cvs commit: src/nrelease Makefile

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Feb 8 09:26:05 PST 2007

:Matthew Dillon wrote:
:> :I think we then should copy/rebuild the remaining packages to this pat=
:h a=3D
:> :s well, or the nrelease framework will be quite unhappy.
:>      Yah, they definitely need to be rebuilt.  Go ahead :-)
:Yea, I hope to get the new installer in place before the next release.  U=
:ntil that happens, could you please copy the old files over so that iso r=
:elease builds keep working for people?
:  simon

    Ok, I've copied all the binary packages from 1.4.4-RELEASE-BUILD
    to 1.9.0-DEVELOPMENT, and retained the new bootstrap kit.


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