cvs commit: src/etc protocols src/sys/conf files options src/sys/config LINT src/sys/sys mbuf.h src/sbin/ifconfig Makefile ifcarp.c ifconfig.8 ifmedia.c src/share/man/man4 Makefile carp.4 pfsync.4 src/sys/net if_ethersubr.c if_media.h if_types.h if_var.h ...

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Thu Aug 16 13:29:44 PDT 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
  Bring CARP into the tree.  CARP = Common Address Redundancy Protocol, which
  allows an IP address to hot switch to backup machine(s) when the master goes
  Submitted-by:	Baptiste Ritter <baptiste.ritter at>,
  		Jonathan, and Nicolas
  Testing-by:	Thomas Nikolajsen, Gergo Szakal
  Obtained-from:	OpenBSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD
Good work, guys!
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