LWKT_TOKEN_HELD() assertion
      kernel - Adjust device D_MPSAFE_* flags
      kernel - Run AHCI and SILI disk drivers MPSAFE
      kernel - Make all bioops callbacks MPSAFE
      kernel - unlock pbuf prior to acquiring a spinlock
      kernel - Remove D_KQFILTER flag
      kernel - document and clarify FINDBLK_TEST
      kernel - Fix tty session panic
      kernel - Major MPSAFE Infrastructure
      kernel - Major MPSAFE Infrastructure 2
      vkernel - Fix deadlocks with cothread locks
      kernel - Add description to static token initializers
      kernel - Adjust contention handler
      vkernel - Make copyin/copyout mpsafe
      sio - Minor token fix for sio
      kernel - Fix badfo_kqfilter for badfileops
      kernel - Add vmobj_token, misc vm-related tokenization
      kernel - procfs_token work
      kernel - Call knote_fdclose() without the mplock.
      kernel - make kern/imgact_resident.c MPSAFe
      kernel - Mark vm/vm_zeroidle.c and vm/vnode_pager.c MPSAFE
      kernel - CAM mpsafe issues
      kernel - unwind kthread_create() mplock
      kernel - make kern/vfs_sync.c MPSAFE
      kernel - Change lwp_fork() to not hold the mplock in the new thread
      kernel - Fix telnet ttyp* allocation
      kernel - All lwkt thread now start out mpsafe part 1/2
      kernel - All lwkt thread now start out mpsafe part 2/2
      kernel - make nrandom helper thread mpsafe
      kernel - Introduce hard code sections, simplify critical sections & mplocks
      kernel - gcc -Os/-O2 warnings pass
      kernel - Uninline crit_exit()
      kernel - Uninline crit_exit()
      kernel - Uninline crit_exit()
      kernel - Remove unneeded get_mplock() wrappers near tokens
      MPSAFE TTY - Refactor kprintf()'s spinlock, shutdown, move cons_spin
      MPSAFE TTY - Fix deadlock in reporting of probe errors.
      MPSAFE TTY - Refactor the keyboard switch code to make all drivers MPSAFE
      kernel - Fix UP build
      MPSAFE TTY - Cleanup ukbd and atkbd, fix unregistration bug
      kernel - Fix usb keyboard problems with ehci & ddb
      kernel - Compact KOBJOPLOOKUP() kobj method core macro
      kernel - Possibly fix a bug in aic7xxx
      kernel - Minor documentation
      kernel - kobj code cleanup
      kernel - remove syscall_mpsafe and trap_mpsafe sysctls
      kernel - Fix spinlock use in syscons
      kernel - Refactor plimit a little
      kernel - Refactor uidinfo a little
      kernel - Switch to exclusive spinlocks in kern_descrip.c
      kernel - Switch to exclusive spinlocks in the coretemp sensor
      kernel - remove spin_lock_rd() and spin_unlock_rd()
      buildkernel - Order kernel before modules
      kernel - Correct missing unlock in SCSI pass device
      kernel - Separate inherited mplocks from td_mplocks and fix a gettoken bug
      kernel - Fix two mismatched locks in CAM
      kernel - Fix missing release of tty_token
      kernel - Fix td_xpcount when pushing a preemption
      kernel - Add a workaround for tty_token during low-level boot
      kernel - Fixup for UP build
      kernel - Fixup vkernel64 for build
      boot system and buildkernel - Remove the thrice damned forth interpreter
      build - cleanup
      build - Adjust warning
      kernel - Fix token mismatch in tty code.
      boot system and buildkernel - Additional work
      vkernel - Fix early boot seg-fault
      build - Fix kernel / modules install from object dir or module source dir
      kernel - Fix multiple tty_token issues related to vt switching and X
      dloader - Fix *_load variable override issue
      kernel - More tty/pty fixes
      kernel - Fix direct getpages call to devfs cdev
      kernel - More pty fixes
      kernel - Fix panic when X11 intercepts console
      kernel - Fix panic when X11 intercepts console (II)
      kernel - Port TCP-MD5 (RFC 2385) implementation.
      userland - Port TCP-MD5 (RFC 2385) implementation.
      kernel - Add required kq_token around timer event
      kernel - Fix numerous MP issues with sockbuf's and ssb_flags part 1/2
      kernel - Fix panic when X11 intercepts console (III)
      kernel - Refactor kqueue interlocks
      installkernel - Fix kernel.old/kernel overwrite
      wlan - Rip out all wlan locks part 1/2
      wlan - Rip out all wlan locks part 2/2
      wlan - Rip out all wlan locks part 2/2 - cleanup
      wlan - Convert low level if_ath driver.
      build - Temporary adjustments for further wlan conversion work
      wlan - cleanup
      wlan - Disable bgscan by default
      wlan - Bug fixes for recent work
      wlan - if_ath driver - Make some adjustments to ath (preliminary)
      wlan - Bring iwn back into the fold.
      wlan - Fix serializer in destroy path, update docs
      kernel - Bring if_alc up to FreeBSD rev 1.16
      wlan - Update ath, sync rev 1.276 at FreeBSD
      kernel - MPSAFE kern_mpipe.c
      kernel - Finish MPSAFEing uipc_mbuf.c
      kernel - MPSAFE the protocol drain routines
      kernel - network protocol thread routing
      kernel - Add nfs rpc packet sanity check
      network - Make toeplitz the default
      network - Completely revamp the netisr / dispatch code
      systat - Fix overflow in page calculation on display
      build - Fixup world/kernel build
      network - MP socket free & abort interactions, so_state
      build - Fix kernel build issue
      network - Tokenize NFS, fix MP races
      network - Fixes for wpa, general sockets.
      network - raw_input needs further protection
      build - Fix netgraph
      network - Correct double free of mbuf during reboot
      kernel - Fix mprace in kern_objcache
      kernel - cleanup & assertions in mbuf code
      network - More tokens for ipsec
      network - Fix tcp inpcb race
      network - Assert that the packet's data has not overrrun the buffer in m_free()
      kernel - Fix one-cycle MP race in vshouldmsync()
      network - Add debugging assertions
      network - remove the redispatch local
      network - Fix multiple MP races
      network - Fix multiple MP races (2)
