cvs commit: src/sys/dev/netif/ar if_ar.c src/sys/dev/netif/mn if_mn.c src/sys/dev/netif/sr if_sr.c src/sys/netgraph ng_device.c ng_message.h ng_parse.h src/sys/netgraph/bpf ng_bpf.h src/sys/netgraph/bridge ng_bridge.c src/sys/netgraph/etf ng_etf.h ...

walt wa1ter at
Sun Jun 3 15:23:36 PDT 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
dillon      2007/06/03 13:51:13 PDT
  Catch up a bit with FreeBSD netgraph by replacing *LEN constants with
  *SIZ constants which already account space for trailing '\0's.
Hi Matt,

There are still three files in lib/libnetgraph/ which use the old names:
sock.c, msg.c, and netgraph.3.

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