cvs commit: src/sys/dev/netif Makefile src/share/man/man4 Makefile awi.4 gx.4 src/share/man/man4/man4.i386 Makefile ray.4 src/sys/conf files src/sys/config GENERIC LINT src/sys/dev/netif/awi README am79c930.c am79c930reg.h ...

Sepherosa Ziehau sephe at
Fri Feb 1 05:18:58 PST 2008

sephe       2008/02/01 05:18:49 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/dev/netif        Makefile 
    share/man/man4       Makefile 
    share/man/man4/man4.i386 Makefile 
    sys/conf             files 
    sys/config           GENERIC LINT 
  Removed files:
    share/man/man4       awi.4 gx.4 
    share/man/man4/man4.i386 ray.4 
    sys/dev/netif/awi    README am79c930.c am79c930reg.h 
                         am79c930var.h awi.c awi_wep.c awi_wicfg.c 
                         awireg.h awivar.h if_awi_pccard.c 
    sys/dev/netif/gx     Makefile if_gx.c if_gxreg.h if_gxvar.h 
    sys/dev/netif/ray    Makefile if_ray.c if_raydbg.h if_raymib.h 
                         if_rayreg.h if_rayvar.h 
  Nuke following outdated drivers
  ray(4):	FH only wireless NIC driver
  awi(4):	802.11 (read: not even 802.11b) and FH wireless NIC driver
  gx(4):	replaced by em(4) and unmaintained for quite a long time
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.30      +2 -2      src/sys/dev/netif/Makefile
  1.75      +0 -2      src/share/man/man4/Makefile
  1.12      +1 -1      src/share/man/man4/man4.i386/Makefile
  1.201     +0 -8      src/sys/conf/files
  1.57      +0 -1      src/sys/config/GENERIC
  1.147     +0 -8      src/sys/config/LINT

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