      devfs - Fix use-after-free case when making pty's invisible
      build - Fix vkernel installation target for /usr/src/test/vkernel
      Kernel - Implement swapoff
      kernel - swapoff - regenerate system calls
      network - Fix udp self-referential panic
      network - Protect soreceive() from backend
      network - UDP currently only going to one proto thread
      vkernel - Improve memory image file startup
      network - Major netmsg retooling, part 1
      network - Increase basic mbuf size from 256 to 384 bytes
      network - Protect so_rcv sockbuf in udp and unix domain protocols
      network - Major netmsg retooling, part 2
      kernel - Increase x86_64 & vkernel kvm, adjust vm_page_array mapping
      kernel - Fix MADV_NOSYNC and MAP_NOSYNC, improve vkernel performance
      vknetd - Adjust unsecure mode (-U) to also pass any IP protocol.
      network - Fix MP races in GIF
      network - Fix nasty bug in udp6_send()
      kernel - Make interrupt thread preemption programmable
      network - Add some serious assertions when MBUF_DEBUG is enabled
      network - Add assertions for direct messaged calls
      network - Allow asynchronous shutdown and fix a MP race in soshutdown().
      network - Add some serious assertions when MBUF_DEBUG is enabled (2)
      network - Fix if_gif build when no INET6
      HAMMER Utility - Adjust documentation
      network - Fix unconverted netmsg function
      kernel - Fix NFS panic
      kernel - Adjust AHCI driver to deal with AMD braindamage / 880G chipset
      utilities - Correct variable types to match kernel
      network - Fix race in accept()
      kernel - Add lwkt_relpooltoken()
      network - Fix race in accept() - try #2
      network - Zero out m_len / m_pkthdr.len in m_get*() and friends
      network - Remove crit_exit/crit_enter wrappers in pf.c
      network - Correct bug in last commit
      kernel - Optimize kfree() to greatly reduce IPI traffic
      network - Remove debugging kprintfs
      network - Fix MP races in udp6_input and inet6 in general
      kernel - Attempt to fix two out-of-order read MP races
      kernel - cleanup and some KTR work for x86_64
      build - Minor build issues
      kernel - Correct bug in malloc_type ks_memuse/ks_inuse management
      acpi - Fix for issue1846
      kernel - Report more AHCI revs in the switch
      boot - Automatically cd into /boot/kernel when escaping to loader prompt
      kernel - Remove mistaken commit of SATA PM spec pdf
      network - Increase MSIZE to 512
      network - Fix PF mis-handling and other bugs
      network - Fix PF mis-handling and other bugs
      kernel - Remove some debugging kprintfs
      build - Workaround LINT issues
      kernel - Enable EVFILT_WRITE for /dev/null, /dev/zero, etc
      kernel - unlock the syscons_lock spinlock around ttwakeup()
      kernel - Fix bug in recent AHCI driver adjustment
      network - Fix bug in redispatch after PF translation
      vkernel - Add physmem global
      kernel - Add kqueue and fix chflags handling for tmpfs
      kernel - Fix compile error w/last commit (unused var)
      kernel - Work through some memory leaks in dsched
      boot - Rearrange a bit
      kernel - Close small race in kqueue
      kernel - lapic pointer was still not quite correctly initialized
      network - Add a tcp socket for faster keepalive timeouts
      network - Fix a sleep/wakeup race in NFS (server), implement faster keepalives
      build - Clarify instalkernel requirements when upgrading /boot
      kernel - Close big race in kqueue
      network - Restart the callout timer when setting TCP_FASTKEEP
      net80211 - Fix missing rcvif assignment in ieee80211_fragment()
      network - NFS Stability / races
      kernel - Remove debugging kprintf
      HAMMER VFS - Fix two ip->vp inode/vnode races
      kernel - Bring devfs_assume_knotes() uptodate and fix panic
      docs - Adjust swapcache.8
      kernel - Fix rare token overwrite race
      vkernel - Add support for cdevs as virtual disks
      kernel - Rearrange pmap_growkernel() and fix up x86_64's pmap_growkernel()
      vkernel - Add support for cdevs as virtual disks (2)
      kernel - Fix NFS server deadlock
      kernel - Fix incorrect vfs.cache sysctls (x86_64)
      kernel - Greatly reduce kernel memory use for x86_64
      kernel - Increase MSGBUF_SIZE from 64K to 128K
      kernel - Move action_list out of vm_page, and change flags from 16->32 bits
      kernel - Report actual real memory during kernel boot
      netstat - Fix netstat -m on core dumps
      kernel - Adjust KVA use on i386 and x86_64
      kernel - More work on x86_64 low-memory configurations
      kernel - Fix MP race in kmalloc/kfree
      build - Adjust Makefile.usr to point at new pkgsrcv2.git repo
      build - Correct compile errors on 64-bit buildworld
      sshd - Remove libmd from link to fix SHA*() function conflicts
      network - Fix udp multicast assertion & mplock for ip_output
      libc - Fix some recursion issues during thread teardown
      pkgsrc - Hack for dynamic loading of certain libgcc.a symbols
      pkgsrc - Hack for dynamic loading of certain libgcc.a symbols (2)
      network - Fix altq_red
      kernel - Add Proportional RSS (PRES)
      top - Adjust top display
      top - Adjust docs
      HAMMER VFS - Fix deadlock during read-only HAMMER mount
      kernel - Fix panic when unblanking screen saver
      HAMMER VFS - Fix deadlock during read-only HAMMER mount (2)
      kernel - Fix vmtotal sysctl
      libc - Fix livelock in nmalloc
      libc - Do some reorganization of nmalloc() and add asserts.
      vkernel - Scrap some old install stuff that no longer applies
      libc - Move the newmag prestage code
      nmalloc - Fix depot race - this should fix remaining issues with firefox.
      kernel - Fix padlock panic in hw crypto
      kernel - Fix NFS client & server bugs
      kernel - Fix race in bio_track_wait()
      release engineering - Bump master to 2.9

