cvs commit: src/contrib/less-4 - Imported sources

Peter Avalos pavalos at
Fri Nov 16 14:33:33 PST 2007

pavalos     2007/11/16 14:31:49 PST

DragonFly src repository

  src/contrib/less-4 - Imported sources
  Update of /cvs/src/contrib/less-4
  In directory
  Log Message:
  Import less-415:
  Fix case-insensitive searching with non-ASCII text.
  Use symbolic SEEK constants.
  Fix search highlight bug with non-ASCII text.
  Fix display bug with no-wrap terminals.
  New --follow-name option makes F command follow the name of a file
  rather than the file descriptor if an open file is renamed.
  Vendor Tag:	LESS
  Release Tags:	v415
  U src/contrib/less-4/brac.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/ch.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/charset.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/charset.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/cmd.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/cmdbuf.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/command.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/COPYING
  U src/contrib/less-4/decode.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/edit.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/filename.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/forwback.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/funcs.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/help.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/ifile.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/input.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/jump.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/less.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/less.nro
  U src/contrib/less-4/lessecho.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/lessecho.nro
  U src/contrib/less-4/lesskey.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/lesskey.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/lesskey.nro
  U src/contrib/less-4/lglob.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/LICENSE
  U src/contrib/less-4/line.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/linenum.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/lsystem.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/main.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/mark.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/NEWS
  U src/contrib/less-4/optfunc.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/option.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/option.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/opttbl.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/os.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/output.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/pckeys.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/position.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/position.h
  U src/contrib/less-4/prompt.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/screen.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/search.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/signal.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/tags.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/ttyin.c
  U src/contrib/less-4/version.c
  No conflicts created by this import

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