cvs commit: src/sys/kern subr_sbuf.c

Sascha Wildner saw at
Fri Dec 22 16:48:47 PST 2006

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>    There is only one major conflicting symbol left, 'printf'.  It will be
:>    hell to rename but if existing committers would like to help, please
:>    go ahead and start doing it :-).  printf -> kprintf.  The kprintf
:>    procedure is already in place and ready to go.
:I'll do it..
    Ok, cool.  You can do it in small(er) batches.  No need to do the
    whole mess and commit it all in one shot.  That way maybe a few people
    can help out.

I think I've changed everything now.

I've left the printf prototype (sys/sys/systm.h) and its definition 
(kern/subr_prf.c) in for the moment, although I tested my patches 
without them. If no one objects I'll remove them tomorrow.



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