Matthias Schmidt (22):
      mkinitrd.8 - Add history and authors section
      rconfig(8) - Add new script to setup an encrypted root file system
      dma - Fix typo
      dma - Set correct group in Makefile.plain
      dma.8 - Change wording to match dma.conf
      dma - Fix double free buf
      dma - Fix the parsing of recipient addresses
      dma - Check the parsed recipient address for validity
      dma - Honor LDFLAGS if specified in the environment
      dma - Fix a crash when the SMTP server does not support STARTTLS
      dma - Randomize the retry timeouts a bit
      dma - Cast correctly to uintmax_t when using %PRIxMAX
      rc.conf(5) - Add information howto start wlan(4) devices
      pkg_radd - Minor changes for script and man page
      pkg_search - Replace avalon with mirror-master
      df fortune - Bring some entries closer to reality
      UPDATING - Remove CVS Id
      gzip - Do not return from write after each inflate
      rc.resume - Reassociate with WPA client on resume
      pf.os - Sync with OpenBSD
      vkernel - Fix installkernel target
      pf.os - Add DragonFly OS fingerprints

Michael Neumann (27):
      boot: Minor loader prompt fix
      rc: Fix startup scripts when command_interpreter is used
      boot: Remove duplicate optcd kernel
      Defer LAPIC checking from pmap_bootstrap() to mp_enable()
      Remove mp_capable; mp_enable() uses cpu_apic_address.
      mptable_pass1: Don't set ncpus to 1; it has already been setup.
      Save EBDA address before mp_probe()
      Defer mptable_pass1() from mp_probe() to mp_enable()
      Reorder MP probing
      Remove unused variable.
      mp_probe(): Return physical address of the MP float pointer struct
      Change mptable mapping mechanism during mptable parsing.
      mp_probe() -> mptable_probe()
      Correct mptable_pass[12]() function comment
      Get rid of global variable 'boot_cpu_id'
      MP table related static function renaming
      Implement ACPI MADT parsing
      Add mp_set_cpuids(), which links CPU's logical id to its apic id
      Fallback to ACPI MADT CPU enumeration, if BIOS does not provide MP table.
      MADT MP probe: Rework cpuid mapping, and cpuid to apicid mapping
      lapic pointer was not correctly initialized
      Correct the logical_cpus calculation in mptable_hyperthread_fixup()
      Remove bsp_apic_ready
      Staticize mp_nbusses
      Put mp_nbusses and bus_data under APIC_IO
      MP table: Do preliminary checks before claiming that the MP table is valid
      Fix warnings when compiled with ACPI_IO

Nicolas Thery (5):
      token.9 - bring up to date with token API change
      kernel - token - update outdated comments
      kernel - init t_collisions in lwkt_token_init
      kernel - fix crash in smb mount
      ral - fix crash during attach

Nuno Antunes (3):
      test commit
      Fix typos in share/mk/bsd.README.
      Revert part of the previous commit.

Peter Avalos (21):
      cpdup:  Fix off-by-one error.
      savecore: Fix typo in comment.
      bzip2:  Remove regression tests.
      Unversion the contrib/bzip2/ directory.
      bzip2: Remove tests from Makefile.
      Import bzip2-1.0.6 which fixes CVE-2010-0405.
      Fix WANT_IDEA knob.
      Fix typo in last commit.
      OpenSSL:  Fix includes insanity.
      OpenSSL:  Eliminate some options from CFLAGS.
      OpenSSL:  Define little endian on x86_64.
      libcrypto:  There's no need to test for WANT_IDEA twice.
      OpenSSL: Set the date for manual pages to the release date.
      Import OpenSSL-1.0.0a.
      Update build for OpenSSL-1.0.0a.
      Bump SHLIB_MAJOR for libssl and libcrypto.
      UPGRADING: Add a note about OpenSSL SHLIB_MAJOR bump.
      Import OpenSSH-5.6p1.
      Update build for OpenSSH-5.6.
      libcrypto:  Enable cryptodev support.
      Enable DSO support in OpenSSL.

Robert Garrett (1):
      test commit

Rumko (4):
      vkernel: rc improvements
      rc.d: completely stop the vkernels
      rc.d/vkernel: pidfile related enhancements
      Update the rc.conf's man page's vkernel section.

