cvs commit: src/lib/libbind Makefile dns_ho.c.patch src/lib/libopie Makefile readpass.c.patch src/sbin/dhclient/common Makefile ctrace.c.patch dhcp-options.5.no_obj.patch dhcp-options.5.patch icmp.c.patch src/usr.sbin/tcpdump/tcpdump ...

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Jan 17 18:36:25 PST 2006

dillon      2006/01/17 18:33:38 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    lib/libbind          Makefile 
    lib/libopie          Makefile 
    sbin/dhclient/common Makefile 
    usr.sbin/tcpdump/tcpdump Makefile 
  Added files:
    lib/libbind          dns_ho.c.patch 
    lib/libopie          readpass.c.patch 
    sbin/dhclient/common ctrace.c.patch 
                         dhcp-options.5.no_obj.patch icmp.c.patch 
    usr.sbin/tcpdump/tcpdump print-ospf6.c.patch 
  Removed files:
    sbin/dhclient/common dhcp-options.5.patch 
  Use the DragonFly contrib patch system to correct improper sizeof(pointer)
  issues in vendor code.
      Allocated memory was not being entirely zerod out in a number of places.
      An improper sizeof(pointer) just happened to work out to the same size
      as the 4-byte string it was really attempting to size, for 32 bit
      architectures.  Convert the pointer to an array to fix the problem.
      An improper sizeof(pointer) just happened to work out to be the same
      size as the u_int32_t it was supposed to be getting the size of, for
      32 bit architectures.  Fixed.
      ICMP handling was calculating the incorrect packet offset due to
      a sizeof(ia) that should have been sizeof(*ia).
      In addition (unrelated to the original bug report), none of the
      patches for common/ were being applied.  They are now being applied.
      OSPF6 parsing was completely broken, not only using an incorrect
      sizeof(pointer), but also misinterpreting the return value from
      ospf6_print_lsaprefix() which would result in an infinite loop.
  Reported-by: Mark Eklund <meklund at xxxxxxxxx>
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.8       +6 -0      src/lib/libbind/Makefile
  1.4       +3 -0      src/lib/libopie/Makefile
  1.4       +5 -1      src/sbin/dhclient/common/Makefile
  1.6       +3 -0      src/usr.sbin/tcpdump/tcpdump/Makefile

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