cvs commit: src/contrib/tnftp - Imported sources

Peter Avalos pavalos at
Sat Aug 25 14:06:41 PDT 2007

pavalos     2007/08/25 14:05:27 PDT

DragonFly src repository

  src/contrib/tnftp - Imported sources
  Update of /cvs/src/contrib/tnftp
  In directory
  Log Message:
  Improve parsing of chunked transfer chunks per RFC2616:
  * more stringent chunk-size parsing
  * ignore optional trailing ';chunk-ext' stuff, instead of barfing
  * detect EOF before final \r\n.
  Vendor Tag:	NETBSD
  Release Tags:	tnftp_20070825
  U src/contrib/tnftp/cmds.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/cmdtab.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/complete.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/domacro.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/extern.h
  U src/contrib/tnftp/fetch.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/ftp.1
  U src/contrib/tnftp/ftp.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/ftp_var.h
  U src/contrib/tnftp/main.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/progressbar.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/progressbar.h
  U src/contrib/tnftp/ruserpass.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/util.c
  U src/contrib/tnftp/version.h
  No conflicts created by this import

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