Samuel J. Greear (87):
      Implement select(2) in terms of kevent
      kernel - Add OOB support to kqueue
      test - Add OOB tests for select and kqueue
      devfs - KQ filter ops are expected to return 0 or 1
      kernel - Add kqueue to log device (/dev/klog)
      kernel - Add kqueue read support to memio devices
      kernel - KQueue: Create EVFILT_EXCEPT for exceptional conditions
      kernel - Implement poll(2) in terms of kevent
      linux - Bring epoll in sync with kqueue changes
      tests - select that returns many writers
      net - Add kqueue read support to bpf device
      net - Add kqueue read support to tun device
      kernel - refactor main kqueue event loop
      kernel - Introduce a local marker to kqueue_scan()
      kernel - Make returned pollfd's more conformant with legacy poll
      kernel - Add kq support to tty devices
      acpi - Add kqueue support to apm emulation device
      kernel - Add kq support to udev
      kernel - Add kq support to devctl
      dev - Add kq support to dsp
      dev - Add kq support to psm
      filters - Minor fixes
      dev - Add kq support to kbd
      apm - Add kq support
      linux - Finish bringing epoll in sync with kevent changes
      dev - Add kq support to asc
      dev - Add kq support to mse
      dev - Add kq support to snp
      vinum - Add kq support
      dev - Add kq support to aac
      dev - Add kq support to cxm
      dev - Add kq support to bktr
      dev - Add kq support to cmx
      dev - Add kq support to tw
      dev - Add kq support to spic
      dev - Add kq support to hotplug
      bus - Add kq support to fwdev
      dev - Add kq support to drm
      kernel - Add kq support to ctty
      i4b - Add kq support
      dev - Add kq support to usbmisc devices
      bus - Add kq support to usb bus
      dev - Properly propogate wakeup events for ums
      dev - Mask false uninitialized variable warning
      net - Add dummy kq write support to tun and tap
      kernel - Tear out device polling
      kernel - Tear out vfs polling
      kernel - Tear out descriptor polling
      kernel - Tear out socket polling
      kern - Make socket_wait() actually work
      dev - dsp - Remove unnecessary selrecord call
      kernel - Remove legacy vnode poll support
      kernel - Remove selrecord()
      kernel - Add missing KNOTE's
      kernel - Tear out selwakeup()
      kern - Always give a new thread a ucred
      kern - Add kq support to mqueue
      pcm - Remove unused variable
      kernel - Count only non-spurious events in main kevent loop
      man - Fix poll HISTORY, implementation has changed
      kernel - Fix poll return values in the presence of filter errors
      bpf - do wakeup at the proper time
      kernel - clean up pipe kq filters
      kernel - bring back reasonable fifo blocking semantics
      devd - select only with a read set
      kernel - Make pt's throw EOF on disconnect.
      kernel - Unset TS_ZOMBIE when pty is re-opened
      kernel - Filter out unknown errors for select(2) and poll(2)
      kernel - Silently swallow EOPNOTSUPP filter errors for poll(2) in all cases
      kernel - Remove kevent subsystem from under mplock
      kernel - Make filters able to be marked MPSAFE
      kernel - make poll return only explicitly asked for events
      kernel - Silently swallow EOPNOTSUPP filter errors for select(2) in all cases
      kern - Clean up pipe filters
      kernel - Clean up pipe filters (fixes last)
      kernel - Move KNOTE() out of interrupt path
      bthcid - Port from libevent to kqueue(2)/kevent(2)
      ftp-proxy - Port from libevent to kqueue(2)/kevent(2)
      libevent - Remove from tree
      devfs - Do not try printing the name of a null vnode
      kernel - poll(2) no longer supports non-standard FreeBSD extensions
      kernel - Expose mpsafe/collision internals of kq token via sysctl
      userland - sysctl - Fix stack overflow
      userland - dhclient - Fix possible infinite loop
      userland - dhclient - Fix possible infinite loop from unhandled poll(2) return
      devfs - Let devfs assume degenerate knotes when a device goes away
      kernel - Rename the sndtok to sndtok

