cvs commit: src/bin/sh machdep.h memalloc.c memalloc.h nodes.c.pat

Peter Avalos pavalos at
Sat Jan 13 20:05:38 PST 2007

pavalos     2007/01/13 19:59:57 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    bin/sh               memalloc.c memalloc.h nodes.c.pat 
  Removed files:
    bin/sh               machdep.h 
  Protect malloc, realloc and free calls with INT{ON,OFF} directly in chkalloc,
  ckrealloc and ckfree (added), respectively.  sh jumps out of the signal handler
  using longjmp which is obviously a bad idea during malloc calls.
  Use the ALIGN macro from <sys/param.h> instead of defining our own
  version in machdep.h. Delete machdep.h.
  Obtained-from:  FreeBSD
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.5       +70 -51    src/bin/sh/memalloc.c
  1.4       +2 -3      src/bin/sh/memalloc.h
  1.4       +2 -2      src/bin/sh/nodes.c.pat

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