cvs commit: src/bin/sh builtins.def eval.c eval.h exec.c exec.h mkbuiltins options.c sh.1 var.c var.h

Peter Avalos pavalos at
Sat Jan 6 17:18:58 PST 2007

pavalos     2007/01/06 17:14:54 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    bin/sh               builtins.def eval.c eval.h exec.c exec.h 
                         mkbuiltins options.c sh.1 var.c var.h 
  Use -s to flag POSIX's "special built-in" utilities in builtins.def.  Add a
  new member to struct builtincmd and set it to 1 if -s was specified.  This
  is done because there are cases where special builtins must be treated
  differently from other builtins.
  Implement some of the differences between special built-ins and other builtins
  demanded by POSIX.
  - A redirection error is only fatal (meaning the execution of a shell script is
    terminated) for special built-ins.  Previously it was fatal for all shell
    builtins, causing problems like the one reported in FreeBSD PR 88845.
  - Variable assignments remain in effect for special built-ins.
  - Option or operand errors are only fatal for special built-ins.
  Add the times builtin.  It reports the user and system time for the shell
  itself and its children.  Instead of calling times() (as implied by POSIX) this
  implementation directly calls getrusage() to get the times because this is more
  Print pointers with %p rather than casting them to long.
  Replace home-grown dup2() implementation with actual dup2() calls.  This
  should slightly reduce the number of system calls in critical portions of
  the shell, and select a more efficient path through the fdalloc code.
  Implement the PS4 variable which is defined by the POSIX User Portability
  Utilities option.  Its value is printed at the beginning of the line if tracing
  (-x) is active.  PS4 defaults to the string "+ " which is compatible with the
  old behaviour to always print "+ ".
  Don't crash on "<cmd> | { }".
  Remove some white space at EOL.
  Add the POSIX options -v and -V to the 'command' builtin.  Both describe the
  type of their argument, if it is a shell function, an alias, a builtin, etc.
  -V is more verbose than -v.
  Do not assume there is only a space between #define and the macro name
  when grepping for JOBS in mkbuiltins
  Obtained-from:  FreeBSD
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +25 -21    src/bin/sh/builtins.def
  1.10      +70 -35    src/bin/sh/eval.c
  1.4       +2 -1      src/bin/sh/eval.h
  1.10      +57 -16    src/bin/sh/exec.c
  1.5       +10 -2     src/bin/sh/exec.h
  1.4       +12 -5     src/bin/sh/mkbuiltins
  1.6       +1 -1      src/bin/sh/options.c
  1.6       +9 -3      src/bin/sh/sh.1
  1.13      +3 -0      src/bin/sh/var.c
  1.5       +2 -0      src/bin/sh/var.h

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