git: kernel - Add MONITOR/MWAIT support to the LWKT scheduler

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Dec 26 11:55:16 PST 2010

:This commit removes the RQF_IDLECHECK_WK_MASK check *before*
:the CLI instruction when MONITOR/MWAIT is unavailable, because
:of how C evaluates expressions.  Some strange panic in vm_map_lookup()
:started annoying me after upgrading the kernel recently, and
:bisecting showed that this is the first commit with the problem.
:I'm running the kernel with the following change to see if it
:fixes the panic, which usually takes several hours to be triggered.
:Best Regards,
:YONETANI Tomokazu

    Theoretically it shouldn't matter.  All that happens is that the
    splz() gets run while in CLI and then the WK_MASK check after that
    prevents the idle thread from halting.

    What's the strange panic in vm_map_lookup()?  The changes might be
    revealing other bugs which have been present for a longer period
    of time rather than being bugs themselves.

    In anycase, this week I will try to work through all the reported
    bugs.  I was able to reproduce the 'lockmgr: locking against myself'
    bug using your grep --mmap test.  I'll try to track that down in
    what little time I have today.  I will have a lot more time to
    work on things this coming week.


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