cvs commit: site/data .htaccess index.cgi index.shtml menu.ctl missing.cgi missing.shtml stylesheet.css site/data/about .htaccess history.cgi history.shtml images.cgi images.shtml index.cgi index.shtml mascot.cgi mascot.shtml menu.ctl team.cgi team.shtml ...

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Thu Nov 16 19:44:53 PST 2006

justin      2006/11/16 19:41:06 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    data                 .htaccess stylesheet.css 
  Added files:
    data                 index.shtml missing.shtml 
    data/about           .htaccess history.shtml images.shtml 
                         index.shtml mascot.shtml team.shtml 
    data/community       .htaccess donations.shtml download.shtml 
                         errata1_4.shtml errata1_4_0.shtml 
                         errata1_4_4.shtml errata1_6.shtml 
                         index.shtml mail.shtml news.shtml 
                         release1_4.shtml release1_6.shtml 
    data/docs            .htaccess FAQ.shtml goals.shtml 
                         guides.shtml index.shtml 
                         presentations.shtml upgrade-freebsd.shtml 
    data/goals           .htaccess caching.shtml index.shtml 
                         iomodel.shtml messaging.shtml 
                         packages.shtml threads.shtml 
                         userapi.shtml vfsmodel.shtml 
    data/includes        footer.shtml header.shtml 
    data/main            .htaccess download.shtml errata.shtml 
                         forums.shtml mascot.shtml 
                         release1_0.shtml release1_2.shtml 
    data/status          .htaccess bugs.shtml diary.shtml 
                         index.shtml report-2003.shtml 
  Removed files:
    data                 index.cgi menu.ctl missing.cgi 
    data/about           history.cgi images.cgi index.cgi 
                         mascot.cgi menu.ctl team.cgi 
    data/community       donations.cgi download.cgi errata1_4.cgi 
                         errata1_4_0.cgi errata1_4_4.cgi 
                         errata1_6.cgi index.cgi mail.cgi menu.ctl 
                         news.cgi release1_4.cgi release1_6.cgi 
    data/docs            FAQ.cgi goals.cgi guides.cgi index.cgi 
                         menu.ctl presentations.cgi 
    data/goals           caching.cgi index.cgi iomodel.cgi 
                         menu.ctl messaging.cgi packages.cgi 
                         threads.cgi userapi.cgi vfsmodel.cgi 
    data/main            download.cgi errata.cgi forums.cgi 
                         index.cgi mascot.cgi menu.ctl 
                         release1_0.cgi release1_2.cgi 
    data/status          bugs.cgi diary.cgi index.cgi menu.ctl 
  Adding in big site change:
  - Removes .cgi pages
  - replaces them with .shtml pages
  - adds includes folder with a header and footer file.
  - Adds .htaccess files with redirects for old .cgi page links
  - Uses new layout
          - Better (as in actually having any) graphics
          - Consistent cross-browser; no longer in quirks mode
          - Layout is almost completely controlled through CSS.
  - Minor fixes to page titles and stylesheet layout
  Elements of this site change will be added to the other
  Thanks to the people that offered design feedback on the mailing lists,
  #dragonflybsd, and via email.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +3 -1      site/data/.htaccess
  1.18      +101 -49   site/data/stylesheet.css

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