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Vlad GALU vladgalu at
Mon May 29 06:07:44 PDT 2006

On 5/29/06, David Xu <bsddiy at xxxxxxx> wrote:
joerg at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> CPU affinity is useful in a lot more situations to prevent unnecessary
> bouncing. I'd expect it to help e.g. two concurrent world builds as
> well.
> Joerg
I hope DragonflyBSD will support the idea, since both Linux and Windows
allow userspace to specify which CPUs a process or thread will run on.
  *me too* here. Not long ago I built a traffic monitoring machine
with 3 interfaces. 3 instances of the same pcap-based tool run on it,
each bound to a specific CPU (the machine has 4 of them). Finally, a
statistics/report generation tool runs bound on the 4th CPU. I had to
go for Linux to do it, since the load is quite big. I'd love to see
CPU affinity in DFly too.

David Xu

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