Sascha Wildner (357): Remove conflict marker.
      mtree: Remove /usr/include/isc
      make.conf(5): Remove some no longer used (BIND related) options.
      Remove some unnecessary lines in
      ieee80211.9: Comment out reference to ieee80211_amrr(9).
      Bring in a extattr(2) manual page (from FreeBSD, with changes).
      extattr.9: Some cosmetic changes.
      pthread* manual pages: <pthread_np.h> needs <pthread.h>.
      Remove some more (BIND related) files via 'make upgrade'.
      make upgrade: Remove BIND's rc script, too. Fix some merging artifacts.
      make upgrade: Don't remove rc scripts which could be from pkgsrc.
      Add manual pages for pfind(), pgfind() and zpfind() (taken from FreeBSD).
      Add a mutex(9) manual page.
      Increase the LiveCD's /var a bit since it was at 104% capacity.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010j from
      Add a manual page for the ioprio_get() and ioprio_set() system calls.
      release.7: The USB image is now built by default.
      Silence some warnings in the kernel.
      umass(4): Add IDs for the Sony Cybershot, model DSC-W80.
      cxm(4): Right now, cxm(4) isn't built as a module.
      Fix the x86_64 kernel build with 'options BUS_DEBUG'.
      Fix compiling iic(4) on x86_64 by adding <machine/iic.h>.
      cxm(4) doesn't depend on smbus(4).
      kx86_64_set_watch(): Add a missing 'break'.
      vkernel: Fix a wrong check of netif_set_tapflags()'s return value.
      vkernel: To restart the scan, npv needs to be reset, not pv.
      Add a missing break in the 64 bit vkernel, too.
      vkernel64: Do some more replacing amd64 -> x86_64.
      Go over sys/platform and remove dead initialization and unneeded variables.
      sys/netinet/in_pcb.c: Fix a broken range check.
      scsi(4): Add a missing 'break'.
      uuid_{name,addr}_lookup(3): Fix free() order.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (for OpenBSD 4.7).
      acpi(4): Remove an unused variable.
      malloc.3: Sort of sync with NetBSD (for the examples, mainly).
      sys/netproto/ncp/ncp_lib.h: Constify bn_name in struct ncp_bitname.
      ncplist(1): Raise WARNS to 3 and fix warnings.
      sa(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      usbd(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      Sync with FreeBSD (somehow, DragonFly 2.6 had slipped).
      evtranalyze(1): Staticise some functions for now to unbreak buildworld.
      gcc(1): Fix typos in gcc41's spec so that profiling libraries are found.
      gcc(1): Fix compilation with "c++ -pg" (for CCVER=gcc41).
      Adjust some comments/manpages regarding where profiling libs are.
      lib/csu: Fix 'make clean'.
      Add a token(9) manual page explaining LWKT soft tokens.
      mdoc.local: Indent with spaces like everywhere else.
      Uncomment some references to wpi(4) now that it is in.
      Rename ionice(1) to ioprio(1) and add a short manual page.
      ioprio.1: Fix typo.
      ioprio(1): We want to set the absolute I/O priority here.
      ioprio(1): Partial revert of the previous commit to bring back strtol().
      Add wpi(4) to LINT and fix a warning.
      Fix VKERNEL build.
      Perform some mdoc cleanup on various manpages which came in lately.
      prop_dictionary.3: Comment out non-existant function.
      libprop: Comment out MLINK of prop_dictionary_mutable.3, too.
      indent(1): Sync with FreeBSD (brings in -ta).
      mutex.9: Fix typo.
      vesa(4): Remove definition and usage of the obsolete V_MODEOPTINFO flag.
      indent.1: Add missing description of -bs/-nbs.
      pthread.3: Fix library name.
      Add a small standards(7) manual page. Properly sort ionice.
      Fix some -Wold-style-definition warnings in the x86_64 kernel build.
      Move some FreeBSD CVS IDs to the comments.
      ath(4): Some cleanup regarding ether_sprintf().
      Remove the no longer used CY_PCI_FASTINTR and PUC_FASTINTR kernel options.
      Run makewhatis(8) after 'make upgrade' instead of after 'make installworld'.
      ral(4) firmware: Explicitly including <> isn't needed.
      network code: Convert if_multiaddrs from LIST to TAILQ.
      Fix typos in the licenses: withough -> without
      sleep.9: Use .Fn instead of .Nm
      evtranalyze.1: Fix some .El mixup.
      evtranalyze.1: Oops, add back the '.' I removed by mistake.
      kern_udev.c: Fix a -Wold-style-definition warning.
      Fix x86_64 buildworld: Use correct type in udevd (size_t -> socklen_t).
      Remove obsolete MLINKS via 'make upgrade'.
      ioprio_get.2: Remove < and > from an .In.
      kern_shutdown.c: Add missing #include (for NGPIO).
      altq(4): Fix typo in a #define.
      i4b(4): Remove some dead code.
      vesa(4): Fix check for DPMS support.
      getconf.1: The sysconf variable for _POSIX_VERSION is _SC_VERSION.
      sysctl.9: Remove CTLFLAG_NOLOCK.
      hangman(6): Ignore case in the word list.
      libc/citrus: Add missing function type.
      bootparamd(8): Add missing function type.
      test/dsched*: Use standard Makefiles and fix an include path.
      Hook powerd(8) into the build.
      powerd(8): Add an rc script etc.
      powerd.8: Clean up the manual page a bit.
      powerd.8: Add missing .El
      Log frequency changes via syslog(3) from powerd(8) instead from acpi(4).
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database
      mkinitrd(8): Miscellaneous permission related clean up.
      mkinitrd.8: Remove empty line.
      if_detach(): Fix unoptimized compilation without ALTQ in the config.
      Remove opt_global.h inclusion, it is included by default.
      mkinitrd.8: Remove some trailing whitespace.
      Uncomment vinum in LINT to have it covered by -Werror.
      vinum(4): Use char for has_part since that's what we scanf() later on.
      Add a few __printflike() and __scanflike() to various header files.
      standards.7: Write some more and mention the default environment.
      initrd: /usr/share/initrd/sbin wasn't being created. Add it via mtree(8).
      mkinitrd(8): Strip binaries when copying so they will fit in the image.
      test commit
      Make the loader load ehci.ko by default.
      acpi_sony.4: Fix sysctl names.
      acpi_sony(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
      ral.4: We don't have %U, so use %O for URLs for now.
      acpi_{hp,thinkpad}.4: Fix sysctl names.
      sys/conf/ Adjust the genassym stuff a wee bit.
      devfs(4): Remove a bogus assertion (nchildren is unsigned, hence can't be <0).
