cvs commit: src/contrib/bzip2-1.0 - Imported sources

Peter Avalos pavalos at
Wed Mar 19 19:02:58 PDT 2008

pavalos     2008/03/19 19:02:12 PDT

DragonFly src repository

  src/contrib/bzip2-1.0 - Imported sources
  Update of /cvs/src/contrib/bzip2-1.0
  In directory
  Log Message:
  Import bzip-1.0.5 which fixes CVE-2008-1372.
  Vendor Tag:	BZIP
  Release Tags:	v1_0_5
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/blocksort.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/huffman.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/crctable.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/randtable.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/compress.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/decompress.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/bzlib.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/bzip2.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/bzip2recover.c
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/bzlib.h
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/bzlib_private.h
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/LICENSE
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/bzip2.1
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/README
  C src/contrib/bzip2-1.0/CHANGES
  15 conflicts created by this import.
  Use the following command to help the merge:
  	cvs checkout -jBZIP:yesterday -jBZIP src/contrib/bzip2-1.0

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