cvs commit: src/share/man/man7 vkernel.7 src/sys/platform/vkernel/i386 mp.c src/sys/platform/vkernel/include cpu.h src/sys/platform/vkernel/platform init.c src/sys/sys usched.h

Joe Talbott josepht at
Tue Jul 10 11:36:47 PDT 2007

josepht     2007/07/10 11:35:38 PDT

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    share/man/man7       vkernel.7 
    sys/platform/vkernel/i386 mp.c 
    sys/platform/vkernel/include cpu.h 
    sys/platform/vkernel/platform init.c 
    sys/sys              usched.h 
  Add support to vkernel for locking virtual CPUs to real CPUs.
  Adds a '-l' option to vkernel to specify CPU locking.  The choices are:
  1. No locking.
  2. Lock all virtual CPUs to one real CPU.
  3. Map each virtaul CPU to a real CPU starting with CPU0.  The starting CPU
     can be overridden.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.25      +22 -0     src/share/man/man7/vkernel.7
  1.6       +2 -1      src/sys/platform/vkernel/i386/mp.c
  1.2       +18 -0     src/sys/platform/vkernel/include/cpu.h
  1.44      +60 -1     src/sys/platform/vkernel/platform/init.c
  1.14      +3 -1      src/sys/sys/usched.h

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