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Sat May 28 19:25:56 PDT 2005

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I have got half a bottle of whiskey (Grants) down me, but lets make this
clear.  The if_capabilities should only tell what the interface CAN and
will support; nothing else.

The 'if_flags' field should note as to whether which of the capabilities
have been turned on.  Lets just keep it simple and non-argumentative guys.

Kind regards,

					Hiten Pandya

Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     I am getting tired of this argument.  You aren't even listening
>     to what I am saying.  I've said the same thing three times and
>     it's been completely ignored.
>     Note something:  WE ARE NOT FREEBSD!  Just because FreeBSD does it 
>     wrong doesn't mean we should follow in their footsteps and do it wrong
>     too!
>     VLAN support?  Your ifconfig should *FAIL* if the interface can't 
>     support it in its current state.  You still only need two flags, one
>     in if_flags and one in if_capabilities.  You certainly do *NOT* need
>     three flags!
>     Same with hardware checksum support.  We only need two flags, one 
>     indicating that its possible, one indicating that it has been turned
>     on.    We don't need a flag saying it MIGHT be possible, another saying
>     that it IS posible in the current configuration, and a third saying 
>     that it's actually turned on.
>     Simple, straightforward.  NOT trinary. 
> 						-Matt

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