cvs commit: src/sys/cpu/i386/include param.h src/sys/platform/vkernel/i386 mp.c src/sys/platform/vkernel/include param.h src/sys/platform/vkernel/platform init.c kqueue.c

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Jul 1 20:47:31 PDT 2007

dillon      2007/07/01 20:44:12 PDT

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/cpu/i386/include param.h 
    sys/platform/vkernel/i386 mp.c 
    sys/platform/vkernel/include param.h 
    sys/platform/vkernel/platform init.c kqueue.c 
  Increase SMP_MAXCPU to 31.  Can't do 32 (boo hoo!) because spinlocks need
  a bit in the cpumask.
  Add DELAY()'s (usleep()'s) in the AP startup code where we spin on the MP
  lock.  This greatly improves startup speed when you specify 31 cpus.
  Fix a bug in the kqueue interrupt init.  The kqueue code was not registering
  its interrupt soon enough which could cause the timer to stop generating
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.14      +4 -0      src/sys/cpu/i386/include/param.h
  1.5       +9 -7      src/sys/platform/vkernel/i386/mp.c
  1.2       +9 -0      src/sys/platform/vkernel/include/param.h
  1.42      +11 -5     src/sys/platform/vkernel/platform/init.c
  1.6       +3 -0      src/sys/platform/vkernel/platform/kqueue.c

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