      man(1): Lots of cleanup. Move some stuff to the right place.
      Remove the old udevd binary (it's now in /sbin) via 'make upgrade.
      Fix LINT build.
      libdevmapper/liblvm: Add SHLIB_MAJOR so we get the .so too.
      udev_{device,monitor}.3: Add final newline.
      udev_enumerate.3: Some cleanup.
      udev_enumerate.3: Improve macro declaration a bit.
      lt(1): Change mode to 644.
      BSD.include.dist: Use spaces for indentation.
      Add support for $CCVER="clangsvn"
      <sys/_null.h>: Remove the #include guard.
      ifconfig.8: Re-add our documentation for the 'powersavemode' parameter.
      prop_*.[39]: Fix include path.
      rpcbind.3: Fix function declaration in the SYNOPSIS.
      devattr.3: Add final newline.
      udev.3: Add final newline and remove extra space.
      rpcbind.3: Fix two more errors in the SYNOPSIS which I overlooked before
      sys/tools/fw_stub.awk: Change printf to kprintf as this is kernel code.
      iwi(4): Hook it into the build again and enable it everywhere else.
      iwi(4) firmware: Remove leftover binary file and adjust CLEANFILES.
      share/mk/ Add ${AWK}.
      Make the firmwares for iwi(4), ral(4) and wpi(4) compilable into the kernel.
      Make mxge(4) compilable into the kernel and add it to LINT.
      iwi.4: Update iwi(4)'s manual page (from FreeBSD).
      Add a iwifw.4 manual page (from FreeBSD).
      Install the license of the iwi(4) firmware to /usr/share/doc/legal.
      Add missing Makefile in share/doc/legal.
      iwi.4: Remove unnecessary .Pp
      More work on CCVER=clangsvn.
      bdes(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      Fix the VKERNEL build.
      /usr/share/doc/legal: Install some more firmware licenses.
      hier.7: Adjust a bit.
      iwn.4: Add reference to ifmedia(4).
      COPYRIGHT: Fix typo.
      <wchar.h>: Partial revert of b9286c919de6585c967b8dbf2c472fba7b33f9f1.
      sasc(1): Remove the INSTALL file (nothing here is of any interest).
      rc: Add a dummy 'named' script to give 'rpcbind' something to depend on.
      rc: In 'syslogd', adjust the handling of syslog sockets in chroots.
      etc/rc.d doesn't need an obj directory and we don't have noprog.
      altq.9: Fix prototype.
      The LINPROCFS option goes to opt_dontuse.h, not to a file named '#Linux'.
      Specify the correct headers in some kernel manual pages.
      make_autoclone_dev.9: Fix some minor issues in the prototypes.
      make_dev.9: Add #include <sys/devfs.h> (for devfs_scan_t).
      usbdi.9: Add missing headers (usbdi.h needs them).
      iwi(4): Properly lock iwi_watchdog().
      nrelease: Download pkgsrc and src with our standard /usr/Makefile targets.
      nrelease: No need to exclude 'CVS' anymore for src-sys.tgz.
      Some cleanup in sys/emulation/linux Makefiles.
      sys/emulation/linux/i386/syscalls.conf: Remove unused variable.
      Add syscalls.master.5 MLINK (to syscall.9).
      hier.7: Sync with our current state of affairs.
      lock.9: Mention lockuninit().
      More work on CCVER=clangsvn.
      twe(4): Correct indent.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010k from
      Remove old time zone files via 'make upgrade'.
      make_dev.9: Remove reference to d_poll_t.
      Fix typo in <sys/elf_common.h>: ET_LIPROC -> ET_LOPROC
      mkinitrd.8: Add some missing quotation marks.
      Add a dm(4) manual page (derived from NetBSD's).
      Add a renameat(2) system call.
      renameat(2): Properly use nlookup_done_at() instead of nlookup_done().
      nlookup.9: Document nlookup_init_at() and nlookup_done_at().
      chroot.2: Add some words about chroot_kernel().
      Remove dschedctl(8).
      Mark the *at(2) system calls' prototypes as being new in IEEE 1003.1-2008.
      iwn(4): Hook the manual pages into the build as well.
      bce(4): Remove some carriage returns.
      Fix the VKERNEL build with KLD_DEBUG set.
      {fetch,store}.9: Move casuword() from fetch(9) to store(9).
      Fix x86_64 build by casting some {u,}intmax_t's for printing.
      Fix buildkernel with 'options CPU_GEODE' but without 'device gpio'.
      twa(4): Sync with FreeBSD's current code.
      iwn{,fw}.4: Remove trailing whitespace and an unneeded .Pp
      Bring in FreeBSD's stress2 stress testing suite.
      Fix LINT build.
      Fix some typos in various places.
      Remove <sys/selinfo.h> per 'make upgrade'.
      Add some more *at() system calls.
      Unbreak buildworld.
      Add iwn(4) and iwnfw(4) to LINT.
      iwn(4): Add Makefile for building iwn6050fw.ko.
      iwn.4: Miscellaneous adjustments.
      Fix panics in two syscalls, caps_sys_get(2) and caps_sys_wait(2).
      Fix a panic in the __getcwd(2) syscall.
      Fix a panic in the varsym_get(2) syscall.
      ftp-proxy(8): Remove leftover .depend.
      .gitignore: Sort alphabetically.
      .gitignore: Add *.bak, *.core, *.old and .depend.
      pfctl(8): Fix some little printf() issues on x86_64 (fixes buildworld).
      pf(4): Add missing file to sys/conf/files for building pf into the kernel.
      wlan(4): Replace GNU old-style field designators with proper C.
      sound(4): Fix typos: illeagal -> illegal
      Fix some mis-usage of && and || in the kernel.
      Undo part of the last change until I understand why it broke buildkernel.
      aicasm: Correct logic bug in the undefined register bit access detection code.
      pf(4): Remove a ', 1' that had no effect (OpenBSD dev too tired, I guess).
      Remove old ftp-proxy per 'make upgrade'.
      Some cleanup in the pf manual pages.
      objcache.9: Use .Ft for a type.
      objcache.9: Oops, .Vt actually.
      Adjust the docs for the renaming of devfs_clone_bitmap_rst() to _put().
      Fix a printf issue in bthcid(8) (fixes x86_64 buildworld).
      Add a dsched(4) manual page.
      man9/Makefile: Sort alphabetically.
      iicbus: Bring us closer to FreeBSD.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010l from
      Sync alpm(4) with FreeBSD.
      powermng: Fix some printf -> kprintf.
      Sync amdpm(4) with FreeBSD (and bring in amdsmb(4)).
      Remove some leftovers from the iic upgrade via 'make upgrade'.
      Remove a debugging leftover (thus fixing LINT).
      Make amdsmb(4) compilable into the kernel and add it to LINT.
      Fix some minor mdoc issues.
      man9/Makefile: Sort alphabetically.
      LINT: Why not just keep it sorted?
      hotplugd(8): Remove unnecessary SRCS.
      Move the random(4) manual page to share/man.
