cvs commit: src/gnu/usr.bin/gdb Makefile src/gnu/usr.bin/gdb/gdb Makefile Makefile.amd64 Makefile.i386 config.h freebsd-uthread.c kvm-fbsd-i386.h kvm-fbsd.c nm-fbsd.h version.c src/gnu/usr.bin/gdb/gdb/patches i386bsd-nat.c.patch ...

Sascha Wildner saw at
Wed Mar 8 02:03:26 PST 2006

Simon Schubert wrote:
  Switch to building a libgdb and both gdb and kgdb.
  Gdb -k doesn't work anymore and was replaced by kgdb, which was imported in
  large parts from FreeBSD.
  Add a kernel variable indicating with thread is dumping.

could you check what modifications should be done in share/man/man4/gdb.4?


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