cvs commit: src/share/man/man4 Makefile pcm.4 snd_ad1816.4 snd_als4000.4 snd_atiixp.4 snd_cmi.4 snd_cs4281.4 snd_csa.4 snd_ds1.4 snd_emu10k1.4 snd_emu10kx.4 snd_envy24.4 snd_envy24ht.4 snd_es137x.4 snd_ess.4 snd_fm801.4 snd_gusc.4 snd_hda.4 snd_ich.4 ...

Thomas E. Spanjaard tgen at
Sun Jan 7 06:54:41 PST 2007

Alexander Leidinger wrote:
Quoting Simon Schubert <corecode at> (Thu, 4 Jan 2007 13:47:04 -0800 (PST)):
 Say hello to a sound system update from FreeBSD.  This includes the long
 awaited Intel High Definition Audio (HDA) a.k.a. Azalia support.
You added the man pages for the envy and the emu10kx drivers, but not
the drivers themself.
I didn't looked at the code, but I hope it is at least from December. In
November Ariff committed low latency fixes. In December he improved the
HDA stuff (works out of the box with more soundcards). Yesterday I
added some emu10kx improvements and the author of the emu10kx driver is
going to send some more improvements soon. So if the code is not as
recent as at least the code FreeBSD got in December, I suggest to sync
some more (there are some more HDA changes).
The code is pre-november, the manpages are more recent (some even from 
december ;)). Syncing now should be easier at least, thanks for the 

The code also contains some API extensions which sync with the OSS v4
drivers. All in all a good base of some very nice upcomming features.
A bit off-topic perhaps, but I wonder how much of a future OSS has, with 
ALSA being sort-of the standard on the most popular open sores operating 
system, Linux.

If anyone is interested: for (a
little bit) more. If someone has some improvement suggestions just tell
me. If someone wants to help out on this page (I don't think there are
objections to share the wiki page, we just have to make sure that we
add dates to the entries and tell the people until which date the DFly
code is synced with the FreeBSD code), tell me and I arrange access.
Sounds like a good idea to keep this in sync, but I don't think we have 
the manpower to architect major changes or updates to the sound 
infrastructure, so we'll probably be 'leeching' your well-respected 
efforts :). Though I'm just speaking for myself, don't value it too much :).

Cheers, and thanks again for the heads-up,
        Thomas E. Spanjaard
        tgen at
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