      Move the arp(4) manual page to share/man, too.
      Bring in arcmsr(4), a driver for Areca RAID controllers.
      sio: Fix a typo. lwkt_gettoken -> lwkt_reltoken
      syscall.9: Some minor mdoc adjustments.
      driver.9: Fix .Dv abuse.
      manpages: Fix some more .Dv abuse.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (for FreeBSD 8.1).
      Fix various mdoc issues in various manual pages.
      iscsi_initiator(4): Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference.
      iscsi_initiator(4): Fix another potential NULL pointer dereference.
      aicasm: Mark stop() __dead2.
      wpi(4): sc is no longer used for locking (fixes LINT).
      iwi(4): Oops. These changes weren't meant to be committed (yet).
      Remove formatted spinlock manpages via 'make upgrade', too.
      loader(8): Put the kenv variables into an array for easier checking.
      loader(8): Add back some loader.conf vars which the old code handled.
      Hook loader.conf.5 into the build again.
      Remove loader.4th.8 and references to it.
      Remove FICL code from sys/boot and clean up some more.
      Remove /usr/share/examples/bootforth.
      loader.8: Some more cleanup.
      loader(8): Make the init_path setting work again.
      Add arcmsr(4) to our GENERIC configs and adjust comments a bit.
      arcmsr.4: Add some more cards which are supported by this driver.
      wi(4): Remove an unused variable.
      hier.7: Add some lines about /pfs and /var/hammer.
      Hopefully fix mountroot on our LiveCDs.
      Fix LINT build.
      ftp-proxy.8 & pflogd.8: Fix some mdoc issues.
      Re-add RSS_DEBUG to LINT.
      pfctl(8): Fix some printf issues (and buildworld on x86_64).
      crashinfo.8: Remove trailing whitespace.
      pfctl.8: Adjust date.
      Fix two typos in manual pages and messages.
      Fix some mdoc issues in tcp.4's SEE ALSO.
      ie(4): This driver is ISA only, so remove some unneeded files from SRCS.
      twa(4): Sync with FreeBSD (twa(4) version
      syscons(4): Move tty token release and acquirement around Debugger().
      bluetooth(4): Remove an unused variable.
      Make bluetooth(4) compileable into the kernel and add it to LINT.
      pf(4): Fix a kprintf() warning on x86_64.
      kernel: Staticize some dev_ops and adjust a name in dev/sound.
      Fix some synopses in various manual pages.
      newfs(8): Remove some leftover defines that are no longer used.
      kernel: Remove #include <sys/mutex.h> if <sys/mutex2.h> is included too.
      mount_tmpfs(8): Add a -C option modeled after mount_mfs(8)'s -C option.
      Switch our LiveCD/DVD to using tmpfs instead of mfs.
      Fix various bugs due to the mis-usage of && and ||.
      installer: Remove unused code to update /usr/src with cvsup.
      installer: Remove unused code to run memtest and create a memtest86 floppy.
      installer: Allow for tmpfs (instead of mfs) partition creation.
      Fix UP kernel build.
      mutex.9: Fix typos in two function names.
      udevd.8: Fix .Dd
      ips.4: Use the correct section number.
      firewire(4): Fix a gcc44 build error.
      gcc41: Remove __DragonFly_cc_version from the spec (no longer needed).
      Revert "gcc41: Remove __DragonFly_cc_version from the spec (no longer needed)."
      kernel: Remove some #ident.
      nfs(4): ERROROUT already assigns error.
      kernel: Fix some operator precedence bugs.
      altq(4): Oops, actually remove the #ident (forgot in last commit).
      Remove an include file (leftover from the iic upgrade).
      Move test/debug/gdb.kernel to share/misc/gdbinit.
      installer: Remove some unused code.
      gcc44: Fix mis-usage of ||.
      installer: Move /usr/pkg commands where they belong.
      installer: Utilize dumpon(8) and swapoff(8) to turn off dump and swap.
      gnu/lib/Makefile: Clean up a bit.
      cryptsetup: In the tests, use /usr/bin/env for locating pkg binaries.
      installer: Suppress . in the hostname if the user didn't specify a domain.
      liblvm: Minor cleanup in the Makefile.
      Add libcryptsetup and libluks.
      cryptsetup: Port API test to DragonFly.
      installer: Slightly change the item order in the configure menu.
      installer: Adjustments to the sources.conf file.
      installer: Add back comment.
      installer: Raise WARNS to 6 and fix resulting warnings.
      Make acpi(4) compilable into an x86_64 kernel.
      Fix buildkernel when pfsync(4) is compiled into an x86_64 kernel.
      mutex.9: Adjust .Nm a bit and fix FILES section.
      Add a dsched(9) manual page.
      dsched.9: Fix typo
      nrelease: Fold the mklocatedb target into customizeiso.
      installer: Fix the HAMMER install.
      dsched.9: Fix a typo.
      SYSINIT.9: Some cleanup (mostly whitespace).
      SYSINIT.9: More mdoc fixes.
      fdisk(8): Fix a bug when reading >1TB slice sizes from a config file.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database
      pflogd(8): Raise WARNS to 6.
      pflogd(8): Use TAB for indentation.
      hammer(8): Fix wrong message.
      Teach gcc41 about %b and %D taking two parameters in a better way.
      kernel: Add some __printflike()'s to protect against format issues.
      kernel: Fix numerous errors in printf() like formats and arguments.
      Fix VKERNEL64 build.
      gcc44: Teach gcc44 about our special conversions, such as %b and %D.
      libcryptsetup & libluks: Raise WARNS to 1.
      liblvm: Raise WARNS to 1.
      installer: Raise the recommended size for / in the UFS install.
      installer: Clean up check_capacity() (UFS) a bit and improve the message.
      kernel: Remove unneeded inclusions of <sys/cdefs.h>.
      libprop: Clean up the Makefile a bit (and raise WARNS to 3).
      pthread_condattr_getpshared(3): Correctly store the attribute.
      libthread_xu: Add references for pthread_mutexattr_{get,set}pshared().
      installer: Fix an issue in the UFS install.
      Test commit.
      Test commit.
      Test commit.
      Test commit.
      rename.2: Add renameat() to .Nm and .Rv.
      chroot.2: Add chroot_kernel() to .Nm.
      mdoc.local: Add FreeBSD 9.0.
      Add an aesni(4) manual page (taken from FreeBSD).
      aesni(4): Move CPUID2_AESNI to specialreg.h. Also add CPUID2_PCLMULQDQ.
      identcpu.c: Fix a typo in the Features2 strings and rename AES -> AESNI.
      powernow(4): Make it build on x86_64 and hook it in the x86_64 build.
      loader.8: Improve wording. Fix typos and an error.
      Bring in uguru(4) for ABIT temperature, voltage and fan sensors.

