cvs commit: src/sys/bus/cam cam_xpt.c src/sys/bus/cam/scsi scsi_cd.c scsi_ch.c scsi_da.c scsi_pass.c scsi_pt.c scsi_sa.c scsi_ses.c scsi_target.c src/sys/bus/firewire firewirereg.h fwdev.c fwmem.c fwmem.h fwohci.c src/sys/bus/iicbus iic.c ...

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jul 27 23:24:42 PDT 2006

:On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 07:17:41PM -0700, Matthew Dillon wrote:
:Since you moved D_* flags into <sys/device.h>, any userland applications
:that do ioctl(fd, FIODTYPE, &type) need to be modified to include
:<sys/device.h> instead of (or in addition to) <sys/conf.h>.
:Apparently bin/dd is only such application in the base system.

    Hmm.  Those flags are supposed to be internal to the kernel.  I didn't
    even know such an ioctl existed!

    I think we'll just adjust dd to include device.h for now and see
    if we hit any more issues with pkgsrc builds over the next week or
    two.  If we do I guess I can move the #define's back.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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