cvs commit: src/sys/kern uipc_mbuf.c

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Nov 30 10:19:56 PST 2005

:I didn't keep the original message, so sorry for the weird 'reply'.
:Anyway, Revision 1.53 of src/sys/kern/uipc_mbuf.c has a comment that
:says that it fixes a mbuf statistics bug.  Here's what netstat -m
:looks like for me (my kernel has r1.53):
:# netstat -m
:374/6/13312 mbufs in use (current/peak/max):
:        376 mbufs allocated to data
:        4294967294 mbufs allocated to packet headers
:304/304/6656 mbuf clusters in use (current/peak/max)
:609 Kbytes allocated to network (3% of mb_map in use)
:0 requests for memory denied
:0 requests for memory delayed
:0 calls to protocol drain routines
:Was this commit supposed to fix this?

    There are a couple of statistics bugs.  That commit fixed the mbuf and
    mbuf cluster stats.  Clearly there is still a problem with packet header
    stats.  I'll track it down.

    What about the SFBUF patch I posted?  Does it work for you?  I'd like
    to commit that today.


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