Sepherosa Ziehau (4):
      sk(4): Initialize if_multiaddrs (in ether_ifattach), before touching it
      test commit
      ACPI P-State: When there is no _PSD, create one CPU domain for each CPU
      ACPI P-State: Force P-State to use the first usable entry in P-State table

Stathis Kamperis (8):
      math.h: Convert HUGE_VALL to constant, from const-qualified var
      top: Fix count of process states
      Import of awk version 20100523
      awk: Add our README files
      awk: Remove local patch, it's fixed upstream
      awk: Tweak local patch to apply cleanly to new awk
      awk: Switch to awk 20100523
      awk: Delete old version

Thomas Nikolajsen (9):
      daemon(8): add missing break
      re(4): fix re_setmulti(): PCIe mcast hash registers were swapped
      pf.conf.5: Minor adjustments
      Fix LINT build
      Fix minor mdoc(7) issues
      Fix buildkernel
      libstand.3: remove .Xo/.Xc
      libstand: add fgets()
      loader(8): adjustment & man update

Venkatesh Srinivas (47):
      patch: Free temporary buffer after stripping.
      Remove unused vm.stats.misc.cnt_prezero sysctl.
      Test commit.
      libc: Add assembler versions of fls, flsl, and ffsl for i386 and x86_64.
      vm: Add variable sleep time to vm_zeroidle.
      vm: Detect and enable bzeront() when available for vm zeroidle.
      kernel - MPSAFE work - tokenize vm_zeroidle.c
      MPSAFE: Tokenize vm_unix.c
      kernel - MPSAFE work - first pass at tokenizing vm/vm_mmap.c
      kernel - MPSAFE work - tokenize vm/vm_mmap.c, part 2
      kernel - MPSAFE work - tokenize i386 lwbuf
      kernel - MPSAFE work - restore mplock to i386 lwbuf pmap_kremove_quick call.
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Remove token acquires/releases from vm_zeroidle.c
      kernel - MPSAFE work - Remove unneeded token acquire/releases in vm_mmap.c
      VM - Enable idlezero by default.
      Document sysctls vm.fast_fault, vm.dreadful_invltlb, lwkt.preempt_hit/_miss,
      Eliminate XIG server workaround in fp_mmap; just an artifact of copying from kern_mmap.
      libthread_xu: Convert 0 to NULL for pointer assignment.
      Add a draft mpipe(9) manpage explaining malloc pipelines.
      Add a draft systimer(9) manpage.
      Fix !INVARIANTS build.
      tmpfs: Set tmpfs node malloc zone limit to be the same as tm_node_max.
      ioprio(1): Higher priorities receive more I/O time; note in manpage.
      tmpfs: Convert tmpfs node allocation zone into a per-mount pool.
      tmpfs: Convert dirent malloc zone to a per-mount zone.
      tmpfs: Allow kmalloc from M_TMPFSNAME zone to return NULL; handle null cases.
      vm: Idlezero changes
      MPSAFE: MPSAFE kern/kern_uuid,c
      MPSAFE: MPSAFE kern/kern_slaballoc.c
      MPSAFE: MPSAFE kern/kern_umtx.c
      MPSAFE: MPSAFE kern/sys_process.c (kern_ptrace).
      MPSAFE: MPSAFE kern/sys_pipe.c
      MPSAFE: MPSAFE kern/kern_prot.c
      MPSAFE: MPSAFE kern/kern_plimit.c
      MPSAFE: MPSAFE kern_sig.c
      kernel - Enabled bzeront() (MOVNTI) only on SSE2-capable CPUs.
      libc: nmalloc - Add a per-thread magazine layer and a malloc slab magazine.
      kernel - Convert mpipe global token to per-pipe tokens.
      kernel - tmpfs: Set M_NULLOK on node allocations and safe node_init against
      kernel: bzeront() - Switch out loop instruction in i386 bzero for sub/jnz.
      Fix !INVARANTS build and reformat token asserts for easy reading.
      kernel - tmpfs: Convert tmpfs name malloc zone to a per-mount zone.
      libc - nmalloc: Continue in a do/while(0) loop exits the loop, making the mtmagazine routines not use the previous magazine.
      Add a SYSINIT(9) manpage describing the SYSINIT macro.
      procfs: Add vnode path to /proc/<pid>/map for vn-backed vm objects.
      fortune -- Its time for pie.

YONETANI Tomokazu (7):
      syscons - sc_set_pixel_mode() returned without releasing tty_token
      ips - Add Adaptec ServeRAID 7x IDs. IDs taken from Linux.
      Make it easier to find proper manual page for newer ServeRAID controllers.
      ips - Issue IPS_CACHE_FLUSH_CMD to the controller on BUF_CMD_FLUSH
      ips - missing part from 667d31bb
      ucom - destroy device node on detach
      undo - stat(2) may not populate struct stat upon failure.

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