git: tmpfs - Fix chown for tmpfs

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue May 25 15:15:52 PDT 2010

commit bd48f29c8b7cc6382382cbbdca9a3134a25db57c
Author: Matthew Dillon <dillon at>
Date:   Tue May 25 15:09:50 2010 -0700

    tmpfs - Fix chown for tmpfs
    * Replace the manual permission check bits with a call to
    * Fixes an issue where suid programs were unable to call chown() on
      files in tmpfs.
    Reported-by: Francois Tigeot <ftigeot at>

Summary of changes:
 sys/vfs/tmpfs/tmpfs_subr.c |   81 +++++++++++--------------------------------
 1 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 60 deletions(-)

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